Don’t Leave Your Future to Luck

Don't Leave Your Future to Luck: Jeff Hill, Division President, Team Beachbody Global Sales

Here we are…the last month of 2016. You probably expect me to passionately shout, “dude, finish strong!” and follow with “because it will be the sermon your team wants to see, not just hear… and it will also establish a strong foundation for a powerful 2017.” So consider it ‘shouted,’ and I shout it because it’s true. What’s more, you know it’s true. And while every reason and excuse may be at your fingertips to opt out…another ‘truth’ is that those reasons and excuses have always been there, but you’ve chosen to not let them stand in the way of your success so far. And just one more truth––now would be a lousy time to do so. Why? Too much good is coming. And no one can paint the future better than Carl did in a recent post…

When everyone around me said P90X was a dog, I just said I see it differently and kept working. When people said Insanity will never sell, I saw it differently and we sold $1B of it. When people laughed at us and said “you can never sell a shake for $5 a serving no matter how unique the story is”, we saw the opportunity and created a multi-billion dollar brand. When even my own production team said they were afraid a 3-week program with containers won’t get the kind of results that sell, I saw it differently. And years ago when advisors suggested the Team Beachbody Network was a good test, but they feared it would never be a good business model, I saw it differently and pressed ahead. Now the Network is our primary focus and growth engine!

I’m staring at this opportunity with Beachbody On Demand and it’s potential to build the Network with more confidence, excitement and ambition than anything I have done in my career. Some will scoff. “He’s got it wrong this time.” I’m pressing forward.

And I’m bringing a pack of positive, determined leaders with me. We don’t let the future happen to us. We create the future. And we are going to create a brilliant positive future that you are going to be proud to help author. We have the solution, and it’s more exciting than anything we’ve ever done.

Fear is not welcome.

Thanks for helping me take bold steps, and innovate so we achieve amazing things. Fight for every sale like lives depend on it. Fight to help every person, and know that we are completely aligned with our desire to succeed together.

“…2017 will be our breakout year. That’s what I believe!”

Did some of that get ‘on’ you? Hopefully it got ‘in’ you.

But here’s the bottom line: ‘a brilliant positive future’ will be achieved, not because we’re lucky, but because we’re good. We’re very good. And we develop the skills to be very good. Very good leaders. Determined leaders. Intentional leaders…not lucky leaders. I’m frequently asked, “what differentiates the most successful Coaches from the others?” Here are my three observations:

  1. Successful leaders win on purpose.
    You’ve heard the phrase; “I’d rather be lucky than good.” Well, don’t buy it. Be ‘good’. Successful Coaches don’t rely on luck to create success. I’m reading a great book right now on product innovation called Competing Against Luck which explores the business skillsets of taking luck out of the equation. It may sound simple but it’s the concept of really understanding the business you are in and the value you bring. It’s not learning the ‘tricks of the trade’, but learning the trade. In a recent CEO Coach Forum call, Superstar Diamond Coach Vito La Fata talked about the importance of engaging in ‘PD’ (professional development)––yeah, in addition to ‘personal development’. Developing the skillsets that will allow you to shape and leverage the future…the good ones do this.

  3. Successful leaders have a ‘long view’.
    Their long view determines their emotions, behavior and leadership. The challenge for most is that any uncertainty pulls our attention toward the situation that’s close at hand. We become preoccupied with what’s going on short-range. Then what happens? We behave as if the present circumstances will dictate how our future develops. We operate out of fear versus vision and in so doing, create a future different than we had hoped. The ‘good ones’ instead rely on their long view of the future to guide how they deal with their present circumstances. They think more strategically, creatively and purposefully. The long view also gives you a more balanced perspective on the present. The most successful Coaches let their day-to-day tactics be shaped by the long view. That’s why you don’t see them caught up in the thick of thin things. They don’t allow the thin stuff to dictate their future.

  5. Successful leaders just ‘do’.
    They look at how and why they can versus why they can’t. And they figure out how to do it as they do it, and they keep doing. Don’t kid yourself. This isn’t shallow. This is the kick-butt stuff that requires effort, work, curiosity, loneliness, resilience and a long view.

Don’t leave your future to luck. Do leave it to your abilities. Don’t compromise your future by foggy short-term thinking and behavior. Do let your long view of the future dictate your present activities, which will ensure your future. Do.

As Carl said, “We don’t let the future happen to us. We shape it.”

Own December and 2017.


Celebrating Our Founding Coaches

Happy 10th Anniversary Founding Coaches!

Division President, Network Marketing, Michael Neimand Reflects on Ten Years in the Network

Ten years ago, when the original message boards were created on, Carl noticed something truly special: customers were achieving great results using Beachbody products and interacting with new customers.

Not only were they sharing their personal experiences with the products, they were developing relationships with new customers and holding them accountable with their workout program. Basically, they were coaching others to success—without getting paid for it.

Carl thought that if we attached a compensation plan to this activity, our ability to connect people to products could scale significantly. He believed that one day this model would be even bigger than the infomercial side of the business. He was right!

“When we first launched, we had no store, no training tools, no Challenge Packs and no Shakeology®. It was a labor of love!”

- Traci Morrow

“Back in December 2006, only a small sliver of America knew about Beachbody. Today, we have some pretty serious brand name recognition.”

- Doug Fitzgerald

Energy and excitement

To launch the business, we invited some of our best customers to attend a meeting at the Beverly Regency Hotel. We were in a little conference room with a tiny stage, a screen and projector—similar to what you might see at a small-scale Super Saturday event. Let's just say we've come a long way in terms of the production value of our events.

I remember that before Carl presented his vision for the Coach Network, he first projected a weather map and did his best news meteorologist impression (some things never change). I presented the compensation plan while suffering through a bout of laryngitis. I wish we had the toy video back then. When I finished, I looked out in the crowd and even though they were polite and smiling, most of the prospective Coaches had no idea what I was talking about.

Still, there was still lots of excitement. Most of the attendees were Beachbody customers with no background in direct selling, but they believed in Carl and Jon, in the products that got them results and the opportunity to help other people.

“I wholeheartedly believed in Carl, Jon and Beachbody.”

- Robert Hudgens

“It was exciting to think I could make some supplemental income from Coaching, but I didn't realize the enormous potential the business had at the time.”

- Monica Koon

The evolution

Sure there have been changes, but over the last ten years, the business isn't all that different. When we started out, P90X® was the big product and Facebook wasn't even on anyone's radar.

Then, we introduced Shakeology, Success Club, Challenge Packs and Challenge Groups. The evolution of the Network has always been about how we can connect to more people and get them amazing results.

Fortunately for us, we had an amazing group of people at that Founders event, and they and the hundreds of thousands of Coaches who have joined since then continue to make Team Beachbody something special.

“My love for the company and belief in the products has kept me here. I truly believe we don't sell exercise programs and shakes; we give the gift of life change.”

- Robert Hudgens

“Coaching has changed my life on so many levels. It has fueled my passion to make a difference and created a wonderful growth environment for myself and others.”

- Traci Morrow

Vision for the future

My hope and vision for the next ten years is that Team Beachbody® will grow to become an international, multibillion-dollar company helping millions of people to achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

It will be fun to look back and think that it all started with Carl doing a weatherman impression.

“Life is radically different now. I've done things I never thought I could—from public speaking, to leading an organization, to having a college fund and retirement account.”

- Monica Koon

“It's so exciting that Beachbody continues to work at opening up new markets around the world. We will have new trails to blaze for a long time to come.”

- Doug Fitzgerald

Thank You, to Our Dedicated Founding Coaches

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