August Hotlist


August Success Club Incentives

This month we have an incredible Success Club promotion that you don’t want to miss out on.

Earn a John C. Maxwell Bestseller!

  • Don’t let the excitement that John C. Maxwell helped create at Summit fade away. Everyone who achieves Success Club 5 or 10 in August, will earn a copy of Maxwell’s incredible book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.” This book is an amazing personal development tool, so work hard and bring home the best!
  • Read the official rules

Product & Training Spotlight

Body Beast® Challenge Pack Savings

  • Get excited! August 1st – 31st, we’ve dropped the price of Body Beast Challenge Packs to $160 (regularly $180). That’s over $70 of savings if you or your customer were to buy these programs and products separately! Plus, you’ll earn 2 Success Club (SC) points for every Challenge Pack you sell.
  • Read the full details here

TurboFire® Challenge Pack Savings

  • The TurboFire Challenge Pack is also discounted to $160 (from $180) all August long! (That’s $70 in savings if you or your customers were to purchase the products separately.) Plus, you’ll earn 2 Success Club (SC) points for every Challenge Pack you sell.
  • Read the full details here

Beachbody Fuel Shot – Buy One, Get One

  • From 11:59 PM PST on August 14th until August 31st, you can add fuel to the fire with the “buy one, get one free Beachbody Fuel Shot” offer. 
This versatile supplement is perfect for customers who need increased energy before and during their workout, as well as muscle recovery support post workout. Also, Fuel Shot is a great “add-on” to help support Body Beast.
  • Read the full details here

Recognition News

NEW Success Starters Program

  • August kicks off a brand new recognition program: Success Starters! 
Designed to help new Coaches get engaged and excited from day one, the program will recognize them for achieving Success Club consecutively in their first, second, and third months in the business. If they achieve this, they will earn one free ticket to Coach Summit 2014! Work hard, get excited and help yourself or your Team qualify for Success Club in August so they can take advantage of this amazing new recognition program! More details will be available in the Coach Online Office later this month.

Big Events

August Surge – August 5, 2013

  • On August 5th from 9:00AM PST to 5:00PM PST, CEO Carl Daikeler will be hosting AUGUST SURGE, and broadcasting LIVE from Beachbody Headquarters! The goal? To help you INVITE. INVITE. INVITE. We’ll be answering YOUR questions on anything you want to know from overcoming objections to starting Challenge Groups—and everything in between! August Surge is for ALL Coaches, so mark your calendar for August 5th and make it a priority to be part of this incredible day.
  • WATCH August Surge on LIVE August 5th: //
  • LISTEN to August Surge LIVE on August 5th: 409-777-9150 Pin: SURGE# (78743#)

Dates to Remember

Thursday, August 1th

  • Be sure to read the NEW Coach Monthly here on the site!
  • Body Beast ® Challenge Pack promotion begins.
  • TurboFire® Challenge Pack promotion begins.
  • John C. Maxwell Success Club promotion begins.

Friday, August 2nd

  • SPECIAL EDITION National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Monday, August 5th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Monday, August 12th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Wednesday, August 14th

  • Fuel Shot – Buy One, Get One Free offer begins by 11:59 PST.

Monday, August 19th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Monday, August 26th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Saturday, August 31th

  • Last day to achieve Success Club & earn a John C. Maxwell book!
  • Last day to save on Body Beast & TurboFire Challenge Packs!



Coaching Across the Country


You’ve probably heard the famous real estate expression: Location, location, location. The meaning? Everything depends on the area.

The same is true for Team Beachbody® Coaches and the way they run their businesses. How one Coach in a bustling metropolis like Manhattan approaches a potential Shakeology® customer can be vastly different from the technique used by a Coach in a small town in Kansas.

Each location brings its own set of challenges and opportunties. Get ready to hear from three rock star Coaches who are not only defeating challenges, they’re making profound effects in their communities – and beyond.

Profile 1: The Native New Yorker
Name: Micki Fernandez
Stauts: 3 Star Diamond
Home Town/City: New York City
Occupation: Full Time Beach Body Coach

Micki Fernandez has a New York state of mind. It’s evident in the way she speaks that she has a heart filled with pride in her state, and an energy for Coaching that’s as electric as the Big Apple itself.

People have come to know about her Fit Clubs through early morning coffee talks on the J train. That buzz has now travelled right across to the Jersey Shore.
Micki explains, “What made our Fit Clubs really blow up is word of mouth. People know who we are in NYC. We chat on the train, at PTA meetings, and now we have 150 people at these Fit Clubs. It’s an amazing way to bring in new people!”

She also swears by the 3 Vital Behaviors, putting them into practice both on Facebook and face-to-face. “Invite, be proof of the product, and even as hectic as it gets here, I make time for Personal Development.”

It’s certainly working for her and her Coaches. In fact, one of her personally sponsored Coaches has 66 thousand followers on Instagram!

She also realizes the enormous potential within the Hispanic community in New York. “There’s a huge Hispanic market here and I do Shakeology® Shares – sort of a girls get together with Shakeology® instead of wine.”

It’s clear that this is one city – and business – that never sleeps!

Profile 2: The Tough Love Kansan
Name: Lisa Friedrich
Stauts: 4 Star Diamond
Home Town/City: Smith Center, KS
Occupation: Full Time Beach Body Coach

In the land of meat and potatoes, Lisa Friedrich’s business faces a daily challenge: 63.7 percent of her fellow Kansans are overweight.* But to make matters worse, many are not even looking for a solution.

“People are very narrow-minded in their beliefs here, so it takes patience and consistency to change their minds,” says Lisa. “The mentality is, ‘My Granddaddy ate like this and lived to be 95, so it must be okay.’”

But Lisa’s not having it. After the death of her son in June, she’s found a renewed energy and is even less tolerant of excuses.

“I’m here to tell you if you don’t have your health nothing else matters,” says Lisa. “Life’s too short. If you don’t like something, change it. I don’t want to hear ‘I can’t.’”

So, in a 1.2 square-mile town with a population of only 1,500, how exactly does Lisa build her business?

All consistency. Zero excuses.
Step by step, Lisa is working her way into her community. In the nearby town of Hays, she hosts a Super Saturday which has grown from 3 to 30 in the past year. In August she’s going to start holding business opportunity meetings in Smith Center and the surrounding area.

“I operate under the mentality, ‘If you build it, they will come,’” she says with determination. “I’m building it, and sure enough, here they come.”

*According the September 2012 Center for Disease Control (CDC) report.

Profile 3: The Nutrition Crusader
Name: Susana Garcia Betancourt
Stauts: 3 Star Diamond
Home Town/City: Carolina, Puerto Rico
Occupation: Full Time Beach Body Coach

As a breast cancer survivor and young mom, Susana understands the importance of good nutrition and exercise.

Unfortunately, her Puerto Rican community does not.

Susana explains, “There’s no encouragement from the local government to live a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is high and health issues like diabetes, hypertension, fibromyalgia and cancer are prevalent.”

She adds, “There is little health awareness in Puerto Rico, so Beachbody Coaches have high impact.”

Her biggest challenge? The language barrier.

To speak to the hungry Puerto Rican market, she focuses on nutrition and translating product information to her customers. And while Susana happens to be bi-lingual, many of her customers are not. In other words, selling them products without subtitles or translations can be tricky.

Susana combats this challenge by providing her customers – mostly women in their 40s – with local nutrition options and encourages them to use apps like My Fitness Pal to track their calories. When they do, she sees a ripple effect.

“Even though Mommy is accepting the challenge we see the kids and husbands getting involved too,” she says. “And we end up transforming the whole family!”

But Susana doesn’t just limit herself to Puerto Rican customers. She’s using Facebook and Instagram to reach the U.S. market as well.

For either audience however, her most successful tool is still the telephone.“We are a passionate population, and we want that warm connection,” says Susana. “Even if it’s a two-minute phone call, that real conversation goes a long, long way.”


Chalene Johnson: Set August on Fire


Earlier this year, we sat down with the ultimate multitasker, Chalene Johnson, to hear her secrets on pitching TurboFire, staying motivated and inspiring others. If you missed it, read her tips on how she balances it all and continues to grow herself and her Team year after year.

And don’t forget – this month we’re heating up your business with an incredible TurboFire offer. From August 1st to 31st – we’ve dropped the price of TurboFire® Challenge Packs to $160 (regularly $180). Read the interview. Take notes. Start inviting.

How would you pitch TurboFire to a stranger on an elevator?
Like this…”Dude…it’s like the funniest, craziest, most intense butt-kicking cardio you can do at home. If music is your motivator, and you like to kick, punch and jump plus you want an instructor who makes the time fly, but pulls the best out of you… you’d love TurboFire. TurboFire is perfect for people who want to do shorter more intense workouts but don’t always want a high impact workout!”

How do you keep your team engaged and motivated?
Keep your team motivated by creating a variety of recognition and reward programs each month or at a minimum strive to create some form of engagement every other month. Remember that recognition programs should be varied so that the new members as well as seasoned veterans of your team have an opportunity to shine.

The best way to keep people engaged is by taking a sincere and personal interest in them. We want to please those who we believe like and believe in us. In our crazy busy lives, this isn’t always easy, but it is infinitely important. If something is important it belongs on your calendar. Set reminders to check in on a regular basis with your important team members!

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?
“Over prepare.” Brian Tracy was always a long time mentor from afar, but over the past 4 years we’ve become personal friends and work together on a professional level. To this day, I still remember the first time I was a guest speaker at one of Brian’s events. I had gone over by about 5 minutes according to the time I was allotted to speak. As I left the stage and met with him, eager to hear his feedback. Rather matter of fact, he reminded me that I had not spent enough time “preparing” for my speech. My first reaction was to feel defensive. It was a speech I had delivered a million times. But he explained to me that to be prepared means to be able to adjust your message or your delivery or your product in advance. The lesson for me was that knowing my message wasn’t enough. I should have better prepared and rehearsed to ensure that I was going to be able to deliver a message with as much power, but in the time frame I was given. I won’t forget that lesson.

Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by resilient people. I’m fascinated and motivated by people with a story. People with true resilience shine from the inside out. I’m inspired by those who have the deck stacked against them but they kick it down and fight for the life they know they deserve!! Resilient people inspire me to stop whining, stop making excuses – and just get it done.


Dear Jemima: The Art of Sharing

As a Beachbody Coach, you’re in a unique position to help people achieve both their physical and financial goals. As you chat with friends, neighbors and new prospects you meet face to face or through social media, you’ll share your experiences of being a Coach and what Team Beachbody has done for you. Sharing your Success Story is a great way to invite people to learn more about Team Beachbody and helps to show what can really be achieved. However, it’s extremely important how you highlight your results, whether it’s weight loss, improved health or income earned.

Whether you’re sharing your experience on your Facebook page, in your blog, opportunity meeting or any other forum, please remember these important guidelines:

  • When discussing Beachbody fitness programs or nutritional supplements such as Shakeology®, share your personal opinions, but don’t make claims of cure or guarantees of results – statements like “Shakeology cured my _____________” or “Do P90X® and you’ll lose 90 pounds in 90 days GUARANTEED!” are not permitted.
  • When discussing the business opportunity, you may share your personal earnings if you wish – but keep in mind that you must be able to prove the earnings you claim. Also, you may never guarantee a Coach will earn a certain amount of income. You must always include the income disclaimer (also found in Section 3.6.3) in your post or advertisement. Beachbody also provides the Statement of Independent Coach Earnings (found in the Coach Online Office), which gives an annual summary snapshot of earnings across the network.
  • Finally, many Coaches want to share before & after photos. Beachbody provides you with a variety of tools to do just that! From daily Beachbody Challenge winners (you’ll find our posts on Facebook) to various video pieces, there are numerous outlets for finding powerful Success Stories to share. That being said, please refrain from pulling random before and after images from other Coach’s pages – showing their individual success as you promote your own Coach business. If you find a certain Coach’s personal results and photos inspiring and you want to share their story, please reach out to them directly so they may give you individual permission to share that story with your community. Better yet – highlight your own success through your own images and your own personal story. Even if you’re still on your journey, your dedication to achieving your goals can provide great inspiration to those just starting on the road to better health and wellness.

All of the above issues are specifically addressed in the Team Beachbody Coach Policies and Procedures; Section 3.6.2 (product claims) and Section 3.6.3 (income claims).

These tips are here to help you learn the BEST way to promote and share your Coach Business. If you’re ever in doubt about the content you want to post, please take a moment to check in with the Compliance team. We’re always happy to review the proposed statements and help you make any necessary revisions or changes. You can reach us via email at

Thanks and happy sharing!



An Invitation to Success


Nicole Jones never imagined that completely filling up her gas tank would be such a memorable moment. But after filing for bankruptcy in November 2011, telling her husband to “fill it up” meant she finally felt relief from their immense financial pressure.

But it was a long road to get there.

Her journey began in 2010 after the birth of her second daughter. Not wanting to fight for precious gym time, Nicole saw P90X® and Shakeology® as the perfect solution.

But with a maxed out credit card, she couldn’t justify the price – until her Upline Coach, Keith Callahan, introduced her to the Team Beachbody® Coaching opportunity. “I promised my husband I would make the money right back,” says Nicole reflectively. “So, I spent $240 to buy P90X and Shakeology, and then I signed up as a Coach. I made $239 my first month.”

All in the Family
From there, Nicole took it one step at a time – starting with her family. She invited her sister-in-law to try Shakeology. The result? She lost 25 pounds and became her first Coach.

Her husband followed soon after. But her Mom needed a bit more convincing.

After suffering a heart attack at 50, Nicole’s Mom needed Beachbody the most. And sure enough, after six weeks on Shakeology she got her off pre-diabetic medicine and felt better than ever.

The business was already paying dividends. In the best possible ways.

Knowledge for Newbies
But her family is only so big, so Nicole set out to grow her network.

Determined, she made a list of 25 people and started inviting two to five people every day. And Nicole’s Upline Coach even helped her sign up her first eight customers by answering their questions when she got stuck. Now Nicole does the same for her new Coaches. It’s all part of the training process!

Packaging a Challenge
Nicole finds many different ways to invite people. She pitches Challenge Packs, which more often than not, end up with the customer joining one of her many Challenge groups. She tries to create at least two Challenge Groups a month and currently has eight going simultaneously.

How exactly does she run eight groups at once? With the help of her Coaches.

In the beginning, Nicole shares materials about nutrition and time management tips. But after the groups get going, a natural leader usually emerges, whom Nicole encourages.

“Letting them lead the Challenge Group helps them get their feet wet and start their own Challenge Groups,” says Nicole. “I teach them strategies that work for me and they can see how easy it is to lead.”

How’s that working out? She’s signed up 25 Coaches with this key strategy.

Money Matters
One of Nicole’s best weapons as a leading Coach is an ability to handle objections, the biggest of which is cost.

Having lived this objection, she knows how to fight back. “To answer any objection – whether Shakeology or a Challenge Group, I just ask more questions, like my Upline Coach did,” says Nicole. “I try to figure out what they’re getting at and how I can offer a solution.”

But using her personal story is the most powerful answer to any objection. After all, it was just two years ago that she was bankrupt and couldn’t afford date nights with her husband.

Hustling into the Future
For Nicole, the future looks brighter than ever. Her Downline is more than 1,400 strong and she has Personally Sponsored over 120 Coaches to date.

She also paid for her Mom to go to Camp Do More and Summit; regularly treats her niece to family dinners out; got a new porch; and is even planning a future house upgrade.

And while her ‘Why’ started out as financial freedom, it’s grown into a bigger picture. Now, she loves empowering people and hopes to build her business to the 15 Star Diamond level. Certified in P90X, Hip Hop Hustle, Piyo and Turbo Kick, she’ll be teaching more classes in the fall and, of course, inviting even more people to the business.

“My Team is changing me,” says Nicole with immense pride. “They inspire me every day. I adore them and in the future I see so many bright, shiny things for all of us.”

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Challenge Groups are your friend: They convert customers into Coaches and create strong leaders. Win-win!
  • Tell your story: Overcome objections by relating to your customers.
  • Make a list: Think of anyone and everyone who will benefit from Beachbody products and start inviting. Your list will be longer than you think.
  • Ask for help: From your Downline and your Upline Coaches to your spouse and your family. Whether it’s tips on leading Challenge Groups, or help managing your Twitter, don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from anyone who might be able to help.

THE BEAST: Unleashed


He’s got muscles the size of mountains. Shoulders as wide as valleys. Biceps like battleships. We’re talking, of course, about Body Beast® creator and master motivator, Sagi Kalev.

Who better than Sagi to inspire you to send your business into beast mode this month? Remember, you’ll have a HUGE opportunity to start fast with the Body Beast Challenge Pack promotion. All month long, the price of the Challenge Pack dips to $160. That’s over $70 of savings if you or your customers were to buy these programs and products separately.

So if you’re ready to do “whatever it takes” to make this an amazing August, then sit down and read on!

What are your top motivational tips for fitness and life in general, Sagi?
Everything counts. Every day; every meal; every workout; every choice. There’s a gift and a lesson in every life experience, so don’t focus on what other people do. Just go for it. And do your best!

How would you pitch Body Beast to a stranger in an elevator?
Body Beast® is an easy-to-follow program that will help you safely build sculpted muscle mass in only 90 days. The program is highlighted by Dynamic Set Training, supplements, and, of course, proper nutrition.

Can everyone do Body Beast? Is it just for men?
Anyone can do it – male or female. It’s all about results. Your body will be sculpted quickly. Your shoulders will get rounder, your waist will get smaller, and your v-tape is going to be visible. Basically, this program will turn you into one fat-burning beastie machine.

What’s the one thing that sets Body Beast apart?
My 25 years of experience. Studying, competing, losing, winning, training, and living. Body Beast is helping so many people get to the top of their success in fitness and to their ultimate level of health and confidence.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?
Trust yourself. After all, you always know the truth.

Who do you admire? Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Michael Jordan, Oprah, Deepak Chopra, Joel Osteen, and Tony Robbins. As fas as who I admire most, it would have to be my mom!

Read any good books lately? What’s your favorite Personal Development book?
I just finished reading, Your Gut Is Your Second Brain. That was a very good book. But my favorite Personal Development book of all time is Jack Canfield’s, The Success Principles.

What’s your guilty pleasure? What do you splurge on?
First of all, I don’t have any guilt. When I eat, I enjoy it. Life is all about balance. That said, Cinnabon is right on top. Auntie Annie’s pretzels are second. And third on the list is Mochi ice cream.

If you hadn’t become a fitness trainer, what would you be doing instead?
I would have been a doctor, a chef, or maybe even an FBI agent!

The Best of the Beasts

They came. They flexed. They conquered.

Over 200 determined beasts and beastettes went all in to win the first-ever Body Beast® Classic physique competition at Coach Summit 2013.

Bulked out. Beasted up. These chiseled contestants had a chance to strut their stuff live on stage at the MGM Grand in front of thousands of adoring fans.
The requirement to compete? Finish at least one grueling, three-month round of Body Beast using nothing but natural supplements. There was no shortage of signature poses or rousing routines. Yes, muscle mania was in full effect.

And the reward?

The chance to flex their muscles in a professional photo shoot and be in the next Body Beast infomercial. Not to mention an opportunity to take home a shiny Body Beast trophy. And when the hardware is handed to you by two-time Mr. Israel, Sagi Kalev, that has to be a pretty special moment.

After showing off their new, hard-earned physiques, the participants faced the independent panel of judges chosen by Beachbody. And when the dust settled, David Nieves and Shanda Natio were crowned the first champions of this fierce competition.

The rest, as they say, is Body Beast history.


Diamond Coach Melanie Mitro


Great Coaches share one common trait: the ability to light the spark in others. 10 Star Diamond Coach, Melanie Mitro, is no exception. In fact, she’s made it her daily mission. With a genuine love for her Team, she knows when to encourage her Coaches and when to hold them accountable. And as an Elite Coach with 23 consecutive months in Success Club, she must be doing something right!

Fresh off a thrilling Team Beachbody Cup, it’s the perfect time to inspire your new Coaches. Read how Melanie energizes her new recruits right from the start, how she keeps them on track, and how she handles their failures─and gets them back in the game.

Q. What initial goals do you set for your new Coaches?
A. When a Coach joins my Team, I chat with them to see what they want to achieve. Once I know their goals, I give them very specific benchmarks to shoot for. In month one, the goal at a minimum is to cover the cost of their Challenge Pack. In month two, I ask that they hit Success Club and become Emerald. In month three, I have them strive to hit Success Club again and sign at least one more new Coach.

Q. How do you create accountability?
A. With the Coach Apprentice Group Training (formerly known as Coach Basics Training). It’s a trial program that provides business fundamentals for great results. (More to come at the September Super Saturday). I also make sure I do the following things: First, I do daily check-ins. Next, I get each Coach on a weekly Google+ chat. I also do weekly calls where I hold them accountable, but give shout outs on rank advancements, Success Club points, and even their first Challenge Pack sale!

Q. What happens when they fall short – how do you get them back in the game?
A. I start by recognizing what they did right. I never specifically call them out. I ask what they would do differently next time and guide them to come up with the solution. I am their mentor and will do whatever it takes to keep them encouraged. Sometimes it’s just a random phone call or text to let them know I care and am there for them.

Q. Why is it so important for new Coaches to achieve Success Club?
A. It’s the simple, straightforward formula for their success. If they consistently focus on Success Club, everything else will fall into place. Beyond the fact that it creates income, it lets them experience the benefits like getting leads and amazing vacations. Each month, Success Club will help them generate additional income that builds and builds.

Q. What tools do you find most effective for new Coaches?
A. I use the Coach Training Academy, the BAT, the Coach Apprentice Group Training, Google+ calls, as well as weekly mentoring calls. I also find that just getting on the phone and talking works. We do most of our work behind a computer, so we all need that social interaction, too!

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you can offer a new Coach on Day 1?
A. Get started today! Don’t look at the big picture and all the things you COULD do. Get to work with your Sponsor on starting a Challenge Group. Invite a few of your close friends and share the responsibility. That’s the quickest way to be successful. Also, use the tools in the Coach Training Academy to speed up your success. And last but not least, remember to think about everything you do as SHARING – not SELLING!