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Your April HOTlist

Your May HOTlist

This May it’s time to push yourself to reach your fitness, business and life goals. Now is the time but where to start? Visit the May HOTlist to find all the Success Club prizes, Challenge Pack promotions (it’s Shaun T’s month!), Summit party qualification requirements, and much more!

Discover the Power of Recover

Discover the Power of Recover

What’s the difference between Results and Recovery and Beachbody Performance Recover? We asked an expert to weigh in! And just in time for the launch of Recover: Orange flavor – out May 11th!

Shake Up Your Shakeology Marketing

Shake Up Your Shakeology Marketing

Looking for new content to share about Shakeology? More talking points? We’ve got you covered with the brand new Shakeology tool-kit full of great marketing materials!


Success On Demand

Are you working towards a goal? This May reach them with some inspiring articles from personal development experts, comedians and entrepreneurs alike! Steve Rizzo, Seth Godin, Darren Hardy, Stedman Graham, and more, have insights you won’t want to miss!


Amber Bailey

Finding Her ‘Why’

Amber Bailey loved teaching—but not nearly as much as she loved staying home with her two sons. Laser-focused on reaching her goal of financially supporting her family as a stay-at-home mom, Amber found her path through Beachbody Coaching. Read her story here.