An Invitation to Success


Nicole Jones never imagined that completely filling up her gas tank would be such a memorable moment. But after filing for bankruptcy in November 2011, telling her husband to “fill it up” meant she finally felt relief from their immense financial pressure.

But it was a long road to get there.

Her journey began in 2010 after the birth of her second daughter. Not wanting to fight for precious gym time, Nicole saw P90X® and Shakeology® as the perfect solution.

But with a maxed out credit card, she couldn’t justify the price – until her Upline Coach, Keith Callahan, introduced her to the Team Beachbody® Coaching opportunity. “I promised my husband I would make the money right back,” says Nicole reflectively. “So, I spent $240 to buy P90X and Shakeology, and then I signed up as a Coach. I made $239 my first month.”

All in the Family
From there, Nicole took it one step at a time – starting with her family. She invited her sister-in-law to try Shakeology. The result? She lost 25 pounds and became her first Coach.

Her husband followed soon after. But her Mom needed a bit more convincing.

After suffering a heart attack at 50, Nicole’s Mom needed Beachbody the most. And sure enough, after six weeks on Shakeology she got her off pre-diabetic medicine and felt better than ever.

The business was already paying dividends. In the best possible ways.

Knowledge for Newbies
But her family is only so big, so Nicole set out to grow her network.

Determined, she made a list of 25 people and started inviting two to five people every day. And Nicole’s Upline Coach even helped her sign up her first eight customers by answering their questions when she got stuck. Now Nicole does the same for her new Coaches. It’s all part of the training process!

Packaging a Challenge
Nicole finds many different ways to invite people. She pitches Challenge Packs, which more often than not, end up with the customer joining one of her many Challenge groups. She tries to create at least two Challenge Groups a month and currently has eight going simultaneously.

How exactly does she run eight groups at once? With the help of her Coaches.

In the beginning, Nicole shares materials about nutrition and time management tips. But after the groups get going, a natural leader usually emerges, whom Nicole encourages.

“Letting them lead the Challenge Group helps them get their feet wet and start their own Challenge Groups,” says Nicole. “I teach them strategies that work for me and they can see how easy it is to lead.”

How’s that working out? She’s signed up 25 Coaches with this key strategy.

Money Matters
One of Nicole’s best weapons as a leading Coach is an ability to handle objections, the biggest of which is cost.

Having lived this objection, she knows how to fight back. “To answer any objection – whether Shakeology or a Challenge Group, I just ask more questions, like my Upline Coach did,” says Nicole. “I try to figure out what they’re getting at and how I can offer a solution.”

But using her personal story is the most powerful answer to any objection. After all, it was just two years ago that she was bankrupt and couldn’t afford date nights with her husband.

Hustling into the Future
For Nicole, the future looks brighter than ever. Her Downline is more than 1,400 strong and she has Personally Sponsored over 120 Coaches to date.

She also paid for her Mom to go to Camp Do More and Summit; regularly treats her niece to family dinners out; got a new porch; and is even planning a future house upgrade.

And while her ‘Why’ started out as financial freedom, it’s grown into a bigger picture. Now, she loves empowering people and hopes to build her business to the 15 Star Diamond level. Certified in P90X, Hip Hop Hustle, Piyo and Turbo Kick, she’ll be teaching more classes in the fall and, of course, inviting even more people to the business.

“My Team is changing me,” says Nicole with immense pride. “They inspire me every day. I adore them and in the future I see so many bright, shiny things for all of us.”

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Challenge Groups are your friend: They convert customers into Coaches and create strong leaders. Win-win!
  • Tell your story: Overcome objections by relating to your customers.
  • Make a list: Think of anyone and everyone who will benefit from Beachbody products and start inviting. Your list will be longer than you think.
  • Ask for help: From your Downline and your Upline Coaches to your spouse and your family. Whether it’s tips on leading Challenge Groups, or help managing your Twitter, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from anyone who might be able to help.