Get Knockout Results!

Core de Force

Ready to get knockout results for your body—and your business?

Here comes your new secret weapon: CORE DE FORCE™. This highly anticipated program (now available!) is the ultimate mixed martial arts-inspired workout and the first program from Super Trainers, Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews. They've helped thousands of people get fit and you'll feel their infectious energy every time you push play.

So what exactly is CORE DE FORCE? How can you use it to help people get results and help you crush the last two months of the year?

View inside the ring

Prepare for 30 days of mixed martial arts-inspired workouts that bring together the best moves from Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. And similar to a boxing match, CORE DE FORCE workouts are broken into 3-minute "rounds" meaning you go hard for three explosive minutes at a time.

What results can you look forward to? You'll slash inches off your waist, blast belly fat and sculpt impressive, total-body definition. What's more, CORE DE FORCE will also help improve your cardiovascular endurance, speed and strength.

What makes the program stand out from all the rest?

360-Degree Core Training

Don't go in expecting your average kickboxing workout. CORE FORCE is far from it.

Each move, whether it's a jab, a kick, or an uppercut, works your core from every angle. This is what Joel and Jericho call 360-Degree Core Training. More effective than traditional abdominal training, it's designed to help you tighten up your entire midsection and carve a more defined waist.

Did we mention there's no equipment required? It's true; you'll achieve serious results using only your bodyweight mixed in with cardio spikes and the best fighting moves.

The chatter on CORE DE FORCE

Here's what participants from our Coach test group had to say about the program:

"I'm over 11 pounds down in 36 days! I'm so happy with the results!"

—Nina Sinisterra

"Hello obliques!"

—Wendy Jo Spencer

"I LOVE that I can take this workout with me anywhere and can even get it done in a small space!"

—Laura Cullen Carter

"Oh how I love MMA Shred! Throwing Elbows just makes me feel so powerful. Killed this workout and really enjoyed it."

—Jeremy Shuhart

"I've accomplished more with my CORE DE FORCE strength workouts this week than I ever thought possible."

—Natalie Rene

"I'm within 10 lbs. of my goal weight. I'm so in love with this program and so grateful!"

—Mannie Watkins

"I'm seeing some major shoulder and back muscles coming in. Makes me very happy!"

—Trista Cottman

Kick your business into high gear

No doubt about it, CORE DE FORCE is bound to bring you ample opportunities. Who doesn't want to shed inches from their waist and see fast, eye-popping results, right?

There's a full range of audiences to target with this program. People looking for an MMA-inspired workout. Beginners looking to kick their fitness up a notch. Basically anyone who wants to lose belly fat and focus in on their midsections.

Make your customers feel comfortable by letting them know you do not need prior experience with any mixed martial arts. In fact, every workout includes a "Learn It and Work It" section to break down the moves so you can master them before you begin.

So get out there and be ready to talk about CORE DE FORCE with confidence. Don't forget to check out all the great training tools and resources in the Coach Online Office, too.

After all, your business is worth fighting for.

Use these tools to help you rock your Core De Force launch:

Joel and Jericho

Staying Focused To Maximize Results

Staying Focused To Maximize Results

How can you balance your business during the commotion of a busy month? You learn from the expertise of someone like Superstar Diamond Coach, Julie Voris. Julie’s here with a specific action plan for maximizing the buzz and excitement surrounding CORE DE FORCE™, as well as sound advice on how to stay on track during a whirlwind of a month. Start reading—and start sharing the big news!

Q. How do you keep your Team engaged and motivated?
I believe in over-communicating and don’t want anyone to feel out of the loop. First, we always do weekly emails—one to Personally-Sponsored Coaches and one to the entire Team. Second, I set up a Facebook Events page as a central hub for communication. This is where Coaches can find out launch dates for new products. Third, I use Facebook Live. It’s a more personal, interactive experience and Coaches can go back and watch at any time. Finally, I share Beachbody content like posts from Carl Daikeler, Darin Olien, or TBB Coach 411. This keeps people engaged and promotes a connection.

Q. How will you teach new Coaches to leverage the CORE DE FORCE launch this month?
Start by generating excitement NOW. When we get the opportunity for new product sneak peeks, these should be non-negotiable.They are a must for yourself and for your customers. Then when the program launches, become a Challenger. No matter how long you have been a Coach, you should stay engaged in the programs, get back to the basics and be a product of the product. By committing to the program, your personal experience and results tell a story that can reach well into the future. Starting your own CORE DE FORCE Challenge Groups will create additional stories, results, and experiences that will build a solid customer and Coach base—not to mention a referral base.

Also, new and veteran Coaches need to be asking questions to potential customers such as: Do you want a 30-day, no excuses program? Do you like kickboxing? That’s what we do as Coaches; connect people with solutions that work in their lives. Lastly, post content from the Super Trainers, Joel and Jericho. Remember; we don’t have to be the experts—sharing content from the trainers helps take the pressure off.

Q. What do you do to create your own tailwind when the going gets tough?
When I lose momentum, I make sure I keep pressing play and even add extra workouts to my program. Motion creates emotion. Next, I proactively schedule time with my mentors and don’t wait for them to reach out to me. They help provide a helicopter view of the situation and remind me what’s worked in the past, or help tweak things if need be. I also talk to my success partner every day—she can be objective without any personal attachment.

Q. Why is it so important to start setting goals now for 2017?
It’s vital because you need to assess what worked in 2016 and what didn’t. I’m going to set aside time to reflect on this past year and ask some valuable questions: Did my actions align with my goals and priorities? What will wind up being a stretch goal for 2017 and cause me to grow? I will then ask my Team to do the same. I like to partner some Coaches up with a success partner or a small mastermind group. I’ve seen real success because often people work better when there is constant flow of ideas, support and empowerment. Small groups and success partners are powerful pieces to growing a business. Nobody has to do this on their own.

Q. What were your key takeaways from our Leadership Retreat last month?
I was reminded and inspired at Leadership to get back to creating tangible action steps for my Coaches rather than assuming that they know how to filter through all the information that is presented to them. We are CEO’s of our own businesses and we have to think that way, and we have to train our Coaches to think this way. Another important takeaway is that no matter how big our businesses get, we should always stay connected to the basics. Press play, drink a shake, read a book, and have lots of conversations about our amazing solutions. At the end of the day, no matter how much technology we have or how many programs we have, it will always come down to a Coach telling a new Coach, a new Challenger, or a potential customer that you CAN do this and I believe in you. No amount of technology will ever replace you!