Inside Beachbody® On Demand

Introducing Beachbody® On Demand

On March 2nd, you'll be able to add a powerful new way to help people get fit to your arsenal: Beachbody® On Demand.

But before you blast the news to the masses, there's a ton of exciting and important things to learn about. Have no fear; we've done the heavy lifting and have broken it down into digestible, bite-sized pieces.

Read on—and get up to speed fast.


Beachbody On Demand is a new feature inside The Team Beachbody Club, making the Club one of the most valuable products we offer.

That's right, as part of your Premium (paid) Team Beachbody Club membership, you'll automatically have unlimited streaming access to hundreds of workouts from Beachbody's collection of world-class fitness programs.

This is well over $1,000 USD in value that has been added to the Team Beachbody Club membership. What's more, the price will stay the same at launch—$38.87 USD for 90 days.

Beachbody On Demand will house a catalog of complete Beachbody workout programs. Here are the programs that will be available starting in March:

  • P90X® & P90X Deluxe
  • P90X2® & P90X2 Deluxe
  • P90X3® & P90X3 Deluxe
  • P90X ONE on ONE® Volume 1
  • 10 Minute Trainer®
  • TurboFire®
  • Brazil Butt Lift® & Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe
  • ChaLEAN Extreme®
  • Hip Hop Abs®


When you log in to as a paid member of the Team Beachbody Club, you simply select the 'Beachbody On Demand' tab from the home page, then choose any fitness program in the Member Library, and press play!

  • Convenience: Enjoy 24/7 streaming access from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. No DVDs required. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Variety: Try different programs that are all proven to deliver incredible results. You can also try out different trainers, workout lengths, or fitness levels before committing to a program.
  • Simplicity: All the program guides, workout calendars and nutrition plans will be online—all in one place.

No more excuses. Now you and your customers will be able to work out anywhere there's an Internet connection: at home, the gym, outdoors—even while you're traveling.


With this Challenge Pack, your customers have access to an assortment of our most popular fitness programs (everything in the Member Library); then choose the one that's right for them. Here's what's included:

  • A 90-day Premium membership to the Team Beachbody Club with Beachbody On Demand. (After 90 days, you will be charged the quarterly Club membership price).
  • 30-day supply of Shakeology which will convert to Shakeology Home Direct (our monthly autoship program) after 30 days.

At $140 USD, this Challenge Pack is a phenomenal deal for your customers. They'll save $28 USD as opposed to buying these items separately.

The Club & Shakeology Challenge Pack is ideally suited for anyone who's new to Beachbody, undecided about which fitness program to try, or someone who would love the convenience of accessing Beachbody workouts—anytime, anywhere.


Later in March, we will be adding another big perk to Beachbody On Demand. When your customers, who are Premium (paid) Team Beachbody Club members, purchase select DVD programs that are not in the Member Library, they'll be able to exclusively stream those programs as well. Just look for "Purchased Programs" in Beachbody On Demand.

The first set of programs that will be available for streaming later in March as part of the Purchased Program section are FOCUS T25®, 21 Day Fix® and 21 Day Fix EXTREME®. Over time, we will slowly broaden the library of available Purchased Programs to be streamed.


Another huge benefit of becoming a Premium Team Beachbody Club member? Exclusive access to try workouts from many of our newest programs along with some other noteworthy programs. Just look for "New and Noteworthy" in Beachbody On Demand.

This section will allow you and your customers to preview select single workouts of some of Beachbody's newest and best-selling programs. In other words, now for the first time, you and your customers will be able to get a sneak preview of the program and try before you buy.

Here are the programs you will have exclusive access to starting in March 2015:

  • 21 Day Fix – Total Body Cardio Fix
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME – PiYo Fix Extreme
  • PiYo® – Sweat
  • FOCUS T25 – Alpha Cardio
  • INSANITY MAX:30 – Sweat Intervals
  • P90® – Sculpt A
  • Body Beast® – Build: Chest/Tris


Here's what some of our Elite Coaches had to say about Beachbody On Demand:

"This program has value, variety, and more bang for your buck. The possibilities are endless!"
– Deborah Baska, 8 Star Diamond Coach
"The website is beautiful and easy to navigate."
– Kati Heifner, 8 Star Diamond Coach
"This resource is going to change everything. There's no excuse not to press play now!"
– Jackie Buchanan, 5 Star Diamond Coach
"I loved that it's was organized by trainer, workout length, and exercise style."
– Aimee Coppola, 5 Star Diamond Coach
"I'm going to invite all my Challenge Group members to try this!"
– Cristi Wolfram, 5 Star Diamond Coach

Beachbody On Demand will help scores of people reach their goals faster. Learn as much as you can about all the benefits—and find customers everywhere you go!

Want to know more?

For more information about Beachbody On Demand, check out FAQ 1275.


Crafty Conversation Starters

Crafty Conversation Starters

Before you can walk the walk as a Coach, you need to be able to talk the talk. After all, starting conversations is at the forefront of everything you do.

And to help you master the craft, we've brought in two people with an amazing gift of gab: 10 Star Diamond Coach, Anita Miron and Top 10 Elite Coach, Alyssa Schomaker.

Build relationships.

Alyssa knows the importance of creating a solid foundation. "Before I talk about Beachbody with a new prospect, I need to get to know them first," she reveals. "If you skip this part, people will feel like they're being sold."

Alyssa believes relationship building is key. "I make sure my Coaches are starting at least three new conversations a day. This means just chatting and getting to know people; nothing about Beachbody yet."

Go for "no".

When it comes to breaking the ice, Anita advises to turn off the fear button. "If you're afraid that people are going to tell you no, you'll be stuck right where you are," she says. "I used to make it a game to see how many people I could get to tell me "no" in one day. I still make it my personal mission to receive 25 no's a day because I know that the 26th invite is bound to be a yes! Remember; 'no' doesn't mean 'no' forever—it just means 'not right now'."

Ask good questions.

Alyssa's go-to technique for starting conversations? Asking questions. "The person asking the questions controls the conversation," she explains. "'Do you have kids?' 'What do you do for a living?' 'What do you do for fun?' These questions get the person talking about themselves and gives you a chance to learn about them."

Perhaps the best avenue for starting conversations? Social media. "I do traffic-driven posts that ask for opinions," Alyssa shares. "I love to use this approach on my Facebook business page and also on Instagram."

Anita asks targeted, relatable questions. "My social media following is mostly working or stay-at-home moms so I post things moms want to read about. I ask parenting questions to get the ball rolling. It takes very little effort and leads to great results!"

Show interest.

Whether it's in-person or online, showing interest is a must. "Every day, I go to my prospect list on Facebook and Instagram and engage with their pages," says Alyssa. "People like comments over 'likes' so I always post a positive and uplifting comment."

Anita echoes those sentiments. "Whenever I start chatting with a potential customer, I look at their Facebook profile so I can really dig in and learn all about them!"

She says the key is being genuine. "I aim to be as authentic as possible with my posts," Anita professes. "This builds trust and helps people relate with me."

Wear and share.

Another tactic to ramp up your success? Wearing Beachbody-branded apparel. "When I'm out in public, it's the easiest and most natural way to generate conversations," she says. "For example, my Shakeology shaker comes with me everywhere I go!"

Anita also makes it a point to wear Beachbody apparel when she's out and about. "I want to represent what I truly love," she says. "My family gets decked out in Beachbody gear, too—all day, every day!"

So whether you're inviting people to your Challenge Groups or posting on social media, starting conversations is a matter of finding the tactics and techniques that work best for you. Find your groove, get into your comfort zone, and share away!

Want to supercharge your skills? Check out these powerful, conversation-focused training tools:


Shake Up Your Shakeology® Sales

Shakeology® - Six delicious tips to revitalize your business

Ready to radically improve your Shakeology® pitch? You've come to the right place.

What better way to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Shakeology than by taking a look at some invaluable tools, key takeaways—even awesome advice from top Shakeology sellers. After all, as an ambassador for one of the best brands in the world, you need to be able to talk about Shakeology with supreme confidence.

Let Shakeology take the lead

What's the best time to bring up the healthiest meal of the day? Right off the bat.

9 Star Diamond Coach, Danielle Katz uses it as her go-to conversation starter. "I lead off by asking customers if they've considered replacing one meal a day with Shakeology," she says. "I tell them it's hands-down the healthiest thing I put in my body."

Shakeology is your daily dose of dense nutrition that ramps up energy, reduces cravings, improves digestion, and is clinically proven to help you lose weight. And if your customers are looking to get fast results with their fitness program, Shakeology is the answer.

In other words, you're selling far more than just a protein shake—it helps scores of people power through and recover from tough workouts, too.

Overcome objections

When it comes to objections, Danielle cautions against being defensive. "I simply share all the reasons Shakeology is non-negotiable in my life" she says. "Most people just need to be reassured that it worked for you and know that it will work for them."

Danielle has a way to combat one of the most common Shakeology objections: price.

"If someone says it's too expensive, I tell them when I first heard about it, I was negative in my bank account and felt the same way," she recalls. "But by drinking it every day for breakfast, I not only saved on unnecessary costs at Starbucks, I also lost my cravings for unhealthy food."

Read. Learn. Share.

Want an incredibly effective learning and sharing tool? Check out the amazing blogs on You'll learn about Shakeology and understand the benefits inside and out. What's more, you'll find myth-busting facts, as well as tons of priceless Shakeology success stories.




Run Challenge Groups

Your fourth talking point is one of the most important of all: running Shakeology Challenge Groups. "Focus on the daily value your challengers are getting with Shakeology," advises 11 Star Diamond Coach, Meg Wiczynski. "I remind them how long it would take to prepare something with the same nutritional content."

Meg goes on, "I also touch on the convenience factor of making the shake and explain how you can prepare fun things like Shakeology cookies, balls, and pudding."

Use this daily Coaching guide to help motivate and keep your customers on track:


Show off your supernutrient knowledge

What makes Shakeology unlike anything else on the market—or the planet for that matter? Tiny ingredients called Supernutrients. These are the little guys that make superfoods, well, super.

Supernutrients contain vital health benefits. For example, you can explain to your prospects that the Superfood Bilberries found in Shakeology contain anthocyanins—a type of Supernutient that's been shown to support eye health.

Want to learn all about Supernutrients in a fun way? Stay tuned for an exciting, new social media campaign coming this month featuring videos and posts of our Supernutrient friends as superheroes.

Sample your way to success

Last but certainly not least, tell everyone about the Shakeology Taste Sampler. It allows your customers to try every single flavor in one shot and they can feel the benefits of having a week's worth of Shakeology on hand.

In other words, it's perfect for anyone having 'flavor commitment' issues.

Don't forget to personalize with your favorite recipe or tips. This is a golden opportunity to introduce Shakeology, but also to build the relationship with your customers!


So use all this new, powerful information to help you share Shakeology with everyone you come into contact with. Plus, we have mega Shakeology news that will get your taste buds dancing! In celebration of Shakeology's 6th Anniversary, we're launching the Shakeology Super Sampler - coming March 16th, 2015 to a Team Beachbody Store near you! For the first time ever, you can have every Shakeology flavor in one box for just $29.95 USD. You and your customers will be able to sample all 6 flavors and experience the benefits of drinking Shakeology daily. This is perfect to help new customers decide which Shakeology flavor is their favorite!

For more information on the Shakeology Super Sampler, visit FAQ 3920.

Drink up the knowledge—and shake up your business!


Introducing Beachbody® On Demand


It’s time to get your entire Team amped up for Beachbody® On Demand. So who better to give you a behind-the-scenes look at this enormous opportunity than Beachbody’s very own Chief Digital Officer, Bill Bradford? Bill will dazzle you with his digital vision and explain what sets Beachbody On Demand apart from the competition.

Q. Introduce yourself and tell us about your professional background.
I’ve been in the intersection of technology and media content for over ten years and in the Internet and technology space for almost 20. My most recent position was SVP, Digital Media, at Fox Broadcasting, where I was responsible for the streaming of Fox content like American Idol, The Simpsons, and Glee, to name a few. Between us, we’ve assembled a world-class team to lead our digital efforts, with wide-ranging experience from Disney, Fox, Reuters, Razorfish, BBDO Worldwide, the U.S. Army, angel investing and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Q. Give us a quick overview of where you see the digital world going?
The digital world is ever changing and continues to innovate on technologies and consumer-facing experiences. It is literally changing the way we live our lives. These combined changes provide Beachbody® an incredible opportunity to provide value to our customers, delivering fitness content, nutrition tracking, and personal data on the most convenient devices. We’re intent on using these technologies to build products with the goal of helping our customers achieve and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Q. What Beachbody On Demand features are you most excited about?
The product already provides an incredible utility to take your workouts anywhere and removes any physical barriers to getting fit. I was most excited when I saw one of our top Coaches using Beachbody On Demand from a wind farm in the UK during the initial trial period! Although Team Beachbody is not open outside the US and Canada, it opens the imagination as to just how expansive this can be. And we’re just getting started on the platform. You’ll see the product advance over this next year to new platforms, new functions, and new content—all with the goal of driving results for our customers.

Q. Why is Beachbody On Demand so unique to the fitness space?
Many companies can take workouts and put them online. But nobody has provided so much value in the rich catalog that we have for the price of Beachbody Club. There will be thousands of dollars of product in the catalog by the summer—all for a low monthly fee. We will also have a very sophisticated approach to evolving the product over time with key features that are focused on helping the consumer on their fitness journey. This will differentiate Beachbody’s digital offering from the rest of the pack.

Q. Why is it so important for Beachbody to never stop innovating?
We continue to build products around the core premise of changing people’s lives. That’s a huge responsibility and one that we don’t take lightly. As consumer habits change and technology evolves, we need to be able to take advantage and serve our customers how, when, and where they need us to be.