How Summit Changed My Life

Summit. Undoubtedly the most important Coach event of the year.

From incredible keynote speakers, to invaluable workshops and training, Summit is jam-packed with everything Coaches need to build their business.

But for thousands of Coaches, the power of Summit comes down to one, single moment when their business suddenly becomes “real.” We talked to a bunch of Coaches with “light blub” moments, and their life-changing experiences that will have you counting the days until June 19th.

My big “aha!” moment came during Summit when I met one of my Diamond Coaches—a cancer survivor who lost over 90 lbs., she called me her “game-changer.” That moment made me realize just how important our work is, and the impact we can truly have on people’s lives!

– Keith Wilson, 5-Star Diamond, Hamilton, NJ

Carl rocked my world when I heard him say, “There is a direct correlation between the size of your dream and the size of your business.” I wasn’t dreaming big enough! That’s when it all clicked for me. I walked into Summit a Coach. I walked out of Summit a leader with enormous dreams.

– Elizabeth Gemmell Hartke, 3-Star Diamond, Boston, MA

Listening to Caroline VanZandt speak about “Wear and Share” at Summit was a huge eye-opener for me. I took her advice and began wearing my Beachbody gear everywhere. It’s been a great way to naturally start a dialogue about Beachbody brands and what I offer as a Coach.

– Shane Mason-Fryer, 2-Star Diamond, West Haven, CT

When listening to Carl a couple years ago, it finally dawned on me exactly how relevant we are as Coaches. I learned that when we change one person’s attitude toward their health, fitness, and quality of life, we start a ripple effect. We change the lives of their families and their families’ families. It’s so profound!

– Andrew Peacock, Diamond, Leander, TX

Hearing John Maxwell speak about the ‘Law of the Lid’ at Summit last year, I realized I was wasting my time working on trying to improve my weaknesses, instead of focusing on building up my strengths. What a time-saver this information has been!

– Robert Pearson, 3-Star Diamond, Danbury, CT

At my first Summit, I remember watching all the Coaches on stage who were able to quit their jobs and become full-time Beachbody Coaches. This was a game-changing moment for my business. That moment is what pushed me to have bigger dreams and bigger goals.

– Donna Medeiros, 3-Star Diamond, Dighton, MA

When Denise Needham was speaking at Summit about how multi-tasking doesn’t make you more productive, I had no idea that this information would forever change the way I run my business. I no longer leave tasks only partly completed. I keep my attention where it needs to be and I’m so much more productive.

-Mary Hamilton, Diamond, Grand Prairie, TX

It all hit me when I heard Traci Morrow speak at Summit. She said, “It’s easier to run with 10 than drag 100.” That little line changed the way I grew my business. I focused more on quality than quantity and eventually grew a solid team of authentic leaders ready to pay it forward!”

– Karen Krueger, Diamond, Cloverdale, CA

My ‘light bulb’ moment was when I heard Barbie Decker speak at Summit. She said, “Always be honest with your customers.” If you’re struggling to hit your points, tell your customers that. They won’t know what points are, but they’ll understand they’re important, and they’ll want to help. This has really changed the results I’ve had in my business.

– Kaileigh Hennessey, 2-Star Diamond, Long Valley, NJ

Last year at Summit, John Maxwell speaking about “Failing Forward” was a pivotal turning point in my business. It resonated with me that you don’t have to be great to start. You just have to start! This galvanized me to be fearless and willing to try anything.

– Ethan Samuels, Emerald, Encino, CA

There you have it – you’ve heard from Coaches at all levels. Summit is full of these eye-opening opportunities – so, what are you waiting for? Don’t you dare miss out, make sure you and your Team get registered for Summit 2014 today at


Introducing PiYo: The Workout Your Body Needs

What makes celebrity trainer Chalene Johnson’s programs so effective? She answers common fitness needs by creating targeted, killer workouts.

That’s where PiYo® comes in. A few years ago, Chalene noticed people wanted a program that combined strength, flexibility and cardio. She developed and introduced PiYo to gyms around the world and now, for the first time on DVD, Beachbody is releasing this low impact workout with high intensity results to YOU.

Chalene shared with us why PiYo is the workout your body wants, what you should stop skipping during a sweat sesh and the music that powers her through a typical PiYo workout.

Why are you so excited to introduce PiYo?
PiYo is a proven program that has been so effective in gyms around the world. I’m super excited to bring it to DVD because it’s the program that will shape, strengthen and heal people’s bodies.

Sounds incredible. Who is the ideal PiYo customer, then?
PiYo is for anyone who wants a workout that will help them work on flexibility, cardio and strength—at the same time.

What are the main things you need to know about PiYo?
Studies show that a more flexible muscle has greater strength potential which leads to better results. The training you get during PiYo allows you to burn incredible amounts of calories that you wouldn’t in a static type workout.

What inspired you to create PiYo?
Whenever I create a fitness program I start with a need. I was doing yoga, but I still felt like I needed to stretch certain areas, do more cardio, and lift more weights. So, I started to think, “How can I get more flexible and develop strength and cardio?” 

Did you develop PiYo in response to anything you struggled with personally in your own training?
Totally! I always found I would finish and feel like I didn’t really stretch certain areas. I felt so tight and I’m a fitness professional, it was embarrassing. So when I was developing PiYo I asked my students to show me the one muscle that was the tightest. When people did that I saw five different stretches. It made me realize the important of focusing on flexibility needs so my students could be better at running, etc. I wanted to make PiYo really functional and forget the traditional rules of stretching.

What types of results can people expect to see from PiYo?
My goal is to make everything easier for you. I want you to trust that you can use your own body weight to make yourself stronger. The transformation people will see is amazing.

For example, I have a letter from a lady who said, “Since I started PiYo six months ago, I have broken every single personal marathon pace and I’m astonishingly faster than I ever dreamed possible. I broke the four-hour mark for my marathon time and I know it’s because of Piyo. Plus, normally I’m spent for a week after a marathon, but the next day I felt great!

Would you say PiYo is accessible for all fitness levels?
Yes! PiYo is truly accessible for everyone from the brand spanking new, to the super tight, but super fit. We did some cool things with camera angles so it is very clear how to do each move.

You always have such good playlists. Do you have favorite songs for your PiYo workouts?
When I do PiYo I like moody, cool indie music. I love Marine and the Diamonds, Lady Gaga, even old school like Marvin Gaye –  anything that gives me a sexy, cool, soulful mood. The music in PiYo is really important because if the right song is playing it tells you how to move and flow.

Do you have a favorite move or workout from PiYo?
It’s not a move or workout, but Beachbody granted me my wish. I had an idea to incorporate a piece of equipment that we don’t currently have in our catalog. I’m absolutely in love with it and all the workouts that feature this equipment are my favorite. It’s going to blow peoples’ minds and it’s killing me not to tell you what it is. But more details to come soon…

PiYo will be available at Summit 2014. Make sure you and your customers are signed up for the latest PiYo updates here:

And remember for the first time ever, when you share the PiYo email collector url with customers, it will track your Coach ID—just as if you were sharing a product through your personal Coach site. It’s important to note, however, that you must add your Coach rep ID at the end of the URL wherever you share the link to ensure you get credit for the sale.

Need more content to share? Checkout the newest PiYo teaser video:



Leading Coach Basics Training Groups

Daily lessons? Check. Actionable items? Absolutely. Everything you need to start your Coaches off right? Oh yeah!

The Coach Basics program is a guaranteed way to give your Coaches a successful start to their business. Since launching the program last September, Beachbody has seen scores of new Coaches boost their sales like never before. Just ask 8 Star Diamond Coach, Julie Voris. She’s wasted no time scheduling regular Coach Basics training groups that guide her new Coaches through this free, 60-day training program—making her Team stronger and more successful than she ever thought possible.“If you’re not leading Coach Basics training groups,” says Julie, “You’re missing out!”

Start Your Coaches Off Strong

Studies show, people are more likely to stay committed when they see immediate results. That’s why the first 60 days of a Coach’s career are crucial for training and establishing good habits.

Julie advises, “Use Coach Basics to get your Coaches in the routine of working on their business every day.”

Julie notes, new Coaches who are given a sense of direction and a chance to make an instant profit, are far more likely to build a committed Team destined for success.

“If I had Coach Basics five years ago, I really believe my business would have started with a stronger foundation. My Coaches would’ve seen results quicker and stayed with the company longer,” she explains.

Advice from Julie: Run one Coach Basics training group at a time. Every two months, I run a group of 10-15 people. This allows me to have great success without spreading myself too thin!

Huge Time Saver

There are only so many hours in a day. So why throw away another minute?

“Coach Basics is a huge time saver!” Julie shares. “Finally, I don’t have to waste another moment trying to construct a training program that might work because now there’s a program out there that’s proven to work.”

Coach Basics provides a detailed schedule of training information for leaders to share with their Team—so Coaches like Julie no longer have to worry about the content they’re posting daily.

“With Coach Basics, the work’s already done for you. You can just plug into the system and spend your energy on other aspects of your business!” Julie says.

Advice from Julie: Use the time you saved to personalize the program. Incorporate your own experiences in the business. Cater to the individual needs of your Coaches. This adds an important personal touch to your training groups!

Increase Your Confidence as a Leader

The best thing about leading a Coach Basics training programs? It’s helped Julie improve her confidence and leadership skills.

“I know I’ve become a better leader because I’m giving my Coaches everything they need to succeed!” Julie expands, “I feel more certain when I train Coaches now because I’m using a system I know produces results. I have the same level of confidence in Coach Basics as I do with our fitness programs. Just follow the program, and you will see results!”

Advice from Julie: If the idea of running a training group alone still makes you nervous, pair up with one or two other Coaches! Running a group with other Coaches will give you more accountability and support.

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

The beauty of running Coach Basics training groups isn’t just that Coaches get rock star business training, but they also get trained to run their own Coach Basics groups!

“If you train your Coaches well, they’re going to train their future Coaches well,” Julie states. “This is how you create a strong Team!”

It’s a gift-that-keeps-on-giving and Julie’s seen the momentum on her Team increase tenfold!

Advice from Julie: Get your Coaches ready to run their own groups the second they’ve finished yours. Guide them into the next pivotal step of their business—training their own Coaches!

For more information about how to implement Coach Basics into your business visit News & Training > Coach Basics in the Coach Online Office.


How to throw a Super, Super Saturday

Super Saturday. It happens four times a year, so as we prepare for April’s let’s review January’s. More specifically, Dallas’ Super Saturday where more than 500 people gathered, including Beachbody Co-founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler and co-host and MC, 11 Star Diamond Jimmy Hays Nelson. The size and success of Jimmy Hayes Nelson’s (and Team’s) Super Saturday didn’t happen overnight. Like a Coach business it took teamwork, collaboration and persistence. Now, Jimmy is here to share 8 unforgettable tips that will have people marking their calendars for the next Super Saturday as fast as you can say, “Strawberry Shakeology.”

1.)  First things first – It all starts with a venue. Lock that in first. Robert and Melissa Hudgens work to secure the venue in Dallas ahead of time. To get people in the door, they enlist the help of social media, create a Facebook page, and make sure the event is registered in the Coach Online Office.

2.)  Energy is contagious  – As a leader, if you’re not pumped up to host your event, who will be excited to attend? As a Coach, it’s one thing to watch the Super Saturday video, later, in the privacy of your own home, but it’s another thing to feel the energy of other Coaches who are just as fired up as you are to help end the trend.

3.)  Get the people going – Getting people to attend your Super Saturday is just like building your business. If you’re not forming relationships and talking to people in January, then it shows up in your business in February.

4.)  There’s no “I” in “Team” – I don’t host Dallas’ Super Saturday alone. The success of our Super Saturdays depends on Mindy Lawhorne, my Co-MC and tons of other leaders (including Christine Dwyer, Robert and Melissa Hudgens, Melissa McAllister, Chris Reed, Barbie Decker, Charlene Booker, Julie Schulte, Danielle Katz and more) to help plan, organize and recruit people to the event. So ditch your ego and combine your powers with a Coach near you to build your own legendary Super Saturday.

5.)  Make sure you do something – There needs to be a call to action or a training. I always remind Coaches, “You’re going to get really excited today, but remember you didn’t do anything yet.” We encourage everyone to put something into action while they are still in their seats.

6.)  Learn from the best AND each other –  It’s really important for Coaches to share their struggles. It’s just as empowering as a success story. For instance, Bobby may be struggling with a piece of his business, but Sally rocks that part. Conversely, Sally is working on a piece Bobby dominates. They can learn from each other. Plus, you never know where you might find a success partner.

7.)  Everyone likes free things – Add value to your event. Besides showing the Super Saturday video, why should your Coaches be there? Will there be a workout, too? Guest speakers? Compelling local success stories? Maybe even a free raffle for Beachbody swag? Whatever it is, make sure you have a nugget to lure them.

8.) Make it social – In the world of social media, we can create great content anywhere. Develop a hashtag for your event so people can follow along.  Remember, with smartphones, everyone has a mini production studio in their pockets, so start making videos to hype your event. But be consistent. It’s just like promoting the business—people need to hear about it 6,7,8 times before they’re committed.

So put Jimmy’s valuable tips to good use and register to host or attend an event here:

Want to find an event near you? Look here:

Curious about the fun content Jimmy creates to promote his Super Saturdays? Check em out!

More information is available in the Coach Online Office under FAQ 9792



Targeting Success Starters

Targeting Success Starters

Ready to get your new Coaches up to speed in a flash? Say hello to Success Starters! To give you the lowdown, we proudly present our first lady of all things training, Executive Field Trainer, Denise Needham. Denise will break down all the benefits and explain why every leader needs to get their new Coaches plugged into the program—on day one!

Q. What is the Success Starters program?
This is a fantastic incentive program that recognizes new Coaches who achieve Success Club their first three months in the business. It gives them a simple, straightforward goal to engage in activities that create the greatest results. Word on the street is that they’re learning to invite, sharing the benefits of Shakeology®, and realizing they can earn a substantial income. We’re counting on you to focus your new Coaches on this wonderful opportunity.

Check out all the details of the Success Starters program here.

Q. Why should leaders ensure their new Coaches are aware of the program?
It’s teaching new Coaches to be consistent, rank advance, and grow a Team. And they love the rewards and recognition! After their first month, Coaches are recognized on the leader boards in the Coach Online Office and invited to participate in an exclusive group call with Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler. After their third consecutive month, they receive a FREE ticket to Coach Summit! All of these phenomenal perks help them gain confidence in their decision to become a Coach.

Q.What types of business results have we seen so far?
I’m hearing big things! Most importantly, we’re seeing Coaches demonstrate an ability to set and reach goals in their first three months. This program removes excuses. It reinforces the idea that when you invite people to learn about our products and opportunity, you can build a thriving business! And the icing on the cake is that new Coaches can duplicate this system and help their new Coaches become Success Starters, too!

Q. How will Success Starters help leaders build their organizations?
First, Success Starters will enhance the growth of your Team and help them rank advance faster. Second, it will reduce the number of Coaches who abandon their decision to become a Coach. And lastly, it will kick your business into hyper growth based on solid practices and getting every new Coach started right.

Q. What role does Shakeology® play in this?
A very important one! Successful Coaches introduce new customers and Coaches to Shakeology right off the bat. They explain the benefits and value and stress the importance of drinking it daily. They follow up once the order has shipped and 24-48 hours after it arrives. They also enroll them in Challenge Groups and provide excellent customer service each month. In the process, they earn a Success Club point which helps pave the way to Success Starters.

Q. Why is it critical for Leaders to help new Coaches achieve Success Club right away?
When a new Coach sets a goal to talk with 2-5 people every day, they find people who are ready to start their journey to improved health. The result? They earn Success Starters and are rewarded with recognition, earnings, and new friendships. Plus, it builds their belief and confidence—and that blossoms into unlimited possibilities.

Q. What are the most effective ways for leaders to get a new Coach started right?
If leaders provide their new Coaches with the tools to get started right, making Success Starters will fall into place. Remember to set them up with the 7-Day Quick Start Guide in the first 24-48 hours. Also, enroll them in your Coach Basics Group. This guides them to additional tools, including the Coach Training Academy, 5-Step Invitation Process, Challenge Group Guides, and Customer to Coach Guide.

All of these effective tools will help your new Coaches get out of the gate fast and on their way to achieving Success Starters!


April Hotlist

Click the play button below for the top 3 things you need to know this month
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Do you hear that? It’s the sound of waves on the shore as you lounge in your swimsuit. Summer is just around the corner and what better way to get bikini ready than with April’s Summer Slimdown Challenge Pack promotion? This month, we’ve got two Challenge Packs on sale – so there’s something for everyone!

FOCUS T25 Challenge Pack Promotion

Spend 25 minutes a day working out with Shaun T and your customers will be ready to take their shirts off and soak in the sun.
How? The FOCUS T25 Challenge Pack Promotion is reduced to $180 (normally $205).

Brazil Butt Lift® Challenge Pack Promotion

For all our ladies (and our gentlemen too!), we have the Brazil Butt Lift® Challenge Pack Promotion.
Typically retailing at $160, this package will give your booty a lift for only $140.

Challenge Pack Tip: Use the spring season to remind your customers that summer is almost here and it’s time to commit to “Decide. Commit. Succeed.”

For more information about the April Challenge Pack Promotions, visit the Coach Online Office: FAQ 9750


Summit is on the horizon, which means it’s a BIG month, Coaches!
This April, you have the chance to qualify for an awesome t-shirt, access to the hottest Summit parties in Vegas, and a star-studded photo opp!

Don’t be the Only One Shirtless

  • Headed to Summit? Qualify for SC 5 in April OR May and earn your Never Give Up T-shirt.
  • Show off your success by strutting your t-shirt during Friday’s General Session at Summit.
  • Not going to be at Summit? Qualify for SC 5 in April AND May and the Never Give Up T-shirt is all yours.
  • Read the official rules at FAQ 9842

Earn Your Way on the List for the Exclusive SEQUINS AND STUDS Party

  • Qualify for SC 10 in April AND May and get admission into the swanky Sequins and Studs party. This poolside extravaganza at the MGM Grand is the place to be!
  • FAQ 9843 has all the details.

Qualify for a Celebrity Trainer Photo Opp!

  • Be one of the top 750 SC point earners in April and win an unbeatable celebrity trainer photo opp!
  • The winners will be broken down like this:
    • Top 250 SC point earners in April who are Diamond rank or above
    • Top 250 SC point earners in April who are Ruby rank or below
    • Top 250 SC point earners in April who enrolled after June 2013
  • Go to FAQ 9841 for more details.

How to be Invited to the Star Diamond Reception

  • Qualify as a 1 Star Diamond rank or higher for 6 consecutive weeks between January 1 and May 21, 2014 AND achieve a paid rank of 1 Star Diamond or higher by May 21, 2014 to gain access to the hottest party in Vegas! We’ll be celebrating your success at the exclusive Hakkasan Night Club.
  • Read the official rules at FAQ 9845

Upcoming Events


Surge is back! CEO Carl Daikeler is LIVE from Beachbody Headquarters on Monday April 7th from 9:00am to 5:00pm PST. Tune in for all the latest news, contest, insights and incredible tips from top Coaches and maybe even a celebrity trainer (or two)!

How to tune in:

Watch live on Ustream: //
Listen live through the conference line: 832-225-5820 pin number SURGE# (78743#)

Have a specific question for Carl?

Submit them via social media: Twitter – @tbbcoach411
Twitter – @CarlDaikeler Need more info? Visit FAQ 9791



Mark your calendars! It’s that time again – time to accelerate your business, learn from the experts and get excited. Super Saturday returns Saturday, April 12 and it’s the perfect chance to connect with local Coaches and get all the hottest Team Beachbody updates. Be sure to either register to host OR attend an event in your area.

Want to find an event?


Want to host an event?

Register here:
Visit the Coach Online Office > News & Training > Super Saturday OR Visit FAQ 9792.


Ah, the fresh smell of spring is in the air! You’ve finally started to clean your garage or maybe your attic and you’ve ordered your Ultimate Reset Kit. Now, get ready to start the ULTIMATE challenge group on Wednesday, April 16 for the “Spring Cleaning with Carl & Isabelle.” This is exactly what your body needs as the perfect kick-start before summer.
For all the details on the Ultimate Reset promotions, visit FAQ 9796.

Stay on track throughout your reset by following:



Join April’s #SummerSlimdown social contest.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Post a photo of yourself (or someone you want to help) and a bathing suit (holding it, wearing it, etc.) to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram
  • In your post, include which program you’ll use to reach your fitness goals
  • Tag your post with #SummerSlimdown

Who wins:

  • One Coach winner per day

How winner is picked/announced:

  • Daily winner will be contacted via email (some will be highlighted on Carl Daikeler’s Facebook page)

Prize: New Shakeology taste sampler (now includes Strawberry)

Contest dates: Starts April 7th, 9 am PST – April 30, 11:59 pm PST

Review the rules here: //

Product & Training Spotlight


It’s a night of pure entertainment. Don’t miss this Summit extravaganza. Come celebrate the successes and talents of your fellow Team Beachbody Coaches during the Beachbody Showcase, which includes the Beachbody Classic and the ‘Beachbody’s Got Talent’ Show. Where can you catch all the action? LIVE from the MGM Grand Garden Arena on the evening of Friday, June 20th (exact time TBD). Read on to find out how you can join in the fun!


This is an incredible opportunity for you to truly be a product of the product at the first annual Beachbody Classic physique competition! This year, the Beachbody Classic is a men’s and women’s physique competition open to anyone who primarily uses Beachbody fitness programs to achieve and maintain their physique. This could be your special moment to strut your stuff live on stage in front of thousands, and get the incredible recognition and applause you deserve for your hard work and amazing physical results!

WHEN: Friday, June 20 – exact time TBD
WHERE: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas
HOW TO ENTER: Starting on March 25th, register at

Prize: First, second, and third place winners (male and female) will win a “Beachbody Classic” trophy, and bragging rights. If the winners have nominated their Coaches, those Coaches will win trophies too.


Calling all Coaches who want to share their talent on the infamous stage at the MGM Grand Garden Arena during Summit. We want to see YOU in the 3rd Annual ‘Beachbody’s Got Talent’ show—singing, dancing, playing an instrument, telling jokes, juggling, doing acrobatics – whatever your amazing act is, this is your big chance to tell us about it!

How to Enter: Simply email us a brief description of your talent with a video of you performing it (or a You Tube link) to We’re accepting entries from March 25th (after announcement on cruise) through the end of April—and will be announcing our show finalists mid-May. Exact dates will be published next week. Good luck!

When: The evening of Friday, June 20th – immediately following the Beachbody Classic contest.
WHERE: MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas


It’s that time again! Time to vote for the Beachbody Challenge winners. From April 28th – May 5th vote for the biggest success story – the winners will each receive $5,000 and a trip to Los Angeles for themselves and a guest. Remember, if nominated, the Coach of each quarterly winner can receive $1,000 as well. Voting is quick, simple—and every vote counts!
So on April 28th visit to vote.


The average person uses 13 different methods to control and manage their time. Imagine how much time is spent trying to organize and manage those methods?

Team Beachbody® Custom FranklinCovey® Training Workshop brings you The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity: Time Management Training. Valued at $2,000, this training is available to you for only $249! FranklinCovey Graduates can attend for a refresher for $75. Transform your business and personal life!

Want to know more? Here from 15 Star Diamond Coach, Trina Gray // and 15 Star Diamond Coach, Mindy Wender // was just what their business needed.

Upcoming workshop:

When: Saturday, April 26th – Sunday, April 27th (8am – 5pm)
Where: Sheraton Station Square – 300 West Station Square Drive, Pittsburg, PA 15219

To register, visit:


Get ahead and mark your calendars for May 3rd. During this interactive Coach training session, you’ll:

  • Learn how to apply the 3 Vital Behaviors to build a successful business.
  • Discover the most effective tools used by our Top Coaches.
  • Learn to create compelling Challenge Group invites, and discover how to set important goals and track business success.
  • Be inspired and motivated with an Action Plan to launch or revive your business.

When: Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 10:00 am – 3:00 pm EST w/1-hour lunch break (lunch not provided)
(Registration Open: 9:00am – 10:00am)
Where: Glenmore Inn & Convention Centre
2720 Glenmore Trail SE
Calgary, AB T2C 2E6
Register Here:


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Get your Beachbody swagger on with the launch of our new seasonal performance and fashion apparel for men and women! These snazzy new threads include: FOCUS T25®, INSANITY®, and Shakeology® apparel from Summit 2013, plus new P90X3 branded apparel. Get it now in the Store.
Stay tuned for a new season of apparel at Summit and other brands in the coming months!

NOTE: To ensure low prices, apparel will have a different pricing structure. Coaches and Club members get a 10% discount. There is no volume or commissions associated with apparel.

Want more details? FAQ 9803


What is the second best thing to Shakeology? Shakeology swag. Get it now on and through your page. There’s no better way to gather visitors to your page. Here are the hottest new items available:

  • The Fiber Boost – Add more fiber to your diet with Shakeology Boost: The Fiber. This non-gritty, flavorless powder mixes easily into your daily Shakeology shake or any other drink. Coach price: $18.71 (normally $24.95)
  • Single Shaker Cup – The perfect size for your Shakeology on-the-go! This 25-oz Shakeology Shaker Cup is stylish, yet sturdy. Coach price: $5.21 (normally $6.95)
  • Black Canister and White Canister – These airtight, durable, 3.3-quart, round canisters are BPA-free and perfect for storing a full bag of your favorite Shakeology®. Canisters are stackable and come in black or white. Coach price: $14.96 (normally $19.95)

For more information, visit: or log into your

In Case You Missed It


Have you signed up for your insurance through PRO Insurance Managers, Inc.? Coaches, you now have access to top-of-the-line national insurance programs. PRO is one of the nations leading independent insurance brokers and was chosen as the Direct Selling Association’s exclusively endorsed program resource to all member companies.

Want to learn more and sign up?

To learn about the different types of coverage and to sign up, visit or call 800-821-7383.

For more information, visit the Coach Online Office: FAQ 9844

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