The Lowdown On Country Heat

Country Heat - Coming Summit 2016

If you haven't heard by now, Country Heat is coming this July! This program is the perfect tool in your arsenal to get people fired up about fitness. It's got everything. Simple-to-master moves. The best country hits. And let's not forget about the body-toning benefits…


Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese knows a thing or two about getting red-hot fitness results. After all, she's the brain behind hits like 21 Day Fix® and co-creator of The Master's Hammer and Chisel. But she knows that not everyone wants to go to extremes to get fit.

Enter Country Heat. As a big-time country music fan, Autumn created Country Heat to help anyone—at any fitness level—lose weight and have a blast doing it! Autumn walks you through every move, step-by-step. Before you know it, you're swinging your hips, burning a bucket-load of calories, and toning and tightening your body.


Think Country Heat is just line dancing? Think again. Even folks who are unfamiliar with country music have become huge Country Heat fans. Not only are the moves easy to learn, but Country Heat is 30 minutes of nonstop, action-packed movement—it's a total-body sweatfest!

And Country Heat even comes with Autumn's simple portion-control container system. That way you can eat what you want—but in exactly the right portions. Her eating plan even includes a few healthy twists on delicious, down-home southern dishes!


But enough from us—here's what some of our test group folks had to say about Autumn's latest country creation.

"I feel fantastic after finishing Country Heat. I'm leaner, fitter, and more energetic!"

Briana F.
Lost 7 lbs., 5.5 inches in 30 days

"Following Autumn is easy and intuitive. She makes it fun, positive, and challenging."

Stephanie C.
Lost 11 lbs., 14 inches in 30 days

"Compared to other programs I've tried, Country Heat is less stress on my body."

Franklin B.
Lost 21.5 lbs., 16.25 inches in 60 days

"Country Heat is really fun. It actually makes me want to work out."

Jennifer R.
Lost 17.5 lbs., 27.25 inches in 60 days


Country Heat is truly a program for everyone. It's a great way to get beginners up and moving, while those who love extreme workouts can use it to spice up their fitness routines.

Ready for some hip-swinging action? Then put on your dancing shoes. Country Heat is set to fire up your results—and your business! It'll be available at Summit 2016 and online shortly after. So make sure you, your Team and your perspective customers enter your name in the email collector so you'll be the first to know when it's available.


Recognizing Team Success

Recognizing Team Success - BRIGITTE LINFORD, 15 Star Diamond Coach

There’s no better time to recognize your Team’s success than Summit month. And to help you do that we turn to a true expert on the topic: 15 Star Diamond Coach, Brigitte Linford. What specific things does she do to celebrate her Team’s achievements? How does she reward results and inspire greatness? Read on and put Brigitte’s best motivational practices to work for you!

Q. How do you motivate your Team and how do you celebrate their successes?  
One of the first books I read when I was starting as a Coach was Personality Plus. The author talks about the different personality types and how to motivate each one of them. It helps you to speak in their individual language and motivate them in a personal way. I celebrate success with hand-written thank you cards, giving Facebook recognition, sending small gifts, and private voice messages. And if a Coach is local, I like to go out to lunch with them to celebrate together.

Q. What impact has recognition had on your Team’s performance?
I think Beachbody does a great job of making Coaches feel special and appreciated. Even though I get the satisfaction of assisting others in their transformations, it feels good to know my hard work is recognized. I try to do the same with my Team. I’ve noticed that great things happen when I recognize something they do well. For example, when I celebrate members of my Team who add new Coaches, they do more of that. When I celebrate Coaches with high personal volume, that increases too.  

Q. What has been your most effective social media recognition system?
I post where my Personally-Sponsored Coaches stand with Success Club points in our private Facebook group. I celebrate when a Coach hits a new rank, earns a free ticket to Summit, or hits Success Club All Star. I also celebrate my Coaches who have over 300 Personal Volume points, and when they sign up their first Coach or customer.  

Non-social media recognition is just as important. These are the simple things that often get overlooked like sending a voice memo on Facebook to let a Coach know you can see how hard they are working, or writing a hand-written card to let someone know you’re proud of them. It’s that little extra effort that strengthens the relationship.
Q. It’s been said you should “recognize effort and reward results.” What kind of results do you reward? 
First, I’m a huge fan of getting my Team together. That’s important because it’s the relationships that keep you going when times get hard. And not just the relationships I build with Coaches, but the relationships they build with each another. Next, I hold a Diamond retreat for my Personally-Sponsored Coaches. This has been a game changer because it helps us connect as a Team. Lastly, I have a tradition to send flowers to my Diamond Coaches on the day they advance in rank.

Q. How do you systemize recognition and make it part of your Team future? 
One of the ways I’ve learned to systemize recognition is to find out what things matter most to my Coaches. I do this by having my new Coaches answer an online quiz so I know their personality type. I’ve followed Beachbody’s example and now see my leaders doing the same. Most all of my Diamond Coaches have hosted their own retreats and love to celebrate their Coaches. They’ve seen that a little appreciation goes a long way!  

Q. Any tips on recognizing a Coach who’s uncomfortable with attention?
Everyone loves to feel appreciated. When I share everything I love about a Coach in a social media post, they feel an abundance of love, not embarrassment. I’ve had shy Coaches message me after reading a post I made about them saying it made their day and how grateful they were. I’ve never had a Coach tell me they were embarrassed by a post about them!  

Q. What was your greatest recognition moment?
When I joined the Millionaire Club. Not so much for what it symbolized, but how my Team responded. They flooded my personal page with video messages and posts sharing the positive influence I’ve been in their lives, which my Sponsor Coach, Scottie Hobbs, compiled into a binder for me. It was the perfect gift because he knows how much I value words of affirmation. My Team also donated thousands of dollars to one of my favorite charities, the Make a Wish Foundation. Being able to sponsor a child’s wish is something I will never forget.