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Your April HOTlist

Your April HOTlist

This April the countdown to Summer continues. It’s the perfect time to help folks get beach-body ready. And what better way than with the four Challenge Pack promotions and new additions to Beachbody On Demand. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out what more is on deck to make this April a success

New Coach Playbook

New Coach Playbook

You just made a life-changing decision to be a Team Beachbody® Coach. But after the excitement fades you ask, now what? Put your worries aside; we’ve compiled five trusted things you can do right away to get your business rolling. Digest these difference-making tools and tips—and get out of the gate fast

Get to Know Nashville

Get to Know Nashville

You’ve probably heard the news: Coach Summit 2015 is headed to Music City, USA—Nashville, Tennessee! We’ve got a smorgasbord of tidbits to get you ready for your new Summit surroundings. Fun facts. Cool things to do. Great places to eat. Join us as we take a deeper dive into one of the most iconic cities in America


Shakeology® Spotlight

If you’re ready to face the day after gulping down a yummy shake, then chances are the “super” parts of Shakeology’s superfood ingredients have been doing their jobs. So, this month, learn what Supernutrients really do – then spread the love!


Success On Demand

This month, Success On Demand features valuable tips and advice for new entrepreneurs. Both new and veteran Coaches will learn new skills to empower and lead their team, common business mistakes and more from industry experts


Stephanie Daniello

New Coach Highlight: Stephanie Daniello

Stephanie Daniello signed up as a Coach after her first-hand success with the 21 Day Fix program. Three months later, her business had taken off so fast, she decided to leave her nursing program to pursue her passion for Coaching full-time!