A Time for Giving Back

At Team Beachbody, Coaches are about spreading good cheer all year long. From helping others on their path toward health to offering an unparalleled financial opportunity, Coaches are constantly bringing joy to others.

Yes, Team Beachbody is full of jolly, endorphin-pumped givers who are all about reaching out to others. But some of our Coaches have demonstrated noteworthy displays of philanthropic gestures, leveraging their positions as Coaches to give back to their community in very unique ways. Here are a few of our year-round Santa Clauses:

Danielle Unger: Diamond Coach, Colorado Springs, COI’ve started a “Fitness and Fundraising” challenge group for the parents and teachers at my kids’ school. Giving back to the school means a lot to me, and helping teachers and parents with their fitness is what I naturally do as a Coach! I advertised this challenge in the school directory, the staff lounge, the Friday Flyers (for parents), and by word of mouth. We kicked it off with a “Shake and Share” night and enjoyed healthy appetizers and all things Beachbody. For this entire year, I am offering $25 back to the school on Challenge Packs purchased by a parent or teacher. I love that my local Coaches team with me to help give back to an amazing school!


Stephanie Richardson: 5 Star Diamond Coach, Monument, COThrough Beachbody, I was able to go on a mission trip with eight other Coaches. This trip inspired me and my husband Jeffrey along with Coaches Monica and Dave Ward and Robert and Melissa Hudgens to split $25,000 a year to fund a Child Survival Program in Peru. This program helps moms with their prenatal care as well as the development of the child once it is born.Because of Beachbody, we’ve been able to give money to missionaries in Africa and China, to help the US Rafting Team get to New Zealand for the World Championships, and to other organizations. We have a goal to give 15% of whatever we make from Beachbody to charity. Sometimes I incorporate my philanthropy in my business by telling customers I will give a certain amount, but I also share through social media how we give to different organizations.


Shannon Price: Emerald Coach, Iowa City, IAMy friend Emily recently asked me to donate something for the silent auction she was organizing to help her good friend who was battling cancer. I made up a basket of Shakeology packets, a Shakeology shaker cup, recipe cards, Shakeology booklet, 3 program DVD’s –TurboFire®, Insanity®, and RevAbs®, information on Beachbody Ultimate Reset®, Success From Home magazine, and more. Emily said it was a huge hit and that it drew a large amount of money to help with her friend’s medical expenses!


Kristal Sidener: Emerald Coach, Sparks, NVWith my Beachbody earnings, I funded my missionary work in South Africa. I was working with an organization called Living Hope that meets the needs of residents in Cape Town, South Africa. We set up HIV testing clinics with their mobile medical teams, and assisted with an afterschool program called The Kids Club in the township of Masiphumalele. I have since made the decision to relocate full-time to South Africa for missionary work, and I will be building my Beachbody business over the next 10 months to support my vision for my life, and to help serve people around the world!


Kristina Clark: 1 Star Diamond Coach, Molalla, ORAfter learning about the unfortunate shooting of Reserve Police Officer Robert Libke’s, I knew I needed to do something to help. These unpaid reserve officers protect our community out of passion, and I felt compelled to do what I could to help his widow, who was six months pregnant. I knew that with my large Beachbody Coaching network, I could really help. I’m holding a Fit Club fundraiser, and I’m leveraging this month’s Challenge Pack special to donate $20 from my own commission for every Challenge Packs sold, to his wife to help her through this terrible time.

To learn more about how Coaches can incorporate their Beachbody earnings into their philanthropic plans, please visit FAQ 8071.


2013: The Year of Success Club

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you know that Success Club is the quintessential Team Beachbody recognition and rewards program. It’s the one club where everyone gets the VIP treatment. Exclusive leads. Travel opportunities to dream destinations around the globe. On-stage recognition for outstanding achievers at Beachbody events.

But the benefits of Success Club go even deeper than that. In a word, it’s about growth. You grow as a person. You grow as a Coach. And you grow your business, too. That’s pretty much a win-win-win situation.

Expand your horizons
Being a Success Club member also provides you with a rock-solid foundation for your business, as well as a healthy serving of Personal Development. What’s more, it gives you the chance to be mentored by some of the industry’s most influential experts. Those could very well be the greatest perks of all.

Let’s take a look back at what happened this past year with our 2013 rewind. These Success Club snapshots will dazzle you, perhaps make you a little nostalgic—and will  inspire you to greatness.

The magic of Walt Disney World
If we’re talking highlights of the year, it doesn’t get any bigger than the Success Club Conference and Celebration at Walt Disney World, last March. From the opening pirate-themed reception to the closing night Pixar party, this was a truly epic experience.

The Indiana Jones Show. Dinner on stage with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. A safari at the Wild Kingdom. High-energy workouts with our celebrity trainers. It seemed as if there was a memory-a-minute. And to cap it all off? A brilliant fireworks display where Coaches received 3D glasses that turned every twinkle into a flaming Beachbody logo.

And speaking of hot…

The White Party
Coaches who earned Success Club in the months leading up to Summit were treated to a total V.I.P. experience: the exclusive White Party. Decked out in all white as they entered the iconic MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Coaches mixed, mingled, and danced poolside with the rest of the qualifiers.

It was a true extravaganza in every sense of the word.

The Team Beachbody Cup
Not only did earning Success Club 5 or 10 get Coaches points in the Team Beachbody Cup (March, July, and October 2013), it also qualified them for one of the many sensational tiered prizes. Some of those gems included branded t-shirts, blenders, volleyballs, backpacks, vests, hats, and gloves. Did we mention iPads? Yeah, those were on the list, too.

The grand prize for the winning Team? An exclusive trip to Beachbody headquarters and a private workout with one of our celebrity trainers. I guess you could say it pays to compete for the cup.

Month by month Success
Since the launch of Success Club in 2010, monthly participation has grown steadily from dozens to hundreds to thousands. And for good reason.

Monthly customer leads. Eligibility for other rewards programs, such as Elite, the Elite Adventure, and even Top Coach of the year. Plus, each month you make Success Club, you’ll put yourself one step closer to the next big Success Club trip.

In 2013, Coaches earned other exciting monthly prizes, including:

  • The powerful Personal Development book, “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” by John C. Maxwell
  • Cruise bucks (every Success Club point earned in 2013 meant $10 to use as “cruise dollars” on the 2014 Success Club cruise trip)
  • Awesome Beachbody apparel and product discounts
  • Shakeology Snuggie Wrap
  • Shaun T bobblehead

So make sure to make Success Club a priority on your monthly to-do list. And get your whole Team focused on qualifying, too. The rest will fall into place.

All of us at Team Beachbody wish you a happy, healthy, successful 2014 and we look forward to seeing you “in the club!”


Short-Term Shakeology Challenges

Have customers who want to take the fitness plunge but shy away from long-term commitment? Can’t stick to the nutritional guide? Keep saying, “But the holidays are coming up”?

Don’t worry, short-term Shakeology challenges are the answer to all of these excuses. For advice on the ins and outs of hosting these challenges, we turn to Jace Lundgren—a short-term, Shakeology challenge champion who’s doubled her income and inspired countless people to get healthy and fit.

Why do you run short-term Shakeology challenges, Jace?

They are a great way to show people how much their diet really matters and can affect their results. When participants see a difference in just a few days by changing their diets alone, they’re more likely to get onboard with the diet portion of future Beachbody programs (the part of the program which seems to be the most common downfall for customers). When they follow the diet, they see better results. When they see better results, they’ll keep coming back for more!

How long is your challenge, and who participates?

I run a three-day Shakeology challenge every two to three months using a challenge schedule that another Coach gave me. I offer it to new customers, old customers, and Coaches in my Downline. I’ve discovered that between 10-15 people MAX is the ideal number of challengers. Anything more than that and you lose the personal touch.

What are the Shakeology guidelines of your challenge?

Participants will consume three Shakeology shakes per day—one for breakfast, one for lunch, and one as a snack. I require all participants to purchase at least a 30-day supply of Shakeology. I am a firm believer that the investment is half the commitment. They need to have skin in the game!

What are the dietary guidelines of your challenge?

Diet is the only focus of this challenge. In addition to Shakeology consumption, challengers also have a cup of green tea to start the day, a piece of fruit as a snack, and a dinner which consists of a salad or side of vegetables with four ounces of grilled white fish or poultry.

How do you advertise your Shakeology challenge?

Timing is crucial when it comes to advertising because you want to give people an adequate amount of time to get involved. I start pushing out promotions on the first Monday of the month, and then start the challenge two Fridays later. This way I have two weeks to confirm who my participants will be and lock in a Beachbody program for them to transfer into once the Shakeology challenge is complete.

How have these Shakeology challenges help expand your business?

Since leading these challenges, I’ve been able to increase Shakeology sales, recruit new customers, and retain old customers. It’s been very lucrative! I’ve hit Success Club 10   months in a row this year as compared to two consecutive months in 2012, and my 2013 salary is already double my 2012 annual salary—and it’s not even the end of the year!

How do you manage accountability within your group?

I have my challengers post daily photos of their shake, and I regularly post questions regarding diet issues they struggle with and what their ‘Why’ is. This way I manage accountability while stressing the importance of changing their diet in the long-term. I then encourage them to move on to a Beachbody program to maintain this lifestyle.

How do you inspire your group?

Motivation is definitely a strong point. I always do the challenge with them so I have a connection to what they’re doing. I post photos, struggles, victories, and most importantly, instead of just posting to the group, I try to connect one-on-one, especially if they are struggling.

What’s your next step when the challenge is over?

FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP! FOLLOW UP! I ask them what they thought of the challenge, why they were able to follow it or not, and how can I help them move forward. I always follow up with a “What are we going to do to keep up this momentum?” to get them started on a structured Beachbody program. I usually use these short-term Shakeology challenges to transfer customers into my monthly Ultimate Reset challenge.

Do you have any advice for Coaches looking to set up their own cleanse program?

Yes! Your energy and excitement around the challenge is going to drive it. If you start off strong and end like a dud, so will your challenge. Also, advertise in a bunch of different ways to target difference audiences. Find unique ways to approach your challenge when you advertise it so you can bring in a dynamic group of people. It brings you credibility as a Coach and helps expand your customer base.

Whether you’re hosting small Shakeology challenges on your own, or pooling together a collective challenge with other Coaches, these are a great way to boost your own sales or train new Coaches how to interact with clients. Here are some more ways to structure a Shakeology challenge group:

  Jace Lundgren Fran Patoskie Lindsey
Sommer Tucker
Length 3 days 10 days 12 days 10 days
Main Goal Help motivate clients to stay on board with healthy eating during future fitness programs Hook clients on Shakeology Establish trust and build relationships with clients and Coaches Train new Coaches get outside their comfort zones while interacting with clients
Required Shakeology Purchase 30-day supply Individually sold packets 30-day supply or individually sold packets $55 charge to enter challenge includes Shakeology. Challenge free for clients on HD
Shakeology Regimen 3 shakes per day. One for breakfast, one for lunch, and one as a snack 1 shake per day. 10 days worth of Shakeology recipes are provided 1 shake per day. Replaces either breakfast, lunch, or dinner 1 shake per day
Diet Regimen 1-2 pieces of fruit a day are permitted but discouraged. Dinner consists of a salad that may include grilled poultry or fish Recipes suggested from various meal plan guides Two small meals and two snacks a day as derived from various Beachbody programs’ eating guides Recipes suggested from various meal plan guides
Excerice Regimen None 30 minute workout of their choice for 8 of the 10 days None None
Size of Group 10-15 participants max 100 participants Varies, but can be up to 500 participants 30-40 participants for every 5 Coaches in challenge group
Manage Accountability Has participants post daily photos of their shakes, obstacles they struggle with, and questions about diet. Follow up one-on-one with participants who are struggling All Coaches on the team are in the group and are responsible for following up with their clients individually on a daily basis All Coaches on the team are in the group and are responsible for following up with their clients individually on a daily basis Has participants post daily photos of their shakes. Accomplish mini-assignments such as declare your Why, write down your goals, make a dream board, etc.
Inspire Participants Is a product of the product. Posts photos, common struggles, and inspirational victories “Tip of the Day” video posted daily. Provide links to free workous Daily e-mails are sent to clients. Strong testimonials are shared Posts inspirational videos and a daily motivation each morning in a group Facebook message
End of Challenge Transfers participants into fitness program or ongoing, monthly Ultimate Reset Challenge On days 8, 9, and 10, puts out invitation to join next group, go on HD, purchase Challenge Pack, or join team as Coach Transfers participants into Fit Groups which start right after challenge Transfers participants immediately into a 60-day Challenge

December Hotlist

December Success Club Incentives


  • Get the same killer workout in half the time. Yes, P90X3 is here and ready to change the game. On December 10th it’s available for sale, and for the first time celebrate with an awesome Challenge Pack offer from December 10th – 31st. The Challenge Pack is $180 – originally $205. PLUS, when a customer orders through you they’ll get an exclusive P90X3 hat. Don’t forget, you get 2 Success Club points for every Challenge Pack you sell, so let’s finish the year strong!
  • Dates to remember:
    December 10: Challenge Pack promotion starts
    December 31: Challenge Pack promotion ends


  • This December, bring it by qualifying for Success Club 5 and you’ll receive the exclusive Tony Horton Bobblehead. What are you waiting for? Make it happen and take this collectors item home for the holidays!
  • Date to remember:
    December 31: Last day to earn points, qualify for Success Club 5 and earn the exclusive Tony Horton bobblehead

Product & Training Spotlight


  • 2014 is shaping up to be a good one. We’re starting off with an action-packed Super Saturday event on January 11th. Super Saturday is a quarterly event when Team Beachbody Coaches come together from all over the US, Canada and American military bases around the world to share success stories and best business practices. Super Saturday is designed for Coaches to get off the Internet and meet each other face to face – it’s an investment in yourself and your business. Mark your calendar now for January 11th, 2014. Register to host your own event in your hometown or check the ongoing list to attend an event in your area.
  • Date to remember:
    January 11: Super Saturday


  • On January 1, 2014 the price of Summit tickets will increase. So NOW is the time to jump on it. Summit is the best investment you can make in your business, hands down. No excuses, register today!
  • Register for Summit here: //www.coachsummit.com/
  • Date to remember:
    December 31: Last day to register for Summit and pay discounted ticket price.


  • The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity: Time Management Training will transform your life by making five fundamental choices that will dramatically increase your ability to achieve extraordinary outcomes in your business and personal life. This 2-day world-class training workshop— valued at $2,000—customized for Team Beachbody® Coaches, will teach you how to dramatically increase individual, Team, and organizational productivity. Not to mention, you’ll learn how to make more selective, high impact choices about where to invest your valuable time, attention, and energy. The training is valued at $2,000, but you’ll only pay $249.
  • Register here NOW: https://bb.pulsemob.com/event/fctrainings/

MyShakeology.com GOT A MAKEOVER

What is prettier, easier AND will help your business grow? Your new ‘MyShakeology.com’ site, is now live. We’ve been testing it on Shakeology.com and results show that conversion is higher than the old site due to the improved shopping experience. Here’s what you need to know:

  • On Nov 21st, your MyShakeology.com site went live and automatically migrated to the new look with your current Coach contact info at the top. You don’t need to re-populate this info or set up the site again. Whatever info you have on your current site should transfer over.
  • The Shakeology Taste Sampler is not yet available via this new shopping experience, so any customers interested in the Shakeology Taste Sampler will still need to go through the TBB Store (under Shakeology items). We’ll be adding it soon, and as soon as we know timing, we’ll let you know!
  • Check it out now: MyShakeology.com



Introducing P90X3

All good things come in threes, but be warned: P90X3 is far from a trilogy. No, P90X3 is NOT the kid sister workout. It’s the workout that took notes from it’s siblings, then condensed, and accelerated to become the most dynamic and fastest workout yet.

The ultimate excuse buster
Time is the biggest excuse. P90X3 solves that. Every workout is 30 minutes and the clock starts the minute you push play. Before you can say “drop and give me 10,” it’s over and you are one workout closer to the six-pack of your dreams. 

Muscle acceleration explained
Many P90X fans were hooked on the science of muscle confusion – which introduced variety to the workouts and prevented plateauing. P90X3 takes a hint from that success and from studies showing the most dramatic body transformations happen within the first 30 minutes of exercise. Enter muscle acceleration, a Tony Horton-approved highly-structured schedule with an incredibly high level of intensity and an unprecedented variety of moves. The gurus behind P90X3 combined exercises and added some twists to maximize your time and keep every muscle challenged for a full 30 minutes.

Say goodbye to boredom
Which brings us to the fun-factor. Host, world-renown fitness ledgend, Tony Horton does not disappoint. With his witty one-liners and can-do mantras, he’ll simultaneously have you laughing and fired-up to bust out that final rep. Along with the constant entertainment, P90X3 has the most workouts of any Beachbody program. With 16 workouts in the base kit, they switch it up before you have a chance to consider boredom. From cardio to strength to pilates to MMX, there is something for everyone. 

The ideal P90X3-er
It may seem lofty to proclaim, but P90X3 is indeed a workout for everyone.  Everyone searching for tighter abs and leaner muscles, that is. But fitness novices and experts need not be afraid by P90X3’s come-one-come-all invitation. You don’t have to have any previous P90X experience in order to get killer results. For the beginner, the variety of workouts in P90X3 is the perfect place to discover their fitness style. If the move can be modified there is a cast member showing you how. But don’t expect to be an expert on day one. (Yes, fitness veterans will still be challenged.) As Tony says, ”You don’t get off easy, you just get to finish faster!” 

It doesn’t stop there
And of course there are some bells and whistles too good to ignore. First off, the Coach exclusive: If P90X3 is purchased through a Coach any time from December 10th – 31st (including Challenge Packs), the customer receives an exclusive P90X3 baseball cap. What better way to spread the word about this revolutionary program?

And last but not least, we have the app: Yes, now for the first time the P90X app is available on Android and iOS (will be available 12/10 on Android) The app includes P90X guided workouts, tools to track your reps, weights and progress. Launching soon, is the P90X3 addition – which brings you workout specific tracking modules, scheduling options and the motivation you need to power through the 90 days. P90X3 scheduling and tracking will be available on the app for Android on 12/10 and is coming soon for iPhone. Check out the app and get ready to bring it!



8 Great Holiday Gift Ideas

Fruit baskets. Chocolates. Refrigerator magnets. Those are the same kinds of holiday gifts you gave away last year. Bo-ring!

Nothing says impersonal quite like these unimaginative items. Been-there. Bought-those.

Why not get a valued member of your Team something creative? Something you put a little thought into. Something that inspires them!

Want some fresh, new ideas that stand out from the pack? You’ve come to the right place. Here are eight things that are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

1) Portable DVD Player
Meet your new traveling companion: the portable DVD player. This gift will help you make the most of your downtime while commuting, at the office, or at the beach. In a hotel during the holidays? No problem. Just pop in a copy of your favorite Beachbody® workout DVD and your fitness program won’t miss a beat.

2) Personal Development books
The effects of a good Personal Development book continues long after the read is over. That’s a gift that keeps on giving! Check out Go Pro by Eric Worre. It teaches you skills to find prospects, get them started right, and grow your Team by leaps and bounds. Another powerful choice is Darren Hardy’s, The Compound Effect. You’ll learn the secrets of superachievers and how to eliminate bad habits that are slowing your progress. Want to make these gifts extra special? Inscribe a motivational message inside the cover. They’ll think of you each time they read it!

3) eVoice Virtual Phone System
eVoice will keep you in close contact with your Team—even if you’re thousands of miles away! This impressive virtual phone system automatically answers every call with a professional greeting and routes them to your office, cell phone, or home. What’s more, it transfers voicemail to email, transcribes voice messages, screens calls, and allows you to work from anywhere. As far as holiday gifts go, this one’s a slam dunk.

4) Bluetooth Talking Gloves
If you want a highly creative gift idea for you or one of your Coaches, consider the rechargeable Bluetooth Gloves. With a speaker in the left thumb and a microphone in the left pinky, you’ll be all set to take phone calls—without taking your gloves off. Just make the “call me” gesture and you’re ready to chat for up to 12 hours.

5) Give the healthiest meal of the season
Here’s a few ideas to savor: First, the Shakeology® Sample Pack. Not only is it a great holiday gift idea, it’s a top-notch inviting tool as well. You can also choose the new and improved Shakeology Shaker Cups. They’re great for Coaches, family, or friends—any Shakeologist on the run. Go to www.teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/ShakerCupPack. Have you heard about the new Shakeology tote bags? These reusable bags are a perfect conversation starter. Look for them on December 2 in the TBB Store > Coach Products and Tools > Shakeology Items. 

6) Travel Charging Kit
If you want to make absolutely sure you stay connected to your Upline or Downline, this is your gift. The essential Travel Charging Kit is a traveler’s dream, allowing you to charge up to 3 electronic devices at once. What’s even better is that you’ll only have to use one outlet to do it! This cool item charges all iPads, iPhones, including iPhone 5, iPods, smartphones, laptops, eReaders, MP3 players, and more.

7) Wear and share
Buying Beachbody-branded apparel for your customers and Coaches will pay huge dividends for your business. Want a couple stylish suggestions? Why not get the men in your life the Shakeology Men’s Vintage Tee? This awesome tee makes representing the healthiest meal of the day downright hip. And for the women? Try the INSANITY Women’s Raw Edge Sweatshirt. It’s lightweight, loose-fitting, and will keep her cool and comfortable. Encourage them to wear the merchandise with pride and start conversations wherever they go!
(Both items available mid-December on www.teambeachbody.com)

8) Wrap an app
Still stuck on finding the ideal holiday gift for your Team? There’s an app for that! To get the ball rolling, we picked out a few of our favorite and most practical apps:

So whatever you do, focus on finding customized gifts that show people you care. It will definitely wow your Team and help make it a happy holiday season for all!



Top Learnings From a Top Coach


Back-to-back Top Coach belts. Nearly 40 consective months in Success Club. Top Coach, Wayne Wyatt is as fearless and focused a leader as there is. We asked Wayne to share the most important business lessons he’s learned over the years and reveal the secrets behind his Team’s success. So take Wayne’s sage advice—and take the end of the year by storm!                    

Q. What’s the best part about being Top Coach the last two years?
A.  The standard it has set for my Team! Having success is a great thing in its own right, but the even bigger benefit is that it shows my Team great things are possible. It lets them know there’s no reason they should limit their own possibilities. If they want it bad enough, they should go after their dreams and make it happen.

Q. What’s the most important business lesson you’ve learned during this time?
A.  Consistency wins the day. I keep showing up, day after day, living the 3 Vital Behaviors. There are days I’m full of passion and some days I’m not. But I keep pushing play, keep inviting, and keep investing in myself. I made that commitment and I’ve stuck to it. Consistency isn’t always exciting or sexy, but it always takes you to the top.  

Q. What 2 key things have helped the Coaches on your Team to excel?
A. CONSISTENCY and INTEGRITY. My Coaches set a goal to hit Success Club every month. They invite every day. They start new Challenge Groups every month. They look for opportunities to share and work to form deep relationships with their customers and Coaches. And without question, the successful Coaches on my Team read Personal Development material every day and are always a product of the product. 

Q. Why is it so important for Leaders to ensure their Teams attend Summit?
A. Those that make the effort to attend live events like Summit will see their businesses grow. Not only is the training fantastic, but the relationships you form there will build confidence, increase motivation, and foster a greater passion for your business. The turning point in my business was at the first live event I attended in Dallas in 2010—it locked in my focus and I haven’t taken my foot off the accelerator since.

Q. What goals have you set for 2014?
A. I want to put most of my effort into being a facilitator and resource for my Team. While I was Top Coach, I think I slacked off in that area and focused primarily on my own personal business goals. I still have goals to stay in the top 10, hit Success Club 20 every month, and grow my business centers, but I’ll be judging my success by how many of my Coaches reach their Success Club and volume goals.

Q. If you could share one piece of advice with other leaders, what would it be?
A. Lead by example. If you want your Team to value Success Club 5 or 10, be sure you hit it yourself every month first. If you want your Team to run Challenge Groups, be sure you are launching big Challenge Groups of your own every month. So much more is caught than taught, so we need to be what we want our Coaches to become.

Q. If you could share one piece of advice with a new Coach, what would it be?
A. Plug in right away and stay plugged in. Successful Coaches get around other successful Coaches and study their habits and behaviors. Then they start to emulate them. They learn what works and what doesn’t work. Basically, if you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future!