February 2014 Hotlist

February Success Club Incentives


This month Beachbody debuts the 21 Day Fix, the ultimate fitness and nutrition program that will help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days. And in tandem with the launch we’re offering a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack Promotion for only $140, typically retailing at $160.

We know you’ll love the nutrition aspect of 21 Day Fix. Not only is it easy to follow with no guesswork involved, but it incorporates your favorite meal of the day, Shakeology! Each 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack Promotion includes Strawberry Shakeology HD.

For more information about 21 Day Fix, visit the Coach Online Office:
21 Day Fix: Program, Challenge Pack and Training Details FAQ 9728
21 Day Fix: Product Kit & Equipment Details (Base & Deluxe) FAQ 9730
21 Day Fix: The Containers FAQ 9729
21 Day Fix: The Launch FAQ 9327

For more information about Strawberry Shakeology, visit the Coach Online Office: Strawberry Shakeology FAQ 9653

Dates to remember:
Challenge Pack Offer available: February 3 – 28


Are you ready? Team Beachbody Cup returns February 1st. It’s time to start your 4-week commitment to build your business and compete against thousands of Coaches for the chance for glory. There are fantastic prizes up for grabs, but only one Team will rise to the top and win the Team Beachbody Cup. Not only are you fighting for victory, but this competition is the boost your business needs.

For more information visit: www.teambeachbody.com/teambeachbodycup

Dates to remember:
February 1 – 28

Product & Training Spotlight


Calling ALL Coaches! Summit 2014 is going to be here before you know it. What can you do to get ready?

  • Register for Summit NOW
  • If you’re a new Coach, save $100 on your Summit ticket with the New Coach Special
  • Book your MGM Grand Hotel room before space fills up

To register or book your hotel, visit: //www.coachsummit.com/

Get the insider scoop on how to pay for Summit 2014: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=avKp2wnethA

Dates to remember:
June 19 – 22:
Mark your calendars and book your room. Coach Summit 2014 is coming!


How often do you look at the clock and think, “where did all my time go?” According to The Productivity Institute, only 20% of the average workday is spent on “crucial” and “important” things, while 80% of the average workday is spent on things that have “little value” or “no value.”

Team Beachbody® Custom FranklinCovey® Training Workshop brings you The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity: Time Management Training. This 2-day world-class training workshop will transform your life and dramatically increase your ability to achieve extraordinary outcomes in your business and personal life. Valued at $2,000, this training is available to you for only $249 and features customized workshops designed specifically for Beachbody.

Upcoming workshops this month:
When: February 8th – 9th (8am – 5pm)
Where: The Westin Bristol Place Toronto Airport – 950 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario M9W5N4

When: February 22nd – 23rd (8am – 5pm)
Where: Seattle Marriott Waterfront – 2100 Alaskan Way, Seattle, Washington 98121

To register or find other upcoming workshops, visit: https://bb.pulsemob.com/event/fctrainings/


You’ve read your coach training materials. You’ve started inviting. Now it’s time to kick it up a notch with live, hands-on training.

During this interactive Coach training session, you’ll:

  • Learn how to apply the 3 Vital Behaviors to your business
  • Discover the most effective tools used by our Top Coaches
  • Learn to create compelling Challenge Group invites
  • Understand how to set goals and track business success
  • Create an Action Plan to launch or revive your business

When: Saturday, February 15, 2014 (10am – 3pm)
Where: Portland Marriott Downtown Waterfront, 1401 SW Naito Parkway, Portland, OR

To register, visit: https://bb.pulsemob.com/bbcgtportland


Want to make your business thrive? Use our 16 refreshed Challenge Group Guides to keep your group motivated. These Guides give you a post a day to keep your social media channels fresh. The Guides are provided as Word documents so that you can personalize the posts and save them for your next group. There are also more eye-catching images that you can download in just one click.

The Challenge Group Guides also include:

  • New Shakeology recipes
  • Value-driven posts to encourage long-term Shakeology use
  • Icebreakers for week one to create immediate engagement
  • More program-specific success stories

To view and download the Challenge Group Guides, go to the:
Coach Online Office > Sales & Marketing > Beachbody Challenge


All About Autumn

Busy Mom. Motivator. Entreprenuer. Fitness expert Autumn Calabrese is all that—and much, much more! Her current role? The brain center and trainer behind Beachbody’s hot new program, 21 Day Fix. From motivational tips to musical taste, we’ve got the not- so-well-known details on the queen of lean!

Say hello to the newest member of the Beachbody family of trainers, motivational maven, Autumn Calabrese. This national-level bikini competitor is the real deal and her highly-anticipated new program, 21 Day Fix™, is a three-week plan to the promised land. But before you jump on the FIX, here’s a great opportunity to get to know Autumn. Read on in our exclusive interview. 

1) What motivated you to develop 21 Day Fix™?
As a trainer, my only goal is to get people results. So when I watched my clients put so much energy into their workouts and not get maximum results, it really frustrated me. When that’s not happening, I feel like I’m failing them. Once I realized that overeating was the biggest problem for most people, I knew I needed to do something to help. 

2) Give us a quick overview of the 21 Day Fix program:
Simple fitness and simple nutrition. The program is designed to help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 21 days by combining portion control with easy-to-follow, 30-minute workouts. If it fits in the container, you can eat it. The only decision you have to make is what delicious food you’re in the mood for. When you get proper nutrition and add in butt-whooping workouts, it adds up to life-changing results. 

3) What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?
My dad always told me that if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. He was right!

4) How do you juggle being a busy mom and a trainer?
I’m like Nike—I just do it. It’s not something I think about. I just know what needs to be done and I make it happen.

5) What kind of music pumps you up while you work out?
If people heard my playlists they would be shocked. I’m mostly a hip hop girl, but I guess it depends on my mood. Sometimes I listen to the fun stuff you hear on the radio, and other times it’s a bit more of the grimy stuff that would NEVER make the Top 40!

6) What’s ONE thing people don’t know about you?
I was never the popular kid. In fact, there were a few years in my early teens where I was very chubby with bad hair and braces. Needless to say, I got picked on a LOT.

7) What are your top motivational tips?

Fitness tips:

  • Take it one workout at a time, and one meal at a time.
  • Don’t diet! Eat according to your goals.
  • You can do anything for a minute. When it comes to these workouts, focus on the minute you’re in.
  • It’s not always about the scale. See how you feel and how your clothes are fitting. Sometimes the scale isn’t moving, but you’re still shrinking.

Life tips:

  • Wake up every day and make the choice to do better. No one will do it for you.
  • Focus on making lifestyle changes that will last a lifetime.
  • A failure isn’t a failure if it prepares you for success tomorrow.
  • If you have a set back, don’t get discouraged and give up. Keep moving forward. Success takes time.
  • It’s great to have big goals, but it’s also nice to have some small ones along the way. It allows you to celebrate your accomplishments!

That’s all for now from Autumn. But for more behind-the-scenes sneak peeks “Like” the 21 Day Fix Facebook page. For more information make sure to visit 21DayFix.com and FAQ numbers 9327, 9728, 9729 and 9730 in the Coach Online Office.


Smitten With Strawberry!

What could Shakeology® do to add to its already incredible legacy? How about a sinfully delicious, new Strawberry flavor that’s sure to delight your senses. Learn the story behind the flavor, all the awesome health benefits, and why pitching it to your customers will be as smooth as the shake itself! Get all the sweet details!

Ready for your biggest crush this Valentine’s Day? Meet the absolutely irresistible, new Strawberry Shakeology®!

Yes, the newest addition to the prestigious Shakeology family is already a smashing success. It’s delicious. It’s nutritious. And dare we say; it might just become your new soul-mate shake.

VP of Shakeology, Carolina Gutnisky, gives us a little background on the birth of the new Strawberry flavor. “Ever since the launch of Tropical Strawberry, it was our intention to provide a whey-based strawberry option,” she explains.

“Coaches and Customers loved the refreshing taste of Tropical Strawberry, but wanted a creamier and smoother strawberry flavor.”

In other words, you asked for it, we made it, and the rest is Shakeology history.

There’s something about Strawberry
So what exactly is the difference between Tropical Strawberry and the new Strawberry flavor, you ask? While Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is vegan and a blend of several fruit and berry flavors, the new Strawberry flavor is whey protein based (non vegan) and, well—all about the strawberries.

No other fruit flavors added. Just sweet, delicious, oh-so-satisfying strawberries. And if you want to talk texture, this shake is one smooth operator. So essentially, you’re getting a sweet-tasting shake that’s also incredibly smooth and creamy. Not a bad combination, folks.

Savor the new light flavor. Refreshing. Fruity. Delicious. Word on the street says the new Strawberry Shakeology is a slam-dunk winner in the all-important flavor department. Bursting with mouthwatering and succulent strawberries, how could it be anything less than awesome? “I’m a big chocoholic and have been drinking Chocolate Shakeology for 5 years, but strawberry has become my go-to breakfast now,” says Carolina. “It just makes me happy. Hard to explain, but it really does!”

Here’s a few quotes from some of our Strawberry panelists:

“Impressed with this flavor. Very sweet tasting. Really tastes like a strawberry milkshake!”

“It is amazing! NO CHALKY Aftertaste! I absolutely love it!”

“I absolutely loved it! Perfect texture and flavor! Goes down easy and smooth.”

After all this love and attention, it’s clear Strawberry deserves to have somewhat of an ego. But how does it stack up health-wise? 

Delicious for your body, too.
Sure, Strawberry is outrageously delicious, but let’s not forget about all the goodness it gives to your body.

First, Strawberry has the same protein blend and nutrient profile as Chocolate, Vanilla, and Greenberry. What’s more, it still contains over 70 healthy ingredients, including many nutrient-dense  superfoods from around the world.

So with either Chocolate, Vanilla, Greenberry, or Strawberry you’re getting almost all the same levels of superfoods, vitamins and minerals—not to mention your daily dose of dense nutrition! Bottom line? It’s still the healthiest shake in the nutritional galaxy. By a landslide.

Think inside the box
For those of you who prefer not to be monogamous with just one Shakeology flavor, here’s a little something just for you: the awesome, new Triple Combo Box featuring Strawberry Shakeology. Think of it like the Neopolitan ice cream box of 3 flavors—only about a thousand times better for you!

No reason to say goodbye to your current favorite flavor. Just mix it up. On a daily basis. And as far as creative recipes go, you can’t get much better. Check out some great recipe options here and visit //www.shakeology.com/shake-recipes for even more!

Sweet opportunities for your business
One of the biggest reasons to be excited about the new strawberry flavor? The opportunities it will bring to your business! With strawberry on the scene, you’ll have prospects everywhere you turn. After all, strawberry is often the most popular flavor right behind chocolate and vanilla.

If your customers are tired of drinking one flavor every day for the month? The Triple Combo Box will give you an instant way to overcome objections. Variety anyone? The Triple Combo Box contains 24 single-serving packets. (That’s eight packets each of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry for those of you keeping score at home). Customers and prospects can sample to their heart’s content and make a different shake every day.

So get your Strawberry swagger on, and help make the new flavor a certified success!

For more information on Strawberry visit: www.shakeology.com and FAQ 9653 in the Coach Online Office. And for even more tools to help you share Strawberry with your Coaches and customers make sure to check out the three new eCards in the ‘Featured’ eCard section of the Coach Online Office.



Coupling Up for Success

Nothing says, “accountability,” like waking up next to your success partner every morning. Perhaps that’s why so many Coaching couples are finding double the success. See how Coaches Dennis and Julie Fowler prove that teamwork makes the dream work, both at home and in business.

5-Star Diamond Coaches (as well as high school sweethearts) Dennis and Julie Fowler enjoy all the benefits of being full-time Coaches together. Sharing a home office. Having time for their kids. Taking stellar family vacations together. Working for a company they believe in. These two fitness renegades know that success is so much more satisfying when you share your passions and dreams with someone else.

“Coaching together has made us a stronger couple,” Dennis explains.

“Not only is it great for the relationship, but it’s great for the business,” Julie expands. “When you share a vision with someone, you’re going to work that much harder to make your dreams come to life!”

Whether it’s your spouse, partner, friend, or collaborator you work exceptionally well with, one thing’s for certain: It pays (literally!) to have a partner working with you. 

The Ying to Your Yang
One of the best ways to utilize your business buddy is by embracing the different skills you both bring to the table. Dennis and Julie are prime examples of that.

“We both have our different strengths,” Julie states. “I’m the organized one who’s good at explaining logistics and how to execute Coach goals. Dennis brings the passion and gets Coaches pumped up.”

Dennis adds, “By pulling together our strengths and knowing when to let the other take the lead, we’re able to deliver so much more to our customers and Downline than we would working alone. It’s definitely important to have a success partner that compliments your skills!”

A Little Friendly Competition
Another perk of having a close Coaching comrade? Friendly competition.

“I’m competitive, so it’s important for me to have a success partner who will constantly push me to excel. Push me to achieve a higher rank. Push me to collect more Success Club points,” Julie says.

“Oh yeah!” Dennis laughs. “It’s always a race to Success Club!” Not to be left out of the loop, their two kids, Madison (11) and Jackson (9) get in on the competition, too.

“Our kids are constantly fueling that friendly battle between us, always checking up on who has more Success Club points and pushing us to beat out each other,” Julie explains. “They both plan on being Coaches when they turn 18, so they feel very invested in our business! It’s very inspiring!” Dennis says.

Lead by example
Although a powerhouse couple now, Dennis and Julie’s Coaching journey originally got off to a rocky start.

“She only loved the workouts, and I only loved the business,” Dennis recalls. “It was a struggle at first because we weren’t very supportive of each other.” It wasn’t until Dennis started making money that Julie came around to the business side of Beachbody. And once Julie got Dennis into the workouts, Dennis’s connection with the products really clicked and his business took off.

Now seasoned Coaches, Dennis and Julie find a lot of their Downline Coaches experiencing similar friction with their significant others.

“If you want your partner to fall in love with Beachbody like you did, keep working hard and keep being passionate about your Coaching business,” Julie advises. “Help people. Earn money. Don’t push your partner into being a Coach, just prove that your business works.”

In other words, let the money and results speak for themselves.

She goes on, “Ask your spouse for help with your business—not as a Coach, but as your partner. Once they realize the positive effect they can have on others, it’s likely they’ll want to get more and more involved with the business.”

An Accountability Partner is Key
Whether you turn to your spouse or a fellow Coach you met at Summit, both Dennis and Julie agree that accountability partners are pivotal to achieving top-tier success.

“I would say that a success partner is something every Coach should have,” Dennis explains. “Friends and family outside the business are great, but only a fellow Coach will really get what you’re going through.”

Julie adds, “Find someone who’s like-minded like you. Someone who cares about this opportunity. Someone you can confide in. Someone you can rely on to pump you up, help you with your goals, and remind you of why you’re doing this.”

So take the leap, buddy up, and get out there!

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Find an accountability partner who compliments your strengths and weakness. In this relationship, know when to lead and know when to learn.
  • Encourage your spouse to help you with your business—not as a Coach, but as your partner.
  • Encourage friendly competition with your partner!
  • Let yourself be emotionally vulnerable with your accountability partner. Sometimes we need to let our guard down so we can get the help we need.



Introducing the 2013 Elite Top 10

A former bar-tender (one word), a small town fitness hero, a mommy maverick – Team Beachbody Coaches come from all walks of life and hail from around the country. But they have one key thing in common: in 2013 they worked tirelessly to end the trend of obesity and now they are your   Top 10 Elite Coaches.  How did they get there? What tricks and tips do they have up their sleeves? Read our informative and enlightening Q & A to find out.

This year, it’s almost an entirely new crew at the top of the Coaching world. How did they get there and how can their success help make your 2014 the best year yet?

The Elite 10 have the answers.

From favorite Personal Development books to effective and consistent habits, the Top 10 are more than willing to share their strategies for success. Read on and discover some insider tips that could have YOU sitting at the top next year.

Top Coach:
1) Lindsay Matway

Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Coach status: Superstar Diamond
What year you started Coaching: 2009

1) What three words describe your Coaching mentality? Passionate, focused, determined
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? A successful Coach must be ready to face their biggest obstacle – themselves! Truth is, you can’t “help” anyone. You can only inspire them with your example!
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? Ultimately, my biggest inspiration/mentor is the vision God gave me for what was possible if I let go of my excuses and simply got to work! I started observing what other top Coaches were doing and asked myself, “How could I put my own spin on this?”
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? Approach this business like you would approach going to school or buying a franchise. You will have to study, invest your time and be consistent with the little things before you can expect a payoff.
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? My biggest roadblocks last year were time management and delegation. There’s only so much of me to go around. I had to learn to let go of control.
6) What is your favorite personal development book, talk or leader? And why? The most life-changing read is “The Purpose Driven Life” by Rick Warren.

2) Melanie Mitro

Hometown: Mars, PA
Coach status: Super Star Diamond Coach
What year you started Coaching: 2011

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: Consistent, Motivated, Passionate
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? I run one (sometimes two) Challenge Groups every month. This is a great way to ensure that you will always have customers who are getting results, becoming advocates and transitioning into great Coaches.
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? My husband has been a tremendous support system. Without him by my side I would not be where I am today!
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? For new Coaches, there’s no magic tip or skill. It’s the daily activities done each and every day with energy and pizazz that over time bring about compounding results.
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? When the going gets tough I always rely on Personal Development, family and faith. I think it’s great to have an accountability partner that is on your level. Together you can compare notes and strategies when you hit a roadblock (one word). It’s important to realize that roadblocks don’t equal future failure.
6) What’s your favorite personal development book, talk or leader? And why? I love John C. Maxwell. His books and videos gave me vision and clarity with my Team. I also recommend “Go Pro” by Eric Worre for a good start to Personal Development.

3) Jenelle Summers

Hometown: Toledo, OH
Coach status: 15-Star, 15-Star, 7-Star, and 1-Star Diamond Qualifying (4 CBC’s)
What year you started Coaching: 2008

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: Passion, Drive, Consistency.
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? A successful Coach is willing to learn and apply what they’ve learned despite their hesitations and fears. They need to understand their own strengths and weaknesses so they can embrace the strengths and work on the weaknesses. If you think there are short cuts, you’ll shortcut your potential.
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? I’ve been inspired by many other Coaches and Personal Development guru’s, but I’ve learned the most from my sister, Chalene Johnson and from watching my Dad growing up. He’s an entrepreneur who worked extremely hard and never gave up.
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? Be present in trainings. Apply what you learn over and over until it becomes more comfortable and you find effective habits and systems. Have an unstoppable, positive attitude and don’t give up!
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? I pulled a hamstring sprinting in the Spring of last year. I’m focusing on the positives – working out when I can and focusing on nutrition (of course drinking Shakeology daily). Hopefully I can inspire others to move forward and become more determined when their back is against the wall.
6) What is your favorite Personal Development book, talk or leader? And why? I’d have to say Chalene Johnson first and foremost! Other favorites are Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy or John Maxwell.

4) Scott Hobbs

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho
Coach status: 7 Star Diamond
What year you started Coaching: April 2011

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: BELIEF, INTEGRITY, HELP
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? To be a successful Coach you have to believe that you can make an impact on people’s lives. You also need to understand that success is not determined by rank or income. Success is found in your daily behaviors and actions.
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? My Coach Lindsay, as well as many other Elite Coaches have inspired me from day one. I followed all Elite Coaches, and listened to every National Coach call. One Coach that I aspire to be like is Traci Morrow.
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? Trust the process. Do the daily activities that we are teaching you with faith. It’s a 2000+ year-old truth: If you give, you will receive. Help people no matter what and hustle every day.
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? I had 9 Coaches become Diamonds and only 2 of them were current paid Diamonds when the year ended. I believed fully that I would be a 15 Star Diamond and I didn’t even come close. I was able to overcome this by looking at the good and the positive in every situation I encountered.
6) What is your favorite Personal Development book, talk or leader? And why? A mentor is not somebody that does things for you. They are somebody that has achieved what you want to achieve. My biggest mentor is John C Maxwell. I have never spoken with him but have read of 20 of his books. He has taught me that if I want people around me to do more and be better, I have to become better.

5) Amber Scott

Hometown: Seattle is my hometown, I live in San Diego now
Coach status: 5 Star
What year you started Coaching: 1.1.11

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: Unfaltering. Genuine. Fun.
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? Resilience.
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? Coby Mitchell from corporate and Tim O’Kelly of Benchmark Courses, first and foremost. Monica Ward, Hillary Kelly, Jason Diebold, had a huge impact on my business on the Coach side, just to name a few. Without a direct Upline of my own I really learned to follow from afar as well and love Barbie Decker, Scottie Hobbs, Lindsay Matway and so so so many more.
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? Decide right now that quitting is not an option. If quitting is not a choice, you will find a way to succeed.
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? There were moments when I had no idea if I could pull it off, if I was good enough, if my Team was big enough, etc. The one thing I always did was focus on what I was really doing here. If I didn’t make Top 10, would I still be proud of my work?
6) What is your favorite personal development book, talk or leader? And why? My go-to for all my Coaches and Challengers is “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy. It applies to business, fitness, finance, relationships and more. That book is life changing if you let it be!

6) Meghan Wiczynski

Hometown: Toledo, OH
Coach status: 9 star qualifying in 1st cbc, 4 star qualifying in 2nd cbc
What year you started Coaching: July 2009

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: Driven, Innovator, Compassionate
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? Figure out your goals and priorities and line them up with your daily actions. When I embraced a healthy lifestyle and focused on putting 2-3 tasks on my daily to-do list that supported my goals
for the month/year, I accomplished so much more.
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? Jenelle Summers has been extremely helpful from the beginning of my Coaching career. She has always been there to give me advice and help me focus on the real purpose of Coaching. I am truly blessed to have her in my life.
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? Jump in with both feet first. This is a business where you learn as you go. Success is based off helping as many people as you can.
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? I In August I was in a severe car accident and broke my wrist. I had to have surgery and had no idea how I would be able to stay in touch with my Team and customers since I couldn’t type with my right hand. I embraced this roadblock and took it as a way to show people to NEVER GIVE UP. I invested in the Dragon Dictate program where I could dictate to the computer and did low-impact workouts that did not hurt my wrist. I didn’t miss a beat.
6) What is your favorite Personal Development book, talk or leader? And why? I love Chalene Johnson. Her 30-Day PUSH program helped me at the beginning of 2013 when I fell short of the Top 10 by one spot.

7) Lauren Duke

Hometown: Bartlesville, OK
Coach status: 7 Star Diamond
What year you started Coaching: July 2012

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: Not about you!
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? Passion, consistency and sharing. It takes getting over yourself and having the willingness to step out of your comfort zone to help others. It also takes someone who isn’t afraid to build relationships and do the work it takes to grow and mentor.
2) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? My Team has been incredibly supportive and I’m humbled by how they stepped up and set huge goals. My go-to people were and still are: Coby Mitchell, Jessica Nelson, Whitney Carlstone, Kelly Holton, Amber Bailey, Katey Carlson and Andi Hauk. I’ve received the most support from my incredible family though. My husband, kids, parents and extended family have always believed in me!
3) What advice would you give to a new Coach? I tell my new Coaches to use their excitement to share. Invite people to join you and encourage one another.
4) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? My husband is active duty Air Force and so we packed up the family and moved on the way to Summit and Summer camp, but I continued to invite and share and connect with my Team!
5) What is your favorite personal development book, talk or leader? And why? I developed a love for John C. Maxwell after hearing him at Summit last year.

8) Brandi Botts

Hometown: Currently living in Paso Robles, CA ; from Fort Worth, TX
Coach status: 9 Star Diamond
What year you started Coaching: January 27th, 2012

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: Passionate, Self-less, Consistent
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? You have to know that it’s not about YOU. It’s about helping other people be successful whether it’s seeing more fitness results or helping them learn to grow their businesses.
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? The ones that have had the biggest role in my journey are Mindy Wender and Amanda Arnwine. They are both incredible leaders, friends, and have always led by example.
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? Commit to being here in ONE YEAR. Push aside excuses and be in it for the long haul. The more you give the more you receive so help others even when there is nothing in return for you!
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? Some days you don’t want to show up and you would rather sleep in, but you just have to think about WHY you are doing this in the first place.
6) What is your favorite personal development book, talk or leader? And why? My favorite is the “21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John Maxwell. Ever since he spoke at Summit last year he’s been a favorite of mine.

9) Heather Foltz

Hometown: Blaine, MN
Coach status: 8 Star Diamond
What year you started Coaching: 2011

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: Authentic, Selfless, Committed
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? You need to let your guard down and accept vulnerability. Don’t focus on yourself, but on those around you. Each Coach needs to follow the three vital behaviors every day. There are always people to invite, so never limit yourself. Each day, I ask myself, “How can I help someone today?”
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? My biggest inspiration in 2013 is my good friend and 5 star Coach, Tina Gonzales. She and I have very similar personalities, drive, and goals. Watching her succeed this past year kept me on my toes and helped push me to push my Team.
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? Do not be afraid to fail. Do not be afraid of the ‘no’s’ you may receive. This will make you a better person, a better Coach, and a better leader.
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? My Diamond Coaches started falling rank and negativity and stress entered our Team. I took a step back and reached out to my Coaches and asked what their long-term goals were. Most got their Diamond rank back within a month or so by refocusing themselves. I learned to take a step back, reach out, and game plan.
6) What is your favorite personal development book, talk or leader? And why? My favorite is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. I love it because it teaches you a plan to increase likeability. Now I’m more open with people and feel more comfortable speaking.

10) Amy Silverman

Hometown: Miami, Florida (I live in Portland, Oregon)
Coach status: 5 Star Diamond
What year you started Coaching: 2011

1) Three words to describe your Coaching mentality: Balanced, Consistent & Passionate
2) What does it take to be a successful Coach? You have to really be focused on people. We have an amazing company that provides top of the line products. All we have to do is search for people to share this opportunity with. The more people you talk to on a daily basis, the more lives you’ll change and the more likely you are to find someone who will take this business to the top
3) Who has inspired/mentored you on your journey to the top? And how? Every top Coach before me has inspired me, all the founding Coaches, Superstars, Star Diamonds and friends I’ve made. My husband, Kevin Mashburn, is also one of my biggest mentors/motivators. He’s my rock, my best friend, my biggest fan, business partner and I couldn’t be more proud of how far he’s come on his journey as well.
4) What advice would you give to a new Coach? Make your top priority other people and adding value to their lives. Take it easy, relax, and don’t overthink things. Have fun, make mistakes and let loose.
5) Did you hit any roadblocks last year? How did you overcome them? Life is always throwing curve balls at you. I expect roadblocks, I welcome them and I overcome them. The key is to equip yourself mentally so you can continue to do what you set out to do no matter what. Also, remember that nothing happens “to you”— you happen to life. You have a job to do.
6) What is your favorite Personal Development book, talk or leader? And why? “The Secret” was a game changer for me. I truly feel the universe is the biggest tool you can have in your tool box. Once you tap into positivity and the law of attraction, life just becomes easy, fun and exciting. You attract what you put out.


Top Tips from the new Top 10

What does it take to become one of Beachbody’s rockstar Coaches? Why not find out from the crème de la crème of the Coaching ranks—the Top 10 themselves! We asked each of our newly-crowned Elite Top Ten: What’s the one thing you did last year that got you into the Top 10?”, and they responded with these little nuggets of greatness.

Lindsay Matway, 2013 Top Coach
“If I had to choose just ONE thing, it was coming up with an easy system to help my new Coaches get started in MY challenge. Then I made them go out and run their own. It made it much less intimidating and helped them have early wins to build their confidence as new business owners!

The key to getting your Team to progress from there is to focus on what THEY really want, and WHY they want it. At that point, give them a step-by-step process on what it will take to reach those goals. Then, create a clear vision for them of what their new life can look like. NOTHING will get them more fired up and ready to go outside their comfort zones for change!”

Melanie Mitro
“I focused on developing a training system that could be duplicable by the rising stars in my organization. I feel that the personal touch of getting on the phone with my Team made a huge difference, too. The more hands on you can be; the greater success you will have!”

Jenelle Summers
“First, I started strong—that really set the pace for the whole year. Next, I turned down certain opportunities so I could stay focused and not feel overwhelmed by what I had on my plate. Lastly, I launched the Coach Basics trainings with my Coaches. It made a huge impact!”

Scott Hobbs
“DISCIPLINE. I believe that out of all the success principles I’ve learned, discipline in my daily activity is the one thing that got me to the Top 10. I’ve also conditioned myself to DO IT no matter how I feel. I read Personal Development books or watch Personal Development videos on YouTube until I feel it. Then I put in the hustle.”

Amber Scott
“First, I learned from every mistake I made. I never beat myself up and didn’t let the mistakes stop me from moving forward. I also spent time reflecting on what was working. This allowed me to continually fine tune processes and ideas. As a result, my welcome process, sign-up process, training, Challenge Group experience, and Team culture all improved.”

Meghan Wiczynski
“Personal Development. It’s one of those things that’s easy not to do because you don’t see any repercussions of not doing it. However, if you DO it, you see changes almost immediately—the way you handle situations, treat others, respond to customers. Personal Development kept my head in the game through a year with some crazy ups and downs.”

Lauren Duke
“The one thing that encompasses so many activities is consistency. No matter what was going on or where we were, I was consistent with checking in, inviting, sharing, and being available. My Team, customers, and challengers appreciated that and knew they could always count on me.” 

Brandi Botts
“I feel God had a lot to do with it, but my sole focus last year was on helping my Team be successful. I really feel that’s the only way you can be in the Top 10. It’s all about your Team and helping them learn to duplicate what you have done.”

Heather Foltz
“The biggest thing I did was not focus on ME. I focused more on how I could help my Coaches reach their monthly goals. I made sure they were getting started right in their businesses and setting goals right off the bat. I also had them start Challenge Groups and made sure they knew I was there for them. It made such a huge difference to be selfless.“

Amy Silverman
“I made it non-negotiable for all the Coaches on my Team to hit Success Club. I also let them know this is a brick-by-brick business and it starts with consistency. The bottom line is, if you’re not focusing on helping your Team succeed and growing their paychecks, you need to start now.”



21 Reasons to Try The 21 Day Fix™

Need a reason to try Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix? How about 21 reasons? Using simple portion control and effective 30-minute workouts, The 21 Day Fix is designed for real people trying to lead a healthy lifestyle in the real world. Read on to learn why you don’t want to miss out on Beachbody’s newest program!

21 Day Fix is the first Beachbody program to place equal emphasis on nutrition and exercise. It’s simple. It’s straightforward. And it was created with two main goals in mind: to help you lose weight and get fit—fast.

If that doesn’t hook you, we have 21 more reasons to love the newest addition to the Beachbody family:

1. Rapid Results in just three weeks – Who says you have to bust your butt all spring to get a bathing-suit-ready body? 21 Day Fix is designed to help you lose up to 15 pounds in just 21 days. Slim down and tone up in under a month!

2. No room for nonsense – The most simplistic Beachbody program ever, 21 Day Fix is designed for actual people who don’t have time for complicated food math, or lengthy exercise regimens. Using portion control and effective 30-minute workouts, this program is easy to get on and stay on—even after your 21 days!

3. Shakeology’s new best friend- Already a Shakeology lover? You don’t have to miss out on your daily dose of dense nutrition with this program. It’s integrated right into the meal plan!

4. Give calorie counting the boot – Say goodbye to the labors of counting calories. Complete with seven food-storage containers specifically designed to measure correct food portions, this program let’s you ditch the calculator so you can spend more time enjoying your food!

5. Save BIG on the Challenge Pack Promotion – Save $20 off your Challenge Pack when you buy in February. Our Challenge Pack is reduced from $160 to $140 and makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for yourself and your loved ones!

6. Eat what you want – Lose weight by eating the right serving sizes—not by eliminating your favorite foods. Finally, a fitness program where you can have your wine and chocolate, and eat it, too!

7. FREE shipping for the month of February (Base Kit) – Need we say more? Rescue your waistline and your pocketbook by taking advantage of this limited-time, free-shipping offer.

8. Easy-to-follow workouts – Fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese’s 30-minute, total-body workouts have no complicated dances moves or choreography, so people at any fitness level can start the program and wind up a workout champion! 

9. Modification for every move – Autumn’s workouts are designed to get your body moving while keeping you injury free. Whether you’re ready to push harder or need a modification, she provides the option you need so you get the workout you want.

10. No complicated recipes or weird food ingredients – 21 Day Fix is designed to help you make smarter choices about real food—none of that funky stuff you have to buy at a health food store. By eating your food in a smart way, you’ll set the routine for healthy eating habits that are sustainable for life.

11. A trainer you can relate to – A single mom, Autumn understands that real people don’t have time for complicated fitness and diet regimens. Workout with a trainer who understands what will work out for you.

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12. All of these testimonials are amazing reasons:

    Chelsea O. – Lost 10 lbs. & 14 “Finishing the Fix, I don’t think I have ever felt this healthy, this strong, this accomplished in my entire life. I’m going to look my best on my wedding day and that is the biggest gift I could have ever received.”

13. Neil B. – Lost 11 lbs. & 9″ “I went from 168 to 157. To be able to do that in 21 days was amazing. I feel light. I feel fresh. I feel renewed. The 21 Day Fix, it’s my new secret weapon.”

14. Mary C. – Lost 64 lbs. & 57” “The way I look and the energy I have is just fantastic. I feel like I’m at least 20 years younger. It’s never too late to lose the weight. 21 Day Fix has definitely changed my life.”

15. Deon C – Lost 111 lbs. & 58” “After completing the 21 Day Fix and achieving my results, I will continue to do the 21 Day Fix for as long as I live. I’m not stopping. It changed my life. It saved my life.”

16. Beachbody Co-founder and CEO, Carl Daikeler, even got amazing results! – Lost 12 lbs. “I was blown away at my 12-lb. weight loss and visible transformation in 21 days!”

17. Restaurant guide included – There’s no need to give up your social life in the name of weight loss. Using the 21 Day Fix Restaurant Guide, you’ll learn how to make smart choices while dining out with friends and family.

18. 21 days to a free t-shirt – Enter The Beachbody Challenge to get a free t-shirt and a chance to win up to $100,000! A shot at big money prizes and an ability to wear your hard-earned effort (literally) on your sleeve? Don’t pass this opportunity up.

19. Containers are perfect for meals on-the-go – Don’t let travel get in the way of your healthy eating. Your seven, perfectly portioned food containers are BPA free, DEHP free, top-rack dishwasher safe, and microwaveable, making them perfect to take to work or on your next vacation.

20. Keep cooking for your family – Unlike other diet plans that have you eating pre- packaged meals or unpalatable dishes, 21 Day Fix let’s you eat real food, including the recipes you cook for your family. As long as your portions fit in your containers, you can still enjoy chowing down with the people you love.

21. Stay on track with the post-FIX maintenance guide – The hardest part about getting fit is staying fit. With the 21 Day Fix maintenance guide, you’ll be able to keep those hard earned results long after bathing suit season is over.

Need more details about the program and the February Challenge Pack offer? Visit 21DayFix.com and FAQ 9728 in the Coach Online Office.