10 Steps to Success


She strategized. She invited. And most importantly she led her Team to victory. Now, Team Captain of the July Beachbody Cup winning Team, Carl’s Angels, and Diamond Coach, Melanie Cumoletti, sat down with us to share 10 tips that are guaranteed to carry you and your Team to TBB Cup victory. Take notes!

  1. Assemble Your Team
    When choosing your Team, make sure everyone knows exactly what the Cup is and what your intentions are as a Team. My Team was: two friends from my Downline that really wanted to grow their businesses, my firecracker Upline Coach and one of her top coaches. We had people at different levels of coaching that could learn from and inspire each other. It created a great dynamic.
  2. Get Your Team FIRED Up
    We branded ourselves as ‘Carl’s Angels’ and wore the name with pride. We stayed in constant communication with our Team cup thread on Facebook. We used it to celebrate every Challenge Pack sold, fit clubs held, new challengers invited and all the little successes in between.
  3. Be A LEADER
    As the Team Captain, your job is to inspire, hold the Team together and propel them forward. Lead by example. Be positive and KNOW that your dreams are possible. Make sure the Team always has the tools to succeed at their fingertips. And even though there is one Captain, recognize the leadership skills in every Team member.
  4. Eyes On The Prize
    Whether it’s with the Cup, in your Challenge Groups or growing your Team – BELIEVE that HUGE things are possible. Work towards them and you will see your big dreams happen.
  5. Get Organized
    Find tools that work for you: notebooks, day planners, white boards, your computer, etc. When you are talking to multiple people a day, you need to remember your conversations. Getting organized will help you move each person forward in their commitment to join your challenge.
  6. Talk, Talk, Talk
    Talk to EVERYONE you know. Some of us talked in person, some talked on-line, some talked by phone. But bottom line: we ALL stepped out of our comfort zones and spoke with conviction about our incredible products and impressive results. Social settings were a great chance for our Team to show off their new fit selves. Get out, promote a healthy lifestyle and let people come to YOU!
  7. Bad Days Will Happen
    Every one of you will have a bad day at some point. But don’t let your conversations be filled with negativity. Instead, address the issues and move onto positive things. Team Captains: Your job is to make the best of each situation.
  8. Add A Little Dose Of Crazy
    Our determination was shocking at times. During the first few days we didn’t expect to win. Once we saw our 5th place ranking on the first results board we knew it was possible and there was no stopping us. Each day our confidence grew. Not only could we win, but we could solidify our careers as Coaches.
  9. Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Yourself
    Even though we were tempted to work 24 hours a day, we made we made sure we got adequate sleep. We also continued our workout regimen and stuck to clean eating as much as possible. This fueled our energy and excitement, and helped us wake up ready to conquer the world.
  10. Watch Your DREAMS Become REALITY
    There can only be one ‘Grand Prize’ winner for the Team Cup, but everybody who competes wins something HUGE. It’s been almost nine weeks since my first Beachbody Cup challengers started with their T25 Challenge packs. I signed 20 challengers, 2 of them are nearly at their goal weight and 3 of them are down almost 50 lbs each. The prize is much more than the Cup. Not only do you grow your businesses, you impact lives.

Final thoughts: Don’t ever lose sight of believing in others, helping others believe in themselves and helping your challengers and Coaches achieve their goals. That is the key to success.