Road Rules


Coach Summit is fast approaching and there’s never been a better time to put into practice our tips and techniques for Coaching remotely. Whether you’re taking a big family trip or just heading out of town for a long weekend, you can still enjoy your vacation and keep your business on track, with these simple tricks of the trade.

Plan Ahead

Going out of town? You can take a vacation, without bringing your business to a complete standstill. With software like TweetDeck®, HootSuite®, or Vitrue®, you can schedule your social media posts to keep your content current. Also make sure you handle important calls and emails in advance, and let people know how long you’ll be away. Communication is key. If you’re going to “check in” while away, create a schedule—and stick to it!

  • COACH TIP: You never want people to think your business is on hold. It slows down momentum. Don’t give your Team the impression it’s OK to completely disconnect and not plan ahead—it will definitely end up hurting them (and you) in the long run.

Empower Your Team

Even if it’s short notice, always let your Team know when you’re leaving town and returning. It’s the perfect opportunity to call on your best Team member and empower him (or her) to step up while you’re away. Put them in charge of answering questions for other Team members, Challengers, and customers (just be sure to share their contact info). It’s a great way to develop new leaders in the pack.

Check in With Your Challengers

Just like your Team, let your Challenge Groups know when you’re leaving and returning as well. Again, communication is key to keep your business flowing. So call on your most active and engaged Challengers (you’ll know who they are)—and empower them to provide leadership, motivation, and support to the Group while you’re gone. You’ll not only boost their confidence, but you may also discover a potential new Coach in the mix!

Send Postcards & Stay Connected

Who doesn’t love getting a postcard? Seriously. Are you headed to Las Vegas for Coach Summit 2013? Send postcards to your Team back home and encourage them to make a commitment to be at Summit in 2014. It’s not only thoughtful; it’s motivating as well. This goes for all Team Beachbody® trips! Just make sure to pack preprinted mailing labels before you go, so it’s easy to send postcards on the fly. Don’t have any stamps – try sending an e-postcard instead; there are numerous free e-postcard sites online to choose from.

Above all, stay connected. Have you been saving up for a big international vacation? Post photos on Instagram and Facebook and let your Team see what you have earned through all of your hard work as a Coach. Remind everyone of your goals and dreams and show them how Team Beachbody is helping you achieve them. This will not only motivate your Team, but it may entice some new prospects as well.

Happy travels!


Kristi Curtis: Team-First Attitude


Three years ago, 4 Star Diamond Coach, Kristi Curtis, was stuck in a major rut. She had worked hard for a decent paying job in the financial industry. But she was working to live, not living to work. It was a miserable feeling. She knew she wanted to “fire her boss”, but she didn’t know how.

The answer came when Kristi was invited to become a Team Beachbody Coach and get paid to help people. She was skeptical at first because it seemed too good to be true. But just three months before heading back to school to get her MBA, Kristi declined her business school offer and jumped head first into Coaching.

“I was going back to school because I was looking for the opportunity to do something more,” explains Kristi. “But I found that with Beachbody.”

A year after becoming a Coach, she walked away from her soul-sucking financial job and never looked back.

Kristi was just getting started.

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’

At first Kristi’s ‘Why’ was her financial independence. But now her ‘Why’ is bigger than herself. Now, her ‘Why’ is her Team.

Kristi’s knows how important it is to have a motivating ‘Why.’ After a conversation with her personal Triathlon coach, she realized the strength of setting her sights beyond herself. He told her, good coaches hope their students are more successful than themselves.

“When he said that, it clicked for me. I want my entire Team to be bigger than me,” says Kristi. “I want them to live up to their potential and achieve the dreams they never thought possible.”

Kristi has more than 700 members on her Team and is shooting for 1,000 by the end of June. And of course she has her own Big Dream – to be in the Elite 10… she’s currently number 12 as of May 5th.

To reach those goals you need a solid strategy and Kristi’s is two-pronged. It comes down to asking the right questions and creating the right culture.

Be the solution

When looking for potential customers or coaches to grow her business Kristi never sells. She asks questions.

“I try to figure out where there is a need and then I introduce the opportunity or Challenge Group,” explains Kristi.  “Until I find that need, and understand it, I don’t have an ‘in’.” Sometimes it takes multiple conversations before Kristi connects a customer with the right opportunity.

Create a Coach Culture

The second part of her business strategy is developing a Coach culture. Beyond Challenge Groups, Kristi creates book clubs, Personal Development calls and Coach training groups. She also hosts a Team page where she posts updates and useful business tidbits.

“I want to create a culture that helps my Coaches keep a positive perspective on what they’re doing for others,” says Kristi. “It comes down to attitude and helping my Coaches understand that whatever attitude they put off is what they attract.”

To keep that positivity flowing she holds Google hangout sessions and weekly one-on-one calls with her personally sponsored Coaches. During these calls Kristi listens to their concerns and helps them set specific goals – a strategy that helps her daily.

Kristi finds that writing down her goals for the day, early in the morning, keeps her on-track and motivated. And ultimately, she knows these strategies and examples will help achieve greater goal – her Team. She’s currently hoping to see three to five of her Coaches achieve Elite.

If Kristi has things her way, there will be a few more fired bosses by the end of the year. 

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Make your ‘Why’ bigger than yourself – there’s no better motivation.
  • Create a positive Team culture. You can never have too much pep.
  • Instill the basics with new Coaches: Personal Development, business management and fitness are key.
  • Make your Team more successful than yourself – that’s victory.
  • Write out your goals. It helps with consistency and will guarantee you rock it.
  • Find out where there is a need and start filling it.
  • Ask a lot of question. Remember there’s no such thing as a stupid one.



Top 10 Summer Reads


This summer you’ll be eating clean and feeling fit, but will you feed your mind a balanced diet, too?

Put down that trashy thriller or latest gossip mag when you’re lounging pool-side, and instead dig into what the top Coaches are reading. Even better, download the audio versions and learn something new on your way to your next vacation.

What materials have proven results? We asked Team Beachbody® Elite Coaches to weigh in. Here are some of their favorite reads, including a few suggestions of our own. These gems are guaranteed to keep you inspired from the boardroom to the boardwalk – all summer long.    

1.) The Slight Edge: Secret to a Successful Life by Jeff Olson

“Olson taught me what I do or don’t do each day makes a difference. Success does not come in “leaps and bounds” but in the small, mundane, tedious activities we do each day. I use it with my Coaches all the time – it is life changing,” says Elite Coach, Deborah Baska.

Elite Coach Linsey Catarino also recommended The Slight Edge saying, “This was the book that gave me my first big “A-ha” moment as a new Coach. I finally understood that doing a little bit every day would get me to my big goals.”

2.) The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben

It’ll make you laugh. It’ll make you cry. And it’ll make you deep clean your closet. During Gretchen Ruben’s year-long journey, she makes her way through ancient practices, scientific theories and popular trends in a quest to understand happiness. Grab this fun read and soon you’ll be customizing your own happiness project to your Team Beachbody lifestyle. 

3.) Think and Grow Rich: Your Key to Financial Wealth and Power by Napoleon Hill

One of the most popular self help books of all time. Elite Coach, Mike Ryan, explains it perfectly. “Napoleon spent 25 years interviewing and living with the 500 most successful people in the world,” says Ryan. “Can you imagine getting to spend significant time with Carl on a daily basis, see how he lives, how he thinks?  Now multiply that times 499 other top business people and you have the pages of this book.”

4.) The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz

If you’re looking to blast past your goals this is your go-to read. Recommended by Elite Coach, Josh Spencer, this one tells you how you should be walking and talking to ensure the success you deserve.

5.) Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters by Jon Acuff 

We all know the hardest part is starting. Acuff leads readers on an accelerated but accessible journey from average to awesome. “It’s great for people wanting to take the leap to get paid for what they’re passionate about,” said Elite Coach, Michelle Myers.

6.) The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy  

“If you want to be excellent in life—business, fitness, relationships—it all boils down to your daily habits. If you master this, you can master anything.” Darren Hardy’s story of creating success through consistent, persistent daily effort is inspiring, relatable, and applicable,” explains Elite Coach Trina Gray. “I shared The Compound Effect with my Team and noticed big changes once they understood Hardy’s core message,” added Elite Coach, Nicole Jones.

7.) The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

Live more and work less with the streamlined tips and tricks that will make you the CEO of your life and business. “Four Hour Work Week is helping me design my life, not let my life design me,” says Elite Coach Lindsay Catarino.

8.) The Attractor Factor by Joe Vitale

Success, like beauty, is more than skin deep. Vitale combines marketing principles and Personal Development strategies in five easy steps. His suggestions will have you winning friends and business partners left and right. “I learned that what I think about is what I attract. Believing this one thing has been the game changer for me in life and business,” explains Elite Coach, Deborah Baska. 

9.) Put Your Dream to the Test by John C. Maxwell

Legendary author John C. Maxwell will be the keynote speaker at Summit 2013. “I like the way Maxwell puts it,” says Elite Coach, Alvin Lopez. “The lessons will always be the same no matter who tells them, the style is what makes each book different and what makes Maxwell so effective.” For additional recommended reads by Maxwell dive into: 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth, The Daily Reader, Falling Forward and 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.

10.) Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us by Michael Moss

As a #1 New York Times Bestseller, this story digs into the rise of processed foods in America and how they are making us fatter. Elite Coach, Julie Voris, recommended this eye-opening look at the food industry as an excellent read to help end the trend.

For more suggested reads, don’t forget the Personal Development section in the Coach Online Office. //


What’s Hot this June


June Success Club Incentives

This month we have an incredible Success Club promotion that you don’t want to miss out on.

Earn a limited-edition Shaun T Bobblehead

  • If you achieve Success Club 5 or 10 in the month of June, you will automatically earn an amazing, limited edition Shaun T Bobblehead. This fun and funky item is ONLY available by achieving Success Club this month. So work hard and bring home your very own Shaun T!
  • Read the official rules

Product & Training Spotlight

Les Mills Combat® Challenge Pack Savings

  • Get excited! June 3rd – 30th. we’ve dropped the price of Les Mills Combat® Challenge Packs to $140 (regularly $160). That’s over $70 of savings if you or your customer were to buy these programs and products separately! This is a great opportunity to overcome price objections and sell an amazing program just in time for Father’s Day!
  • Read the full details here

Sizzling Summer Sale – June 3rd – 10th

  • To get your summer started right, we’re offering you and your customers discounts on NINE Beachbody classics, including TurboFire®, Brazil Butt Lift Master Series®, RevAbs®, Body Gospel®, Ultimate Reset®, Energy & Endurance®, select Beachbody Apparel, Step with Four Risers, and the P90X® Chin-Up Bar. This sizzling sale runs from June 3rd -10th, but all products are only available while supplies last, so get ’em quick! Check the Coach Online Office on Monday, June 3rd for all the details.

Success From Home Magazine, Starring Team Beachbody

  • On June 19rd were introducing our FIRST EVER Success From Home Magazine in The CORE at Summit. The magazine is exclusively Team Beachbody and highlights everything from our Top Coaches to our Top Celebrity Trainers. This magazine is the perfect gift to share with new Coaches and a great way to introduce prospects to the Coaching opportunity. Get them while they last at Coach Summit 2013! If you’re not going, they will be available in the Team Beachbody Shop! Don’t miss it!

Dates to Remember

Saturday, June 1st

  • Be sure to read the NEW Coach Monthly here on the site!
  • Shaun T Bobblehead promotion begins

Monday, June 3rd

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET
  • Les Mills Combat® Challenge Pack promotion begins.
  • Sizzling Summer Sale begins at Noon PST.

Monday, June 10th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET
  • Team Beachbody Cup Register Opens!
  • LAST DAY of the Sizzling Summer Sale

Sunday, June 16th

  • Happy Father’s Day! Tempt the men in your life with a discounted Combat Challenge Pack!

Monday, June 17th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Wednesday, June 19th – Saturday, June 22th

  • COACH SUMMIT 2013 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV.

Sunday, June 30th

  • Last day to achieve Success Club and earn a limited edition Shaun T Bobblehad!
  • Last day to save on Les Mills Combat® Challenge Packs.

The New Greenberry Shakeology


We all know remakes usually leave a lot to be desired. Not this time.

On May 6th, we rolled out the green carpet for the world premiere of the phenomenal follow-up to Greenberry ShakeologyÒ. And, the reviews are already in.

By all accounts, it’s better than ever to be green.

Bravo, Greenberry! 

We assembled a Greenberry Sensory Panel of customers and Coaches to put version 2.0 to the test. The criteria? The six most critical components: Appearance. Aroma. Overall Taste. Texture. Sweetness. Aftertaste.

Not only did the new Greenberry pass this ultimate test, it shattered even the most discriminating shake-lovers’ expectations. We sent NEW Greenberry packets to our Elite Coaches and the rave reviews are rolling in! Here is just a sample of the kudos we’ve received:

  • “OMG the new Greenberry is SO GOOD! It makes me think of green tea ice cream (which I adore)! I will be getting this regularly.” —Melanie Bolen
  • “Finally tried the new Greenberry plain with water and ice…LOVED IT! Definitely going to do alternating months of Greenberry/Chocolate!!” – Heather Foltz 
  • “I am so excited that the Greenberry formula was lightened up. I was pleasantly surprised at how refreshing it is with just water and ice. It smelled like fresh apples to me.” —Fran Patoskie
  • “The new Greenberry is so completely different, it almost needs a new name. It is DELICIOUS!” —Carey Martin
  • “The new Greenberry is really awesome! Great Job!” – Mike Ryan
  • “NEW Greenberry is delish!!! That herby flavor is gone! THUMBS UP BEACHBODY!” – Becky Brossett
  • “I love it! Tried it with just water and ice at first and was surprised how much I liked!” – Amy Provenzano

Green never tasted so good

Like its predecessor, the new Chocolate, the new Greenberry Shakeology was given a major face lift. Better make that a taste lift.

Lighter. Sweeter. Fruitier. The new customer-approved Greenberry has a substantial edge in the all-important flavor department. One panelist exclaimed, “The enhanced berry taste is just awesome. My favorite by far!” Another commented on the “superior texture” and still another added it was “smooth from start to finish.”

So what’s the final tally? Four out of five current Greenberry drinkers on the panel overwhelmingly favored the new formula over the old one. Perhaps even more incredible is the fact that three out of five NON-Greenberry drinkers said they liked the new version enough to add it to their flavor rotation.

And like all members of the Shakeology family, the new Greenberry underwent this extreme flavor makeover without sacrificing any of its signature health benefits. In fact, it added even more to the mix.

The healthiest meal of the day just got healthier

More protein. More fiber. Fewer calories. Less sugar. Big props to the new Greenberry in almost every macronutrient health category. The new formula also added a powerful trifecta of new superfoods to its already impressive stable: Luo Han Guo, Moringa, and Himalayan Salt. And what about those patented super-greens? (It’s Greenberry after all!) Well, there’s more of those, too! Here’s how all the remarkable health improvements shake out:

  • Reduced sugars: From 11g to 6g
  • Reduced calories: From 140 to 130
  • Reduced total carbs: From 19g to 13g
  • Increased protein: From 16g to 17g
  • Increased fiber: From 3g to 4g

Take your business to greener pastures

So you know the new Greenberry formula is overflowing with awesomeness in every single way. But think about the giant opportunities it presents for your business.

Now that’s delicious.

It’s the perfect time to spread the news and get customers to try the new flavor. And to do just that, we’ve created some valuable tools that are available now: New Greenberry eCards in the Coach Online Office and a bevy of posts on the Shakeology Facebook page you can simply share or re-post.

Want a key group to target? How about reaching out to customers who’ve cancelled their Shakeology order and get them back on Shakeology Home Direct? And each time you make that happen, you’ll earn a Success Club point to boot!

For more details about the launch, go to your Coach Online Office Breaking News. (The new formula began shipping on May 6th). You’ll get a recap of all the latest info plus get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

The new and improved Greenberry Shakeology. Sip. Savor. Share.


Get it Done with Shaun T


He pushed you past your limits. Challenged you to dig deeper than you thought possible. Made your abs beg for mercy. We sat down with fitness innovator and renowned trainer Shaun T to chat about all things FOCUS T25™  in this exclusive interview.

It’s a fact; Shaun T has brought you some of the hardest fitness programs on the planet. But that’s Shaun T, the fearless leader you know and love on the screen. What about Shaun T, the man?

His approach is the same with everything he does: no nonsense.

From his thoughts on Summit 2013 to tips on how to introduce his new program, FOCUS T25, now it’s our turn to dig deep into the mind of this elite fitness trainer.

What’s the ONE thing that sets FOCUS T25 apart, Shaun?

This 25-minute workout is jam-packed with everything you need to get an amazing workout with minimum equipment. It’s not overwhelming.

A lot of people think because it’s me it’s going be like INSANITY®, high intensity interval training—but really, it’s “progressive training.” Just when you think your body can’t take it anymore, I drop down the intensity level, but still focus on the muscle group we’re working on. No nonsense. No rest. Just results. 

Does FOCUS T25 have a modification option?

Yes. A lot people have said “I love working out with you, but I wish I had a modifier.” I made sure this workout has one: Tania. She’s very popular in the Insanity world. She just had a baby, and lost the baby weight with FOCUS T25. She’s someone that people can follow if they’re new to working out, and still get amazing results. 

How would you pitch this workout to a stranger on an elevator?

It’s the best 25 minutes of your life. Really, it’s the best 25 minutes of time you will spend in a day. If you want to work out and not waste time, this is the program for you.

Why do you think FOCUS T25 is the perfect fitness program for summer?

Beyond the whole 6-pack thing for the summer, a lot of people wish that working out didn’t take so long. FOCUS T25 doesn’t. 25 minutes is all you need to get results. I’m not going to waste your time.    

Coach Summit is here again. What’s your favorite part of the event?

My favorite part of Summit is the “Celebration” Show at the end. When you see peoples’ journeys and commitment, that’s what propels the Coaches for the next year—those stories. It’s the most touching part of the event. The working out, the signings, the parties, all that’s great fun, but to me the really important part is celebrating the success of the Coaches. It’s so inspirational.

The theme for Summit is “Dream Big.” What does that mean to you?

I want people to succeed at their individual goals. Whether it’s for their business or with their health, or both. I want people to really appreciate and love themselves for who they are. That’s the best feeling you can ever have.

Are you planning any big dance numbers like last year’s Celebration performance?

If I was I’m not telling. (Laughs).

Who inspires you?

My grandparents! They were the most giving, amazing people I’ve ever known. At age 70, my grandfather would take me on hikes because he loved to work out and keep healthy. He was also a pastor, and we would go to the Farmer’s Market and load up the station wagon with fruits and vegetables. Then, we would hand them out to the poorer neighborhoods in the community.  I was so inspired by that.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

My 1st grade teacher had a scroll of the Golden Rule in her classroom: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” As a child that simple idea blew my mind. It’s still the best piece of advice I’ve ever received and that’s how I live my life. I try to be as good as I can to people, and always try to pay it forward.

Extras: Quick Fire Round

What songs are currently on your ipod playlist?

The new Rihanna album. Hands in the Air from the Step Up revolution soundtrack. Anything Maroon 5. Beyoncé, Justin Timberlake. Even old school Dru Hill and Brandy. LOVE Brandy. The album Aphrodisiac—I can’t even tell you! 

If you hadn’t become a renowned fitness trainer, what would you be doing? Honestly, I would be doing the same exact thing I’m doing now—just on a much smaller scale. I would be happy teaching ten classes a week at the gym, because I know my classes would be full. I REALLY love what I do. Helping others, training people, dancing and working out. I would still be able to help people change their lives, and I would go home happy.



Diamond Coach Claudia Lopez


Winning comes down to a few basic elements, the best strategy, the best Team, a great Coach—all working towards one goal. Sounds like a simple theory, but creating a Team greater than the sum of its parts is how the best leaders function. Claudia Lopez, 2 Star Diamond and captain of Team Fit & Fabulous (the winners of Team Beachbody Cup), knows this first hand.

Hers was a goal fueled by pride—to have her Teams’ name engraved on the Cup next to last year’s winners. Yes, there were distractions, commitments and the general trials of life, but she never faltered from that single goal. As a Team they didn’t just set Success Club point goals, they exceeded them, leveraging the 3 Vital Behaviors as their competing strategy. Claudia reveals her winning ways, sharing how YOU can get your Team’s name on this year’s Cup—bragging rights included.
Q. What are your 3 top tips to win?

A. Team work is everything, believe in yourself and in the product you represent and third have fun–always!

Q. How did you keep your eye on the prize?

A. We had a private Facebook group and every day we talked about what we would do if we won, how our trip was going to be, and what we wanted to say to Carl and Tony—in person. We were fueled by pride, wanting to win the cup for Puerto Rico‑we’re so very proud of the work the Beachbody Coaches do there.

Q. What’s the first thing you did after you entered the TBB Cup?

I immediately set up a meeting with my Team and their families. The 5 of us talked about our strengths as Coaches, shared best practices, and discussed what we felt we brought to the table individually. We set our goals, scheduled our meetings and Fit Clubs for that month, and assigned each member responsibilities in the planning of those Fit Clubs. I wanted my Team’s family to know the price for all that hard work; it wasn’t just a cool trip to Los Angeles—it meant business growth.

Q. How excited are and you (and the Fit & Fabulous Team) to go behind the scenes for Tony’s workout and receive the Team Cup at the Beachbody HQ?

A. We’re extremely excited! My Team members will be going to LA for the very first time with this trip. We all love Tony’s programs and to get the opportunity to go behind the scenes and see all the hard work that goes into making it will be an enriching experience. Plus, being able to visit the HQ and receive the Cup while we’re there feels like we’ll be representing the whole community of Hispanic Beachbody Coaches. It’s a huge honor!

Q. Your names are going to be engraved in Beachbody history—and on the prestigious Cup—how do you like those bragging rights?

A. This win represents the extraordinary group of Coaches that are out there reaching people and helping people transform their lives. So, yes, we are going to brag! Puerto Rico won again!

Q. It was an ongoing 4-week contest, how did you maintain your Team’s momentum throughout the month? 

We challenged ourselves to earn at least 30 Success Club points and once we reached that—we raised the bar to 50! Each Team member was putting 100% effort in to achieve our goal; no one wanted to let the Team down.

Q. How did you decide which rock star Coaches would make the best Teammates—and what advice would you give other Coaches when making that choice?

I sponsored all 4 of my Team and based that decision on their commitment, enthusiasm and desire to grow. The Beachbody Cup showed that they were capable of so much more. They still challenge themselves every month to see if they can reach as many people as they did in March!

Q. By working with your Team did it deepen your understanding of the 3 Vital Behaviors?

Yes, absolutely. We based our strategy on the 3 Vital Behaviors: Invite, Invite, Invite – which we did, that entire month. By simply approaching people on social media and in Fit Clubs, we reached more than 100 people in that month! Be a product of the product – we all have a transformation story and that helped us motivate people and show them that Beachbody really works. Personal development is key, too; we prepared ourselves to reach a diverse audience and keep them motivated during their transformative process.

Q. At one point ‘Team BOSS’ was in the lead, what did you do to gain the edge?

At first, we panicked! It caught us by surprise and 2 of us were at the Success Club Conference and Celebration Disney World at Walt Disney World® at the time. We immediately met to strategize, and called the other Team members to brainstorm ideas. Our Team members in Puerto Rico organized and planned another Fit Club that weekend, while the two of us in Orlando kept posting pictures of our trip on Facebook, talking about the incredible experience we were having.

Q. What advice can you give Coaches to encourage Teammates to increase their Success Club Points across the board?

Encouragement is a great driving force, and also don’t limit yourselves to Success Club 5 or 10. We learned that if we set higher goals and standards and focus on them we could achieve anything. At first, 30 Success Clubs points seemed impossible to reach; once we got there every additional point kept surprising us.


Your May Hotlist


May Success Club Incentives

This month we have TWO incredible Success Club promotions that you don’t want to miss out on.

Earn Admission to the Exclusive WHITE PARTY at Summit 2013

  • If you achieve Success Club 10 in the month of May, you earn access to one of the most exclusive parties in Team Beachbody History. The Success Club WHITE PARTY – is an ultimate poolside extravaganza where anything can happen. Did you achieve Success Club 5 in April? If so, all you need to do is achieve Success Club 5 again in May and and you’re in!
  • Read the official rules

Earn an Exclusive John C. Maxwell Session at Summit 2013

  • If you are one of the top 250 SC point earners in May (out of Lifetime Diamond rank and above) or the Top 250 SC point earners in May (out of Lifetime Ruby rank and below), You’ll win access to an exclusive John C. Maxwell LIVE session at Summit 2013! (500 total invitees). That means a total of 500 Coaches at ALL levels of the business will be getting up close and personal with a personal development legend!
  • Read the official rules

Product & Training Spotlight

Tai Cheng® Challenge Pack Savings

  • Get excited! All May long, we’ve dropped the price of Tai Cheng® Challenge Packs to $180 (regularly $205). That’s over $90 of savings if you or your customer were to buy these programs and products separately! This is the perfect opportunity to overcome price objections and sell an amazing program just in time for Mother’s Day & Father’s Day!
  • Read the full details here

FREE Cordastra Offer

  • For the month of May, we’re offering you and your customers a FREE trial of Cordastra® – an herbal supplement that boosts workout recoveries and energy levels. It’s a perfect compliment to a Tai Cheng workout. Cordastra was created based on two of the most highly prized herbs in Chinese medicine – Astragalus & Cordyceps. These powerful adaptogens are used to improve immune system function, aid in post-workout recovery, and boost energy levels. Get it while it’s FREE!

Dates to Remember

Wednesday, May 1st

  • Tai Cheng® Challenge Pack promotion begins.
  • NEW Beachbody Challenge site goes live.
  • Be sure to read the NEW Coach Monthly here on the site!

Monday, May 6th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Monday, May 13th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Saturday, May 18th

  • Beachbody Challenge Group Training in Frankenmuth, MI | Register Here

Monday, May 20th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Monday, May 27th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Monday, April 29th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 PM ET

Friday, May 31st

  • Last day to achieve Success Club and earn a chance to attend the John C. Maxwell Session & a ticket to White Party!
  • Last day to save on Tai Cheng® Challenge Packs.
  • Last Day for the FREE Cordastra Trial Offer
  • Last Day to redeem your Summit “Ticket to Ride” Offer at //