The Power of Personal Development

Chalene Johnson

Building a successful business starts with Personal Development. That's a fact.

Nobody knows this better than motivational dynamo, Chalene Johnson. Her expertise goes beyond fitness and into the world of personal growth. She's helped thousands of people not only reach the body of their dreams, but also score business and personal success, too.

With the PiYo® Challenge Pack offer in full swing, September is a perfect month to fine-tune your Personal Development skills. Thanks to Chalene's tips, you'll be armed and ready to approach more people than ever and in turn see your business grow!

So without further ado, we present the PiYo® queen herself.

Why is Personal Development so vital for success, Chalene?

It's the ultimate short-cut of 'how to get there.' It works because you have successful leaders sharing their answers and insight. Self-improvement and Personal Development saves you time and frustration and makes you a better person, leader, partner and business owner. That, in turn, makes you happier!

What's your number one tip for productivity?

Make a list of all the things you want and need to do. Next, answer this question: What activity is most important to move my business forward? Then, turn off your phone to minimize distractions. Close the extra tabs on your browser and do not multi-task. Work for no more than 40 minutes; then take a 15 minute break. It's important to give your brain a chance to replenish energy so you can produce your best work.

How can Coaches set attainable goals for business and fitness?

If you're a true entrepreneur, your job is to start with research. Determine what you need to do first and how to do it, then set up a system of accountability. Even if your Upline Coach isn't the most accessible, there are thousands of Coaches before you who are generous with their journey. Success leaves a trail and so many of the answers can be found on YouTube, blogs and Team calls! Engage, create a plan and take this journey one step at a time!

What's one thing Coaches can do every day to reach their fitness and business goals?

The key is to maintain a level of intensity and progress you can sustain for the long haul. This business is proven. The people who stay at it and take baby steps every day succeed. Period. Those who go fast and furious for a short time lose momentum and find themselves disenchanted. Daily persistence is so important. I also suggest that every business owner find an accountability partner. This works in business and in fitness.

Do you have any favorite Personal Development books or exercises?

Shameless plug for my own New York Times Best Selling book, Push! I also love Virtual Freedom by Chris Ducker. In addition, I'm a big fan of podcasts like Build Your Tribe, The School of Greatness and Online Marketing Made Easy.

What's your advice for new Coaches trying to get their businesses off the ground?

Everything mentioned above, but most importantly, to be engaged! Don't miss phone calls, meetings, Facebook accountability groups, or Super Saturdays. The more you engage, the easier it is to understand success habits.

How can Personal Development help Coaches sell PiYo®?

Confidence. People will be attracted to you and want to be around you. When that happens, you don't have to sell and your business will take off. Do not be afraid to fail. People relate to those of us who are willing to honestly share our mistakes, challenges and missteps. Be real. And the best way, and perhaps the only way to sell something is to try it. If you haven't tried PiYo, I have one question for you: What are your waiting for?


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Rocking it After the Cup

Reaching Beyond the Cup

Even if you didn't lift up the legendary Team Beachbody® Cup this time around, you've still come out a winner. Why? Because there are tons of Team-building and business-building benefits you can use all year long.

The question is: how can you take all that momentum and positive mojo, and move it forward? For the answers we turn to five Coaches who know what it takes to keep that prizewinning perspective. Read on.

How do you keep momentum going following the Team Beachbody Cup?

"Focus on serving more people. It's that simple. A lot of people need our help!"

- Megan Robison, 6 Star Diamond Coach

"We do one-month Coach Challenges in between Team Cups. These are for fitness transformations when new products come out."

- Jamie O'Rear, 6 Star Diamond Coach

"Momentum can be generated from recognizing how well your Team did, highlighting prizes earned, and spotlighting lives that were changed as a result."

- Bonnie Engle, 9 Star Diamond Coach

"We continue to apply our systems: free groups, Challenge groups and business opportunity calls. It keeps everyone plugged in every week."

- Erin Young, 9 Star Diamond Coach

What tools do you use in the Coach Online Office?

"The product training tools. There's a wealth of information that's especially useful when running program-specific Challenge Groups!"

- Megan Robison

"I use the fitness program videos a lot. After talking to a prospective challenger, I narrow it down to a few choices and then send videos on each."

- Jamie O'Rear

"The product Talking Points are an incredible tool. They give you a quick overview of how to talk with your market about these exciting new releases!"

- Bonnie Engle

"I check my Success Club points, alerts and volume. I also check on my Downline to see who is doing well, and who might need some encouraging."

- Becka Robinson, 8 Star Diamond Coach

"I constantly use the FAQs to answer the basic questions my Coaches need answers to right away."

- Erin Young

What do you do daily/weekly to help you stay motivated?

"I focus on my goals, vision, and revisit my 'Why' daily. Where focus goes is where your energy flows!"

- Megan Robison

"I do my workouts, drink my shakes, and stay plugged in daily. I listen to the Wake-Up Call every week. It always fires me up!"

- Jamie O'Rear

"I ask myself, 'Is this the best use of my time? Does it align with my goals for the day?' Doing this always pushes me back in the direction of progress."

- Bonnie Engle

"I usually write down 3-5 regular goals and 1-2 big audacious ones that force me to push outside my comfort zone."

- Becka Robinson

"I read every day. One book is about Personal Development and the other is usually on leadership development."

- Erin Young

What do you recommend for new Coaches who have lost momentum?

"Self-evaluate on a daily basis. Practicing your three Vital Behaviors, Invite, start new conversations (not related to Beachbody) and help people."

- Megan Robison

"Go through your Facebook friends and make a list of 75-100 people who you think would love your Challenge Groups or be a great Coach."

- Jamie O'Rearn

"There are tons of inviting tools in the Coach Basics tab at your fingertips. Don't overthink the invites, just do it!"

- Bonnie Engle

"Recommit to your own fitness journey. There's nothing as compelling as seeing someone's real-life progress and transformation."

- Becka Robinson

"Get back to the basics and remember why you fell in love with Beachbody."

- Erin Young

How can Coach Basics and the Leadership Ladder sustain momentum after the Cup?

"Run a Coach Basics group monthly—no matter what. It helps you lead from the front."

- Megan Robison

"Use the Leadership Ladder to gauge progress. Make a reward or incentive program when someone advances to the next rung."

- Jamie O'Rear

"Look at your Leadership tab. It's a great way to identify up-and-coming leaders on your Team."

- Bonnie Engle

"Make sure you understand all the lessons in Coach Basics and duplicate those principles with your new Coaches."

- Becka Robinson

"The Leadership Ladder is an amazing tool. It shows our newer Coaches how they can strengthen their businesses, as well as areas where they can improve."

- Erin Young

So what are you waiting for? Make sure you are logged into the Coach Online Office, and click on the link s above to tap into these awesome tools that will keep you hitting your goals and growing your business following the Team Beachbody Cup!


Coach Basics: New Updates

Back to Basics

"The Coach Basics program gives you a solid foundation to build the business of your dreams. Anyone can apply it to their business and succeed."

- Leslie Kortes

Summer is winding down. The kids are in school. It's the perfect time to re-evaluate your business and get things moving again.

What's the best way to do that? Get back to the basics. The newly enhanced Coach Basics, that is. We worked with over 50 successful Coaches to create key updates and the result is a fully refreshed, more engaging program.

Here are five reasons to love the new Coach Basics.

Accelerated success
Coach Basics has always been the ultimate way for new Coaches to get up to speed in a hurry. Now it's more like a flash. That's right; the enhanced program can be completed in less than a month! You'll also have the ability to dial in the pace of the training based on the needs of the group.

Coach takeaway: "This program gives new Coaches the tools and knowledge to lay a solid foundation-fast. It's also a great system to find the runners on your Team. They're not always Personally-Sponsored Coaches!"

- Jessica Vandeberghe, 10 Star Diamond Coach
More robust training
You'll be invited to a private Facebook page that provides fundamental training lessons through daily posts and action steps. And with the new, revamped program, you can expect more robust training that's focused and content rich. In other words, you'll be on your way to building a rock-solid foundation for your business.

Coach takeaway: "I always explain that Coach Basics training is the foundation for an amazing new house you're building. You'll meet new people and watch your house being built—brick by brick."

- Kim Lima, 8 Star Diamond Coach
The value of the 3 Vital Behaviors
The improved Coach Basics program focuses on creating aligned habits like the 3 Vital Behaviors. It helps you truly understand and implement the concept of Inviting, becoming a product of the product and Personal Development.

Coach takeaway: "Coach Basics taught me how the 3 Vital Behaviors have a compound effect over time. Like Darren Hardy says, don't look at the entire staircase all at once; small and repeated efforts create awesome changes."

- Kelly Hutcheson, 5 Star Diamond Coach
Easier to duplicate
Want to lead your own Coach Basics group? With an updated leader guide, the new program is easier than ever to duplicate. You can also expect detailed, step-by-step instructions in the topic guide.

Coach takeaway: "Anyone can take the Coach Basics template to plug-and-play and lead a group. You can be an Emerald running this group for your Team or a Superstar Diamond, but the lessons are the same."

- Leslie Kortes, 15 Star Diamond Coach
Proven results
Last, but certainly not least, Coach Basics has been proven to help new Coaches get started right. The program has a clear objective: to help every new Coach get to Emerald and teach them the skills to get to Diamond. And along the way, Coaches will develop friendships and working relationships as they train together, interact with others in the group and ask questions.

Coach takeaway: "The bonding aspect of Coach Basics is amazing. It allows you to work with other Coaches on common goals and builds your confidence."

- Kim Lima, 8 Star Diamond Coach

For more details about Coach Basics please visit:


And don’t forget to watch this informative overview video:


Getting Your New Coaches Started Right

Getting Your New Coaches Started Right

What’s the best way to get your new Coaches out of the gate at warp speed, leaders? Two words: Coach Basics. And with recent updates in place, the program is more targeted than ever. We called in someone who’s no stranger to running effective Coach Basics groups, 10 Star Diamond Elite Coach, Shane Fryer. Let Shane be your guide as she shares her secrets for getting every new Coach ready for prime time.

Q.Why does Coach Basics matter in your business?
Coach Basics is a dialed-in, duplicable training. It focuses on inviting, overcoming objections, consistency and social media. It’s a tool that can be easily implemented by Coaches at any level. The program creates good habits and teaches daily behaviors that are necessary for success. In the book The Power of Habit, Charles Dugig says, “There’s nothing you can’t do if you get the habits right.”

Q. What are the top 3 tips you’d give a Leader running their first Coach Basics group?
First, remember to make the group your own. We all have different styles, so let yours shine without changing the message. Second, start the group by introducing yourself in a welcome video. Go over expectations and explain how the daily post will be “pinned each day” and where they can locate it. Don’t forget to share how Coach Basics has helped you in your business. Lastly, suggest Coaches video their responses instead of writing them. Prior to the Emerald phase, have them post a video sharing their success.

Q.What has been your experience using the updated Coach Basics program?
The updated Coach Basics is created in such a way that you can simply hand it over to a Coach and they will feel confident to successfully lead their own group. This version is clear and concise with no added fluff. It teaches Coaches to work from a list and provides the verbiage for inviting prospects. It also troubleshoots any objections they may come across with a script that can be modified to fit their needs.

Q. Why does the ‘phase’ approach in the Coach Basics program work?
This program allows a Coach to go as quickly or as slowly as they need based on their goals. This is important because everyone develops at a different pace. A Coach who is apprehensive about social media or has a smaller network can continue to work on inviting prior to advancing to content they’re not ready for. Coaches are excited to move ahead and this often fuels them to establish a customer base so they can advance to the next phases.

Q. Who do you include in your Coach Basics training?
I always include both the Coach and their Upline in the training group. It’s important that the Upline is aware of how their Coach is doing so they can track their progress and provide support when necessary.

Q. What’s the value of the daily assignments in Coach Basics training?
Coach Basics builds a foundation so Coaches can feel confident and prepared to move on to other aspects of the business. Many Coaches initially struggle with key activities like posting on social media, sharing their story or reaching out to new people, but the program makes it very natural for them. It does this by spoon-feeding them information so that it’s manageable and not overwhelming.

Q. What feedback have you seen among your new Coaches with this program?
. I’ve seen Coaches gain confidence quickly. Also, the daily activities hold Coaches accountable. For example, when a new Coach tags the leader or Upline in their social media posts, it lets them know that they’re not alone. It’s comforting to know there’s a supportive Team cheering them on.

So what are you waiting for? Make sure all your Coaches get the training they need to be successful! Here’s how: