Accelerating Growth After Summit

Accelerating Growth After Summit - Trina Gray, 15 Star Diamond Coach

You’ve laid the groundwork for Summit, leaders. But what about leading the charge during and after the big event? We turn to a Coach who knows a thing or two about the subject: the tireless Trina Gray. From managing your Team in Nashville to creating a strong post-Summit Action plan, Trina’s proven tips will have you heading to Nashville with confidence!

Q. How do you organize your Team to cover your bases during Summit, Trina?

A. First, we create a private Summit Rockstars Facebook page so our Coaches can communicate about sharing rooms, registering for sessions and share valuable packing tips. Next, we host a pre-summit ‘meet and greet’ to help our entire Team feel connected. Lastly, we will be hosting a Diamond hoedown on Friday evening as a way to give recognition, take pictures and have fun!

Q. How will you share breaking news after Summit with Coaches who aren’t there?

A. I often take pictures of the speaker on stage or the slide on the screen and post it on our Team page. I make a quick announcement and title it, “Breaking News from Summit.” I also do a post-Summit recap on our Diamond leader zoom and on our monthly Team call.

Q. What three things will you focus on with your Team coming out of Summit?

A. I draw inspiration from the executives and speakers and put it into action. For example, one of last year’s keynote speakers, Darren Hardy, encouraged us to embrace failure. After Summit, I spent time with my Team learning to love failure and annihilate fear. I will also strategize business goals for the second half of the year based on new skills that we learn in the trainings and incorporate new product launches that will help us grow our businesses.

Q. How do you get your Team ready to hit the ground running after Summit?

A. They are usually pumped up on their own so my role is just to help keep everyone focused. Find out what resonates with your Team. Whether it’s a product launch, a Personal Development tip, or a Challenge Group idea, pick one or two concepts and help your Coaches achieve results with them. Keep up the momentum by incorporating “nuggets” from Summit in Team calls, on your Facebook page and in your trainings. And don’t forget about the Team Beachbody Cup that kicks off August 1st! It’s a great way to rally the momentum from Summit.

Q. Any tips for running your business and leading your Team while you’re on the road?

A. l film a short, simple and energetic video each day for my Teammates and challengers. I don’t bombard them with posts; I just share one announcement or workout and let them feel my excitement. I ask for their reaction so they feel I am communicating with them—not at them.

Q. Your biggest personal Summit ‘A-ha!’ moment?

A. I flew home from my first Summit after one day because I wasn’t “all in.” I felt like a fish out of water. After I got home, I completely changed my mindset. I learned you have to focus on the people you will help inspire and transform rather than getting too caught up in the pomp and circumstance of Summit. Enjoy the lights, camera and action, then get ready to work! The real work is done when no one is looking.

Q. Why should Leaders ask their Teams to commit to Summit 2016 at this year’s event?

A. What better time to ask your Coaches to commit to next year’s Summit than at this year’s event? After all, they’re seeing, hearing and experiencing the magic firsthand and are in the heat of the action. Committing now means they will have a firm date on their calendars and be more likely to stay engaged in the business. In other words, plant the seed now and let it grow for a year.

Q. What are you looking forward to most in Nashville?

A. You mean aside from wearing cowboy boots over heels? I’m a huge fan of Simon Sinek and was mesmerized the first time I heard him speak. He’ll knock it out of the park. I’m also fired up to hug my Teammates and meet Coaches from different Teams. And I’m also excited to feel the energy and power of a company that is changing the face of our planet. I’m serious—we are!