Elite Adventure 2014


Do you have what it takes to be considered part of Team Beachbody’s crème de la crème? We’re talking about Coaches who reach the ceiling—and then shatter it! If you put up these hall of fame-type numbers, you too can be among the Team Beachbody® Elite.

In 2014, our top 10 Elite Coaches will be headed to ITALY! When you think, “bucket list,” Italy should be at the top! Our adventure will begin in the heart of the country – Rome. We’ll spend 3 days touring this historic city, sipping fine Italian wines, splurging on pasta, touring the historic sites and landmarks, and shopping in the birthplace of some of the world’s premier luxury brands.

After the urban tour concludes, we’ll bike through the Tuscan countryside enjoying the landscape, sounds and smells of one of the world’s most beautiful regions. Decadent doesn’t even begin to describe this European escapade with its bounty of fabulous food, breathtaking scenery, and of course the Italian people. You won’t ever want to say, “Ciao!”

If you think you have what it takes – check out the requirements here and we may just see you in Italy!

For more information on qualifying for Success Club, Premiere or Elite status, visit the “recognition” section of the Coach Online Office.


Putting Coach Basics into Action


Founding Coach, Doug Fitzgerald, has trained his fair share of Coaches over the years. So when this natural born leader and 2011 CEO Award winner says the new Coach Basics Program is an absolute must to train your new and existing Coaches, it’s a good idea to listen closely. Hear how Doug incorporates this great new program into his own training system—and why it’s helped him grow as a leader, too.

Q: How would you explain the Coach Basics Program, Doug?
A: This is a proven, extremely effective, professional training system for new Coaches—without overwhelming them. It’s also a great igniter and not only is the program easy to implement, it also frees up time to focus on achieving your goals. One of the best parts is that it helps develop friendships and working relationships to walk through Coaching and life together.   

Q:  What’s the most important thing for Diamond Coaches to know about the program?
A:  All Leaders, new and experienced, need to check out Coach Basics because it’s a vital system that they can use to train their Coaches. Plus, it’s easily duplicable, proven to produce growth and results, and also saves time by concentrating on group training, rather than randomly training Coaches one-on-one.

Q: What will new Coaches learn?
A:  In a nutshell, the Coach Basics Program will teach your new Coaches how to:

  • Establish their ‘Why’ and business goals
  • Understand and implement the 3 Vital Behaviors
  • Use the Business Activity Tracker
  • Learn about and achieve rank advancement, commissions, and Success Club
  • Set up their first Challenge Group   

Q: How has the program helped you grow as a leader?
A: First, it’s a huge time saver. Maintaining my current training system cut into the time I needed to be spending with my Team. Secondly, I’ve been able to take the core of the program and customize it to my current training system.

Q: How has your Team embraced the Coach Basics program?
A: They absolutely love it—especially the power that the Google Hangouts bring to the group. These are face-to-face video conference chats where we meet once-a-week to discuss activities, hold each other accountable, share ideas, celebrate successes and build friendships. So far, I have run 3 Coach Basics Groups, and in each group, 3 to 4 Coaches have taken the system and implemented it within their own groups. That’s duplication at its best!

Q: How has the Coach Basics program impacted your business?
A: Let me give you some three-week results from our latest Coach Basics Group: Out of 10 active Coaches in the group, we had 24 Success Club Points, 5 New Coach Sign-ups, 7 new Challenge Groups, and one Coach Advancement to Emerald. All 10 Coaches plan on using Coach Basics with their own Teams. (Four have already started!) Most importantly, we have all developed deeper relationships as Coaches and friends.

Q: Do you feel more confident sponsoring new Coaches now?
A: Without a doubt! It has become an incredible addition to my training system and I know it will for other Coaches, too. If you are a newer leader, I encourage you to use Coach Basics and then re-evaluate it as your business grows. And if you already have a training system in place, I encourage you to at least check it out and see how it can work for you.



10 Steps to Success


She strategized. She invited. And most importantly she led her Team to victory. Now, Team Captain of the July Beachbody Cup winning Team, Carl’s Angels, and Diamond Coach, Melanie Cumoletti, sat down with us to share 10 tips that are guaranteed to carry you and your Team to TBB Cup victory. Take notes!

  1. Assemble Your Team
    When choosing your Team, make sure everyone knows exactly what the Cup is and what your intentions are as a Team. My Team was: two friends from my Downline that really wanted to grow their businesses, my firecracker Upline Coach and one of her top coaches. We had people at different levels of coaching that could learn from and inspire each other. It created a great dynamic.
  2. Get Your Team FIRED Up
    We branded ourselves as ‘Carl’s Angels’ and wore the name with pride. We stayed in constant communication with our Team cup thread on Facebook. We used it to celebrate every Challenge Pack sold, fit clubs held, new challengers invited and all the little successes in between.
  3. Be A LEADER
    As the Team Captain, your job is to inspire, hold the Team together and propel them forward. Lead by example. Be positive and KNOW that your dreams are possible. Make sure the Team always has the tools to succeed at their fingertips. And even though there is one Captain, recognize the leadership skills in every Team member.
  4. Eyes On The Prize
    Whether it’s with the Cup, in your Challenge Groups or growing your Team – BELIEVE that HUGE things are possible. Work towards them and you will see your big dreams happen.
  5. Get Organized
    Find tools that work for you: notebooks, day planners, white boards, your computer, etc. When you are talking to multiple people a day, you need to remember your conversations. Getting organized will help you move each person forward in their commitment to join your challenge.
  6. Talk, Talk, Talk
    Talk to EVERYONE you know. Some of us talked in person, some talked on-line, some talked by phone. But bottom line: we ALL stepped out of our comfort zones and spoke with conviction about our incredible products and impressive results. Social settings were a great chance for our Team to show off their new fit selves. Get out, promote a healthy lifestyle and let people come to YOU!
  7. Bad Days Will Happen
    Every one of you will have a bad day at some point. But don’t let your conversations be filled with negativity. Instead, address the issues and move onto positive things. Team Captains: Your job is to make the best of each situation.
  8. Add A Little Dose Of Crazy
    Our determination was shocking at times. During the first few days we didn’t expect to win. Once we saw our 5th place ranking on the first results board we knew it was possible and there was no stopping us. Each day our confidence grew. Not only could we win, but we could solidify our careers as Coaches.
  9. Don’t Forget To Take Care Of Yourself
    Even though we were tempted to work 24 hours a day, we made we made sure we got adequate sleep. We also continued our workout regimen and stuck to clean eating as much as possible. This fueled our energy and excitement, and helped us wake up ready to conquer the world.
  10. Watch Your DREAMS Become REALITY
    There can only be one ‘Grand Prize’ winner for the Team Cup, but everybody who competes wins something HUGE. It’s been almost nine weeks since my first Beachbody Cup challengers started with their T25 Challenge packs. I signed 20 challengers, 2 of them are nearly at their goal weight and 3 of them are down almost 50 lbs each. The prize is much more than the Cup. Not only do you grow your businesses, you impact lives.

Final thoughts: Don’t ever lose sight of believing in others, helping others believe in themselves and helping your challengers and Coaches achieve their goals. That is the key to success.



Keith Wilson: Coaching Xcellence


After Keith Wilson discovered P90X®, he not only lost the stubborn weight he had gained during his young adult life, but he also uncovered the awesome support of the Coaching community and his true calling as a Team Beachbody Coach.  Discover how Keith went from breaking the bank to a breadwinning champion all while helping others get fit and live healthier lives!

Breaking into the Biz
Keith joined Team Beachbody when he realized neither he nor his wife were generating enough of an income to afford sending their children to private school – a problem since one of their children has Asperger syndrome and needs extra attention in the classroom.

“Once I learned about the Coaching business, I was fascinated by the idea that I could earn the money I needed to provide for my family while helping others lose weight and get fit,” he shares.

“Coaching really comes down to that ‘Why’, and that for me that is never again having to look my kids in the eye and tell them, ‘No.  We can’t afford it.’ Especially when it comes to their education.”

Relationships Lead to Results
Starting out as a Coach, Keith remembers getting carried away with the business side of Coaching.  “I kept focusing on the next Coach I was going to sign or the next rank advancement I was going to make,” he recalls.  “It took a while before I realized that I was going to have more business growth if I shifted my main focus back to helping customers get the results they wanted.”

“This business is not about Challenge Packs, workout programs, or Shakeology,” he continues.  “It’s about relationships.  If you build relationships with people in a genuine way, the product sales and Coach signings will just naturally fall in line.”

Driven by his heart and his commitment to integrity, Keith feels the key to his success is firmly rooted in his absolute belief in Beachbody.  “I believe in the company, the leadership, the products, and the way we go about things.  I believe in our approach of not offering quick fixes or cut corners when it comes to our health.  I swear, if you cut me open, I bleed Beachbody blue!” Keith laughs.

The P90X Trilogy
The potency of brand recognition is no small ingredient when crafting the perfect sales pitch for new customers.  That’s why Keith leverages P90X and P90X2® to hook new clients into the multifaceted world of Beachbody programs.  He explains, “Even when people don’t know what Beachbody is, chances are they’ve still heard of P90X, making Tony Horton’s programs a great launching pad for sky rocketing one’s business.”

Keith believes that the power of the P90X trilogy rests in the natural progression of the programs.  “A lot of people don’t know what they’re going to next once they’ve complete a program, and they lose steam trying to figure it out.  P90X and P90X2 are a power couple for these people.  They provide the perfect transition between fitness programs, and with P90X3 coming out soon, customers are going to have even another dose of Horton lined up for them!” he says.

Keith loves the idea of setting up a 6 month P90X/P90X2 challenge group for Horton fans looking to execute their long-term dedication to getting and staying fit. “P90X is a great program for people who have fallen off the fitness wagon since it incorporates a healthy balance of cardio, weight training, and stretching,” he observes.  “P90X2 is great for pushing yourself harder as it ramps up the moves from the former program for even more of a challenge.  It’d be great to watch the people in your challenge groups make this kind of progress!”

Right Side Up
Now an incredibly successful, 5-Star Diamond Coach, Keith can finally enroll his children in the school of their choice and even has been able to provide the financial support needed for his wife to quite her job and go back to graduate school—all thanks to promoting products he’s had success with and believes in!

Looking to the future, Keith hopes to leave his job as a pharmaceutical biologist to become a full-time Team Beachbody Coach by March of 2014.  Though he likes his job in pharma, he notes that after two years as a Coach, he’s making the same income with Beachbody that he does in his current field after 4 years of study and 14 years of industry experience!

“I’ve made so much money just dedicating just a few hours a day to the Coaching business.  I can only imagine how much my business is going to soar once I start treating it like a full-time job!” he says.

Reflecting on his personal experience as a Coach, Keith notes that his world once felt upside down and after discovering Beachbody, it flipped right side up.  “More than anything, I want to help my Coaches experience the same amazing change in lifestyle I have.  That is my ultimate goal!”

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Focus on building relationships with customers.  Help them get the results they want first before worrying about signing them as a Coach.
  • Believe in the product and become proof that the products work.  If you believe in it, your customers and Coaches will believe in it, too.
  • Encourage people to make the commitment to two programs, like P90X and P90X2, to help them establish their long-term fitness goals.



25 Tricks and Treats


From fall Shakeology recipes to wise words from Beachbody CEO, Carl Daikeler, we’ve gathered a robust list of tips and tricks as varied as a bag of Halloween candy. So dive in and use these fall treats to expand your business—not your waistline.

Coaches know best:

1) “Lead by example, with energy and enthusiasm. But don’t try to sell and don’t ‘want it’ more than they do.” – Jessica Vandeberghe

2) “If scheduling is an issue, work in 15 minute increments. 15 minutes of calls/emails, then laundry, 15 minutes of personal development, then dishes, etc.” – Joline Atkins

3) “Be firm in who you are and what you stand for. If you inspire one person, you did your job.” – Clarissa Lupton

4) “If you’re only in this business for money – you will always be empty. Your ‘Why; has to be bigger!” – Amber Scott

Inspiring words from the CEO:

5) “Never sell at the expense of the buyer.” – Carl Daikeler

6) “The more rejection you hear the stronger you will be to rejection. So get out there and practice. Don’t let the first answer be the only answer.” – Carl Daikeler

7) “It’s important that becoming a Coach is not an empty action. We need to get new Coaches engaged in the right behaviors. That’s our purpose.” – Carl Daikeler

8) “Shakeology supports the body in a completely different and sophisticated way. It’s your daily dose of dense nutrition. It’s the one thing you can do each day that shows your body you care.” – Carl Daikeler

9) “The point is not being a hard body or just an after photo. It’s about being an example of hard work and discipline.” – Carl Daikeler

Tips from Beachbody Headquarters:

10) Sharing Shakeology is easier than ever. Do you have customers who can’t commit to a flavor? Friends who want to try Shakeology but aren’t ready for a home direct order? Now you can overcome those objections with the new Shakeology taste sampler pack–available in the TBB shop. Time to get your taste buds dancing.

11) “Ask your upline sponsor or Diamond Coach about participating in an upcoming Coach Basics group.  Whether you are a new or existing Coach, you will benefit from the proven results of this training program.” – LeeAnne Ruff Senior Manager Training & Field Development

12) Use the new Chocolate/Vanilla combo box to blend up some fall-themed Shakeology recipes for your Halloween bash. When friends and family are impressed, encourage them to try it out for themselves.

13) New Coaches who achieve Success Starter status earn on average 7 TIMES MORE than other Coaches. That’s a stat you can’t argue with. So, check out the Success Starter program in the Online Office and find out how you can encourage your new Coaches to get involved.

14) “Customer Program leads are the cherry on top of a great business. Assigned Leads give your business a boost by immediately adding to your customer base. Learn how to qualify & connect today!” – Shelley Parise, Director of Lead Generation

Tasty fall treats:

15) Vanilla Energy Balls:
(Makes 15 servings, 1 ball each)
Total time: 15 mins
Prep time: 15 mins

1 ½ scoops Vanilla Shakeology
½ cup almond flour
½ cup old-fashioned rolled oats
¼ cup all-natural almond butter
1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
¼ cup sliced raw almonds

Combine Shakeology, almond flour, and oats in a medium bowl; mix well. Add almond butter and almond milk; mix well with a rubber spatula or hands until it forms a think batter. Roll mixture into fifteen balls, each about 1-inch in size. Roll balls in almonds.

16) Pumpkin Pie Shakeology
1 scoop Vanilla Shakeology
1 cup milk of choice
½ cup pumpkin puree
½ tsp pumpkin pie spice
1 cup ice
Blend and enjoy!
17) Frozen Harvest Oat Bars
(Makes 8 servings, 1 bar each)
Total time: 3 hrs, 10 mins
Prep time: 10 mins

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
½ cup old-fashioned rolled oats
1 scoop Beachbody Whey Protein Powder, Chocolate or Vanilla flavor (or equivalent)
½ cup all-natural peanut butter
½ ripe medium banana, mashed nonstick cooking spray

Combine Shakeology, oats and whey protein powder in a large bowl; mix well. Add peanut butter and banana; mix well with a rubber spatula or hands. Place in an 8 x 8- inch pan that is lightly coated with spry. Cover with plastic wrap and press down to flatten into pan. Freeze for 3 hours. Cut into bars.

Apps you can’t live without:

18) Evernote (Free, **** stars) – This award-winning app named by New York Times as a ‘Top 10 Must Have App,’ lets you sync notes and reminders across devices, record audio messages, organize your finances, share content with other Coaches and customers, and so much more.

19) Pocket (Free, **** ½ stars) – It’s the ultimate app for Personal Development. Not only does Pocket let you save articles, videos and anything else discovered on the Internet, but it allows you to read it on any device at any time–no internet connection necessary.

20) OmniFocus ($19.99, **** stars) – While it’s not free, you only pay a small price to skyrocket your productivity. OmniFocus can help you turn big goals into bite-size pieces, remind you of daily errands based on your location or help you plan your week ahead. What’s not to love?

21) Brewster (Free, *** ½ stars) – As a Coach, it can be overwhelming to keep track of your network. Brewster has you covered. From Facebook to LinkedIn to real life, Brewster gathers all your contacts and helps you stay connected. The app can: help you remember where and how you met people; sort contacts by group; record how many times you’ve been in touch and keeps track of personal details.

22) Eternity Time Log Lite (Free, *** stars) Ever wonder where all your time goes? This app knows. Use Eternity to keep track of the minutes you spend on different activities. Discover where you are wasting time and be on your way to a more productive business and life.

Grow yourself, grow your team. Personal Development must haves:

23) Entreleadership by Dave Ramsey
“Ramsey really taught me how to take ownership and treat my business like a business. His podcast is unreal, too.” – Coach Michelle Myers.

24) How Great Leaders Inspire Action, a TED talk by Simon Sinek (//www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action.html)
“With over 12 million view his talk is one of the most watched TED talks of all time. He shows how to convey information so you can genuinely connect with someone, not just talk at them.” – Coach Michael Ryan.

25) The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss
“This book is helping me plan my ‘ultimate Beachbody Coach life.’ It’s probably a bit more than four hours a week, but Ferriss’ tips really help me design my life, not let my life design me.” – Coach Lindsey Catarino



October Hotlist


October Success Club Incentives

This month we have an incredible Success Club promotion that you don’t want to miss out on.

The Team Beachbody Cup Begins!

  • Get ready to build your business in a BIG way! On October 1st we’re kicking off an epic four-week battle to see which team of five Coaches will earn their place in Team Beachbody history. All participants have a chance to win exclusive prizes, but only one team will have their names engraved on the prestigious Team Beachbody Cup and win a private workout with Tony Horton. Read below to see how you can use the P90X & P90X2 Challenge Pack discounts to rack up TBB Cup points all month long!
  • Follow all the TBB Cup action
  • Read the official rules

Product & Training Spotlight

P90X & P90X2 Challenge Pack Discount

  • October 1st – 31st, the P90X & P90X2 Challenge Packs will be discounted to $180 from $205! This is the first time EVER that we have discounted P90X&X2 Challenge packs, so use this as the perfect opportunity to reach to new customers! Use the promotion to rack up Success Club and Team Beachbody Cup points (you’ll earn 2 points for every Challenge Pack you sell in October!)
  • Read the full details here

Coach Basics Training Program

  • At the Leadership Retreat last month, we announced the arrival of Coach Basics. Coach Basics is a 60-day training program to help both new and existing Coaches learn the fundamentals of being a successful Team Beachbody Coach. The training consists of two 30-day modules that include daily lessons and action items to you and your Coaches achieve goals and build a strong, successful business. Any Coach can go through the program for FREE regardless of start day and the results we’ve seen are truly incredible
  • Watch this video to get an inside look at Coach Basics: //youtu.be/4y8kD6A0XrA
  • Get all more information in the Coach Online Office.

Shakeology Taste Sampler

  • For years you have been asking us for an easy to use Shakeology sampling option and it has finally arrived – the Taste Sampler! This handy box will allow you and your customers to try our most popular flavors of Shakeology before committing to a full bag. This is the PERFECT way to overcome objections from people who want to try before they buy.
  • Read the FAQ in the Online Office and start inviting today!

Dates to Remember

Sunday, October 1st

  • Be sure to read the NEW Coach Monthly here on the TbbCoach411.com site!
  • P90X & P90X2 Challenge Pack promotions begin.
  • The Team Beachbody Cup begins! Follow the action here:

Monday, October 7th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Tuesday, October 14th

  • Dance Party Challenge Pack promotion begins

Monday, October 21st

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Monday, Ocotber 28th

  • National “WAKE UP” Call – Dial (832) 225-5055 at 8:00 AM PT / 11:00 AM ET

Monday, October 31st

  • Last day in the Team Beachbody Cup!
  • Last day to achieve Success Club
  • Last day to save on P90X & P90X2 Challenge Packs!



The ABC’s of Coaching


Starting out as a Coach just got a whole lot easier.

Presenting the Coach Basics program—a nuts and bolts approach to fast-tracking your success. What exactly is it? A 60-day online program filled with activities designed to teach you the 3 Vital Behaviors of a successful Team Beachbody® Coach.

And the thing that sets Coach Basics apart from other starter programs? It’s a completely interactive experience.

Putting the “fun” in the fundamentals
Participants are invited to a private Facebook page that provides fundamental training lessons through daily posts and action steps. That means that while Coaches are learning the ropes, they also have the opportunity to interact with other Coaches and ask questions.

Just like the concept of Challenge Groups, the program offers support, motivation, and accountability. To the max.

No more wasting time. Now Coaches can get up to speed as a group—fast.

One way Coaches will be able to do this is with Google Hangouts—free group video chats on computers, Android, or Apple devices. The Hangouts can hold up to 10 people, including the leader. What’s more, they make it easy for all to participate—even if some Coaches live in a different city or state.

Can you say convenient?

Go to Google Hangouts to learn more and download the free app. 

60 days to success
The training is broken into two 30-day modules, each with a different set of goals. The goal of the first month is for Coaches to earn at least $100, which helps pay for their order of Shakeology HD. And for month two? Hit Success Club 5 and rank advance to Emerald.

And speaking of goals, participants will use the Business Activity Tracker to track their goals and activity, making it easy for their group leader to hold them accountable.

So how did the program’s pilot group fare? The numbers speak for themselves.

  • 78% earned $100 or more in the first month
  • 48% achieved Success Starter month one by earning Success Club 5 in their first full month.
  • 64% rank advanced to Emerald
  • Participants saw their earnings grow 34% in 4 months

The banter on the basics
Coach Basics training isn’t just for new Coaches; it’s also an outstanding tool for existing Coaches who are ready to re-energize their businesses.

Here’s the word on the street about the program:

–  “I reached Emerald in two weeks and Diamond in 90 days—all because of Coach Basics!”
– “It’s an effective 60-day system—right out-of-the-box!”
– “The Google Hangouts strengthened the relationship between me and my Team.”

Calling all new Coaches
Make sure to reach out to your Upline Coach and find out how to get in a Coach Basics group. It’s proven. It’s powerful. And when the 60 days are up, you’ll be freshly armed with all the skills you need to succeed.

In other words, start a group. It works.

Sound like a win-win for everyone? Yep. You can say that again!



Bringing It with Tony Horton


He brought it. Then he brought it again. And now, for good measure, he’s bringing it for a third time. The trilogy is complete. At the 2013 Leadership Retreat, creator of P90X and P90X2, celebrity fitness trainer, Tony Horton, announced the launch of the much-anticipated P90X3.

Want more good news? To prepare you and your customers for the arrival of X3, we’re dropping the price of P90X and P90X2 Challenge Packs for the first time ever. For the month of October, both Challenge Packs will be reduced to only $180 (reduced from $205)! So listen up as Tony discusses the difference between P90X and P90X2, why anyone and everyone should try X3, and the reason fitness is the ultimate reward.

Tony, explain to our Coaches the differences between P90X and P90X2?
P90X was the first extreme home fitness program. It uses the method known as muscle confusion to help you get in the best shape of your life. P90X2 is all about taking strong, fit bodies and turning them into athletic bodies. It’s athletic training using stabilization and balance. P90X is for almost anyone–from a professional football player to someone who weighs 200 lbs. and wants to lose weight. But, P90X2 would be a difficult choice for people who have a lot of weight to lose.

So if folks aren’t athletes, will they still find P90X2 accessible?
Absolutely! You don’t have to be an athlete to do P90X2. But I don’t create programs where you can do things poorly and expect to get results. You have to understand portions of X2 are very challenging, but with persistence you will be able to do many things you never thought possible. And it’s important to note you don’t have to do P90X in order to do P90X2.

How would you pitch these programs to a stranger?
It would depend on the person. It’s important to understand each individual’s fitness goals. But I would say almost anybody can do P90X and almost anybody can do P90X2 if they are in pretty good shape.

How do you reward yourself after a good workout?
The reward is the workout. Beyond building muscle, a great workout improves my memory, cognition, sleep, range of motion, flexibility, immune system and it makes me more durable, physically and emotionally. That doesn’t mean I don’t indulge, I just feel less guilty about a big old chocolate chip cookie or a piece of key lime pie. But I have to earn those things.

Let’s talk about P90X3. What sets it apart from the other programs?
It’s an excuse killer. The workouts are only 30 minutes. Each workout has incredibly efficient sequencing of movement so you are getting the most out of your 30 minutes. There is not a single moment wasted.

If you haven’t done the other P90X programs can you jump into X3?
Yes – X3 is for all those people who wanted to do P90X but didn’t because they thought it was too long. P90X3 is accessible to most people because, much like P90X, there are a ton of modifications.

Do you have a favorite workout in P90X3?
Isometrics – I think it will blow people away. It’s a routine they’ve never seen before. I’m also excited to finally introduce Pilates into my repertoire.

Going into the holiday season, why do P90X, X2 and X3 make great gifts?
P90X is for someone who’s curious and doesn’t know what to do. P90X2 is for any and every P90X graduate and there are millions of them. P90X3 is a brilliant gift for all the people who have seen their friends and family do P90X and say, “I would buy it, but I don’t have the time.” Everyone has a half an hour to get in shape. And if none of those apply and the thought of exercise seems daunting, well, then you give them 10 Minute Trainer!

What are the benefits of drinking Shakeology in conjunction with the P90X programs?
Training requires fuel. Shakeology gives the body all the ingredients it needs to heal and repair so you can keep going.

What Shakeology flavor is your go-to?
I’ve been a Greenberry guy from the beginning. But right now I’m really into the new Vanilla. I’ve been adding berries, cashews and almond milk–yum!

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received?
Show up to anything and everything that challenges you.

Any good jokes before we go?
A rabbi a lawyer and a priest walk into a bar and the bartender says, “What is this a joke?”