Cruise into the Tropics in 2016!

S.S. Beachbody Setting Sail March 2016

Crank up the reggae jams, Coaches! The 2016 Success Club Cruise is officially on course for Falmouth, Jamaica and the private island of Labadee, Haiti.

Look up 'chilling out' in the dictionary and you'll probably see these two incredible islands. White-sand beaches. Shady palm trees. Breathtaking scenery. Can you say double shot of paradise?

Expect the extraordinary. Six days. Five nights. More picture-perfect memories than you can imagine. In other words, commit March 12-17, 2016 to the calendar pronto.

BIG expectations
"This is by far the grandest Success Club event in Beachbody® history," says Kelli Gilbert, Vice President, Beachbody Global Events. "And having one of the world's largest cruise ships dedicated to just Coaches is going to make for a thrilling experience."

Kelli's not kidding; Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas is one massive ship. 21 ways to get your feet wet. 24 dining options. 2,700 cabins. Nothing short of a floating five-star hotel.

What's there to do on board, you ask? Let's dive in.

An ocean of options
To say you'll have a wide array of activities to choose from is an understatement. Join in an epic workout with our celebrity trainers. Enjoy complimentary shows in the first-ever amphitheater at sea. Melt your stress away at the Vitality Spa.

And for those who seek a little adventure? Glide down the world's longest zip line over water. Experience pure exhilaration aboard your personal Wave Jet watercraft. Double your excitement with two surf simulators and rock-climbing walls.

Add in a full-sized basketball court, ice-skating rink, mini-golf course, plus lots of exciting activities for the kids, and you'll never spend a single moment bored on board.

Excursions, anyone?
First stop: Falmouth. Situated on the north coast of Jamaica, Falmouth will offer you and your Team plenty of wondrous things to see and do. River bamboo raft rides. Arts and crafts shopping. Horseback riding. Wilderness and wildlife tours. The list goes on.

And what's on the agenda in beautiful Labadee, Haiti? Basically everything.

Soar 400 feet above the peninsula on a thrilling parasail ride. Paddle on a kayaking tour while you learn about the Haitian culture. Shop for handmade local artwork. There's truly something for everyone.

Or if you're in the mood to simply unwind with your Team, you can savor some signature frozen drinks while relaxing in a shady hammock. Either way, it's your own personal paradise; enjoy it as you wish.

Celebrate your success
We haven't even mentioned one of the biggest perks of all: you'll have a well-deserved chance to celebrate your accomplishments with fellow Beachbody Coaches!

The 2016 Success Club trip will serve as a reminder of how hard you worked throughout the year—and how many people you helped to achieve their goals. You'll also have an opportunity to share best practices and get advice from an Elite panel of Coaches.

So how can you plan for prosperity and get on board the S.S. Beachbody?

It all starts with Success Club
As you earn Success Club points throughout the year, you'll be able to turn them into Cruise Dollars for the trip. But what's even cooler is that during the month of January, you can double your dollars! Pretty cool reason to start the year off strong.

Here's a quick breakdown of how it works:

  • Earn $5 in Cruise Dollars for every Success Club point in 2015 if you have NOT qualified for Success Club
  • Earn $10 in Cruise Dollars for every Success Club point in 2015 if you HAVE qualified for Success Club
  • Maximum amount of cruise dollars that can be earned is $1,150
  • Non-Refundable Deposit Collected at Registration: $300

Ready to set sail for success? Lock in your space at and click 'Register Now'. Rooms are only available on a first come, first serve basis so you'll need to act fast.

Here is the registration schedule:

2014 Elite Coaches Friday, January 9, 2015 9:00am PT –
Saturday, January 10, 2015 11:59pm PT
2014 Premier & 5 Star Diamond and Above Coaches Saturday, January 10, 2015 9:00am PT –
Saturday, January 10, 2015 11:59pm PT
General Registration Monday, January 12, 2015 9:00am PST

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. When the ship leaves the dock, we want to see YOU on it!


Inside 21 Day Fix® EXTREME

Ready for your new Fix, Coaches? Say hello to 21 Day Fix® EXTREME. The latest creation from the princess of portion control, Autumn Calabrese, is the perfect program to help you reach your heath and business goals in 2015. Want to stay ahead of the game before the big launch? Let Autumn train your brain and get you up to speed on the program. As Autumn says, “It’s time to get serious!”


How would you describe 21 Day Fix® EXTREME?
I created this program to get you seriously shredded in the shortest time possible. It’s a breakthrough 21-day fitness and nutrition program that combines simple portion control, focused nutrition, and extreme 30-minute workouts to help you finally get the lean, defined, hard body you’ve always wanted.
What inspired you to create this program?
21 Day Fix® is helping so many people transform their diet and fitness, but I wanted to step it up a notch—or two! My goal is to challenge people to push past their comfort zone and see just how far they can take their body in 21 days.
What are your favorite aspects of this program?
Tough question because there are so many things I'm excited about. I love that all the programs use weights and/or a resistance band. I'm also really excited to offer two new and different meal plans depending on how hard someone wants to push it.
Who are the ideal candidates for this program and why would they benefit from it?
21 Day Fix EXTREME is for people with a dramatic short-term weight loss deadline like a big event, vacation or photo shoot. It’s also for 21 Day Fix graduates or graduates of other extreme programs like P90X®, INSANITY® and FOCUS T25®. The next group is those who don’t have much weight to lose, but just want to shred up and see their abs. Lastly, this program is for people who don't want to count calories, weigh their food or follow complicated recipes. It was designed to make losing weight and getting shredded simple. Just follow the Extreme Eating Plan and get ready to see serious results!
How would you describe the workouts compared to 21 Day Fix?
The workouts are similar in that they’re all 30 minutes. With EXTREME, I kept the basic movement patterns, but they’re a lot more challenging. I'm pushing you through every single one. We use weights in everything but yoga and the breaks in between intervals are shorter. There’s still a modifier though which I think is very important.
We heard talk about the Countdown to Competition meal plan. What is it?
It’s my secret to shed fat and lean out every inch of my body. When you have to look great and have only 21 days to do it, this is the plan for you. I follow it when a big competition or photo shoot is coming up. It's a tough mental challenge, but so worth it.

From Resolutions to Results


If you want to take 2015 by storm, it’s going to take some inspiration. That’s why we’ve called upon five people who are no strangers to lofty aspirations; our esteemed Celebrity Trainers. They know what it takes to recalibrate goals, fine-tune focus, and turn New Year’s resolutions into big-time results.

So get ready to train your brain and catapult your business to new heights!

Chalene Johnson

What are some of your goals for 2015?
To help people see the value of Personal Development. When we work on ourselves from the inside out, the outside is so much easier! I also want to continue helping people develop their businesses and learn social media.

What’s your best advice for sticking to New Year’s resolutions?
Pick a resolution that matches your current priorities; then make it a public promise.

Autumn Calabrese

What’s your best advice for sticking to New Year’s resolutions?
You should be working on goals all year—no matter what. Having smaller goals gives you a chance to celebrate the little steps that it takes to achieve that bigger goal.

Sagi Kalev

What are some of your goals for 2015?
To keep growing as a teacher and as a student. I also want to make an impact on the way children are eating in schools, and to do something that’s never been done before!

What’s your best advice for sticking to New Year’s resolutions?
You have to create goals, declare them and share them with someone who can help hold you accountable. You have to be crystal clear about your vision, because a man or woman without a vision is lost. Look at the previous year and ask yourself what can you do this year to become a better person than last year.

Leandro Carvalho

What are some of your goals for 2015?
I want to move my fitness studio in NYC to a bigger and better facility.

What’s your best advice for sticking to New Year’s resolutions?
Everyone knows themselves better than anybody else, so just be true to yourself, and you can always find things you can do better.

Shaun T

What are some of your goals for 2015?
To space out my obligations and events so I don’t get too worn out and tired by the end of the year. I want to make sure I have enough energy left over.


2015 According to Carl


Hey Coach,

You are a hero, a very big deal. And more and more, your role in the community is going to be a recognized and significant part of our culture; The Beachbody Coach.

I read a study recently that said Nurses and Pharmacists are the two most trusted professionals in our communities  (Car Salesman and Congress were the least). My goal, as we get closer and closer to a million coaches, is that “Beachbody Coach” will someday be listed at the top of that poll.

But that is up to you, and how you approach the business. Last year was a big year for us, but this year, 2015, we need to recommit to truly helping people, and achieving our growth from that perspective. That is where success is. And that’s what this year is about.  Building trust. Compelling people to get started on their transformation by showing them it matters, and inspiring people with your own actions.

When you post about this super nutrition shake you’re drinking and workouts you’re doing every day, people are watching. They are looking to see if you follow through, if you care about the people you support, or if you are merely selling. Your posts about “leg day,” or “what your INSANITY MAX Out time was” or how many chocolate cookies fit into “the yellow container” are being read by someone, and they are seeing how positive and invigorating you are, and you are having an impact.

That impact helped push our company past the billion dollar mark in 2014. And the crazy thing is, we are just getting started!

Over 200 million people in North America are overweight and many are truly, deeply suffering because of it.  The good news is that we have seen time and time again that there is someone who can reach these people, someone who can spark their belief that they can change, and someone who can inspire them and guide them on a journey towards a better life.

That person in your community is not the nurse, or the pharmacist… That person is YOU…a Beachbody Coach.

Our mission is not to be the company that generates the most revenue or the greatest networkers. Our mission is to help more people achieve their goals and lead healthy fulfilling lives. We do that by being the ones who stop and show people they matter, starting with you, and then radiating your experience to people around you. Every one matters. That’s why we need to recommit to helping people – compelling them – to get started. Their health matters. It matters so much, and it matters right this second.

Why would we let someone who tells us they are “tired of feeling sick and tired” get away with delaying a choice to fix it, when we know how incredible it feels to make progress? We won’t let them delay, not without a fight. This year we focus on showing people the time to start is now. That means the time to help them is now. That is more important than anything else, more important than what rank you are achieving or how much income you are making. This is how we build influence in our communities.

Wait a second. Yeah, rank and revenue matter, but rank and revenue are not the goal, they are the result of the goal. The goal is to HELP A NEW PERSON ACHIEVE THEIR GOAL TO LEAD A MORE HEALTHY, FULFILLING LIFE.

When you hear about the evolution of our company and new products coming out this year, your heart rate is going to spike. I know you always hear me say that, but it’s more true this time than ever.  But that’s all the sizzle. The real meat of the matter is the work of talking to people. Engaging with them. And reminding them: They matter.

Let’s build the trust all around us, show people that they matter, and remind ourselves of how good it feels to matter to somebody.  This is how we change lives; through fitness, nutrition, rewards, and the kind of peer support that shows people, THEY MATTER.

I believe this is going to be a big year – because WE WILL MAKE IT SO. The demand for what we do is out there – big time! But we have to shake the status quo to wake people up in a way that is bigger than sales or company success. It’s the success of the customer that matters. So let’s kick off this year with a recommitment to build trust, to be the ones that show people they matter, and with that, our momentum will continue in the RIGHT direction!

Every one matters! You matter. Your coaches, customers and prospects matter. And more than ever, your efforts this year – MATTER!

Let’s do this!



Aligning Goals for 2015

Aligning Goals for 2015

Ready to make this your best and most fulfilling year ever? It all starts with one little word: goals! That’s why we brought in the wonder woman of goal setting, 11 Star Diamond Coach, Barbie Decker. Barbie’s unique perspective will help you and your Team set clear, concise and attainable goals in no time. Make it your first goal to soak up every single word of her wisdom!


Q. When did you start determining your 2015 goals? What does that process look like?

A. In December, my Diamond and Star Diamond Coaches and I go through Darren Hardy’s workbook, Design Your Best Year Ever. The process invites us to see what worked and what didn’t, and also to determine our priorities and dreams for the coming year. Then, we set big, meaningful goals. In general though, evaluating my goals is a year-long process, not just something I do toward the end of the year.


Q. With a larger Team, how do you help Coaches make specific and achievable goals?
A. I invite my Diamond and Star Diamond Coaches to use the Darren Hardy workbook and post their answers in our private Facebook group. The workbook explains how to break down big goals into manageable action items with deadlines. Once the leaders have specific goals, they pass them on to the other members of the Team. I also hold Team calls on goal setting and for creating a clear, achievable action plan. I repeat this process throughout the year.

Q. Coaches don’t often align activities with goals—how do you help them?
A. I mentor Coaches through the following series of questions: What are your top three goals for the next three months? What activities are you doing to get there? Are these activities going to get you where you want to be in your desired time frame? If not, what do you need to start doing? My mentorship may take the form of one-on-one calls, group zoom calls, larger Team calls, or emails.

Q. How do you decide what your Team goals should be?
A. First, I set Team goals and share them with my leaders. These may include total number of members, Star Diamond Coaches or Elite Coaches we want to add to the Team. Second, I communicate the vision by saying, “Let’s go for this goal this year. Who’s in?” Overall, it’s a continuous, year-long process of Facebook posts, group calls, and personal mentorship.

Q. How do you reverse engineer to establish the path for a big goal you’ve set?
A. Let’s say your goal is Star Diamond. First, make a list of compelling reasons you want it. Next, brainstorm a list of specific things you can do to achieve it like sponsoring X number of Coaches, holding Emerald to Diamond boot camps, or holding Team calls. Then chunk your list into categories like recruiting, group training, and personal mentorship. Last but not least, transfer these activities to your weekly calendar and review your goals weekly.

Q. What are some of your personal business goals for 2015?
A. I’m looking to achieve 15 Star in one of my business centers and 10 Star in another. I also want to help five more Personally-Sponsored Coaches reach 5 Star Diamond.

Q. What advice would you give to a brand new Diamond Coach?
A. Don’t keep the business opportunity to yourself! Share it as the blessing and golden opportunity that it is. Boldy share your dreams and realize that by talking about the business with others, you’re giving them a chance to change their lives.

Q. Best advice you can offer other Coach leaders as we kick off 2015? 
A. Operate from a spirit of abundance. Remember to share your best practices—and also your struggles. We all grow from this collaborative movement. Together we really are stronger!