See Who’s Going to Disney On Us

January 2012

Jonathan R.
Newport News, VA

Wayne W.
Bixby, Ok

February 2012

Amber S.
Lemon Grove, CA

Don W.
Broken Arrow, OK

March 2012

Irene E.
San Juan,
Puerto Rico

Kenna S.
Yukon, OK

April 2012

David I.
Rancho Santa
Magarita, CA

Victor C.
East Windsor, NJ

May 2012

Kamela N.
Pittsburgh, PA

Julio D.
Spring Valley, CA

June 2012

Jessica C.
Trumbull, CT

Tony F.
Oakland, CA

July 2012

Petrina H.
Apex, NC

Janneth C.
Tucson, AZ

August 2012

Mayleen A
Humacao, PR

Joe M.
Manchester, TN

September 2012

Carolyn C.
Puerto Rico

Johanelly R.
Puerto Rico

October 2012

Jenelle S.
Toledo, OH

Christine D.
Southlake, TX

November 2012

Audrey R.
West Hempstead, NY

Cassie L.
Decatur, AL

December 2012

Clarissa L.
Austin, TX

Coby L.
Los Angeles, CA


Dear Jemima (Feb. 2013)

Is it February already?  While February brings us things like candy hearts, flowers and chocolate (Shakeology, that is) – it also means another chance for you to achieve Success Club and find yourself one step closer to setting sail with the S.S. Beachbody®!   As you make plans to soak up the sunshine, surf and rock-climb (is there anything you can’t do on this ship?) remember to use the amazing tools we have created to help you achieve your goals.  Track your progress along the way by using the Leader Communication System, the Cruise Goal Tracker and the Cruise Monthly Goal Scenarios, all available in the Coach Online Office.  You’ll see month-by-month how you can achieve Success Club goals that will help pave your way to success.

To avoid walking the plank – take a moment to review these specific points within our Team Beachbody Coach Policies & Procedures.  Being informed about these key policies will help ensure you avoid any pitfalls along the way:

Team Beachbody Message Boards (Section 3.2.9)
As you’re out and about announcing your plans for your next Challenge Group, how you’re doing with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset or how you’re achieving your other fitness goals, remember that our message boards are not a place for advertising your Beachbody business (or any other business), to recruit new customers or to sell Shakeology.  Every single member of the Team Beachbody community has a Coach of their own already in place.  Message boards are for support and encouragement of others, not a mini-classified site.

Online Auctions (Section 3.29)
Coaches are not permitted to sell any Beachbody products or programs through online marketplaces such as Craigslist®,® or eBay®.  One of the key values you bring as a Coach is YOU and the relationship you establish with your customers.  Showing them your passion, your enthusiasm and your support of their goals comes through that one-on-one interaction, not through a “buy now” button.

Product Pricing (Section 5.2)
Remember that as much as you might be tempted to offer a deal that sounds too good to be true – as a Coach you must offer Beachbody products to your customers at full retail price.  Offering coupons, free shipping and other means of discounting the product is not permitted.  Beachbody offers incredible values on a variety of fitness programs, nutritionals and the always popular and awesome Challenge Packs!

Remember that you have access 24/7 to the complete Team Beachbody Coach Policies & Procedures in the Coach Online Office and the Compliance hotline is available to you at (310) 295-5760 for any further policy questions you might have.

Bon Voyage!



Stephanie Richardson: From Mom to Mogul


Being a 4 Star Diamond Beachbody® Coach: Excellent. Being a stay-at-home mom to two great boys: Beautiful. But having the luxury of living both dreams at the same time?


This is the life Stephanie Richardson has built for herself. From scratch.

In between cooking, cleaning, and driving the kids to school, she sends out scores of personalized emails to prospects and Coaches alike.

It’s just a typical day for the girl who wasn’t sure she even wanted to be a Beachbody Coach in the first place. “My friend, Melissa Huggins, asked if I wanted to be a Coach and I said, NO WAY! I had no desire to sell anything.”

A few short months later, Melissa said two words that struck a chord with Stephanie: free customers. It wasn’t long before Stephanie was totally on board with the business. “I started using the products and sharing them,” she recalls. “It was clear this was the perfect fit for me.”

She goes on, “With Beachbody, I could still be a stay-at-home mom, but finally had something for myself. And I wanted other moms to have that same feeling. Being a mom is the greatest joy in the world, but you reach a point where you desire more for yourself in the midst of changing diapers, wiping snotty noses, and cooking meals. That goal defined me and became my Why.”

The mother of all strategies
Stephanie had moderate success, but things didn’t really take off until last October when Beachbody introduced a new strategy: Challenge Groups. “We finally have a system that combines fitness, nutrition, and support in a way that really works,” she says. “I’m the biggest cheerleader for the concept.”

Stephanie started doing two Challenge groups a month and taught her Team to do the same. The results have been off the charts. “My checks have quadrupled since starting Challenge Groups. Now I’m on the Elite leaderboard and have three others in my Downline in the top 25−all because of this simple, but incredible idea. The growth of my Team has just been insane.”

And for anyone who doesn’t think Challenge Groups work?

“They need to come talk to me,” she says emphatically. “I’ll show them my paycheck, and explain how the successful people on my Team do Challenge Groups and the others do not. Plain and simple.”

Nurturing new Coaches
So what advice does Stephanie have for new Coaches starting their own groups? “You might have to talk to about 50 people to find five people to be in your Challenge Group,” she explains. “That can sometimes be a little overwhelming for a new Coach.”

She adds, “You just have to find creative ways to meet new people. Whether it’s through social media or going to the supermarket, you have to be ready to talk to people and start building relationships. That’s what it’s all about.”

Want more motherly advice? Stephanie’s pumped up about Challenge Group Guides. “These guides are huge because they take the guesswork out of starting your own group,” she says. It’s all laid out for you. Now there’s absolutely no reason why a new Coach can’t come in and be successful right away.”

Overcoming obstacles
One of Stephanie’s strong suits is her ability to turn a “no” into a “yes”. “There’s always a way to overcome an objection,” she says convincingly. “For instance, when people give the excuse that Challenge Packs are too expensive, I point out all the things they might spend money on every day and break it down.”

She continues, “I tell them it’s all about making sacrifices. Deciding what’s important. It’s just a matter of re-prioritizing and putting health first.”

In other words, don’t mess with the determination of a mom.

“I think it all comes down to your passion level,” she says. “I believe it’s the best motivational tool you can have. After all, if you’re passionate and fully invested in something, your customers and Team will be, too.”

Watching her dreams grow BIG.
Since Stephanie entered the wonderful world of Coaching, she has a long list of accomplishments, including winning the Beachbody Humanitarian Award in 2012 and buying a house in Colorado with her husband.

What has her most excited? Her dreams for the future. “Before Beachbody, I didn’t have any big dreams,” she explains. “Now I’m looking to start my own non-profit organization and seeing my Team become one of the top Teams in the company. Not because we want to toot our own horn, but because we’re getting to help so many people.”

She adds, “I guess as my checks get bigger, so do my dreams. I used to only see what was right in front of me, but now my dreams are limitless!”

But Stephanie’s biggest dream of all still comes down to her Why: the motivation of motherhood. “I love working with moms and giving them a chance to build a business where they can stay home with their kids. I want them to find the same fulfillment I found. To achieve things they never thought possible!”

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Talk to as many people as possible─you never know where you’ll find new Challenge Group members.
  • Take advantage of the Challenge Group Guides─they will serve as your blueprint for success.
  • Send personalized emails only. The more impersonal the email, the faster they will hit delete.
  • Build real relationships. That’s what this business is all about.
  • Don’t be afraid of hearing objections. Sometimes all it takes is helping someone to think about things in a different way.



Chalene Johnson: What Keeps Me Motivated


Chalene Johnson isn’t just the creator and master trainer behind TurboJam®, ChaLEAN Extreme®, and TurboFire®. She’s also a mom, renowned motivational speaker, best-selling author, and the founder of her own multimillion-dollar enterprise, Powder Blue Productions®.

That’s a pretty incredible resume, even for a woman as incredible as Chalene—which begs the question: How does she balance it all, stay motivated, and still continue to improve, day after day? We sat down with her and got the 411.

Q: What are your top motivational tips for setting the New Year on fire?

A: Set a goal by finishing this sentence …”It would be so crazy cool if…” and then take that GRANDIOSE goal for the year and break it down into manageable, bite-size, measurable pieces. In other words, once you set your big goal for the year… Break it down into milestones that you can measure every week.  

Q: Once those New Year’s resolutions fade, how do you keep your team motivated?

A: Keep your team motivated by creating a variety of recognition and reward programs each month—or at a minimum strive to create some form of engagement every other month.  Remember that recognition programs should be varied so that the new members as well as seasoned veterans of your team have an opportunity to shine. 

Q: How do you keep them engaged all year long?

A: The best way to keep people engaged is by taking a sincere and personal interest in them. We want to please those who we believe like and believe in us. In our crazy busy lives, this isn’t always easy, but it is infinitely important. If something is important, it belongs on your calendar. Set reminders to check in on a regular basis with your important team members! 

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

A: “Over prepare.” Brian Tracy has always been a long time mentor from afar. Over the past 4 years, we’ve become personal friends and do a lot of work together on a professional level. Even to this day I still remember the first time I spoke live as a guest speaker at one of his events. I had gone over by about 5 minutes according to the time I was allotted to speak on stage. As I left the stage and met with him, eager to hear his feedback, I remember feeling like a nervous schoolgirl. Rather matter of fact, he reminded me that I had not spent enough time “preparing” for my speech. My first reaction was to feel defensive.  It was a speech I had delivered a million times. But he explained to me that to be prepared means to be able to adjust your message or your delivery or your product in advance.  The lesson for me was that knowing my message wasn’t enough. I should have better prepared and rehearsed to ensure that I was going to be able to deliver a message with as much power, but in the time frame I was given. I won’t forget that lesson.

Q: Who do you admire?

A: People might be surprised by my answers: I truly admire Suzanne Somers. What I love about her, is that she has been able to keep her marriage and family a priority and has managed to keep her career fresh and purpose driven by following her own passionate interests as opposed to following trends. I admire her for standing up against great criticism for things which she believes in.  Most of all I love that she honors her husband of nearly 40 years and manager Allen, and that she mentions him in nearly every interview. With a net worth of over 100 million dollars, I would say she’s got some staying power! 

Q: Who inspires you?

A: I am inspired by resilient people. People with true resilience shine from the inside out. I am fascinated, inspired, and motivated by people with a story. It inspires me to know someone has experienced tremendous challenge, a tough childhood, personal trauma or seemingly insurmountable obstacles and found a way to persevere despite the odds. I’m inspired by those who have the deck stacked against the,  but they kick it down and fight for the life they know they deserve! Resilient people inspire me to stop whining, stop making excuses, and just get it done. Everyone has a story. Ask people about theirs. It’s a great way to gain a newfound respect for people! 

Q: How would you pitch TurboFire to a stranger on an elevator?

A: Like this…”Dude…it’s like the funniest, craziest, most intense butt-kicking cardio you can do at home. If music is your motivator, and you like to kick, punch and jump, plus you want an instructor who makes the time fly, but pulls the best out of you… you’d love Turbo Fire. TurboFire is perfect for people who want to do shorter, more intense workouts, but don’t always want a high-impact workout!” 

Q: What’s your personal plan of attack for 2013?

A: To help Beachbody customers by providing top-notch fitness programs that work. To help Beachbody Coaches master better habits and business goals by sharing my free 30-Day Push and speaking at Beachbody events— where I can share my systems and advice on running and growing your business, and help teach successful Coaches how to identify their most valuable use of time. 

Q: What personal development book are you currently reading?

A: “Push” by Chalene Johnson. (Shameless self-plug)! Honestly, I’m usually ready 4 or 5 at a time. Right now, I’m reading:  “What On Earth Am I here For?” by Pastor Rick Warren and before that “EntreLeadeship”, by Dave Ramsey, and “When to Speak Up and When To Shut Up”, by Dr. Michael Sedler (I need to learn when it’s best for me to “zip it”). And together with my kids, I’m reading for the third time “Be a People Person; Effective Leadership Through Effective Relationships”, by John C. Maxwell. 



Get Your Dream Team Ready!


It’s time to start getting ready for the first major competition of 2013—our coveted Team Beachbody Cup. It starts March 1st, and team registration opens Monday, February 11th.

What’s the Team Beachbody Cup?
It’s big. Like thousands and thousands of Coaches—BIG. Teams of five from around the country will come together, share best practices, and hold one another accountable—as they fight for Success Club points and race toward the finish line.

In other words:

  • Four weeks of sheer adrenaline.
  • Weekly, hyper-focused training calls.
  • Guaranteed business growth.
  • Fabulous Top 10 team prizes AND tiered prizes you can pick up along the way.
  • The chance to prove you’re #1, become immortalized, and have your names engraved into the Team Beachbody Cup.

Opportunities like this don’t come around often. But, when they do, leaders emerge. Teams are born. And those who dare to dream… achieve the impossible.

Now ask yourself: How do YOU want to be remembered in 2013?

Registration opens Monday, February 11th. Start assembling your DREAM TEAM today and stay tuned to Breaking Coach News.


Your Passport To Paradise


Six days. Five nights. Hundreds of picture-perfect memories. People will be talking about the 2014 Success club Cruise for years to come. And we present this, your personal pocket guide to whet your appetite for the biggest Beachbody®trip of all time.


Prepare to be awestruck by the grandeur and glory of the Royal Caribbean’s Liberty of the Seas luxury liner. As the S.S. Beachbody® departs the dock in Ft. Lauderdale, you’ll take in a breathtaking, orange-tinted sunset that can only be described as “storybook”.

The second-largest cruise ship in the world is now your playground. Roam around each of the 4 pools and 15 decks, including the wraparound Promenade Deck and the action-packed Sports Deck. You can also enjoy meeting some of your Facebook friends for the first time as you watch the waves on one of the peaceful, open-air decks.

You’ll find a wide variety of out-of-this-world onboard dining options, including the sheer indulgence of Chops Grille Steakhouse. Savor steaks that are cooked to perfection and an assortment of delicious sides like salads, oysters, and double-whipped mashed potatoes. My personal favorites? The braised short ribs and high-voltage peppercorn sauce.


Nothing can beat the feeling of greeting the morning in your own perfectly-sized cabin. Step out onto your private balcony where you can kick back with your favorite book, or breathe in the glorious ocean view. Then, it’s off to the upper deck to sweat at sea with hundreds of Coaches and celebrity trainers, Tony Horton and Shaun T.

After lunch, imagine sipping a frosty cocktail on an expanded pool deck, or soaking in your choice of six whirlpools that extend 12 feet beyond the sides of the ship. With light winds blowing and sunny 85-degree March weather, you’ll be right in the lap of luxury.

If you’re still in the mood to decompress, enjoy some downtime with your Downline at the Vitality Spa. The hot stone massage is an experience you must feel to believe!

Nighttime activities abound, as you can swing by the Vegas-style casino, or live it up with your Team in your choice of 22 bars, clubs, and lounges.


Keep the camera on hand as you cruise into Cozumel, Mexico. You’ll fall in love with the stunning beauty of pristine, white-sand beaches and colorful coral reefs.

Explore the ruins of the ancient Mayan city of Tulúm, majestically perched above the turquoise-colored Caribbean. Then frolic and swim with dolphins at Chankanaab National Marine Park or play a relaxing round of golf on the championship course at the Cozumel Country Club.

Take a Jeep-safari adventure through the tropical landscape of Cozumel’s east side; escape to the secluded beauty of your own exclusive beach paradise; the choices are virtually endless.


You won’t believe your eyes as you sail into Grand Cayman, one of a group of three magnificent tropical islands. Start your day by cycling through the island’s quaint villages, or embark on a kayak adventure along the world-famous, Seven-Mile beach.

Next, a once-in-a-lifetime adventure awaits as you snorkel with stingrays at the Stingray City Sandbar. These gentle, fascinating creatures with velvety soft skin will swim right into your arms and invite you to rub their bellies.

And if you’re a fan of designer merchandise at discount prices, you can finish your day with a bargain at one of Grand Cayman’s many shopping destinations.


If you’re longing for a little onboard adventure, this will be your day. Tower 30 feet above the deck on a thrilling rock-climbing wall or catch a wave─on board the boat─with the giant, 40-foot, surf simulator.

For even more exhilaration, soar from one end of the ship to the other on the nine-deck high zipline. This adrenaline-packed adventure belongs on your must-do list. Then, head to the basketball courts for a little five-on-five with your Team. The S.S. Beachbody also boasts a mini golf course, onboard ice-skating rink or outdoor poolside movie screen─the list simply goes on and on.

And there’s adventure for the little ones, too. Visit the interactive H20 Zone Water Park featuring fountains, gushing geysers, and a small circular river that will keep the kids busy for hours. There’s also meet and greets during meals with some of their favorite characters from popular movies like Madagascar®, Shrek®, and Kung Fu Panda®.


As you sail back into the dock, you’ll probably be left feeling a little sad that the trip of a lifetime has finally come to an end. But the best part is the many new friends, bonding experiences, and incredible memories that will surely last a lifetime!