2016 According to Carl

Making 2016 Great

Hey Coaches!

"Have you done all you can?"


That's what I ask myself daily. And as the New Year starts, I ask myself that DEEPLY.  And I know the answer. YOU know the answer... we still have work to do.


Here's the good news. We are gaining momentum, and it's because people like you refuse to slow down.


So, now what?  Now we take these vital behaviors and we work them harder than ever before!

  1. YOU be the proof the products work!  In addition to the Challenge Groups you and your Team already run, join us in the Masters Support Group and see what you can achieve with The Masters Hammer and Chisel.  I'm doing it. Thousands of other Coaches are doing it. There's an exclusive t-shirt for people who submit their results right after we're done, and prize money for the top five men and women who submit results.  Want to be the proof the products work?  Prove it with us!
  3. Be even more proof: Last year I drank Shakeology every single day - 365 days straight - and I'm doing it again this year.  Join me, and do it all while enjoying our brand new Café Latte Shakeology!
  5. Think about how you can reach out to people who will appreciate 22 Minute Hard Corps! This will launch in March, and not only will it be great for our vets (who can sign up as Coaches free with monthly services fees waived) but anyone who wants a no-nonsense approach to their daily workout!

Right now, it's about us. It's about you.  It's about having the courage to find out what someone's goal is, and then using the Money Back Guarantee to help nudge them to get started!  But I can only write a clever letter. YOU have to make the connections and INVITE INVITE INVITE!  So let's do that, shall we?  And let's help more people than ever before to achieve their goals to lead healthy fulfilling lives!


Let's do this!