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Your August HOTlist

Your August HOTlist

Celebrate the launch of CIZE with two Challenge Pack offers! Plus, keep August rocking with the 3-Day Refresh Challenge Pack offer. And don’t forget, the race for the Team Beachbody Cup is ON! Time to do what it takes to make August a great month. Don’t miss a thing!

Coach Summit 2015 Nashville

The Scoop on Boosts

Prepare for another exciting Beachbody innovation: Shakeology Boosts! With the power to customize, you’ll be able to help your customers like never before. What exactly are these awesome add-ons? How are they helping people step up their health and nutrition? Ready your blenders…you’re about to find out!

Team Beachbody Cup

Top Takeaways From Summit

Recap our epic Coach Summit 2015 and put these top takeaways into action. Plus, take a peek at, keynote speaker and nationally acclaimed photographer, Dewitt Jones’ personal snapshots!

Maintain Your Momentum

Maintain Your Momentum

Excitement is at an all-time high coming out of Summit. How can you ride this wave of momentum for the rest of the year? Top Coaches have the answers in this insightful Q & A.

Shakeology® Spotlight

Shakeology Spotlight

Introducing Shakeology Boosts – a great new way to customize your Shakeology based on your changing daily needs. Learn more about them by exploring the brand new product toolkit and great in-depth features on the blog.


Success On Demand

This month, Success on Demand has in-depth articles and audio pieces from personal development gurus like John Maxwell and Joel Harper. They’ll help you keep the motivation high to reach your goals post-Summit.



Supporting Special Needs

After Keith Wilson discovered he and his wife couldn’t afford to send their special needs son to private school, he knew it was time to build a business that offered a much greater income potential. Thanks to the Beachbody Coaching opportunity, Keith is now the bread-winning champion he’s always dreamed of being.