March Hotlist

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Fun fact: Did you notice Lisa’s accent? She’s Irish! Need more details? Keep reading.

March Success Club Incentives


This month we have not one, not two, BUT THREE challenge pack promotions to help your business and to get your Challenge Groups going!

As a continuation from the early release in February, the Les Mills Combat Challenge Pack Promotion is available for $140, typically retailing at $160.

Also from the Les Mills family, we have the Les Mills Pump Challenge Pack Promotion. Typically retailing at $245, this awesome package can be yours for only $180.

Lastly, to kick off your countdown to swimsuit season, get ready for a little “spring cleaning” with the Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack Promotion. This kit typically retails at $305, but this month only is yours for $275. Promote the Ultimate Reset now so you and your customers can join the “Spring Cleaning with Carl and Isabelle” as they do the Ultimate Reset starting Wednesday, April 16th.

Remember Coaches, Challenge Pack promotions aren’t just killer deals – they’re a critical tool for you to start new Challenge Groups and help people achieve their fitness goals.

For more information about the March Challenge Pack Promotions, visit the Coach Online Office: FAQ 9749


Great news! If you achieve Success Club 5 in the month of March, you’ll receive a Team Beachbody Weighted Gloves Set and a Beachbody Jump Mat – a $79.80 retail value!


March is a packed month with great Challenge Pack Promotions AND awesome product offers. Save all month long on the Ultimate Reset Kits and select Pump accessories.

Ultimate Reset Kit Offers:
Complete Kit:
$199.95 (from $229.95)
Dual Kit: $349.95 (from $399.95)
Refill Kit: $179.95 (from $199.95)
Challenge Pack: $275.00 (from $305.00)

Pump Equipment Offers:
Complete Barbell Set:
$44.50 (from $89.00)
Barbell Weights 2-5lbs: $7.58 (from $15.15)
Barbell Weights 2-10lbs: $13.20 (from $26.40)
Barbell With Speed Safety Clips: $28.45 (from $56.90)
Step With 4 Risers: $49.95 (from $99.90)
Combat Gloves: $19.98 (from $39.95)

Coach Exclusive Giveaways


COACH SUMMIT 2014During the month of March, we’re giving away a FREE TICKET TO SUMMIT 2014 each week to a Coach who listens to the National Wakeup Call live or within 24 hours to the replay.

Here’s what you need to know to participate in the giveaway:

  • Must be an active Team Beachbody Coach
  • Must listen to the live National Wakeup Call or listen to the replay within 24 hours of the actual weekly live call
  • Must call in with an unblocked phone number
  • Can only win once during the promotion
  • Ticket is transferable, nonrefundable and cannot be redeemed for any monetary amount or credit for Summit

Winners will be notified by phone each week and announced on the call the first Monday in April. Tune in this month to the National Wakeup Call for your chance to win and to hear great Summit stories and updates!

For more information visit: FAQ 9782 in the Coach Online Office


Calling all Coaches who’ve taken a crack at P90X3. This is your chance to be up front at the Tony Horton workout at Summit. You’ll be close enough to see the sweat on Tony’s forehead. Yeah, you won’t want to miss this. But first we need your ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos and a short YouTube clip. So, jog over to the Team Beachbody Coach 411 page on March 12 and enter to win. The contest ends May 18th.


Did you fall in love with Focus T25® and got amazing results? Are you thinking about starting the program but need extra incentive? This is your sign. We’re offering an exclusive Coach casting call. Enter and win a free Focus T25 “Nailed It” t-shirt, plus the chance to meet Shaun T or appear in a future Focus T25 infomercial. How do you top that?

Here’s what you need to know: Focus T25® Coach Casting Call

Product & Training Spotlight


Find it hard to get those essential daily vitamins? Starting March 13th you and your customers can sign up for a FREE trial of ActiVit®. Everyone likes free things, so take advantage! Offer expires March 31st.

For more info on ActiVit visit: //


Remember those coupons you earned in November from the Give and Receive promotion? They expire in one month! Heaven forbid they go un-redeemed. Make sure you use them before April 1st.

For more information on the terms and conditions click here: //


Have you checked off all your items on your ‘Summit To Do List’ and marked your calendars for June 19-22, 2014?
Summit To Do List:

To register or book your hotel, visit: //


Did you know the average person gets 1 interruption every 8 minutes? Of these interruptions, 80% are considered of “little or no value.” That means that approximately 3 hours per day is wasted on items that don’t get you to your goals.

Help is on the way!
Team Beachbody® Custom FranklinCovey® Training Workshop brings you The 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity: Time Management Training. This 2-day world-class training workshop will transform your life and dramatically increase your ability to achieve extraordinary outcomes in your business and personal life. Valued at $2,000, this training is available to you for only $249 and features customized workshops designed specifically for Beachbody. Sign up for a training near you!

Upcoming workshops this month:

When: March 8th – 9th (8am – 5pm)
Where: Sheraton Nashville
Downtown – 623 Union Street
Nashville, TN 37219

When: March 15th – 16th (8am – 5pm)
Where: The Westin Oaks @ The Galleria – 5011 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77056

To register or find other upcoming workshops, visit:


You’ve tweeted and commented and now the update is finally here! Tracking for your P90X3 workouts is now available on the P90X app. Don’t miss this awesome way to track your progress. Download it on your iPhone or Android today.

iPhone: //
Android: //


Your is getting bigger and better than ever. Hop over to the New Coach page and the new Recognition page for great spots to send prospective Coaches, new Coaches and folks on your Team who need a helpful breakdown.

Check out the new pages here:
New Coach Page: //
Recognition Page: //


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Content to Share


Looking for ways to give the gift of health this holiday season? Get out there on social media and start conversations. Stuck on where to start? Don’t worry we have the recipes, links and articles you need to show your social world how to celebrate AND stay healthy. So, start some healthy conversations by tweeting, posting or emailing these links to your Team and customers, and let the holiday fun begin…

From Beachbody:

  • #AskShaunT: Why Can’t I Lose Weight?
    Wondering why you’re having a hard time losing weight? Shaun T can help you figure out why. //
  • Glazed Yams with Cinnamon and Nutmeg (VEGAN option)
    Hold the marshmallows. These “candied” yams are all-natural and seriously delicious. //
  • Green Bean Casserole
    We’ll help you plan a delicious holiday meal that won’t pack on the pounds. This clean and lean version of the classic green bean casserole is even tastier than the original! //
  • Citrus-Herb Roasted Turkey
    There’s no need to smother your holiday turkey in butter. This healthy recipe gets tons of flavor from orange juice, garlic, and herbs. //

From the Shakeology Blog:

From around the web:

  • How Stressing Out Is Making You Fat #healthyholidays // via ‏@EatingWell
  • Holiday Weight Loss Tips: These holiday diet tips will allow you to eat what you want – and still lose weight. Via @Shape_Magazine //
  • Healthy Eating Tips: Party-Proof Your Diet vis @Shape_Magazine //
  • The Ultimate guide to not only surviving but thriving through the holidays: // via @WomensHealthMag
  • Make healthier decisions for a healthier you this holiday season: // via @goodhealth
  • Slash holiday stress NOW: // via @MensHealthMag
  • Turn those holiday leftovers into a healthy meal: // via @MensFitness

Look Who’s Turning Five!

Beachbody loves success stories. But after five years of unparalleled greatness, Shakeology® might just be the most powerful one of them all. In honor of its five-year anniversary, we’re pulling out all the stops. Cool tidbits, fun facts—even secrets from some Shakeology superstars of the Coaching world. Join us as we celebrate all amazing things Shakeology.

On March 15th, 2009, a star was born. It’s name? Shakeology®. And half a decade later, our favorite shake stands alone as the industry leader. It’s unrivaled in taste, texture, aroma—well, just about every major category.

Coaches love it. Customers love it. Even doctors love it. (We have the “Advice from 100 Doctors” DVD to prove it.) Why? Because it’s nutritionally superior, easily earning its reputation as the healthiest meal of the day.

Vitamins. Minerals. Phytonutrients. Antioxidants. Adaptogens. Superfoods. It’s safe to say Shakeology is unlike anything else on the market—or the planet for that matter. All in just one little scoop.

So as we celebrate the five-year anniversary of this one-of-a-kind shake, we can’t help but get a bit sentimental and look back on all the magic.

Humble beginnings
Much has happened since ingredient hunter and co-creator, Darin Olien, went all the way to the rainforests and jungles of Peru to gather the world-class ingredients behind Shakeology.

Research was done. More nutrients and superfoods were added. And let’s not forget about the fantastic flavors that grew the Shakeology family.

Here’s a quick snapshot of when all your favorites came on the scene:

  • March, 2009: Launch of Chocolate and Greenberry 
  • February, 2012: Launch of Tropical Strawberry Vegan
  • June, 2012: Launch of Chocolate Vegan 
  • June, 2013: Long-awaited launch of Vanilla 
  • January, 2014: Launch of Strawberry and the Triple Combo Box

While we’re taking a stroll down memory lane, here are a few more memorable dates in Shakeology’s rich history:

  • June, 2009: Launch of the ever-popular Shakeology Facebook page
  • August, 2012: 100,000 people on Home Direct
  • August, 2012: Shakeology canisters introduced
  • September, 2013: Launch of the Taste Sampler
  • November, 2013: 4,000,000 bags/boxes sold since launch

The healthiest five-year-old on the block
Even more important than the numbers is that Shakeology has greatly improved the health of so many people—in so many different ways.

We took to social media to hear how it helped people achieve better health over the years. Here are a few of the most compelling responses from the #ShakeologyHelpedMe campaign:

“Lost almost 40 pounds.”   – Cheryl H.

“Stopped my senseless eating of chocolates, cakes, and pies.”   – Jamikia Y.

“Gave up coffee and energy drinks.”   – Todd M.

“Have clear skin.”    – Mandy B.

“Corrected my poor sleeping pattern.”   – Sylvia D.

It’s true; Shakeology has changed lives in profound ways. But what about the people closest to the brand, our Coaches?

Sharing and caring
We asked some of our shake-savvy Coaches to share the ways Shakeology has impacted their lives and businesses:

6 Star Diamond Coach, Seay Stanford, shared how she gets her Challenge Group participants to drink Shakeology every day. “I tell them, ‘Shakeology is your secret weapon. It helps you recover from your workouts faster, plus you’re getting a day’s worth of vitamins and nutrition in one meal. It also helps eliminate cravings, and most of all, you won’t feel like giving up!’”

15 Star Diamond Elite Coach, Melanie Mitro, shared the best results she heard from someone. “I had a customer who said that after drinking Shakeology consistently, she finally had the energy to get through her day and chase her small children around.”

Coach, Cindy Denief shared how she ensures a prospective customer has a great experience the first time they try Shakeology. “I like to learn what their guilty pleasure is. If they love dessert, I include recipes for treats, baked goods, and quick puddings.”

1 Star Diamond Coach, Ashton Meyer, shared the way she describes Shakeology to potential customers. “I ask people, ‘Why wouldn’t you want to provide the best nutrition for your body and fuel it with energy? Why wouldn’t you want to get all your servings of fruits and veggies in one meal that tastes like a treat!’?”

1 Star Diamond Coach, Sherri Parkinson, shares her own unique way of describing Shakeology to others. “It’s my go-to, super-yummo, take-it-with-me, daily nutritional powerhouse in a glass!”

The shake that’s here to stay
The last five years have been downright legendary. But this is one shake that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. That’s a bottom of the bag guarantee.

There are big things on the horizon. And with exciting, new flavors and research in the works, Shakeology will be going even stronger for years to come.

In March, stay tuned for new releases and new ways to share Shakeology. And don’t forget to check out the Coach and Shakeology social pages for more details about the #ShakeandShare 5 Year Anniversary Campaign.

So get out there and be a proud ambassador for one of the most incredible and important brands in the world. Let’s all raise our shaker cups and make a toast…

Here’s to the next five years of Shakeology!

© 2014 Beachbody. All rights reserved.


The Ultimate Challenge Group

Time to get lean and clean, Coaches! That’s because Carl and Isabelle’s third annual Ultimate Reset™ Challenge Group is right around the corner. Motivation. Inspiration. Accountability. You’ll find all of it in spades in this epic, three-week journey. We’ve got five reasons why you need to join the masses and jump on board. Ready. Set. Reset!

Prepare to reboot your body—and your business—at the same time. You’re invited to join forces with thousands of Coaches in the “Spring Cleaning with Carl and Isabelle” starting on April 16th.

Three weeks. One mission. Tons of benefits.

Want to lose weight and improve your health? Check. Learn more about preparing nutritious, whole food? Check. Improve your bloodwork numbers and get better quality sleep? The Ultimate Reset™ helps with that, too. And speaking of benefits, here’s one for your wallet: For a limited time only, we’ve lowered the price on all Utimate Reset kits and Challenge Packs.

Want more? Here are five rock-solid reasons to get everyone revved up and dialed in.

1) The CEO is calling
For the third year in a row, CEO and Beachbody Co-Founder, Carl Daikeler, is inviting you and your Team to join him in this massive Reset rally. And when the CEO invites you, it’s probably a good idea to say yes.

Want the ultimate accountability partners? You won’t find a better pair than Carl and Isabelle—who just so happen to be co-creators of the program. Carl cares about the food you put in your body. And he knows that in doing this challenge together, the results can be off the charts.

2) The power of Challenge Groups
Let’s face it; finishing the Ultimate Reset takes will power and mental fortitude. That’s why it’s ideally suited for Challenge Groups.

You’ll support each other. Share stories and recipes. Offer tips and advice. And last but certainly not least, you’ll have a group of people to come to the rescue when you feel like giving up. That brings a collective confidence from day one.

Here’s what a few Reset Challenge Group veterans had to say about their experience:

“A Challenge Group is CRUCIAL for the Ultimate Reset. ALL the feelings, experiences, and struggles are much more manageable when you have the support of a group of people going through the same thing.”
– Keith W.

“A Challenge Group is a must for the Ultimate Reset! Everyone in our group has completed the program with great success.”
– Amy D.

“Our Ultimate Reset Challenge Group was a big factor in my success. It adds a layer of accountability we all need. Running a group helped me understand the program more and learn so much about it.”
– Kim G.

So start a Challenge Group. It works in a big way.

3) Spring cleaning
It’s often been said that spring is the season of renewal. It’s the perfect time of year to work off the winter weight and clean house. But make no mistake; the Ultimate Reset isn’t your typical starvation cleanse. The delicious food choices just might surprise you. And with fresh vegetables coming into season, you’ll have more recipe options than ever before.

What’s the word about the meal plan options? Read on.

“The Ultimate Reset taught me good eating habits and got me away from craving sugar and carbs. My favorite recipe is the Roasted Root Medley. Delicious and easy to make.”
–  Craig B.

“I loved the Reset! My husband and I did it together and it was fun making the recipes and comparing notes. My favorite was the zucchini-cashew soup—smooth and delicious!
– Sandi B.

“This program was sent from heaven! I learned to make great, healthy recipes. My favorites were the Baked Tempeh, Quinoa Salad, and Chia Seed Pudding.”
– Norma V.

4) Make a splash this Summer
Want yet another great reason to rock the Reset challenge? It’s an awesome way to lose weight, increase your energy, and get in shape for summer.

Whether you’re just coming out of a fitness program, or preparing for a summer workout routine, doing the Reset is a great way to kick start healthy habits. Plus, your body will get a 3-week break from strenuous workouts by coming back refreshed and renewed!

Reset graduate Adam N. said, “I lost 21 pounds and 11.5 inches in 21 days. I was worried about losing muscle mass, but on day 21, I busted out 17 pullups in a row—3 more than my max EVER.”

5) Revitalize your business
Let’s not forget about all the amazing possibilities the Ultimate Reset brings to your business. If you recruit 5 people to do the Ultimate Reset challenge with you, you’ll earn $450 instantly when they buy the Challenge Packs – plus an extra $162 the following month (assuming they stay on Shakeology). And who doesn’t need a little extra $612?

It’s also the ultimate gift idea. And between March 3rd and April 9th, you can get the Ultimate Reset for your friends, family, and customers—at an awesome discount.

Here’s how it all breaks down:  

  • The Ultimate Reset Complete Kit will be discounted to $199.95—a savings of $30.
  • The Ultimate Reset Dual Kit will be discounted to $349.95—a savings of $50.
  • The Ultimate Reset Refill Kit will be discounted to $179.95—a savings of $20.   
  • Ultimate Reset Challenge Packs will be discounted to $275—a savings of $30

Trust us; this is one promotion you won’t want to miss. You’ll rack up Success Club points and save money, too. So if you’re ready to reset your mind, body, spirit—and your business, the Spring Cleaning with Carl and Isabelle is a no-brainer. As Carl would say: let’s do this!

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Take the Lead with Leads

When it comes to converting customer leads, don’t give up—follow up! Discover how 10 Star Diamond Coach, Nicole Jones’s determination and persistence has allowed her to turn Beachbody’s Customer Lead Program into a profitable, business-building tool.

In 2013 alone, Beachbody assigned over 800,000 leads to qualified Coaches—tens of thousands of whom went on to purchase Shakeology and additional products from their Coaches.

Pretty impressive numbers.

But while Beachbody’s lead program has a host of amazing benefits, it takes tenacity and strong follow-through skills to reap the rewards. One Coach who is doing just that? 10-Star Diamond Coach, Nicole Jones.

With a little work and a lot of persistence, Nicole has proven that leads can be a huge business generator.

How has the Customer Lead Program helped you with your business, Nicole?

Converting leads has played a big role in growing my business. It’s given me practice in getting out there and talking to strangers. And it’s given me confidence to help complete strangers take their fitness to the next level.

After 4 years in the business, I make between $400-600 from my leads every week. Needless to say, it pays (literally!) to put in the time and persistence.

Did you know? Beachbody has paid over $2.5 million in commissions to qualified Coaches in 2012.

What is the primary reason for your success with your leads?

I am persistent!

When you first reach out, a lot of customers are going to assume that your welcome e-mail is just a computer-generated response.

It’s through your persistence that customers are going to learn that you’re a real person and, yes, your service is free. Determination shows them you are a reliable source for guiding them through their fitness journey.

This doesn’t mean being pushy, rude, or messaging your leads every day. Reaching out with a mindful and polite approach—is key to success.

It’s commonly said that 85% of sales happens after the fifth contact, and I know this to be true. I hear back from a lot of people after that contact!

Tip: In Lead Lesson 4.2: How Do I Follow Up?, you will learn how to apply a flexible four-week, follow-up plan to help you get to the fifth contact easily.

How do your leads usually respond?

Sometimes, people are confused. They think they clicked the wrong button and accidently paid for a service they didn’t want. This is a great opportunity to explain the awesome, free service you provide!

Others (about 60-70% of those who respond) are really excited to start their program and grateful to have a Coach that can support them through this time in their life.

Of these people, about 30% will continue their relationship with me and actually work to take their fitness to the next level. This doesn’t sound like a large percentage, but these people make it all worth it. I’ve converted 25 of these customers to Coaches!

After opening multiple business centers and almost four years in the business, I know for a fact that hard work and persistence does pay off when it comes to converting your leads.

Tip: Don’t expect a “yes” every time. Assume that 80% of your leads will be confused about what it is you do and might need a friendly nudge to get going. Check out Lead Lesson 3: What Do My Customer Leads Expect? for an explanation on where these customers are coming from and how to get them to open up to you.

How do you manage your time reaching out to leads? 

I set aside 30 minutes a few days a week to make contact with the customers. Since I’m most fresh and creative in the mornings, I usually spend that time “relationship building”—explaining my role as a Coach, answering questions, etc. At night, when I’m tired and less focused, I’ll usually send out my welcome e-mails since they are already written and take little thought.

Tip: As a new Coach, set aside 30 minutes to reach out to leads (though you really might only need 5-10!). Need help creating a timesaving script like Nicole’s? Check out Lead Lesson 4.1 for e-mail, text, and voicemail scripts.

What advice do you have for Coaches that get a rude customer?

My response is always super-positive to rude customers.  I tell them that I’m sorry if I over-stepped my boundaries, but I just wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t reach out to tell them who I am and what I’m here for. I let them know that I understand that they might not be in a place where they want to talk to me, but I always leave them my contact information in case they change their mind.

Tip: Keep in mind, your main goal is to connect with the customer. So even when you get a “no”­, you’ve still done your job. That’s what it’s all about.

Nicole has been successfully converting leads for years, but like every other Coach, she had to start somewhere. It takes consistency and drive to take advantage of this incredible program. But Nicole will tell you, it’s well worth it.

Don’t give up. Follow up.

Visit and type in #LEADUCATION for great tips and tricks on running a successful Coach business.

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Summit Success

It’s no secret; Coaches who attend Summit come out with a huge boost in their business—and a serious increase in income. But don’t be mistaken. This Summit-driven success isn’t just for veteran Coaches. New Coaches who attend Summit are launching Beachbody careers with powerful momentum, too.

Last year, new Coaches Stephanie Chico, Megan Ewoldsen, Lauren Majewski, and Brittany Legette Shumard used Summit as a launching pad for their Beachbody careers. Read on to see how they hit Elite in just one year!

Stephanie Chico, 5-Star Diamond (Tempe, AZ)

I always had a passion for my business. But there is no way I could have pushed from a 1-Star Diamond to 5-Star Elite in just one year without that Summit momentum.

The event was a game changer. Getting tips from top leaders on Challenge Groups, leadership, and social media were unbelievably beneficial. The workshops and sessions speak to everyone—including newer Coaches. My Team and I collected pages and pages of notes to implement into our businesses. Plus, the contagious excitement from the Coaches around me doubled my enthusiasm!

Megan Ewoldsen, 6-Star Diamond (Lakewood, WA)

As a new Coach, attending Summit was one of the best moves I ever made. It’s the reason I jumped from 1-Star Diamond to 6-Star Diamond in just four months!

I learned so much from top Coaches sharing their experiences in the workshops and was inspired by the stay-at-home moms like me who were able to change their families’ financial situations forever.

Summit is the number one event you need to get to! You will network and bond with other Coaches, learn from the best in the business, meet the celebrity trainers and leave with the tools you need to increase your business ten-fold.

Lauren Majewski, 5-Star Diamond (Leander, TX)

Summit showed me the level of success I could reach, gave me the tools I needed to be successful, and was the turning point in my career as a Coach.  I learned how to market myself as a brand, how to organize my business, how to run successful Challenge Groups, and better lead and manage my Team.

You learn how to set big goals for yourself; goals you never dreamed possible.

The Personal Development and growth that you experience is awesome, and the results of Summit are noticeable almost instantly. Less than two weeks afterwards, my income doubled!

Brittany Legette Shumard, 5-Star Diamond (Chesapeake, VA) 

If I hadn’t attended Summit, I wouldn’t have the drive that pushed me from new Coach to 5-Star Diamond Elite within one year.

Simply put, new Coaches must attend, even if they’re scared! I’m an introvert, so I know how hard it can be to put yourself out there. But Beachbody Coaches are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. It’s very rewarding to step out of your comfort zone and be welcomed into this community. Hearing the inspiring achievements of so many Coaches gave me confidence that my Team and I could reach a similar level of success.

So what are you waiting for? Register for Summit now: And don’t forget about the new Coach special. If a new Coach signs up for Summit within 90 days of their enrollment date, they get $100 off the ticket price. 

Make sure to check out the NEW Coach page here on It’s a great place to get your business started right!

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Leading Your Team to Summit 2014

Listen up, leaders, we’re counting on you to get your entire Team laser-focused on getting to Coach Summit 2014 in Las Vegas from June 19-22, 2014. And to help you do just that, we’ve got the man with the plan, SVP of Global Sales for Team Beachbody, Jeff Hill. He has specific advice to help you establish the business-building importance of attending, advice on how to create the urgency, as well as a personal challenge for every single Diamond Coach. So get reading—and get your whole Team to Summit!

Q. Why is it critical for Leaders to encourage Coaches of EVERY level to attend Summit, Jeff?
Because the Leaders are the one’s best equipped to share why and how Summit can change a coach’s future.  They’ve been there, they have the stories, they’ve seen the changes and, most importantly, they have the personal relationships and established trust with those they are encouraging to go. It’s a leader’s responsibility to share the things their Teams absolutely must do to achieve the highest probability of success—and Summit is one of those things.  Think about it; the company invests millions of dollars to showcase the company and how lives have changed  but they don’t have the influence a leader has to get their teams there. It’s kind of a “no duh” if you’re serious about building a thriving Coach business.

Q. What are the top 3 things Leaders should tell their Teams about attending Summit?
First, it’s the best investment someone can make in their business. Second, stories sell. Leaders should share their own personal experience or how it changed a new Coach’s trajectory in the business. Third, they need to explain “how” to get there. Garage sales, bake sales—any way to set aside income. Show them the Summit deals and that they can share rooms. Whatever it takes. Also, they don’t need to buy a brand new wardrobe for Summit. It doesn’t matter how they get there, where they stay, or what new clothes they wear—all that matters is that they get there! Show that getting to Summit is doable.

Q. What can Coaches expect to experience at Summit 2014?
It’s our biggest event yet! We’ve got Diana Nyad, Darren Hardy, Carl and the corporate team LIVE on stage. Not to mention the incredible training workshops from Top Coaches, BIG product announcements, parties, the CORE, the Super Workout, and celebrity trainer workouts. On top of all that, there’s the incredible Celebration Show, the Coach Talent Show, and the big announcement of our Beachbody Challenge winners. Simply stated, our Coaches can expect an unbelievable experience.

But, most importantly, your belief level in the company will go up exponentially. That’s critical as you go home to build your Coach business.

Q. I’m a new Coach—why do I NEED to be there?
It’s the single most powerful Coach event of the year. As a new Coach, you will witness the entirety of what is available to Coaches, and you’ll learn from some of our very best the fundamentals of how to make it happen.

Q. I’m a Diamond Coach—why do I NEED to be there?
Leaders lead. They show up and bring their Teams with them. Leaders also need that “recharging and rejuvenation” that only Summit can offer.

Q. What should our Diamond Leaders do next to help, Jeff?
Coaches can expect corporate to beat the drum, but corporate aren’t the game changers. YOU, our leaders are. You have the relationships and the trust. You know the challenges and struggles, and you have experienced what Summit can do for a Coach.

Let me challenge you: Make a commitment that before the end of March, you will help two more Coaches get registered for Summit. Every single one of you has that ability. And with over 2,000 active Diamonds and above, that would easily swell the Summit ranks to over 10,000. Can you imagine?

Remember this:  “Life rewards action.”

Q. Any favorite Summit memories to share?
Summit offers it all—from great fun, inspiration, Carl’s vision, the training workshops, the Celebration, just the total buzz of the experience. But for me, the most powerful part is when we highlight Coaches whose lives have been radically changed forever. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what new Coaches need to see and hear. Those are the priceless moments.

Q. What are you most excited about for Summit 2014?
I know what will happen; thousands of lives are going to change. But if our leaders don’t get their Teams to Summit, the likelihood of them changing as quickly goes down dramatically. We are counting on you to help us make it all happen. Let’s do this, team!


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