Introducing Joel and Jericho

Introducing Super Trainers Joel & Jericho

She's a former Reebok-sponsored fitness model with an infectious personality. He's a former Marketing Director for Gold's Gym and a true fitness pioneer.

Say hello to your new, internationally recognized Super Trainers, Joel and Jericho. Look familiar? They should. Joel and Jericho spent years as Master Trainers for Les Mills and educated thousands of new instructors around the world.

You'll be seeing a lot more of these two. In February, they launched their first #BOD Exclusives; Joel's "8x8" is a high-energy, total-body workout and Jericho's "Half & Half" is a relentless cardio workout fused with yoga.

So, what are their favorite workouts? What do they do on their rest days? Joel and Jericho give us an exclusive peek inside their personal and professional lives.

How did you become a fitness trainer?

"I started as a front desk associate for the prestigious Gold's Gym. Over the years of personal training and teaching group exercise classes, I realized my passion is to inspire others to accomplish their personal fitness goals."

- Joel

"I started teaching dance classes my freshman year in college. Before I knew it, I was certified in multiple formats and training clients. Almost 10 years later, I'm working on the biggest projects of my career with Beachbody!"

- Jericho

Our Coaches love Personal Development books… do you have any favorites?

"'Start with Why' by Simon Sinek."

- Jericho

What's your go-to rest day activity?

"Golf. I've been golfing since I was eight and am always ready for a round or two!"

- Joel

"A good hike or a day at the beach!"

- Jericho

What's your favorite workout?

"My "8x8" weightlifting workout, consisting of 8 different exercises at 8 reps each. For cardio, it's a quick "HIIT" with my favorite boxing and plyometric exercises."

- Joel

"It depends on my mood. If I need to blow off steam or want to work hard, I'll do HIIT cardio or put on my gloves and smash the bags. I also always love to dance."

- Jericho

What can you be found doing on weekends?

"Catching up on laundry and sleep!"

- Joel

"Grocery shopping, meal prepping and lots of laundry. I love to stay active so I take trips to the beach and enjoy outdoor activities whenever possible."

- Jericho

How do you push through fitness plateaus or roadblocks?

"Having a short-term goal makes it easier to keep moving forward. I work towards an event, a vacation, or just take it 30 days at a time."

- Joel

"I usually perform best when the heat is on. Staying positive is key, as well as reminding myself that embracing challenges always makes me grow."

- Jericho

Tell us about some of your exclusive BOD workouts…

"My "8x8" strength training workout is a 25-minute butt-whooper! It allows everyone to go towards the heavier side of their lifting threshold, thanks to the lower reps."

- Joel

"Half and half is an awesome mix of half Cardio and half Yoga. I love it because no equipment is needed and all fitness levels are welcome."

- Jericho

What's your biggest accomplishment?

"Adapting to change. I enjoy new challenges and use them as opportunities to evolve and better myself."

- Joel

"Being a mom. It's brought a new dimension of love and purpose in my life!"

- Jericho


Reap the Rewards of Success Club

Reap the Rewards of Success Club

Why is it a must to qualify for Success Club EVERY single month? Let's start with the facts. Coaches who hit Success Club every month in 2015 saw their paychecks increase by an average of 133% compared to Coaches who didn't.

In addition to building a solid business fueled by helping people with our total-solution Challenge Packs and Shakeology HD, you can expect amazing advantages like exclusive monthly prizes, leads and commissions, online and on-stage recognition at big Team Beachbody® events, and access to Success Club trips to exotic locations.

So how do you earn Success Club? Any Coach at any rank can qualify for Success Club 5 each month. Here's how to do it:

  • Have a personal Home Direct (HD) order of at least 90 Personal Volume (PV), like Shakeology HD.
  • Earn at least 5 Success Club points. The quickest way to earn is by enrolling new customers and Coaches in Shakeology HD (1 Success Club point) or by selling them a Challenge Pack (2 Success Club points).

As a new Coach, we have a program to reward you for hitting Success Club right out of the gate. It's called Success Starters. Simply earn Success Club 5, every month for your first 3 months in the business and you'll earn a FREE ticket to our sold-out event, Coach Summit. Want to know more? Click here for details.

The Success Club fun doesn't stop there! We know you've heard about the awesome Success Club trips. So, how do you qualify? Yes, space is limited, however, there's good news for folks aiming to attend the 2018 trip—we've changed how you can qualify. Priority registration will be based on points earned in 2016 (in addition to Elite, Premiere, etc). Talk about motivation to earn your Success Club points this year! Not only does it help your business on a monthly basis, but you could be rewarded for your Success Club efforts in the future as well. Visit FAQ 1450 for more information on how to qualify for the 2018 trip.

Don't just hear it from us! We asked a few Success Club-savvy Coaches to share why they think Success Club is a non-negotiable for business success:

What does Success Club do for your business?

"It shows I'm moving my business forward, setting a good example for my Team, and doing what I signed up to do: help people live healthier, more fulfilling lives."

– Brigitte Linford, 15 Star Diamond

"It pushes us to reach out and meet new people. I know I'm going to be helping at least 5 new people a month get started on their fitness and Shakeology® journey."

– Jenn Richardson, 15 Star Diamond

"It helps to increase my retail commissions and allows me to earn Success Club leads!"

– Micki Fernandez, 10 Star Diamond

Do you do anything differently to qualify for a Success Club trip?

"I set Success Club as a non-negotiable because I want to grow every month and help people in my Challenge Groups. Earning a trip is just a bonus!"

– Brigitte Linford

"I keep up with the Vital Behaviors and do more Personal Development."

– Marie-Claude Lacasse, 4 Star Diamond

"Achieving Success Club is a must for my business with or without the trip, because it helps to increase my earnings."

– Micki Fernandez

What advice would you give to Coaches trying to qualify?

"Give yourself specific goals and push yourself outside your comfort zone. Who wouldn't want to go on one of these incredible trips?"

– Jenn Richardson

"Focus on what our business is all about: helping people achieve their goals. When you do that, the rewards will follow."

– Micki Fernandez

"Print out images of Punta Cana or whatever else you are working towards and put them on a vision board. Look at those every day and align your activities to make it happen!"

– Audrey Diaz Robles, 6 Star Diamond

So get your entire Team focused on qualifying for Success Club.

Visit the Team Beachbody Coach Online Office for more information »


Generating Real Results

Generating Real Results - Melissa McAllister, 15 Star Diamond Coach

How can you help your Coaches and prospects achieve meaningful results? You start by diving into the mind of someone like 15 Star Diamond Coach, Melissa McAllister. Her insightful advice will help you develop a results-focused mindset and foster a winning culture among your Team. Read on if you want to inspire results like never before!

Q. How do you create a culture that attracts prospects and helps your personally-sponsored Coaches get results?
I create a sense of community through my Team page. For instance, I do weekly recognition posts for different achievements (from rank advancement to earning a call with the CEO), as well as our Team calls and Team retreats. Prospects watch these kinds of posts carefully. Creating a community is so important; it was the number one reason I decided to become a Coach.

Q. How do you place priority on building a follow-up system around Shakeology®?
My Team has embraced #everydamnday, and I now teach my prospects to use it as well. They learn in my Challenge Groups how incredibly important Shakeology is for reaching their goals and so that hashtag has become a terrific follow-up tool. People don’t like to break “streaks” so they continue their commitment to Shakeology so they can say they are a #366er this year.

Q. How do you maximize potential from people in your Challenge Groups?
I encourage participants to share what I post so they, in turn, can help educate their friends and followers. Once they start seeing results, I challenge them to post about it because it might inspire someone else to make a change, too. After they’ve written a few encouraging posts, I reach out and say, “Hey, you would be fantastic at what I do. Can I share a bit more about it?”

Q. How do you create quality Coaches versus quantity?
I always promise to run with my runners and hold true to that. If my Coaches take a proactive approach by reaching out to others and doing the 3 Vital Behaviors, they will have my full attention. I tell them to put the fear aside, take advantage of the resources available to them, fail forward, and I will be working closely with them to hit their goals. I pour myself into my Team.

Q. What “quick wins” do you create to establish momentum for your new Coaches?
My love language is gift giving. For example, I always send something special to my Coaches that hit Success Club 5. It doesn’t have to be of monetary value; a hand written note or a personal voice message goes a long way to encourage a Coach to continue hitting Success Club. It’s a small monthly win, but one that will lead to the steady growth of their Team.

Q. Share one duplicable practice all Coaches can do that will contribute to success…
We’re out to change lives through health, but you also have to remember that this business is a law of numbers. Sometimes you have to talk to 10 people before you get that one ‘yes’ for your Challenge Group or to join your Team. In other words, you have to invite, invite—and invite some more!