Maximizing The Team Cup

Maximizing the Team Cup - Bonnie Engle, 2-Time Top 10 Elite Coach


How can you maximize the enormous opportunities a Team Beachbody Cup month brings? You soak up the sought-after advice of someone like 15 Star Diamond Coach, Bonnie Engle. From preparing for the Cup to transitioning your Challengers coming out of the competition, Bonnie’s tangible tips and best practices will help you lead your team with confidence. Take some notes—and rock Cup month like never before!

Q. Why is it important for a Coach to participate in Team Cup?
Team Cup rewards the exact activities that create a successful Coach business. It’s super important that you not only participate, but be the leader of a team. Getting involved with other like-minded Coaches for one common goal is a great way to light the fire. The camaraderie and healthy competition is amazing for growth. Next, it’s essential to get connected. It’s good for newer Coaches to get busy making friendships, forming success groups and brainstorming with other Coaches. It’s also awesome for morale and momentum. Finally, getting prizes for activities we should already be doing isn’t so bad either!

Q. What do you do to prepare yourself and your Downline for Cup months?  
Preparing for the Cup is crucial. First, I do a Team call the week before sign up to ease confusion and increase excitement. I highlight some of the prizes, rules, team sizes and ideas to get everyone’s wheels turning. Then, I grab information from the team cup website and FAQ’s from the back office and post them on my team page. Additionally, I help my Coaches assemble their teams by creating a thread in my team page designed to pair people up. Lastly, I start a google or word doc and update the scores weekly so we can have a leaderboard on our team page for extra motivation.

Q. How do you align your individual business goals with your Cup team goals? 
My secret is I run my business every month like it’s a cup month. My goal is always to get my personal best in Success Club points and start each month by making three simple lists. First, I make a follow-up list of all the people in my network who have either said no, not right now, or haven’t given me an answer. Next, I do a new contact list of people who would benefit from a healthy positive change. Last, I make list of current or previous Challengers. During a Team Cup month, I share these tips with my Team and also make sure to check in with them daily.

Q. What are some daily activities that you do to help you reach those goals?
Success in this business isn’t about grand, big actions; it’s about focusing on the little, everyday, consistent ones. Every single day I add 5-10 new friends or contacts to social media. I go to their account, ask a question, engage and show interest. You have to be more interested than interesting. I also make sure to post 3-5 times per day and add value. This is vital—especially before a Team Cup. Lastly, I follow up even when I don’t want to. You have to be brave enough to reach out daily—even if it’s outside of your comfort zone.

Q. How do you transition your new Challengers coming out of the Cup?
At the end of each Challenge Group, I offer a few options that provide ongoing support for my Challengers. For example, on day 30, I reach out individually to each Challenger and ask if they want to continue on Shakeology and receive a discount. If they are doing great in their Challenge Group, I ask if they would like to become a Coach on the Team. The Team Cup is such a wonderful way to push your momentum forward; not taking advantage of the opportunity would be silly!

Q. As a leader—if I engage in Team Cup, what can I expect?
  I love the quote, “leadership is simply being the one who runs fast enough to be ahead of your Team.” That means if you expect your Coaches to be involved in Team Cup, you need to be involved, too. It’s a game changer, and my business wouldn’t be where it is today without it. Your relationships will bloom, your connection to the business will increase like crazy, and the fire will be lit for you and your Team. If you want to start 2017 the best way possible, don’t walk, RUN to register for Team Cup and bring your whole Team with you!  

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