2015 According to Carl


Hey Coach,

You are a hero, a very big deal. And more and more, your role in the community is going to be a recognized and significant part of our culture; The Beachbody Coach.

I read a study recently that said Nurses and Pharmacists are the two most trusted professionals in our communities  (Car Salesman and Congress were the least). My goal, as we get closer and closer to a million coaches, is that “Beachbody Coach” will someday be listed at the top of that poll.

But that is up to you, and how you approach the business. Last year was a big year for us, but this year, 2015, we need to recommit to truly helping people, and achieving our growth from that perspective. That is where success is. And that’s what this year is about.  Building trust. Compelling people to get started on their transformation by showing them it matters, and inspiring people with your own actions.

When you post about this super nutrition shake you’re drinking and workouts you’re doing every day, people are watching. They are looking to see if you follow through, if you care about the people you support, or if you are merely selling. Your posts about “leg day,” or “what your INSANITY MAX Out time was” or how many chocolate cookies fit into “the yellow container” are being read by someone, and they are seeing how positive and invigorating you are, and you are having an impact.

That impact helped push our company past the billion dollar mark in 2014. And the crazy thing is, we are just getting started!

Over 200 million people in North America are overweight and many are truly, deeply suffering because of it.  The good news is that we have seen time and time again that there is someone who can reach these people, someone who can spark their belief that they can change, and someone who can inspire them and guide them on a journey towards a better life.

That person in your community is not the nurse, or the pharmacist… That person is YOU…a Beachbody Coach.

Our mission is not to be the company that generates the most revenue or the greatest networkers. Our mission is to help more people achieve their goals and lead healthy fulfilling lives. We do that by being the ones who stop and show people they matter, starting with you, and then radiating your experience to people around you. Every one matters. That’s why we need to recommit to helping people – compelling them – to get started. Their health matters. It matters so much, and it matters right this second.

Why would we let someone who tells us they are “tired of feeling sick and tired” get away with delaying a choice to fix it, when we know how incredible it feels to make progress? We won’t let them delay, not without a fight. This year we focus on showing people the time to start is now. That means the time to help them is now. That is more important than anything else, more important than what rank you are achieving or how much income you are making. This is how we build influence in our communities.

Wait a second. Yeah, rank and revenue matter, but rank and revenue are not the goal, they are the result of the goal. The goal is to HELP A NEW PERSON ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL TO LEAD A MORE HEALTHY, FULFILLING LIFE.

When you hear about the evolution of our company and new products coming out this year, your heart rate is going to spike. I know you always hear me say that, but it’s more true this time than ever.  But that’s all the sizzle. The real meat of the matter is the work of talking to people. Engaging with them. And reminding them: They matter.

Let’s build the trust all around us, show people that they matter, and remind ourselves of how good it feels to matter to somebody.  This is how we change lives; through fitness, nutrition, rewards, and the kind of peer support that shows people, THEY MATTER.

I believe this is going to be a big year – because WE WILL MAKE IT SO. The demand for what we do is out there – big time! But we have to shake the status quo to wake people up in a way that is bigger than sales or company success. It’s the success of the customer that matters. So let’s kick off this year with a recommitment to build trust, to be the ones that show people they matter, and with that, our momentum will continue in the RIGHT direction!

Every one matters! You matter. Your coaches, customers and prospects matter. And more than ever, your efforts this year – MATTER!

Let’s do this!