5 Places to Meet New Customers (Winter Edition)


Winter is officially upon us. But, just because the temperature is cooling off doesn’t mean your business has to. In fact, with a little bit of strategizing, it can be your most lucrative time of the year. Get a head start on the holidays with our list of five places to meet new customers.

You’ve got an arsenal of the top-selling home fitness programs in the country. A proven business model that really works. A support system like no other. But the simple truth is; customers won’t find you. You have to get out there and find them.

Remember, potential customers are all around you. Especially during the holidays. So use this list as a roadmap to make it a true season of success.

1) Take advantage of the airport
You won’t find a more crowded place during the holidays than an airport. And crowded means potential customers. The best part is that everyone there has something in common with you, and is probably a little bored to boot!

Make sure to allow yourself plenty of time, though. If you wait until the last minute, you’ll rush to your gate with no chance to meet anyone. Getting there early will allow you to take your time and talk a little T25™ at the terminal.

When you’re in flight, you have a built-in conversation starter about the city you’re headed to. So put those frequent flyer miles to good use—and take your business to new heights.

2) Party with a purpose
Holiday parties are much more than free food and drinks. They’re a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and make connections in a friendly, relaxed environment.

If you normally pass on holiday events, make this year different. Whether it’s a friend’s party, a work function, or a community gathering, make a point of going.

The best way to break the ice? Ask questions. Find out what someone’s fitness goals are and invite them to your next Challenge Group. Presto; new customers!

3) It’s all about the mall
From the food court to clothing stores, the mall is ripe with possibilities. It’s a fact; shopping equals success. The only difference is you’ll be shopping for new customers instead of clothes.

For a good conversation starter, compliment a fellow shopper on an item they picked out. Perhaps even joke that it can be hard to fit into clothes this time of year. Once you’ve established a connection, let them know how you’re keeping the weight off with the Beachbody program you’re doing. It’s sure to pique their curiosity.

4) Work wonders on your winter vacation
Wanna get away? You should if you want to grow your prospect list. Consider how many people you’ll come into contact with at the hotel, on the ski slopes, or just out enjoying the exciting nightlife!

Here’s a little tip to stack the odds in your favor: take walks over taxis. Just this simple step alone should put you in contact with exponentially more people. So stretch your legs, walk around, and maximize every moment of your vacation.

5) Give thanks for your health
It may sound simple, but it’s true: giving thanks for your health at Thanksgiving dinner can turn into a major opportunity. When you mention your awesome fitness results, you’ll be an instant source of inspiration to all the guests at the table.

What’s more, the intimate setting is the perfect place to teach your aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, friends—even total strangers—about Beachbody.

A little gratitude could definitely go a long way!