Building a Business with a Mat


Pilates? Boring. Yoga? Yawn. Cool down stretches? Waste of time. At least that’s how Deborah Baska felt. This ex-dancer and cardio fanatic was hopeless about rebuilding her flexibility. That was—until PiYo launched. Sweat building. Fat burning. Sculpting. All while lengthening and stretching muscle. Debrah fell in love.

Now a diehard fan of Chalene Johnson’s newest program, this 8 Star Diamond Coach has become one of the top PiYo Challenge Group leaders—bending and stretching her way into a booming business that truly inspires.

What turned you on to PiYo?
At 46-years-old, I’ve seen my range of motion diminish over the years. I heard Chalene speak about how she needed to work on her flexibility. But, like me, she didn’t enjoy the slow pace of yoga or Pilates. So she created PiYo. That’s when I knew this would be the prefect program for me.

What do you love most about PiYo?
PiYo will define your body. I think that’s something a lot of us cardio junkies struggle with. We burn calories, but we’re not getting great definition. With PiYo’s bodyweight resistance, my clients feel the full-body burn. And they love it. Chalene constantly reminds them which muscles they need to engage. This helps them focus on specific muscles during the workout so they can see these muscles defined after the workout!

How do you market your PiYo Challenge Groups?
PiYo is for everyone. That being said, it helps to target your message to subsets of your audience. I started my Challenge Groups by reaching out to runners and low-impact beginners. Even though I put them in the same Challenge Group, I had a good sense of where they were coming from and how to encourage them along their PiYo journey.

How do you target PiYo to clients with injuries?
PiYo is great for people bouncing back from injuries! I have clients suffering from joint issues, plantar fasciitis, and post-surgical sensitivities. They appreciate how these low-impact workouts (with or without the help of the modifier) allow them to focus on alignment. They can get in a fat-scorching burn without risking re-injury! 

How did clients who’ve done other Challenge Groups with you respond to PiYo
They were pleasantly surprised! They could feel the program really working their bodies. After their 30-day results check-in, they were completely sold. They couldn’t believe how much their bodies had changed!

Any tips on running a PiYo Challenge Group?
Yes! Make sure they take before and after photos along with their measurements. Sometimes clients get it in their heads that they’re not going to see results unless they’re doing a high-intensity, high-impact workout. But when they look back at those “before’s” later in the program, they’ll see how far they’ve really come!