Make Your Move with CIZE™

CIZE™ The End of Excercise Has Arrived

It’s no secret; fitness innovator Shaun T has created some of the most in-demand programs in the world. So what could he possibly do for an encore?

The answer is his new blockbuster, CIZE! Digging deep into his dance roots, he brings you the hottest routines—and helps you get in amazing shape, of course.

Find out what the program is all about, and how you can best pitch it to your customers and prospects. Your next best move? Read on…

What inspired you to create this program, Shaun?
I wanted people to understand why I love dance. It’s my passion. I post videos on my Facebook page where I’m doing choreographed dance routines and they get thousands of views and comments. The amazing responses inspired me to show people that they can dance. I also wanted guys to know that dance isn’t just for women!

Give us an overview of CIZE
It’s called CIZE because you don’t even realize you’re exercising. Then by the end of the routine you’re completely drenched. I like to call it power cardio. This isn’t for muscle gain, but your muscles are getting in shape from all the different movements and isolations. It’s really a weight-loss sculpting routine that you get just by dancing.

What’s your ’30-second elevator pitch’ for CIZE?
I would start by asking someone if they’ve ever danced before. If they say no, I would say, ‘Every move that you do, every second of the day, can be turned into a dance move—even if you’re just typing at your computer or shrugging your shoulders. Don’t think you can’t dance; all you need is a beat.’

What if someone isn’t a good dancer, can they still do the program?
It’s in the privacy of your own home so you don’t have to worry about people watching you. It’s your time to be free! Each time you finish a routine, you get to judge where you’re at before you move on. There’s no time frame, but if you keep at it, you’ll master it.

Talk a little bit about the music tracks…
The music changes throughout the routines. I picked out every single track and kept the beats similar. Some of my favorites are Chandelier by Sia, Pass that Dutch by Missy Elliot and Lose my Breath by Destiny’s Child. These are songs you probably didn’t even know you could dance to, but now you know what to do with them!

How is CIZE different from Hip Hop Abs® and Rockin’ Body®?
Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body are very watered-down movements and fitness-oriented dancing, where CIZE is more like you’re dancing in a music video. It’s a different range of motion you don’t normally get. It will increase flexibility, make your legs stronger and help in every single exercise you do.

Is there a nutrition aspect to this program?
People will definitely get a well-constructed plan with the nutrition guide. Make sure you have enough good calories and carbs to last throughout the workout, and enough protein for the strength you’ll need.

If you could have a dance-off with one person, who would it be and why?
Janet Jackson. She has so many different styles. When I was 21, I got tickets to see her concert in Philadelphia. I was in the second row and she picked me to come on stage to dance with her. People thought I was one of her back-up dancers!

Any final thoughts to share, Shaun?
I’ll be teaching a CIZE dance class at Summit. I want people to look as fly as possible and be ready to dance their tails off. Believe it or not, your outfit determines how you’re going to dance that day and helps you feel the music. When you step in the room with me, you’d better be ready to go for it!


The Secrets of Success Club

The Secrets of Success Club

Ask any top Coach the key to building a thriving business and they will invariably mention two words: Success Club.

Why should you make it your highest priority? It's the heart of your business. The measure of your achievements. Your monthly barometer for success.

So how can you develop a plan and become a regular in Success Club? Let's dive in with some advice from the best.

It all starts with a goal

10 Star Diamond Coach, Jeffrey Armbruster, has been a king of consistency, making Success Club a whopping 59 months in a row.

"My goal is always to hit Success Club 5 by the 15th of the month, and Success Club 10 by the end of the month," he explains. "To accomplish that, I have two 'Power Hours' a day that concentrate on recruiting and connecting with prospects, new Coaches and my Team. This ensures I always have a funnel of points."

11 Star Diamond Coach, Nicole L. Jones, has earned her way into Success Club 56 consecutive months. "My goal is to make Success Club 10 each month," she says. "I do the three Vital Behaviors daily, post on social media often, and am always building my list to get in front of new people."

So what's one key activity you should focus on to rock Success Club?

Invite, invite, invite

"Personal invites are my number-one activity," says Nicole. "I'm in conversations with at least 10 people at any given time and I make sure I'm always talking to new people."

11 Star Diamond Coach Sommer Tucker (52 consecutive months in Success Club) echoes those sentiments. "Don't ever be afraid to send an invite," she says. "Just remember to build trust and form a relationship first."

Perhaps Jeffrey summed it up best when it comes to inviting. "Don't pre-judge," he says. "Invite everyone because you might be surprised who reaches out and accepts!"

Staying 'social'

Another amazing avenue for making Success Club? Social media.

"One in five of my posts is a fitness-related 'call to action," says Jeffrey. "This leads to Challenge Pack and Challenge Group participation, and Success Club comes naturally from that activity."

Nicole says, "I advertise on Facebook that I'm starting a new Challenge Group for those that need accountability," she explains. "I advertise two weeks ahead of time and always know when my next group will begin."

Getting new Coaches on board

Jeffrey tells his new Coaches that Success Club should be the minimum they achieve each month. "I describe it as one clear, monthly task that will help you grow volume, as well as find new customers and Coaches."

Nicole breaks it all down in a video presentation. "I let my new Coaches know they need to sell three Challenge Packs per month to make Success Club 5, and five Challenge Packs to hit Success Club 10. Reinforcing this will consistently build their businesses—and their Teams."

Sommer adds, "I tell my new Coaches that Success Club is the best way to measure your progress—the same way we use the scales to measure weight loss," she says. "But most importantly, it represents how many lives we're changing!"

Time to join the club

Get your entire Team focused on qualifying for Success Club because you do not want to miss this month's Success Club prizes. What's in store?

Hit Success Club 5 this May OR June and have a combined total of 10 SC points over both months and you'll earn an exclusive call with former NFL standout, acclaimed Broadway playwright and performer, and Presence/Story Coach to some of the most successful people in the world, Bo Eason! Mark your calendar for Wednesday, July 8th 5:00 PM PT – you won't want to miss it!

Also, pay close attention if you're headed to Summit 2015. Our May and June Success Club will earn you an exclusive invitation to one of the hottest Summit parties! How? Qualify for Success Club 10 in May AND June 2015 with a total of 25 points over both months. Check out FAQ 2791 for more details.

And the Success Club fun doesn't stop there. If you're a top 200 Success Club point earner in May in one of the below groups (a total of 600 winners!) you'll win an exclusive photo op with a celebrity trainer at Summit 2015:

  • Coaches who are Diamond and above
  • Coaches who are Ruby and below
  • Coaches who are new Coaches since Summit 2014

Check out FAQ 2796 for a complete run-down of how to qualify.

So get ready, set some goals, and make Success Club your number one priority this month and every month!


The Summit Effect

Finding Summit Success

For some new Coaches, attending your first Summit can be a little overwhelming—maybe even a little scary. Have no fear; we've got the inside scoop from Coaches who were once in your shoes.

Here's something to think about though: on average these new Coaches that attended their first Summit saw their earning increase by 198% following Summit 2014. Below they share their business-defining moments that show why attending Summit is so critical to accelerate your growth. So if you're not already registered, what are you waiting for? Check out the testimonials below and head over to to register.

How did Summit help your business?

Summit inspired me to believe in myself and my dreams. When I returned, I achieved Success Club 10 and rank advanced to Emerald.
– Caitlin Metz, Diamond Coach, 257% change in earnings post Summit 2014
Summit gave me that extra spark. After listening to all the amazing stories, my business started to soar.
– Julie Pinnow, Diamond Coach, 283% change in earnings post Summit 2014
After Summit, I was pumped up to help more people. The month after the event, our Team won the Team Beachbody Cup!
– Marie-Claude Lacasse, Diamond Coach, 142% change in earnings post Summit 2014
I fed off the energy that surrounded me at Summit. I got to meet so many extraordinary people and learned from the cream of the crop.
– Andrea Dotterer, Diamond Coach, 175% change in earnings post Summit 2014
Summit fueled my fire! It brought to life what a fantastic opportunity this is.
– Sarah Davis, 1 Star Diamond Coach, 235% change in earnings post Summit 2014
Summit taught me so much. The atmosphere was electric and I loved the positivity all around me.
– Staci Murray, Diamond Coach, 225% change in earnings post Summit 2014
Summit was incredibly empowering. The training sessions gave me the tools to build this as a business—not a hobby.
– Heather Turner, Emerald Coach, 128% change in earnings post Summit 2014
Summit opened my eyes to endless possibilities. Things I learned there have helped provide a substantial income for my kids!
– Maegan Blinka, 2 Star Diamond Coach, 141% change in earnings post Summit 2014

What was the biggest thing you learned at Summit?

To never give up. That advice has really paid off!
– Caitlin Metz
Learning how to connect with people was my biggest takeaway.
– Julie Pinnow
I learned that what we do is much bigger than I had imagined. It changed the way I view my role as a Coach.
– Andrea Dotterer
I learned that not only is Shakeology necessary for customers to see results, but it's also key for creating residual income.
– Sarah Davis
That this business is all about developing our own story and helping others develop theirs as well.
– Heather Turner

What is the importance of being a Success Starter?

It helps create new habits you will use for years to come. Plus, I received my free ticket and have continued to strive for Success Club 5 and higher.
– Julie Pinnow
It gave me confidence right out of the gate. And then there's the call with Carl Daikeler! As a new Coach, this was a shining moment.
– Andrea Dotterer
It set the pace and helped me dive right in from the get-go.
– Sarah Davis
Hitting Success Club those first three months helped me gain confidence. There was no looking back!
– Maegan Blinka

What's your favorite Summit moment?

The General Sessions and the Success Club party. Amazing!
– Marie-Claude Lacasse
Meeting Autumn Calabrese almost made me cry. The woman changed my life and I made sure to tell her so!
– Andrea Dotterer
Getting to meet my Team face to face—not just through Facebook.
– Staci Murray
That you don't have to know everything before you can start succeeding. Just go out and do it!
– Heather Turner

What's one piece of advice you have for new Coaches headed to Summit?

Don't be intimidated by the top Coaches you will inevitably cross paths with. They were once in your shoes.
– Caitlin Metz
Come with an open mind and get ready to take your business to the next level.
– Julie Pinnow
Go to as many workshops as you can. This is your chance to learn from the top Coaches!
– Andrea Dotterer
Go to all the General Sessions. That's where you learn and grow.
– Staci Murray
Be like a sponge and take lots of notes. Then read through your notes once a month to reignite the flame.
– Heather Turner

What's the importance of Success Club for your business?

It's a way to measure the number of lives I'm changing!
– Caitlin Metz
It's a non-negotiable goal each month for me and my Team.
– Marie-Claude Lacasse
Each Success Club point represents another life I've been able to change.
– Andrea Dotterer
It's a small step each month that moves us in the direction of the big picture.
– Heather Turner
Hitting Success Club 10 every month has helped me and my Coaches build stability, and consequently, to rank advance.
– Maegan Blinka

How did you put into action what you learned at Summit?

I created new goals, put my head down and got to work!
– Caitlin Metz
I started using Facebook and Instagram and learned ways to create my brand.
– Julie Pinnow
I wrote out the action steps necessary to reach my goals.
– Andrea Dotterer
I started leading my own Challenge Groups and Coach trainings.
– Sarah Davis
I learned to implement a great follow-up system with customers.
– Staci Murray
By practicing the three Vital Behaviors—every day.
– Heather Turner

If the boundless enthusiasm of these Coaches doesn't get you fired up for Summit, nothing will. Use their advice to create a pre-Summit action plan and build a wave of momentum heading up to the big event!

Plus, tickets are still available! But, they are going fast so make sure to register now:


Putting Goals into Action

Putting Goals into Action - Julie Voris, 15 Star Diamond Coach

It’s time for a little goal-tackling 101, leaders! We’ve got invaluable tips and techniques from none other than Super Star 15 Star Diamond Coach, Julie Voris. Her advice will help you and your Team develop a goal-smashing mindset and set clear, attainable goals from now until Summit. Read on if you’re ready to rock like never before.

Q. What propelled you from 9 Star Diamond to 15 Star Diamond?
A. First, I had to make a real commitment. I got very serious about doing whatever it would take and then I put a plan in place. Some key elements: I communicated with my Team more frequently and on a much more personal level. Second, I shifted my focus towards the Coaches who were showing energy. Third, I tweaked best practices to fit my personality style. For example, I did group webinars instead of one-on-one Getting Started Right calls. Finally, I ran more Team-wide Challenge Groups, sneak peeks, and training groups. The more we worked together, the more success we all experienced!  

Q. What goals did you set for yourself to get to where you are today?
A. My goal was to be a 15 Star by Summit. To reach that goal, I knew I needed to be a better leader. So I found an amazing mentor and gave him permission to ask hard questions. I had to be humble and coachable. I also implemented the advice I had been hearing for years, but had been fighting against. A person can run Challenge Groups all day long, but until the internal work starts, your business will not grow.

Q. What are some attainable goals to reach by Summit?
A. If a Coach consistently commits to the 3 Vital Behaviors and to best Coaching practices, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. Can someone rank advance in two months? Absolutely. Could a new Coach set a strong foundation for their business? Absolutely. But it all depends on how willing that leader is to change and to becoming ‘Coachable’ and of course, then act.

Q. What were some roadblocks you encountered while trying to reach your goals?
A. My challenges often came from my ‘Type A’ personality. It’s easier to do it myself than to delegate. But that style didn’t teach, empower and inspire my Team. I had to get vulnerable, become more confident myself as a business owner, and learn to just trust the process. It’s scary, but it’s the only way we truly grow.

Q. What mindset do you adopt to reach your goals?
A. I go all in and believe in my Team’s abilities with my entire heart. Something that pushed me to believe in myself was doing INSANITY MAX:30™. I really embraced the program and more importantly, the mindset that goes along with it. But on top of all that, I do the work. Walt Disney said people often asked him for the secret to his success. His answer? Hard work!

Q. What’s one thing a Coach leader can do every day to reach their goals?
A. Trust yourself. On top of that, allow your faith to guide you and stay true to your integrity and character. Also, commit to being a continual work in progress. That’s way more than one thing, but it’s all so important!

Q. Do you have any recommended Personal Development reads?
A. Some books that have helped me do the internal work necessary to become a better leader are Start by Jon Acuff, Do Over by Jon Acuff, Good Leaders ask Great Questions by John Maxwell, and Creating Magic by Lee Cockerell. These books inspire, guide, provide perspective and allow me to see the big picture.