Seasonal Stress Relief


Holiday shopping. Meddling relatives. Taxing travel. The season to be merry can easily turn into the season of stress! But all the holiday hustle doesn’t have to bring on anxiety or keep you from reaching your goals! Too much stress is bad for your health, your family and your business, so read these 25 quick tips to help you relax and stay focused in December.

  1. Smile. When you smile, feel-good chemicals are released into the bloodstream, taking the place of stressful chemicals.1 So smile and watch the world smile back at you. Smiling is also a great way to start a conversation and meet new people.
  2. Take a deep breath. The act of deep breathing allows your mind to focus on the present moment and stop the worry train. Take a deep inhalation through your nose, allowing your lungs to fill up completely, and as you exhale through your nose, visually your stress floating away.
  3. Calm music. Relaxing music’s long, slow, spaced-out beats require less energy for the brain to process, and its predictive structure can be almost meditative.
  4. Call a friend. Research suggests that people who have close ties with friends and family are all around happier, healthier people. Hearing the comforting sound of a loved one can help make a stressful situation less so.2 It can also help boost your business!
  5. Visualize. Whether you take a few minutes to visualize a serene setting that you’d love to be in, or imagine what the life of your dreams looks like, visualization gives your mind a break from the stress you’re feeling and helps you keep sight of your goals.
  6. Scream. This is a quick, harmless way to relieve pressure that has built up. When you are all worked up, sometimes the best way to relax is to let it out.
  7. Make to-do lists. Knowing what needs to be done can help you navigate what you need to do for the day, and it allows you to focus on the tasks at hand and not on remembering all of them. As you finish them, check them off. At the end of the day, you’ll see how much you have really accomplished and how much closer you are to achieving your goals. Making this list the night before can even lead to a less stressful morning.
  8. Focus on the positive. Some researchers believe that your thoughts can affect your physical body. Anxious, sad, and angry thoughts can make your entire body feel more stressed because they cause the brain to release the stress hormones, while pleasant, peaceful thoughts can make the body feel less stressed because they can cause the brain to release the pleasure hormones dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin.
  9. Relax your muscles. Focus on one muscle at a time; tense it for a few seconds then relax it and notice that sensation of relaxing. Begin at the top of your body and work your way all the way down until your body is completely relaxed.
  10. Play a game. Getting together with a group of friends to play catch, engage in a board game, or jam out on Rock Band® will take your mind off what’s causing you stress, at least for a little while.
  11. Aromatherapy. Research has proven that lavender, chamomile, and sage all have stress relieving properties when taken in through the olfactory system. Burn a scented candle, use an oil diffuser, drink some tea, or bring those herbs into your space to lower your blood pressure.3
  12. Laugh. Laughing gets endorphins and dopamine coursing through the bloodstream. These feel-good chemicals will help you feel happy and relaxed.4
  13. Get a good night’s sleep. Staying up too late can cause one to wake tired and depleted, and even everyday tasks will take more time and energy. Sleep is essential.
  14. Journal. Mental health professionals currently promote journaling as a proper behavioral technique to reducing stress. Get the anxiety and negative emotions going on inside your brain onto paper. That way it doesn’t weigh down the mind.5
  15. Have a cup of tea. Chamomile tea to be exact. Chamomile tea has calming agents that can relax the body both through breathing them in and drinking them.
  16. Take a hot bath. Soaking in a hot bath relaxes the muscles that tense up every time stress hits the body. Ease them by slipping into a warm tub for a half hour or more.
  17. Go for a walk. When it’s too much, step away from it and get some fresh air into your lungs. Even a short, five-minute walk can help give you a fresh perspective and relieve stress.
  18. Plan something fun for the future. When you’re under a lot of pressure, this can give you a light at the end of the tunnel to look forward to. The Success Club trip to Walt Disney World could be the perfect antidote!
  19. Get sweaty. Whether your preference is P90X®, INSANITY ® or the soon to be LES MILLS COMBAT, research proves exercise relieves stress. In fact, research also shows that if you have a hard workout right before bed, you’ll get longer, more restorative sleep.6
  20. Be affectionate. People who kiss, touch, and hug produce less stress hormone and more feel-good chemicals than those who do not. When we are touched, our brain gets a signal that we have someone else helping us and sharing the burden of stress. That feeling triggers our body to relax.8,9
  21. Tell a joke. Step away from the seriousness of the stress you’re under and share a joke with someone else. You’ll improve his or her day and you’ll get the satisfaction of bringing joy to someone else.
  22. Create a mantra. Negative self-talk can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Create a positive mantra instead such as: “I live in a loving, peaceful world” or “It feels like a lot, but I can handle it. I’ve done it before and I can do it again.” Or simply remind yourself that you are “helping people achieve their goals and enjoy healthy, fulfilling lives.”
  23. Have a dance party. Pump up the volume and break out any move that feels good. You might feel silly, but the combination of exercise and feel-good music will put you in a better frame of mind.
  24. Stretch. When you are faced with a stressful situation, your body tenses up immediately and quite often does not relax unless you consciously make an effort to relax it. Stretching is a great way to relax those tense muscles. Stretch several times a day. Your body will thank you.
  25. Play with your pet. Research suggests that people with animals live longer, happier lives. Dogs love to lavish you with bouncy attention and some cats are content to rest in your lap for hours. Either way, their unconditional love will ease your stress.11


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SUCCESS STORY: Lindsey Catarino

When Lindsey Catarino’s Army Ranger husband first enlisted, she knew she had to find a way to earn some extra money—even though she already had a powerhouse position working full time at a local university.

“When my husband joined the military, our income dropped significantly, so I thought, ‘let’s see if I can replace it’.”

Luckily, Lindsey had already been pushing play with P90X to get fit for her wedding in Maui. When friends started asking how she had become such a buff bride, she couldn’t stop talking about P90X.

“People would stop me in the mall or on my way to work and say—‘You’re the P90X Queen’—because that’s what I talked about.”

That’s when it hit her. Coaching could be the answer to her problems. “I remember my husband and I thinking, ‘well, an extra $200 a month would be great’.”

Discover Your Why.
But like most new Coaches, fear initially got in Lindsey’s way. She had an MBA. She had a demanding, high profile job she knew how to do. She was super-organized, so she figured she would find the time.

But actually selling to people she didn’t know? That was terrifying.

It took a few months until she realized, “it’s really just carrying the product and being a huge advocate of the workouts.” She wasn’t “selling”—she was helping people reach their fitness goals.

“People want a real person who has real struggles and is willing to share their journey. Just talk about it, share it, love it and you’ll find people are drawn to you.”

That realization helped her uncover her Why, and has become her great advice for new Coaches: “Just start. Try it. Do something. I did P90X. I got it. I loved it. So I talked about it. That’s the key. Just share something you’re comfortable with—something you’re fired up about.”

Adapt. Improvise. Overcome. (And sell like hell!)
At first, Lindsey was pretty much on her own. She wasn’t part of a big, powerhouse Team. Didn’t have a network of contacts she could ask for guidance. She didn’t even have anyone she could eat with at Summit.

But she had a mission, and a burning determination to succeed.

“I just started training programs and Challenge Groups and all these things on my own…just hoping I was steering the ship correctly.”

And she started connecting with other newbies. “The best thing I did when I did my first Challenge Group was get a partner. She’s actually one of my Diamond Coaches today, but we joined about three weeks apart, and we didn’t really know what we were doing.”

The key for Lindsey was ‘doing something’, even without having all the right answers. She started a Challenge Group and things began to fall into place.

The Importance of New Coaches
Over time, Lindsey finds herself building more and more Challenge Groups. Spreading the word about Team Beachbody and it’s mission is key to growing her business and supporting her Why – helping others.

“We get 30, 40, 50 Coaches and they start ‘friending’ each other on Facebook and before you know it, they’re cheering each other on.” And before she knows it, there’s a new wave ready to join, and then another. And another.

Never Lose the Personal Touch.
Even as her group grows rapidly, Lindsey always makes time for the personal touch. She sends Monday morning motivational tips. She emails, tweets, texts and reaches out on Facebook. On Fridays, she sends a favorite healthy recipe from her own kitchen.

And she uses hardcore business tools—many that she’s created—to keep her team completely on mission. “My team members striving for Diamond actually send me their Business Activity Tracker with real names listed. It keeps them honest because it’s one thing to simply check it off, another one entirely to provide a name.”

“With Coach prospects, I’ll keep a running list of everyone they are chatting with, and role play with them and their downline.”

That personal touch leads to referrals that then lead to other referrals. “If you really want to build a business, referrals are the key. I have a Challenger right now who brought in four Challengers with her… it’s like this girl got her sister and then her sister got her co-worker and then the co-worker got her mom.”

That’s just one of the reasons Lindsey has sold 114 Challenge Packs and growing. And, to come full circle, it’s one of the reasons Lindsey and her husband have found the financial freedom they always wanted.

Make Big Goals and Reach Them!
With her first year under her belt, Lindsey couldn’t be more satisfied with her success. She’s happier and healthier than ever before. She’s building a network of Coaches who look to her for inspiration and ideas.

And she’s seeing paychecks larger than she ever imagined. She and her husband don’t have credit card debt. They’re proud that he can be in the military without cutting into their income.

They see the possibility of truly achieving financial freedom. Or, as Lindsey says, “My husband and I see big things in the future. All the money I’m making from my Coaching… I kind of consider it to be my retirement plan. And I plan to retire a lot earlier than most people.”

Coach’s Playbook:

Don’t “sell”—inspire. Ask questions, and listen carefully. Everyone has a Why. Your job is to find it, then show how you can solve it.

Don’t wait. Dive right in. Don’t have a lot of contacts? Make them. Don’t understand Facebook? Learn it. Need a bigger network? Grow your own.

Always ask for referrals. People will come to see you as a problem-solver, someone who cares enough to help them… and their friends. Your reputation will grow and your business will explode!

Spread your Why. Share your journey. People trust someone who is real, open and honest. When you share your journey, you’ll be surprised how many others want to tag along.

Add that Personal Touch. Never forget where you were when you started. Always remember to reach out to your Team and your new Coaches and help them grow. Helping others with their business will help yours in the end.


Dear Jemima (Dec. 2012)

With Thanksgiving behind us, no doubt someone’s working on a very important list. As you balance your holiday prep with your daily Beachbody “to do” list, each conversation you have with friends, family, or the random grocery store clerk has the opportunity to reinforce your reputation as a health and fitness superhero. As you invite, invite, invite, consider what steps you can take to make certain your name falls on the “nice” side of Santa’s list, and not the naughty.

Since we don’t sell magic bean weight loss pills and we’re not promising you’ll wake up tomorrow as a millionaire, your community looks to you as an honest representation of what hard work and dedication can achieve. You’re committed to helping people live a healthier, more fulfilling life, and on that path you have daily opportunities to represent yourself in a professional, honest, ethical manner.

To this end, as a way to teach our Coaches the importance of this approach, we’ve launched our NEW Beachbody Coach Code of Ethics, part of the Team Beachbody Coach Policies & Procedures.

Beachbody Coach Code of Ethics

Beachbody Coaches have the unique opportunity of representing Beachbody, our vision and our products and services in the community at large. For this reason, we expect that Coaches will uphold the standards of our company and that each Coach will serve as an ambassador of our mission and our brands.

  • As an Independent Beachbody Coach, I will conduct myself ethically and with integrity, including treating others the way I would expect to be treated as I establish my organization. I will uphold this Code of Ethics and promote its awareness among my fellow Beachbody Coaches.
  • I will uphold the Beachbody Core Values and Team Beachbody Coach Policies & Procedures and not engage in any deceptive, unlawful, or unethical recruiting practice or otherwise engage or promote any other conduct which may be detrimental to or reflect poorly on myself my fellow Beachbody Coaches or Beachbody LLC. Key prohibited examples would include bonus buying, soliciting Coaches for other MLM business opportunities or selling Beachbody products in prohibited marketplaces.
  • I will learn and understand the Team Beachbody Compensation Plan and Beachbody’s catalog of products and represent them accurately to my customers and prospective Coaches without misleading or false expectations. Any claims, representations or statements I make regarding Beachbody products or the Coaching opportunity will include important notices and disclaimers as provided by Beachbody.
  • I will accept and fulfill my responsibilities to train, motivate and encourage those Coaches personally sponsored by me. I will treat my Beachbody Coach business like any other business and will fulfill each commitment I make to my customers, fellow Coaches or other associates.
  • I will promote the Beachbody business opportunity to prospective Coaches with honesty and integrity. I will not misrepresent actual or potential sales or earnings. I will use business tools provided to me such as the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings and will remind each potential new Coach that each individual’s success is based upon their individual efforts.
  • I will offer my customers the highest level of service, offering assistance with any necessary product exchanges and/or refunds.
  • I will maintain a basic loyalty and professionalism to the network marketing industry as a whole and will not involve myself in any unwarranted criticism of other network marketing companies, including those in direct competition with Beachbody.
  • I will abide by local, state and federal laws which govern my business. I understand that as the CEO of my Independent Beachbody Coach business, it is my responsibility to comply with these laws and with the current Team Beachbody Coach Policies & Procedures.

Following these principles on a daily basis can help ensure your continued growth and development as a successful Independent Beachbody Coach – and just might ensure you end up on the “nice” side of Santa’s list this year.

Happy Holidays!



Reset Ready for 2013

What’s the best way to finish up the year on a high note? Shake off the holiday hangover, get focused, and prepare to “Get Reset Ready for 2013!”

This is one promotion you won’t want to miss. That’s because with every purchase of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset during December, you’ll rack up Success Club points and put yourself in prime position to fly out of the gate fast in 2013.

What is this promotion?
This December, you can earn one (1) extra Success Club Point for each sale of a Beachbody Ultimate Reset Deluxe HD Kit, Ultimate HD Kit, and Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack to the following:

  • Any new Personally Sponsored Coach who makes the purchase within thirty-one (31) days of his or her enrollment as a Coach
  • Any new or existing (non-coach) customer
  • Yourself (note: when you personally purchase an Ultimate Reset Deluxe HD Kit, Ultimate HD Kit, or Challenge Pack, you will receive a total of ONE point. Coaches do not earn Success Club points for self-purchases, but will earn ONE extra Success Club point as part of this promotion)
  • View Official Rules

Are there any discounts being offered?
Yes! Between December 3rd and December 16th: Coaches and customers will receive $30 off the price of every Ultimate Reset Base Kit, Deluxe HD Kit, and Ultimate HD Kit. Note: The $30 discount does NOT apply to any Challenge Packs.

Here’s how the points and discounted pricing work together:

  Base Kit UR Deluxe
UR Ultimate
SC point per sale (standard) 0 1 1 2
Bonus SC point per sale 0 1 1 1
Total Success Club points per sale 0 2 2 3
SC point per self-purchase 0 0 0 0
Bonus SC point per self-purchase 0 1 1 1
Total Success Club points per self-purchase 0 1 1 1
Retail w/$30 discount (12/3-12/16) $199.95 $199.95 $199.95 NO
Club w/$30 discount (12/3-12/16) $179.96 $179.96 $179.96 NO
Coach w/$30 discount (12/3-12/16) $149.96 $149.96 $149.96 NO
Coach Commission per retail sale $49.99 $49.99 $49.99 $105.00
Coach Commission per club sale $30.00 $30.00 $30.00 $105.00
Coach commission per self-purchase $0 $0 $0 $0
PV per sale 170 170 170 270
TV per sale 135 135 135 80

What are the dates and times of the promotion?

  • Success Club bonus points: December 1, 2012 at 12:00 AM ET to December 31, 2012 at 11:59 PM ET
  • $30 discount on select kits: December 3, 2012 at 12:00 AM ET to December 16, 2012 at 11:59 PM ET
  • FREE Dry Brush: This promotion ended on December 2, 2012

Is the “FREE Dry Brush” promotion still going on?
No. This promotion ended on Sunday, December 2nd.

Will I earn Success Club points when I buy Ultimate Reset for myself?
Yes. You can earn a maximum of one (1) Success Club point in December when you buy an Ultimate Reset Deluxe HD Kit, Ultimate HD Kit, or Challenge Pack. Please note: Coaches do NOT earn Success Club points for self-purchases. However, you will earn 1 (one) bonus point as part of this promotion.

How should I use this promotion?
To pile on the Success Club points during the final month of 2012! Here are a few simple models to help you leverage this promotion and achieve Success Club.

  • Every Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack you sell during this promotion = 3 Success Club points AND Every HD Kit you sell during this promotion = 2 Success Club points. So…
  • Sell 2 Ultimate Reset Challenge Packs (3 Success Club points each), earn 6 Success Club points, achieve Success Club 5; OR
  • Sell 1 Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack (3 Success Club points) + 1 Ultimate Reset HD Kit (2 Success Club points), earn 5 Success Club points, achieve Success Club 5; OR
  • Sell 1 Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack sale (3 Success Club points) + ANY other Challenge Pack (2 Success Club points), earn 5 Success Club points, achieve Success Club 5

Are there any other incentives to achieve Success Club in December?
Yes! Achieve Success Club in December and you’ll earn a Shakeology-branded Snuggle Wrap. And remember, December is also the LAST MONTH to earn Success Club points toward our 2013 Success Club conference and Celebration at Disney.

When will I see my Success Club points online?
Success Club points will be adjusted manually (by corporate) and posted the Wednesday after they were earned—except for points earned between 12/28 and 12/31. These points will be posted on 1/4/13. Here’s the schedule:

For Challenge Packs
bought between…
The additional Success Club point
will be visible on…
12/1-12/6 12/12
12/7-12/13 12/19
12/14-12/20 12/26
12/21-12/27 1/2
12/28-12/31 1/4

Why do Home Direct?
Home Direct ensures that your body is always operating as maximum efficiency. The Maintenance Kit is the best way to maintain your gains post-Reset! Continuing with the two powerful supplements, Alkalinize and Optimize, keeps your body at a healthy pH level, increases energy, promotes digestion and regularity, and revs up your metabolism for effective weight management. Shakeology is a convenient meal-replacement that provides your body with essential nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle. After the Reset, your body is uniquely prepared to take in the full benefits of delicious Shakeology.

The Ultimate Gift Idea
If you’re looking for a better way to get a jump start in January, you won’t find one. Get the Ultimate Reset now for all your friends, family, and customers, and you’ll have the perfect gift to give for the wave of weight-loss resolutions coming after New Year’s.

Ready. Set. Reset!          


December Hot List

December Success Club Incentives

#1 – Reset Ready for 2013!
Earn bonus Success Club points all December with this Ultimate Reset Promotion:

  • This December, you can earn one (1) extra Success Club Point for each sale of a Beachbody Ultimate Reset Deluxe HD Kit, Ultimate HD Kit, and Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack to the following:
    • Any new Personally Sponsored Coach who makes the purchase within thirty-one (31) days of his or her enrollment as a Coach
    • Any new or existing (non-coach) customer
    • Yourself (note: when you personally purchase an Ultimate Reset Deluxe HD Kit, Ultimate HD Kit, or Challenge Pack, you will receive a total of ONE point. Coaches do not earn Success Club points for self-purchases, but will earn ONE extra Success Club point as part of this promotion)
    • Read FAQ
    • View Official Rules
  • Are there any discounts being offered? Yes! Between December 3rd and December 16th: Coaches and customers will receive $30 off the price of every Ultimate Reset Base Kit, Deluxe HD Kit, and Ultimate HD Kit. Note: The $30 discount does NOT apply to any Challenge Packs.

#2 – Club Snugology
Achieve Success Club in December and earn a Shakeology-branded Snuggle Wrap!

  • This December, we’re awarding every Coach who achieves Success Club (5 or 10) with a sweet, soft, Shakeology-branded Snuggle Wrap!
  • This comfy and cozy prize will keep you warm through the winter and remind you of how healthy you will be in 2013.

#3 – Last Month to Qualify for Walt Disney World
December is your last chance to qualify for and/or earn points toward our 2013 Success Club Conference and Celebration at Walt Disney World.

  • The happiest place on Earth is about to become the healthiest, too—and we want you to be there when we celebrate in March!
  • There’s still time rack up points and earn one FINAL month toward the trip, so don’t take your eyes off the prize just yet.
  • Need a refresher? Learn how to qualify
  • To see if you’re qualified and/or get registered, visit //

Product Spotlight

COMBAT is Coming—December 4th
LES MILLS COMBAT hits shelves December 4th—both in Challenge Packs and a la carte.

  • Starting December 4th, LES MILLS COMBAT pre-orders will begin shipping AND you (and your customers) will be able to buy it on
  • So get your challenge groups ready—and spread the word. COMBAT is COMING!
  • On the cutting-edge of fitness, COMBAT combines the best of MMA, will unleash your inner warrior, and deliver a lean, chiseled body in just 60 days.
  • Learn more about COMBAT

Dates to Remember

Saturday, December 1st

  • December Coach Monthly issue arrives. View it in its entirety now at
  • “Reset Ready for 2013!” begins
  • “Club Snugology” begins
  • Beachbody Challenge event with Carl Daikeler! Watch the event LIVE at 9:00AM PST on Ustream at //

Monday, December 3rd   

  • National Coach Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET
  • $30 Ultimate Reset discount begins
  • 12 Days of Success’mas begins! Stay tuned our Facebook page at

Tuesday, December 4th

  • LES MILLS: COMBAT launches to the public and is now available in Challenge Packs. Learn more / Buy now

Wednesday, December 5th

Saturday, December 8th    

  • Beachbody Leadership Training with Jeff Hill & Jeremy Redd | in Washington D.C. | Get Registered Here

Monday, December 10th  

  • National Coach Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

Wednesday, December 12th

  • MAJOR Customer Lead Program Enhancement Webinar
  • Get registered (seats are limited)

Sunday, December 16th

  • LAST DAY of $30 Ultimate Reset discount

Monday, December 17th   

  • National Coach Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

Monday, December 24th  

  • Christmas Eve
  • National Coach Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET

Tuesday, December 25th 

  • Christmas Day (corporate office closed)

Saturday, December 29th

Monday, December  31st    

  • New Year’s Eve
  • National Coach Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 9:00 AM PT / 12:00 PM ET
  • Last day to earn points/qualifications toward our 2013 Success Club Conference and Celebration at Walt Disney World
  • Last day of Success Club Coach Point Removal promotion
  • Last day any Challenge Pack customer can upgrade to Coach for FREE



FREE “Ticket to Ride” to #CoachSummit 2013!


Introducing… Our BIGGEST Success Club promotion. Ever. It’s called Ticket to Ride, and would make even The Beatles proud. Here’s how it works:

Achieve Success Club (5 or 10) in the month of November 2012 and you’ll get a FREE TICKET (a $225 value) to #CoachSummit 2013.

It really is that easy. Achieve Success Club and you’re on your way to Las Vegas next June—for an event that is destined to change the course of obesity forever. Thousands of Coaches on the Las Vegas Strip. Making a statement. Ending the trend. Trust us, this is an epic event you don’t want to miss.

GO BIG these next 30 days, achieve Success Club, and we’ll see you there!

Unofficial Rules / Subject to Change

  • Achieve Success Club 5 or 10 in November and earn a ticket to Coach Summit 2013 (currently a $225 value)
  • Limit 1 FREE ticket per Coach.
  • No refunds on this award ticket or any previously purchased Summit ticket or Summit promotional packages.
  • Earned tickets may be gifted or awarded(bring a teammate!)
  • Once we confirm you’ve earned a ticket, we’ll send you a redeemable code via email, which can only be used once. All codes must be redeemed by March 30, 2013.
  • You may not use the FREE ticket if you’ve already purchased a ticket to Coach Summit 2013.
  • FREE ticket does not include travel or hotel.
  • FREE ticket does not guarantee entry to any other Team Beachbody qualifying events.