Balancing Your Busy Schedule


Ready to make 2017 your most productive year ever? It all starts with learning how to effectively leverage your time. That’s why we’ve brought in 11 Star Diamond Coach and time management maven, Jessica Bowser Nelson. Jessica’s sound advice and best practices will help you get everyone incredible results with the Beachbody Health Bet and will create some serious momentum for the New Year!

Q. Why is it so important to hit the gas in January?
January is a huge month in the health and fitness industry—people love a clean slate on day one. Those Coaches who put their foot down, focus and go, will have the most impact and set their entire year up for success. You have to keep your foot on the gas pedal though—that’s the best way to see perpetual growth and put the compound effect into action. When you take your foot off, you begin to coast. Consistently doing the small things daily will get you there.

Q. How do you balance your time between Challenge Groups, like the Beachbody Health Bet, and running your business?
Be clear on what matters most and make those things your priority. I make sure I’m touching all key areas of my life that matter every day. My husband matters. My Challengers and Coaches matter. My dreams matter. Sharing and inviting matters. My sense of balance comes from giving my time to things that matter most. I can’t solely focus on Challenge Groups or the Beachbody Health Bet or other things will suffer. But, if I don’t invest in my business daily, it will suffer. I keep a daily task sheet and never go to bed without completing each of those tasks.

Q. What do you do to stay focused on your goals during busy months?
Busy months actually help me focus more and accomplish things faster. Parkinson’s Law states that ‘work expands to the time allotted’. When you decide you simply have to get something done, you fit it in no matter what. I focus on the mission and do the important things first, like inviting and following up. Basically, I do the toughest things first and the busy work last. (Eat that frog!) I always encourage my Team to do the same.

Q. What do you do to inspire your Team to kick off the New Year with momentum?
Consistency is vital to creating and maintaining momentum. For example, when I started as a Coach, I didn’t have visible results and was scared to talk to people. However, I was consistent in doing the non-glamorous, anti-instant gratification work. I share this idea with my Team on a regular basis. We maintain our momentum because we do the small tasks every day. I also make sure to lead from the front. If I want my Coaches to help more people, I make it a point to help more people.

Q. Why is it important to create a rewarding environment with your Challenge Groups?
People like to be rewarded and recognized. That positive feeling makes them want to participate and that leads directly to results. I keep my Challengers engaged by encouraging, tagging, adding value, being vulnerable, and just being human. I find the more real I am, the more real my Challengers will be, too. For instance, if I struggle, I share it. If it took me eight hours of mental dialogue to finally press play, I share it. That’s how I help my Challengers the most.

Q. What daily activities did you do during the last Beachbody Health Bet that proved effective?
First, I logged my workouts and Shakeology into my Beachbody Health Bet group on My Challenge Tracker. Second, I did a ‘get-your-day-started-right’ post that focused on Personal Development. Think motivation, mindset, and encouragement all wrapped into one. Third, I set aside a few minutes in the morning to like, comment and encourage all of my Challengers. I also checked everyone’s stats to make sure they had the required log-ins. Finally, I posted photo ideas to help my Challengers get creative with their posts.

Q. How do you use the Beachbody Health Bet to help your customers and Coaches get lasting results?
I heard a great stat that people who check-in regularly have a 72% higher success rate. This is why I love the Beachbody Health Bet. People check in to win cash and are surprised how this forced consistency produces amazing habits and results beyond the month-long Challenge group. Focus on getting your Coaches to commit to this month because it will definitely impact their long-term results and longevity with Beachbody.

Finish these sentences:
Q. 2017 is going to be the year that I…
Astound myself. Thomas Edison said, “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Q. 2017 is going to be the year that my Team…
Breaks the dam. The flood is coming!