Hit It Hard With CORE DE FORCE

Core de Force

It's no secret. Some of the most phenomenal bodies are built by mixed martial arts training. But what most people don't know is that anyone, at any fitness level, can incorporate that kind of total-body training into their routine!

CORE DE FORCE is proof. Designed to help you carve a tighter core, this program gives everyone the chance to give MMA-inspired training a shot—and build out-of-this world confidence. Ready to hear more about this empowering, fat-blasting program and how you can pitch it to your customers? Read on for answers from co-creators Joel and Jericho!

To learn more about CORE DE FORCE, visit FAQ 5215 and check out the sneak peek on October 3rd and October 24th!

What inspired you to create this program?

Joel: Jericho and I wanted to create a program that brought in our love for the MMA training world and enable anybody, anywhere to train like we do. The physical and mental benefits of authentic MMA-style workouts are incredible!

What can customers expect from CORE DE FORCE?

Jericho: A super fun, results-driven workout that will blast your core and shred your entire body using fight-style combinations and simple, but highly effective conditioning exercises that'll make you feel invincible!

What makes CORE DE FORCE unique?

Joel: We packed authentic MMA-inspired moves and interval training into a 3-minute round structure. This allows everyone to work at their own pace, learn the combinations, and spike their heart rate all within each round!

Is CORE DE FORCE choreographed to the beat of the music?

Jericho: No. We wanted everyone to go at their own pace—while keeping the workout as authentic as possible. But we love working out to music, so we made sure that Core De Force had awesome music to reflect the intensity of the rounds!

Do you need to know how to do martial arts to do this program?

Joel: Nope! Jericho and I teach all the breakdowns of every move, no matter your fitness level. There's even a ‘Learn It & Work It’ video before every workout that also breaks down technique and form to maximize your results!

Who is the ideal CORE DE FORCE customer?

Jericho: Anyone who is ready to fight for a better version of themselves!

What if I'm a beginner, can I still do CORE DE FORCE?

Joel: Absolutely! In CORE DE FORCE, everyone can work at their own pace! In each workout there's a modifier that shows a less intense move option. Also, Beachbody® On Demand will have a dedicated "modifier window" feature which gives you a constant view of the modified moves!

Is there a nutritional component to CORE DE FORCE?

Joel: We made sure the CORE DE FORCE nutrition plan was just as fun as the workouts! There are some of our favorite healthy food recipes in the plan—like BBQ chicken pizza and Jalapeño Cheese Burgers! And since CORE DE FORCE is a higher intensity program, you'll get to eat more than you think!

What kind of results can I expect from CORE DE FORCE?

Jericho: It's a core-blasting, fat-torching, full-body sculpting program. You'll tighten and tone everything and become stronger from the inside out. You'll also increase your cardiovascular fitness, endurance, speed, agility and coordination—and your confidence!

Here's what a few members of our test group had to say about CORE DE FORCE:

"I never thought I would like punching or kicking, but it's the best way to tone your body without weights!"

-Sonya N. (Lost 4.5 lbs., 4 inches off waist in 30 days)

"To people who are a larger size and feel intimidated, I would say get out of your head and just do it."

-Franquie Z. (lost 48 lbs., 11.5 inches off waist in 120 days)

"The cardio spikes keep your heart rate up to help you burn more calories."

-Geoff W. (lost 21 lbs., 6.5 inches off waist in 60 days)

"Whether you're starting at zero or you're in shape, this program is tailored to help you get the most out of it."

-Angelina E. (Lost 12 lbs., 5.5 inches off waist in 60 days)

"Start to finish, you're feeling your core working the whole time."

-Kenny C. (lost 8 lbs., 2 inches off waist in 30 days)

Get everything you need to prepare for the launch with the CORE DE FORCE Product Toolkit available on Oct 12th. Go to Coaching Breaking News for all the info.


Introducing The First 30: A Q&A with Cim Carver, Senior Director of Field Development

Introducing The First 30: A Q&A with Cim Carver, Senior Director of Field Development

It’s no secret that properly onboarding new Coaches is critical to the future success of their business. But with all the training tools out there, how can you set up your new Coaches without overwhelming them? Take a deeper dive into the brand-new First 30 training with our very own Cim Carver, Senior Director of Field Development.

Q: What is the First 30?
The First 30 gives you a simple framework and best practices for onboarding your new Coaches so they’re in the best position to be successful with their business. Simply put, what if you had a clear direction for what a Coach should do in the first 30 minutes, the first 30 hours, and the first 30 days in order to be successful? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, that’s what the First 30 is.

Q: How does the First 30 work?
It’s simple. In the first 30 minutes after a Coach enrolls, we want them to watch the New Coach Welcome Video, which will be emailed to them immediately upon enrollment. It’s short, only about 8 minutes, and gives them all the instruction they need to get their business set up.

In their first 30 hours, we ask them to complete the First 30: Business Quickstart Guide and to contact their Sponsor Coach to set up a Getting Started Right Call. The cool thing is that the New Coach Welcome Video shows them how to do this, step-by-step.

In their first 30 days, the sponsoring Coach makes sure they’ve been welcomed to their team and have completed an effective Coach Basics Program, or similar new Coach training.

We’ve tried to keep this to the bare essentials, so focus is tight. Everything is doable.

Q: Why is Team Beachbody introducing the First 30?
With Team Beachbody’s strong growth, we’ve noticed a greater need to provide more transparency and guidance to sponsoring Coaches for effective onboarding, and of course, to create more simplicity.

The First 30 framework will help sponsoring Coaches onboard their new Coaches in a way that creates greater focus, confidence, and success.

Our hope is that when Coaches employ the First 30 framework, we will see continued improvement in the success of sponsoring Coaches helping others, create the highest probability of success along with greater retention of newly enrolled Coaches.

Q: So, what’s staying and what’s going away?
For most Coaches, the First 30 will feel very familiar. It really is a simplified and more streamlined framework that mirrors what many Coaches use today.

As far as any changes go, there are some new tools including the New Coach Welcome Video and the First 30 Leader Guide. We’ve simplified and updated the Business Quickstart Guide, the Coach Action Plan and the New Coach Welcome email to fall in line with the First 30 framework. We have also created a First 30 Leader Guide that helps sponsoring Coaches understand how the First 30 works, and provides additional best practices.

Q: How do I use the First 30 when I sponsor a new Coach?
It’s simple! Just follow the framework, then help the Coaches on your team do the same and you will see new Coaches launch their business successfully. It really is that simple.

For more information on the First 30, watch the Zoom Wall Call hosted by Cim HERE or visit FAQ 2128.