Take Your Business on the Road

Take Your Business on the Road
15 Star Diamond Coach, Anita Miron

You're all set for the ultimate summer vacation. But how can you unwind, unplug—and ensure your business is uninterrupted?

For the answer we turn to accomplished, 15 Star Diamond Coach, Anita Miron. Last year she took six trips and experienced one of her most successful years. This year, she's on pace to take 12 more!

Anita's proven techniques will help you seamlessly stay on track during any getaway, including a major event like Coach Summit 2015. Read on.

Describe your overall philosophy for taking vacations…

I do not believe that you should work your regular hours while on vacation. You must show your Coaches that it's possible to have freedom in your business and that you are able to shut down. The key to a successful vacation isn't about what you do during, before, or after, it's about the work you put in all year long.

What goes into pre-planning for a trip?

I let my Coaches know that I will be out of town and that they can rely on the FAQs on our Inspire Empire Team page. I ask one of my leaders to operate our Team calls, check in with my challengers and offer motivation. I also make sure my Coach Basics and Push Groups to Diamond groups are all wrapped up and completed before I leave. I need to know everyone has graduated and feels confident without me.

How do you pre-plan before Summit?

I get in touch with all my Coaches who are moving their businesses forward to see if they need help with anything. I check to see if I've secured my own personal Success Club goals and that I'm on track in regards to recruiting challengers and Coaches. I also make sure I have a full pipeline of conversations going so that while I'm at Summit, I can quickly check my emails and continue our conversations through the event.

What goals do you set before you leave for a vacation?

I work a few extra hours a week beforehand and focus on achieving the goals I need for the month. It has a lot to do with the time of the month that the trip takes place. For example, if it's the beginning of the month, I wait until I return home. If the vacation is in the middle of the month, I stay focused on the front and end of the month.

How do you handle communications with your Team while you're away?

It's important to unplug during vacations, but you never want to let your foot off the pedal 100%. I recommend setting aside 10-20 minutes each morning on your trip to quickly return emails and messages that are urgent or time sensitive. I always leave follow-ups for when I return home.

Do you post on social media?

I operate on social media the same way I would normally; I just post about my vacation instead. I let my social media following know ahead of time that they will see my vacation posts rather than my usual motivational posts on fitness or nutrition. I always tie into my posts that I'm able to take these trips because I worked hard in my business and have afforded myself this freedom.

How do you keep your business in motion while you're at Summit?

Summit requires your full attention so I take one hour in the morning to answer emails, messages and make a quick check in to my Challenge Groups. I don't invite or add to my network. I focus on my Coaches for the remainder of the day. It's not every day I get to spend so much time with them!

Any advice for new Coaches going to Summit?

You need to post at least three times a day on social media. Describe what you're experiencing with LIVE workouts and the time you're spending with your Team. This is a great opportunity to inspire someone to join your Team since they will see that you've made a personal and financial investment in your business. It's your chance to lead by example!


Your Summit Game Plan

Coach Summit 2015

From the moment you touch down in Nashville, you won't have a single moment to waste. Workshops. Workouts. Parties. It'll be a whirlwhind of activity, and that's why we've put together a detailed itinerary, your go-to guide to all the can't-miss experiences. Behold, your Summit 2015 game plan!

Get more at the CORE

With longer hours and more gorgeous apparel than ever before, the CORE is destined to be a Summit hot spot. Over 240 new apparel styles. Exclusive Summit T-shirts. Clearance items up to 80% off. The CORE has something for everyone. Want to win a private shopping experience for you and a guest? Post a photo of yourself in Beachbody apparel to your Instagram or Twitter account and include #SweatInStyleSweeps (by July 9th) and you could win exclusive access to our most amazing megastore yet!

The hottest parties

It's no secret that Summit is the place for some of the most memorable parties in Beachbody® history. Case in point? Wednesday's Elite reception at the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum. Then, Friday kicks off with the Americana-themed Stars, Stripes & Success, Success Club Reception followed by our 2 Star Diamond "Light up the Night" Reception along the Riverfront.

Be a part of the biggest superworkout ever!

The energy and excitement will be contagious, as Team Beachbody will see thousands of Coaches shut down Broadway for one of the biggest group workouts of all time at Saturday's 'Super Workout' – and everyone's invited! Join the masses so you'll be able to say you took part in a truly historic moment.

Download the Summit app

Say hello to your all-inclusive, one-stop communication guide for the entire event. The Summit App includes agendas, keynote speaker information, updates, maps to help you navigate the Nashville Summit landscape—basically everything you and your Team need to stay connected. Download the app by clicking https://crowd.cc/s/4CMk from your mobile browser or search your app store for "Team Beachbody." Blackberry or Windows user? View the event at https://crowd.cc/summit2015.

Train your brain

If you're serious about building your business, don't miss the information-packed Summit workshops. This rare opportunity to learn from the best of the best is one of the biggest perks of the entire event. Expect an amazing agenda that includes training on how to be a top performing leader, creating high performance Coaches, leveraging the power of your story—and more. For more details, check out the Summit app.

Cool down at our two Shakeology® bars

Here's more delicious news: Summit will feature not one, but two Shakeology Bars. Stop by one of the bars (located on the 1st and 2nd Floor of Music City Center) to sample some of your favorite Shakeology flavors—even venture into the vegan world if you haven't already. Hang out with your Team and enjoy the healthiest meal of the day!

Be inspired like never before

One of the most powerful parts of Summit is having the opportunity to hear from some of the nation's most sought-after keynote speakers. This year is certainly no exception as you'll be wowed by words of wisdom from visionary thinker and best-selling author, Simon Sinek, as well as one of America's top photographers and publishers, Dewitt Jones. Get ready to soak up all their knowledge and creativity!

Game-changing new products launching

If you didn't already have enough to be excited for, get ready for a slew of incredible new products. You'll be mesmerized with Shaun T's dance-inspired program CIZE and Autumn Calabrese's sensational, new cookbook, FIXATE. What's more, you'll hear all about the Beachbody Performance line of supplements. You'll be armed with great, new ways to help your customers conquer their workouts and achieve results.

Sweat it up with the celebrity trainers

As a Coach you also have the unique chance to work out with your favorite Beachbody trainers—LIVE at the celebrity workouts! Doing the programs in person with the likes of Shaun T, Tony Horton, Autumn Calabrese, and Chalene Johnson is nothing short of a big-time rush. Space will fill up fast so be sure to check out the Summit selection guide for the workout schedule and register in advance.

Stop by the social media booth

Want to take a picture with life-size, cardboard versions of our celebrity trainers? Stop by the social media booth in the CORE. And remember; if you tag your photos with #CoachSummit2015, you just might show up on the big screen behind the social booth in the CORE—and on the social wall outside the CORE. Make sure to follow all our Team Beachbody channels – we're on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – so you're up to date on the happenings, contests, and giveaways during Summit.

For more information on Summit 2015 or to register, visit www.coachsummit.com.


What it Takes to Win the Cup

Team Beachbody Cup

One competition. Four weeks. Tons of fantastic prizes and business-building benefits.

We're talking, of course, about the Team Beachbody® Cup. And on August 1, thousands of Coaches will once again go all out for a chance to make history and have their names engraved on the iconic Cup.

Why is it so important to take part? "It's an awesome opportunity to get focused, push your limits and develop your business for an entire month," says 2014 Elite Coach and winning Cup Captain, Emilie Robidas. "You also make great friends and learn the power of teamwork."

Winning Team Captain Dany Basque adds, "The Cup creates serious momentum and a superior level of activity. All Coaches should participate no matter their rank."

The power of preparation

Like most things in life, success in the Team Beachbody Cup is determined by doing the groundwork. "You must have a contact list with at least 100 names of people you will get in touch with a week or two before the Cup even starts," explains Emilie. "And make sure to find people that have similar goals as you."

Emilie has advice for what to do before the competition gets rolling. "Brainstorm a Team name first," she says. "That's powerful because it builds a vision and creates Team spirit right from the start."

There's more great advice where that came from. "Hold a Team Call before the Cup even starts to build a bond," she says. "Talk about your game plan and exchange best practices, too."

It's all about setting goals

Dany understands the importance of setting goals—right from the start. "From the get go, we discuss our Team goals and our master plan of achieving the maximum amount of Success Club points," he says.

Dany makes sure his Team is focused on mini goals along the way. "Aim for the tiered prizes as the weeks advance," he advises. "Use this as a milestone in your quest to the ultimate goal of winning the Cup and also to keep motivation at its highest level."

Dany continues, "After your group page is officially open on Facebook, use video conference software to get together to talk about the Team and individual goals. That helps the entire Team strategize and stay on the same page."

And speaking of getting everyone on the same page…

Create a 'super' plan

Perhaps the best way to rally the troops? Get to the next Super Saturday on June 25th.

"Super Saturday is the ultimate way for people to get pumped up for the Cup," says Dany. "It's important to network with other Coaches and gather as much information as possible."

Dany suggests asking key Cup-based questions at the event. "I recommend asking Coaches how many invites they do a day or finding out what their best Cup-based strategy is on social media," he says. "That will definitely prepare you and get you ready to compete."

The ultimate key to victory

So after all this valuable information, what's the number one thing our Cup-winning Captains attribute to winning the competition?

"It takes a no-excuse attitude to succeed in this challenge. Both times we won; we had that positive mindset." says Dany. "But in the long run, you will see all the benefits of your hard work no matter what."

Emilie echoes those sentiments. "Working with people who force you out of your comfort zone will help you reach goals you never thought possible," she says. "With good Team synergy you can move mountains."

Don't wait, gather your Team now and starting July 20th you can register for the Cup at www.teambeachbody.com/teambeachbodycup.


Accelerating Growth After Summit

Accelerating Growth After Summit - Trina Gray, 15 Star Diamond Coach

You’ve laid the groundwork for Summit, leaders. But what about leading the charge during and after the big event? We turn to a Coach who knows a thing or two about the subject: the tireless Trina Gray. From managing your Team in Nashville to creating a strong post-Summit Action plan, Trina’s proven tips will have you heading to Nashville with confidence!

Q. How do you organize your Team to cover your bases during Summit, Trina?

A. First, we create a private Summit Rockstars Facebook page so our Coaches can communicate about sharing rooms, registering for sessions and share valuable packing tips. Next, we host a pre-summit ‘meet and greet’ to help our entire Team feel connected. Lastly, we will be hosting a Diamond hoedown on Friday evening as a way to give recognition, take pictures and have fun!

Q. How will you share breaking news after Summit with Coaches who aren’t there?

A. I often take pictures of the speaker on stage or the slide on the screen and post it on our Team page. I make a quick announcement and title it, “Breaking News from Summit.” I also do a post-Summit recap on our Diamond leader zoom and on our monthly Team call.

Q. What three things will you focus on with your Team coming out of Summit?

A. I draw inspiration from the executives and speakers and put it into action. For example, one of last year’s keynote speakers, Darren Hardy, encouraged us to embrace failure. After Summit, I spent time with my Team learning to love failure and annihilate fear. I will also strategize business goals for the second half of the year based on new skills that we learn in the trainings and incorporate new product launches that will help us grow our businesses.

Q. How do you get your Team ready to hit the ground running after Summit?

A. They are usually pumped up on their own so my role is just to help keep everyone focused. Find out what resonates with your Team. Whether it’s a product launch, a Personal Development tip, or a Challenge Group idea, pick one or two concepts and help your Coaches achieve results with them. Keep up the momentum by incorporating “nuggets” from Summit in Team calls, on your Facebook page and in your trainings. And don’t forget about the Team Beachbody Cup that kicks off August 1st! It’s a great way to rally the momentum from Summit.

Q. Any tips for running your business and leading your Team while you’re on the road?

A. l film a short, simple and energetic video each day for my Teammates and challengers. I don’t bombard them with posts; I just share one announcement or workout and let them feel my excitement. I ask for their reaction so they feel I am communicating with them—not at them.

Q. Your biggest personal Summit ‘A-ha!’ moment?

A. I flew home from my first Summit after one day because I wasn’t “all in.” I felt like a fish out of water. After I got home, I completely changed my mindset. I learned you have to focus on the people you will help inspire and transform rather than getting too caught up in the pomp and circumstance of Summit. Enjoy the lights, camera and action, then get ready to work! The real work is done when no one is looking.

Q. Why should Leaders ask their Teams to commit to Summit 2016 at this year’s event?

A. What better time to ask your Coaches to commit to next year’s Summit than at this year’s event? After all, they’re seeing, hearing and experiencing the magic firsthand and are in the heat of the action. Committing now means they will have a firm date on their calendars and be more likely to stay engaged in the business. In other words, plant the seed now and let it grow for a year.

Q. What are you looking forward to most in Nashville?

A. You mean aside from wearing cowboy boots over heels? I’m a huge fan of Simon Sinek and was mesmerized the first time I heard him speak. He’ll knock it out of the park. I’m also fired up to hug my Teammates and meet Coaches from different Teams. And I’m also excited to feel the energy and power of a company that is changing the face of our planet. I’m serious—we are!