How to Build Your Social Brand

It’s one thing to “like” and “share” cool fitness posts. But what’s all that aimless Facebook wandering really doing? Answer: probably not much.

It’s time to get serious about social.

We dissected a few Coach social leaders’ Facebook worlds and found rock-solid strategies you can apply—starting today!

What’s one thing new Coaches to social media should know?

“Start with WHY!  Simen Sinek’s YouTube video is a must for new Coaches.  When you start with ‘Why,’ even in your Facebook posts, people are moved to action.” – Brigitte Linford, Superstar Diamond

“If you have been using your Facebook page for life, then all of a sudden it’s just fitness, it turns people off.  Keep being you, and be you BOLDLY…but make sure that you continue to post about who you are, not just what you sell.” – Alli Upham, Superstar Diamond

“Be consistent, add value and use keywords that address the needs of your audience.” – Joy Poulsen, lifetime 3 star Diamond

How would you summarize your social media strategy?

“Add Value, Be Authentic, Be Consistent.”  – Brigitte

“REAL. BOLD. FUN.” – Alli

“Inspire, educate, motivate.” – Joy

What should you ALWAYS do on Facebook?

“Be YOU.  So many times people think, well, so-and-so is successful so I’m just going to mimic their posts.  But the most successful coaches are the ones who open up their own life and allow people to see the REAL DEAL!” – Alli

How do you interact with your audience differently on Facebook?

“I automate a lot of my posts, but then I reach out and connect with my prospects, daily. You need to build engagement and trust.  People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Joy

Do you have any tricks to share to make your Facebook posts more visible?

“Define your brand, which is who you are—NOT what you do. Then focus on your target audience.” – Joy

“I like to comment on old posts or respond to comments the next day because it forces that photo back into the newsfeed to be seen by more people.”  – Brigitte

What posts are the most popular?

“The inspirational quotes, recipes and exercise tips.” – Joy

“Stories.  People love stories.  Stories of my own triumph over the years, my family getting healthy even though they are miles away, my fellow customers and Coaches who are changing their own lives.  People want to know that it’s possible.” – Alli

What’s your favorite app to help create social content?

“On the computer: On my iPhone: WordSwag.”  – Brigitte

“I use Phonto to write on my pictures.” – Alli

How has posting to social media helped your business?

“I would say 80% of my Coaches and challengers are people I met through social media.” – Brigitte

“My entire business has been built on social media.  Yes, I meet many of the people in person.  But I always ask every person I meet, “Are you on Facebook?”  Why? Because it pulls them into my world.   It also allows them to see more of me and what I am about.” – Alli

When is the best time of day to post for maximum engagement?

“It depends.  I use an app like iconoquare or ‘Page Insights’ on  Facebook to determine when people are online and reachable.” – Joy

“Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” – Brigitte

“Every person is different. It really takes RESEARCH.  Coaches need to test content.  Put posts out at different times, and see which ones grab the most attention.” – Alli

How do you leverage content from Team Beachbody official pages (ie. Team Beachbody Coach 411, Beachbody, Shakeology, and other brand specific pages)?

“I share recipes, food pics, and exercise tips.” – Joy

“I share the transformation photos in my Challenge Groups for inspiration and motivation.”  – Brigitte

How have your social media posts changed over time and how has that helped your business?

“In the beginning, I’d post products non-stop which sent a very blatant “buy, buy, buy” message. Then I realized I wasn’t solving people’s needs. I started asking what they valued in my posts and delivered that.” – Joy

“I’ve learned how to perfect the art of telling a story.  People relate to stories and they like when someone shows vulnerability.”  – Brigitte

For more awesome social post ideas, and cool Beachbody content to share make sure you follow all our Team Beachbody social media accounts:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

Stay tuned for more awesome social media tips in the October Coach Monthly!


Supercharge Your Home Office Space

Your home office—it’s where Coach magic happens.

There’s never a shortage of things to do. Following up with new contacts. Checking in with your Team. Managing your business online. Getting the lowdown about new products and programs. But all of these important tasks require ditching distractions and brushing up on your time-management chops. It’s time to find your groove and ramp up your productivity with these great tips!

1. Don’t start your day without a game-plan.
What’s the best way to get your day going in the right direction? Having a strong, focused plan of attack — daily!

Make a list of high-priority action items—then, knock those out first. Crossing them off the list will make everything else manageable and will give you momentum to power through the day.

Power tip: Don’t forget to carve out time for Personal Development every day. Even listening to a half hour of a motivational Personal Development CD can offer fresh ideas and growth. Need suggestions? Check out the Success on Demand tab in the Coach Online Office for quality, motivational content.

2. Establish clear-cut boundaries.
Constantly hitting the brakes to play with your kids or entertain guests makes it hard to establish rhythm. To find your flow faster, retreat to your own office space and make it clear to everyone that you’re in “work mode.”

Power tip: If you live with others, post your work schedule on the fridge. That way, everyone will know your “office hours.”

3. Surround yourself with inspiration.
The key to creating a sanctuary of success?  Making sure it’s a place that gets you pumped!  Have a playlist ready with your favorite music, hang your “BEFORE” and “AFTER” pictures—anything that inspires you.

Power tip: Proudly display a picture of your “WHY” on your desk or wall. It’ll give you the ultimate dose of inspiration and remind you why you’re working so hard in the first place.

4. Stay accountable with Google Drive.
If you haven’t started using the Business Activity Tracker, now’s the time! It’s your virtual checklist that helps you stay on top of daily and weekly tasks so your business never falters.

Power tip: Unleash the tracker’s full potential—and boost your Team’s productivity—by uploading it to Google Drive. There, everyone can view each other’s progress and hold each other accountable.

5. Invest in all-star apps.
If you have a need, chances are there’s an app for it. Here are some of our top picks:

Evernote: This note-taking app turns heads with its practical scanning feature that makes gathering contact info easier than swapping business cards.

Phonto: Need to up your Instagram cred? This free app gives you an easy way to add text and apply filters for images that set you apart from the crowd.

FocusLock:  Get ready to kick social media distraction to the curb—for good! This no-nonsense app sets a timer that “locks” you out of Facebook, Twitter, Candy Crush—you name it!

Doodle: Struggling to find a time that works for your Team call? Doodle makes scheduling a cinch!

Hootsuite: Ok, so it’s not technically an app, but this free platform is a must-have. It streamlines your social media use by helping you manage all your accounts in one central place.

6. Max out your success with the Coach Online Office
You already know the Coach Online Office is the hub for business management. But are you taking full advantage of all it has to offer? From training videos and documents, to the Success on Demand tab, it’s bursting with resources, designed to help your business boom!

Plus, check the Coach Breaking News in COO every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the latest Team Beachbody news. Mark your calendars. And don’t forget, every Monday you get an email with the weekly forecast on Coach TV (watch past Coach TVs here: // ). And for up-to-the-minute news, follow TBBCoach411 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Putting these powerful tips into motion will have you well on your way to creating a productive and zen-like at-home work environment.

And even if you’re just starting out, you need to adopt a “corner office” mentality.  After all, you’re the CEO and the boss of your own business. Having this mindset will not only bring a new level of confidence, but will help you commit to making your business soar!




Success Strategies from the Surge

Our LIVE Surge events offer invaluable tips for any Coach—at any level.

But August boasted a brand new Surge—in a brand new format. This two-hour event featuring CEO, Carl Daikeler, and top Coaches, kicked off the largest Coach Basics Group in Team Beachbody® history—the Coach Basics Blitz!

The goal: To rally over 10,000 new Coaches to enroll in a Coach Basics Group.

The Ultimate Foundation
Coach Basics is a 60-day, online training program that helps you build a solid foundation for your business, while focusing on the 3 Vital Behaviors of a successful Coach.

Daily messaging. Support. Accountability. It’s all in your own private Facebook group set up by your Coach Basics Group leader. That means that while you’re learning the ropes, you have the opportunity to interact with other Coaches and ask questions.

Why is Coach Basics so vital for new Coaches? The August Surge had the answers.

Get out of the gate—fast!
LeeAnne Ruff, Sr. Manager, Training & Field Development, explains why it works.

“Trying to learn on your own can be overwhelming,” she says. “Coach Basics helps new Coaches achieve their goals and builds confidence quickly. It also teaches the skills needed to start making money right away, earn Success Starter, and rank advance to Emerald.”

LeeAnne adds, “Just like a fitness program, if you do the actions each and every day, you can’t help but succeed.”

And the numbers don’t lie:

  • Over 78% of new Coaches have earned $100 their first month in the program
  • 48% have earned Success Starter status
  • 64% have rank advanced to Emerald

Commit to the Blitz
The Coach Basics Blitz has LeeAnne—and just about everyone else—fired up.

“It’s letting Coaches know we have an award-winning program that delivers great results,” she says. “We know that the more Coaches we can get engaged in the training, the more successful they will be in achieving their goals.”

And LeeAnne has a tip for our leaders to keep Coaches inspired during the program. “Keep Coaches connected to their ‘Why.’ That alone will help them feel connected and engaged for the length of the training.”

As seen on the Surge
Carl asked seven of our top-performing Coaches what it takes to get the most out of Coach Basics training. Here are some of their expert tips:

Trina Gray, Superstar Diamond

  • Get started with the right mindset. Manage your time wisely and make sure to create a schedule on your calendar.

Barbie Decker, 11 Star Diamond

  • Shoot for early wins that give you the momentum to keep going. Hitting Success Club and becoming a Success Starter is huge.

Kristina Delgado, 11 Star Diamond

  • Focus on your first seven days to get off to a great start. You can’t jump to 4th grade if you skip learning to read in kindergarten.

Julie Voris, 9 Star Diamond

  • Have an accountability partner to keep you motivated and remember to make Zoom calls a top priority.

Miguel Carrasco, 6 Star Diamond

  • Fit Personal Development into your routine. Doing daily reading or listening to an audio CD will help you build confidence.     

Brigitte Linford, Superstar Diamond

  • Tracking is important because it allows you to celebrate successes and see where the challenges lie. It also helps match activities to your goals.

Lindsay Matway, Top Coach and Superstar Diamond II

  • Go ALL IN! Have a vision for who you want to become and ask the question, “Why not you?”

Coach Basics is a training program for everyone
If you’re a new Coach, make sure to reach out to your Sponsor or Upline Coach and find out how to get in a Coach Basics group. You won’t find a better way to accelerate your success.

If you’re a leader, invite your new Coaches to your own Coach Basics Training. You’ll be arming them with the competitive edge they need to hit the ground running.

With Coach Basics, everyone wins!

Find out more about Coach Basics training.

Check CBN for weekly trainings, documents and content to help you power through the Coach Basics Blitz.



All Eyes on Elite

It’s a simple truth; hard work pays off. Want the perfect example? Look no further than the recent Elite 10 adventure to one of the most awe-inspiring places on earth: Italy.

“From the private tour of the Vatican to the exclusive winery dinners, this trip was truly extraordinary,” reminisces Vice President, Beachbody Global Events, Kelli Gilbert.

SVP, Network Marketing, Michael Neimand, raved about the hotel accommodations. “The Fontenelle hotel in Tuscany was so beautiful it took your breath away. We’re talking about a once-in-a-lifetime experience all the way.”

But what would a recap of this trip be without hearing from our Elite 10? We asked. They answered. You’ll think you were there.

Favorite moment of the Italy trip?

“Biking through Tuscany and climbing a hill to look out over the vineyard covered hills was something I’ll never forget.”
– Lauren Duke

“Listening to the other Coaches tell their stories! I love hearing what experiences have shaped people to be who they are today.”
– Melanie Mitro

“Seeing the Colosseum! To be in a place with so much history was amazing!”
– Meghan Wiczynski

Best meal you had?

“Sitting in a garden in Tuscany overlooking the countryside. We were brought an assortment of spreads on different breads. To die for!”
– Amy Silverman

“Our dinner at the wine estate in Sienna was melt-in-your-mouth amazing!”
– Melanie Mitro

“A Florentine steak for two.”
– Amber Scott

“I have to name just one? Each meal was amazing in its own way. Hello, GELATO!”
– Heather Foltz

How will you make sure you stay in the Top 10 next year?

“By helping more people reach their goals than the year before.”
– Amy Silverman

“By focusing on the 3 Vital Behaviors and continuing to grow and stretch outside my comfort zone as a leader.”
– Lindsay Matway

“By dreaming bigger and working harder than last year!”
– Scott Hobbs

“I’m going to stay consistent. I’m committed to developing and growing my Team so they can experience the same level of success.”
– Melanie Mitro

What single thing do you attribute your success to?

“Doing .01% more than everyone else.”
– Amy Silverman

“I love to see others succeed, and I’m not afraid to fail in order to help pave a better path to lead them!”
– Jenelle Summers

“Unwavering faith in myself, our Team, and Team Beachbody.”
– Scott Hobbs

“Simplifying everything to make things seem less daunting and more achievable!”
– Lindsay Matway

You need to make it your goal to be on this trip because…

“You will be hard pressed to experience the world the way that Beachbody allows you to on these trips! First class all the way!”
– Lindsay Matway

“The memories and friendships you build are irreplaceable.”
– Heather Foltz

“Not only do you get to form special bonds with the Top 10, but also with Corporate. It was so great to hear their visions and goals for the company.”
– Meghan Wiczynski

How has being in the Top 10 affected your business?

“It’s about going ALL IN every single day. That sets a standard. Beachbody rewards you for your effort, and before you know it, you’re in the Top 10!”
– Jenelle Summers

“I’ve been in the Top 10 for 4 years now and it’s brought me instant credibility. Not only am I succeeding, but my TEAM is thriving!”
– Lindsay Matway

“It has motivated our Team to go for the unimaginable. We know that, as a Team, we can achieve anything we set our minds to!”
– Heather Foltz

“I’ve gained so much confidence—and my Team is now more confident in ME!”
– Amber Scott

“It’s proven that this business is legit and anyone who has a lot of passion and heart can find success.”
– Meghan Wiczynski

What did being on the Elite adventure mean to you?

“It was the result of a year of hard work and many, many blessings!”
– Lauren Duke

“It wasn’t just an awesome vacation, but a time to develop relationships and celebrate success with the other Coaches in the Top 10.”
– Melanie Mitro

“It showed that I’m leading my Team to be successful by focusing on the right things.”
– Meghan Wiczynski 

Paris anyone?
Excitement is already building for next year’s trip to yet another storybook setting—Paris!

“It’s on everyone’s bucket list!” says Kelli. “We’ll hit all the highlights like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Le Champs-Élysées and the Louvre. And we’ll cap the week off in the majestic countryside of Normandy.”

Michael adds, “Get ready for a trip you’ll remember for a lifetime. Every day will offer something incredibly unique and special.”

Remember; our Elite 10 didn’t make it by accident. It was the result of consistent, hard work and steadfast determination. Who knows? Maybe your name will be at the top of next year’s leaderboards and you’ll find yourself on the Elite 10 adventure. Next stop – Paris!



September 2014 Hotlist


21 DAY FIX® Challenge Pack Promotion

Only $140 USD (normally $160 USD).

SPANISH 21 DAY FIX® Challenge Pack Promotion

Only $140 USD (normally $160 USD).

September Challenge Pack Promotions details here: FAQ 9755


Get your hands on the first P90 gear! How? Achieve Success Club 5 and earn a P90® shirt. Want even more brand new apparel? Achieve Success Club 10 and earn a P90® shirt AND a P90® hat. Now we’re talking!

For more information about the August Success Club Promotion, visit: FAQ 1287



Rally your Team. Hear the latest Team Beachbody News. Get your Team and fellow Coaches pumped up and on the same page. How? At a Super Saturday on September 27, 2014!

Learn About Super Saturday:
Visit the Coach Online Office > News & Training > Events > Super Saturday

Don’t forget, you can now host a French Super Saturday. Which means you can play the Super Saturday video with French subtitles. Talking points and powerpoint slides will also be available in French.

Find a Super Saturday Event in Your Area:
NEW! Check out the interactive map to find a location in your area: //

Host a Super Saturday Event:
Register your event here: //

For more information, visit, FAQ 9792


Rally everyone on your Team to step up to the plate in the first-ever Beachbody Fall Classic. Challenge them to find a major-league accountability partner for a chance to win big. What’s up for grabs? In addition to enormous pride, Coaches will earn Success Club points and compete to win prizes, as well as a paid trip to Beachbody Headquarters!

  • Registration opens September 18th at 9:00 am PT and closes on September 30th at 11:59 pm PT
  • Coaches pair up in teams of two, with only one Diamond Coach rank or above per team
  • Four prize tiers (awarded based on Success CLub points earned), plus the Grand Slam Club and Fall Classic Champion title are up for grabs

For more information about the Fall Classic, including prize info, visit: FAQ 1854


Listen up PiYo fans, this is your chance to be in a PiYo infomercial! We want you and your customers to submit PiYo Day 1 and Day 60 photos, plus your measurements. The reward? 12-15 lucky winners will be flown to Southern California where you’ll meet and workout with Chalene Johnson and could be featured in an infomercial. Plus, you’ll get a FREE T-shirt just for entering your results!


Coming this Fall, P90® – the latest and greatest gateway to getting fit from Tony Horton, celebrity trainer and creator of P90X®, P90X2® and P90X®. With P90, Tony created shorter, simpler workouts that are less extreme, but just as effective. Spread the word NOW, and send everyone to the P90 email collector to be in with the chance to win a P90 base kit and signed P90 poster later!

HOW TO ENTER: Be one of the top ten Coaches to bring in the most email addresses to the P90 email collector:

**Remember to use your Coach Rep ID so you get the credit!

CONTEST DATES: June 19, 2014 at 4:00 p.m. PT through on September 21, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. PT.

WINNERS: The top ten coaches will be notified on or around September 30, 2014


To learn more about P90, visit FAQ 9839

Training Spotlight


It’s your last chance to catch the Beachbody Challenge Canadian Tour. The final stop in Winnipeg on September 6th, will feature Beachbody updates, a live workout with Autumn Calabrese, creator of the 21 Day Fix®, and free samples! All attendees receive one pack of Shakeology®, one pack of Results and Recovery®, and a raffle ticket for a drawing for one 2015 Summit Ticket. Admission is only $20.

Winnipeg: Featuring Autumn Calabrese

Date: Saturday, September 6, 2014
Time: 10:00am –2:30pm CST
Register Here:

For more information about the Canadian Tour events, visit FAQ 552


Stay engaged with your Coach Basics group this month. Now is a great time to revisit and review the content from the Summit 2014 Workshops. Start with videos like, “Challenge Groups: New Ways to Achieve Group Success” and “Overcoming Objections Like a PRO”. You can find these and more in the Coach Online Office in the Video Library > Coach Training Academy > Event Workshops.

Product News


21 Day Fix Standalone Containers are now available for purchase in the Team Beachbody Store. You can get the 7-piece container set for just $17.85 plus S+H.

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If you haven’t already heard, your favorite muscle-building program from Celebrity Trainer, Sagi Kalev is available at an incredible new low price. Get Body Beast in the Team Beachbody Store now.

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Good news! Brazil Butt Lift, your favorite booty-sculpting program from Celebrity Trainer, Leandro Carvalho is now available at a reduced price in the Team Beachbody Store.

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So many brands – so many choices! Check out the hot new apparel in the Team Beachbody Store. There’s great swag from all your favorite brands including as PiYo®, 21 Day Fix®, FOCUS T25®, Shakeology®, INSANITY®, Body Beast®, Brazil Butt Lift®, P90X®, Turbo Wear, and Ultimate Reset®!

For more information on the new apparel, visit FAQ 9803

In Case You Missed It


Are you a Coach living in Canada? Make sure you’re ready to go by reviewing this EASY, short checklist of things you absolutely need to do: //

Get all the Canadian Launch details here: //

For more information on Team Beachbody Canada, visit FAQ 9970


The NEW Coach Recognition Program is launching THIS month! No more pins. Now each rank advancement features anything from sports bands to awesome apparel, and more!
Learn about the program here:
Visit, FAQ 9675

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Championing Coach Basics Groups

Calling all leaders! If you want to run your Coach Basics Groups like a champion, then here’s your chance. Since we are in the midst of the Coach Basics Blitz, we’ve brought in four fantastic Coaches who not only lead their groups in the right direction—they make it look like a breeze! So take some serious notes and ace the basics in no time.

Q. How often do you run Coach Basics Groups?
A. KRISTINA DELGADO, 11 Star Diamond Coach:
I usually do one group per month. I call it ‘Fast Track Training’ because it constantly keeps the learning process moving forward for our entire Team. However, Coach Basics is such a critical component to Team growth that I’ve made it one of my main priorities every single day. 

Q. What are some challenges you run into when you’re leading Coach Basics Groups? 
A. JULIE VORIS, 9 Star Diamond Coach:
The most common one is lack of engagement. I address this by doing creative videos where I post a daily task on Facebook or a Zoom call and ask them to do the same with their Teams. That breeds more interaction and helps them step it up. And don’t be afraid to be fun or silly with your videos. Add your own mojo and make it your own. Remember; you have to educate—and entertain!

Q. How do you manage Coach drop-off?
A. TRINA GRAY, Superstar Diamond Coach:
First, Coaches will drop off when they aren’t supported enough by their personally-sponsored Coach. Combat that with regular communication, support and encouragement. Second, they will drop off when they feel overwhelmed by content. Combat that by keeping things focused, simple and effective. Finally, Coaches drop off when they don’t see results. Combat that by celebrating small wins like sharing the business with a co-worker or losing five pounds!

Q. Best piece of advice for someone leading a group for the first time?
A. BRIGITTE LINFORD, Superstar Diamond Coach:
Be confident! You have ALL the tools necessary to run a successful Coach Basics Group. And what you don’t know off the top of your head you can always find on Google or Your Coaches will follow your training and trust you if they sense you have confidence in what you’re sharing.

Q: What tactics work really well for you?
Personalizing my training program is huge. I talk and teach in a certain way and I want them to hear my voice throughout the program. I also implement training videos from great Coaches like Hillary Kelly, Doug Fitzgerald, Seay Stanford, Scottie Hobbs, and Melanie Mitro. Getting information from a variety of Beachbody leaders helps put a second stamp of approval on the lesson.

Q. How do you get people on your Zoom video conference calls?
Good content makes them show up. Another key is to make the calls interesting so they will come back again and again. I play music at the beginning, recognize everyone’s achievements, and do fun drawings. It’s also important to keep the calls short. Always leave them wanting more!

Q: How do you hold people accountable?
Before they join the group, I’m very clear about what they can expect from me—and what I expect from them. I also keep track of daily participation with a Google spreadsheet. If a Coach has fallen behind, I send them a weekly message to see if they want to catch up or join a future group. When they realize I’m tracking their participation, it helps keep them more active.

Q: How do you juggle a Coach Basics program with other Coaching responsibilities?
I schedule time in my calendar (in a different color) specifically for Coach Basics. I’ve led a group non-stop, every month for a year now. It’s been a big time commitment, but my Team has grown tenfold. Most importantly, you have to believe that you’re training the next generation of leaders on your Team and your time is well spent helping them through the program!