Making Events a Top Priority

Making Events a Top Priority: Kristi Kronser

If you want to take a quantum leap in your business, then it’s time to get serious and become an evangelist for events. How can you drive home the importance of attending events like Coach Summit to your entire Team? Learn the blueprint from Superstar Diamond Coach and expert on how to promote Team Beachbody events, Kristi Kronser. Read Kristi’s awesome advice and heartfelt words—and inspire all your Coaches to feel the love for events!

Q. Why is it important to attend Summit?
A. It’s all about the sense of community, the learning, and the energy. There’s just something about being there in person and seeing the vision of Team Beachbody. My first Summit, I almost went home I was so scared. I’m glad I stayed because listening to the stories of other Coaches proved introverts like me could be successful. The one thing everyone had in common is that they all had struggles. They kept being vulnerable and moving forward—no matter what roadblock was thrown their way.

Q. Why is it important to attend Summit?
Tell us about a game-changing moment you had at an event

A. At that first Summit, an Elite Coach speaker said something that resonated with me: ‘Why not you?’ After hearing how she overcame her struggles, I told myself I was going to earn Elite. At the time, I only had 37 Elite points—but I hit Elite that year! The power of Summit was powerful because it erased all my doubts and limiting beliefs. It helped break down walls that were keeping me from moving forward faster and reaching bigger and loftier goals in my business.

Q. What’s the most effective way to help your Team make events a priority?
A. It starts with sharing the story of what Summit has done for you. Have other Coaches on your Team do the same. For example, I have a different Coach share a story of ‘Why Summit’ every week on our Facebook Team page. They share how Summit has impacted their lives, their businesses, their confidence, their growth—whatever that game-changing moment was for them. We all have different stories, setbacks, and struggles. It’s only when we come together and share them that we can truly inspire our Team to make events a top priority.

Q. How do you ensure you and your Team qualify for Summit events and recognition?
A. First, I get organized by making a list of all the Coaches in my Coach Online Office. Next, I privately reach out to 10 Coaches every single day through email and Facebook and ask if they’re attending Summit. As leaders, it’s our job to consistently invite our Team to events and this kind of direct communication always works best. Lastly, we post live videos and share stories on our Team page so that people know ‘Why Summit’.

Q. How does it impact your business when your Coaches participate in events?
A. When my Coaches attend events, they leave with so much more enthusiasm for why they do what they do. For example, I had six Coaches who left the New Leader Conference and came back with more purpose, excitement and energy. They’ve elevated their goals, their game, their lives, and their businesses. And that level of explosive growth is contagious for the entire Team.

It’s easy to lose your passion along the way and simply go through the motions. Events help reignite our fire and bring us back to the core of our vision and our ‘Why’. They also help us connect in a way that social media can’t. So when we get together with other Coaches and feel the positive energy, that in turn, helps us get out there and connect with others. And that’s what this business is truly about; connecting with other people.


Getting New Coaches to Summit

It’s time to rally the troops and get everyone fired up for Coach Summit 2017. Want a great way to start? Soak up words of wisdom from 15 Star Diamond Coach, Meg Wiczynski. Meg’s here with an action plan to get new Coaches excited about registering for the big event. What tactics does she use to create urgency for Summit? How does she prove it’s worth the time and expense? Get reading—and get your whole Team to Summit!

Q. Why is it important to get your Team to Summit?
Plain and simple, I genuinely believe Summit makes you a better leader and a better Coach. It made things real for me and showed what I could achieve. After attending Summit, I had specific, tangible tools to apply to my business. The minute I got there, I instantly felt like I was a part of something bigger. I was no longer just a person behind a computer screen; I was attached to a mission with an overwhelming sense of purpose. When you’re living with purpose, life is much more meaningful.

Q. What do you do to get your new Coaches to Summit?
My first focus is getting new Coaches zeroed in on making Success Starters. This is crucial because it shows new Coaches they can earn a free Summit ticket just by moving their businesses forward and helping other people right away. I also share how Summit is an invaluable investment. They receive in one place, in 3 days, from our most successful Coaches and business builders the most actionable, leveraged training and insights you can get. Additionally, the company always brings in the most current and influential outside speakers literally in the world to elevate our thinking. This year Brendan Burchard and Darren Hardy, worth the trip and price of admission alone. The benefits of this last long after the event is over.

Q. Why is it worth the effort to get to Summit?
Honestly you cannot replicate the lift you get from being there. The wave of momentum you experience immediately following Summit is second to none. I make it a point to share with my Team how this will not only impact their businesses, but their overall health and fitness journeys as well. They will soak up so much knowledge just from being around other Coaches who share top tips and stories. It’s enough to give them that ‘oomph’ they need to finish the year strong!

Q. How do you prove that Summit is worth the expense and time?
If Coaches apply what they learn at Summit, the results will far outweigh the costs to get there. I share with My Team how my success exponentially increased in the months following Summit. I also explain how it gives Coaches a chance to meet their Teammates (some for the first time ever) and brainstorm best practices. It’s a time for them to dream big without the distractions of everyday life. Summit shows others around you that you’re serious about building your business. It’s a worthwhile investment in every way. I teach them to look at this as an investment and not as a cost.

Q. What impact has attending Summit had on your business?
Every time I leave Summit, I have a new sense of purpose, focus and drive that I know I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The first year I attended, I was a 1 Star Diamond Coach and working full time. Post Summit, I got serious about what I wanted out of my business. 10 months later, I was able to quit my job and our Team finished #11 in the company. We have continued to grow ever since. At my fourth Summit, I set the goal that we would be a Superstar Diamond Team—and we did it!

Q. What difference do you see in your Coaches after they attend Summit?
A major shift in focus and momentum. After Coaches attend Summit, they’re locked in on what it is they want to accomplish. It’s a powerful wake-up call to get in gear and finish the year up strong. Our Coaches who go to Summit always come back with a strong, positive mindset. They dive in, start to consistently hit Success Club and grow their Teams like never before.


Keeping New Coaches Engaged

Keeping New Coaches Engaged - IVY MORALES, 5 Star Diamond Coach


It’s no secret that effectively motivating your new Coaches is paramount to your success. So to help you master the art, we turn to 5 Star Diamond Coach, Ivy Morales. What specific things does she do to keep her new Coaches engaged? How does she keep new Challengers dialed in coming out of Cup month? Read on and put Ivy’s best inspirational practices to work for you.

Q. What do you do to lead your Team coming out of Cup month?
Whether I’m getting ready for a Team Cup or coming out of Cup month, my work ethic doesn’t change. I make sure to stay consistent and follow the four Vital Behaviors. I also teach my Team to apply the Vital Behaviors and stay consistent—no matter what the outcome may be. I inspire them to work hard because results will come. If they develop this winning mindset, they will naturally accomplish all their goals coming out of Team Cup.

Q. How do you keep your new Challengers motivated coming out of Cup Month?
4 things: First, I make it a point to participate in my Challenge Group using My Challenge Tracker every day. Next, I do a weekly zoom call and individual phone calls with my Challengers to motivate and answer any questions. I also share fitness advice, as well as the value of Shakeology and the Beachbody performance line. Lastly, I share my story and why I became a Coach. My Challengers are not just Challengers—they’re my friends and extended family!

Q. How do you ensure new Coaches remain engaged during the onboarding process?
I treat my new Coaches like real clients and focus on what they want to accomplish. I like to see them fall in love with the Team Beachbody lifestyle, the community, my Team culture and the products. Once they start seeing results, I introduce the possibility of this truly becoming a ‘business’ for them. When they least expect it, people will begin asking questions about their success.

Q. How do you identify successful Challengers who would make great Coaches?
I look for consistent performers in my Challenge Groups. People who are consistent with their nutrition, drinking their Shakeology, doing their workouts, showing up daily and logging in to the Challenge Tracker. I also look for people who are taking it to the next level by helping other Challengers in the group to achieve their goals. It’s a great indicator that they will become a great Coach!

Q. Reserved, careful, bashful, confident, courageous… How would you describe yourself?
Ha! I am passionately confident. Be proud of who you are, what you do, who you represent, and what you offer. We have everything to be proud of. Be confident in what you do. It’s contagious!

To learn more tips on how to engage your new Coaches, visit our helpful guide.


Maximizing The Team Cup

Maximizing the Team Cup - Bonnie Engle, 2-Time Top 10 Elite Coach


How can you maximize the enormous opportunities a Team Beachbody Cup month brings? You soak up the sought-after advice of someone like 15 Star Diamond Coach, Bonnie Engle. From preparing for the Cup to transitioning your Challengers coming out of the competition, Bonnie’s tangible tips and best practices will help you lead your team with confidence. Take some notes—and rock Cup month like never before!

Q. Why is it important for a Coach to participate in Team Cup?
Team Cup rewards the exact activities that create a successful Coach business. It’s super important that you not only participate, but be the leader of a team. Getting involved with other like-minded Coaches for one common goal is a great way to light the fire. The camaraderie and healthy competition is amazing for growth. Next, it’s essential to get connected. It’s good for newer Coaches to get busy making friendships, forming success groups and brainstorming with other Coaches. It’s also awesome for morale and momentum. Finally, getting prizes for activities we should already be doing isn’t so bad either!

Q. What do you do to prepare yourself and your Downline for Cup months?  
Preparing for the Cup is crucial. First, I do a Team call the week before sign up to ease confusion and increase excitement. I highlight some of the prizes, rules, team sizes and ideas to get everyone’s wheels turning. Then, I grab information from the team cup website and FAQ’s from the back office and post them on my team page. Additionally, I help my Coaches assemble their teams by creating a thread in my team page designed to pair people up. Lastly, I start a google or word doc and update the scores weekly so we can have a leaderboard on our team page for extra motivation.

Q. How do you align your individual business goals with your Cup team goals? 
My secret is I run my business every month like it’s a cup month. My goal is always to get my personal best in Success Club points and start each month by making three simple lists. First, I make a follow-up list of all the people in my network who have either said no, not right now, or haven’t given me an answer. Next, I do a new contact list of people who would benefit from a healthy positive change. Last, I make list of current or previous Challengers. During a Team Cup month, I share these tips with my Team and also make sure to check in with them daily.

Q. What are some daily activities that you do to help you reach those goals?
Success in this business isn’t about grand, big actions; it’s about focusing on the little, everyday, consistent ones. Every single day I add 5-10 new friends or contacts to social media. I go to their account, ask a question, engage and show interest. You have to be more interested than interesting. I also make sure to post 3-5 times per day and add value. This is vital—especially before a Team Cup. Lastly, I follow up even when I don’t want to. You have to be brave enough to reach out daily—even if it’s outside of your comfort zone.

Q. How do you transition your new Challengers coming out of the Cup?
At the end of each Challenge Group, I offer a few options that provide ongoing support for my Challengers. For example, on day 30, I reach out individually to each Challenger and ask if they want to continue on Shakeology and receive a discount. If they are doing great in their Challenge Group, I ask if they would like to become a Coach on the Team. The Team Cup is such a wonderful way to push your momentum forward; not taking advantage of the opportunity would be silly!

Q. As a leader—if I engage in Team Cup, what can I expect?
  I love the quote, “leadership is simply being the one who runs fast enough to be ahead of your Team.” That means if you expect your Coaches to be involved in Team Cup, you need to be involved, too. It’s a game changer, and my business wouldn’t be where it is today without it. Your relationships will bloom, your connection to the business will increase like crazy, and the fire will be lit for you and your Team. If you want to start 2017 the best way possible, don’t walk, RUN to register for Team Cup and bring your whole Team with you!  

Register for the Cup by January 31st at 11:59 pm PST at

Balancing Your Busy Schedule


Ready to make 2017 your most productive year ever? It all starts with learning how to effectively leverage your time. That’s why we’ve brought in 11 Star Diamond Coach and time management maven, Jessica Bowser Nelson. Jessica’s sound advice and best practices will help you get everyone incredible results with the Beachbody Health Bet and will create some serious momentum for the New Year!

Q. Why is it so important to hit the gas in January?
January is a huge month in the health and fitness industry—people love a clean slate on day one. Those Coaches who put their foot down, focus and go, will have the most impact and set their entire year up for success. You have to keep your foot on the gas pedal though—that’s the best way to see perpetual growth and put the compound effect into action. When you take your foot off, you begin to coast. Consistently doing the small things daily will get you there.

Q. How do you balance your time between Challenge Groups, like the Beachbody Health Bet, and running your business?
Be clear on what matters most and make those things your priority. I make sure I’m touching all key areas of my life that matter every day. My husband matters. My Challengers and Coaches matter. My dreams matter. Sharing and inviting matters. My sense of balance comes from giving my time to things that matter most. I can’t solely focus on Challenge Groups or the Beachbody Health Bet or other things will suffer. But, if I don’t invest in my business daily, it will suffer. I keep a daily task sheet and never go to bed without completing each of those tasks.

Q. What do you do to stay focused on your goals during busy months?
Busy months actually help me focus more and accomplish things faster. Parkinson’s Law states that ‘work expands to the time allotted’. When you decide you simply have to get something done, you fit it in no matter what. I focus on the mission and do the important things first, like inviting and following up. Basically, I do the toughest things first and the busy work last. (Eat that frog!) I always encourage my Team to do the same.

Q. What do you do to inspire your Team to kick off the New Year with momentum?
Consistency is vital to creating and maintaining momentum. For example, when I started as a Coach, I didn’t have visible results and was scared to talk to people. However, I was consistent in doing the non-glamorous, anti-instant gratification work. I share this idea with my Team on a regular basis. We maintain our momentum because we do the small tasks every day. I also make sure to lead from the front. If I want my Coaches to help more people, I make it a point to help more people.

Q. Why is it important to create a rewarding environment with your Challenge Groups?
People like to be rewarded and recognized. That positive feeling makes them want to participate and that leads directly to results. I keep my Challengers engaged by encouraging, tagging, adding value, being vulnerable, and just being human. I find the more real I am, the more real my Challengers will be, too. For instance, if I struggle, I share it. If it took me eight hours of mental dialogue to finally press play, I share it. That’s how I help my Challengers the most.

Q. What daily activities did you do during the last Beachbody Health Bet that proved effective?
First, I logged my workouts and Shakeology into my Beachbody Health Bet group on My Challenge Tracker. Second, I did a ‘get-your-day-started-right’ post that focused on Personal Development. Think motivation, mindset, and encouragement all wrapped into one. Third, I set aside a few minutes in the morning to like, comment and encourage all of my Challengers. I also checked everyone’s stats to make sure they had the required log-ins. Finally, I posted photo ideas to help my Challengers get creative with their posts.

Q. How do you use the Beachbody Health Bet to help your customers and Coaches get lasting results?
I heard a great stat that people who check-in regularly have a 72% higher success rate. This is why I love the Beachbody Health Bet. People check in to win cash and are surprised how this forced consistency produces amazing habits and results beyond the month-long Challenge group. Focus on getting your Coaches to commit to this month because it will definitely impact their long-term results and longevity with Beachbody.

Finish these sentences:
Q. 2017 is going to be the year that I…
Astound myself. Thomas Edison said, “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

Q. 2017 is going to be the year that my Team…
Breaks the dam. The flood is coming!


Don’t Leave Your Future to Luck

Don't Leave Your Future to Luck: Jeff Hill, Division President, Team Beachbody Global Sales

Here we are…the last month of 2016. You probably expect me to passionately shout, “dude, finish strong!” and follow with “because it will be the sermon your team wants to see, not just hear… and it will also establish a strong foundation for a powerful 2017.” So consider it ‘shouted,’ and I shout it because it’s true. What’s more, you know it’s true. And while every reason and excuse may be at your fingertips to opt out…another ‘truth’ is that those reasons and excuses have always been there, but you’ve chosen to not let them stand in the way of your success so far. And just one more truth––now would be a lousy time to do so. Why? Too much good is coming. And no one can paint the future better than Carl did in a recent post…

When everyone around me said P90X was a dog, I just said I see it differently and kept working. When people said Insanity will never sell, I saw it differently and we sold $1B of it. When people laughed at us and said “you can never sell a shake for $5 a serving no matter how unique the story is”, we saw the opportunity and created a multi-billion dollar brand. When even my own production team said they were afraid a 3-week program with containers won’t get the kind of results that sell, I saw it differently. And years ago when advisors suggested the Team Beachbody Network was a good test, but they feared it would never be a good business model, I saw it differently and pressed ahead. Now the Network is our primary focus and growth engine!

I’m staring at this opportunity with Beachbody On Demand and it’s potential to build the Network with more confidence, excitement and ambition than anything I have done in my career. Some will scoff. “He’s got it wrong this time.” I’m pressing forward.

And I’m bringing a pack of positive, determined leaders with me. We don’t let the future happen to us. We create the future. And we are going to create a brilliant positive future that you are going to be proud to help author. We have the solution, and it’s more exciting than anything we’ve ever done.

Fear is not welcome.

Thanks for helping me take bold steps, and innovate so we achieve amazing things. Fight for every sale like lives depend on it. Fight to help every person, and know that we are completely aligned with our desire to succeed together.

“…2017 will be our breakout year. That’s what I believe!”

Did some of that get ‘on’ you? Hopefully it got ‘in’ you.

But here’s the bottom line: ‘a brilliant positive future’ will be achieved, not because we’re lucky, but because we’re good. We’re very good. And we develop the skills to be very good. Very good leaders. Determined leaders. Intentional leaders…not lucky leaders. I’m frequently asked, “what differentiates the most successful Coaches from the others?” Here are my three observations:

  1. Successful leaders win on purpose.
    You’ve heard the phrase; “I’d rather be lucky than good.” Well, don’t buy it. Be ‘good’. Successful Coaches don’t rely on luck to create success. I’m reading a great book right now on product innovation called Competing Against Luck which explores the business skillsets of taking luck out of the equation. It may sound simple but it’s the concept of really understanding the business you are in and the value you bring. It’s not learning the ‘tricks of the trade’, but learning the trade. In a recent CEO Coach Forum call, Superstar Diamond Coach Vito La Fata talked about the importance of engaging in ‘PD’ (professional development)––yeah, in addition to ‘personal development’. Developing the skillsets that will allow you to shape and leverage the future…the good ones do this.

  3. Successful leaders have a ‘long view’.
    Their long view determines their emotions, behavior and leadership. The challenge for most is that any uncertainty pulls our attention toward the situation that’s close at hand. We become preoccupied with what’s going on short-range. Then what happens? We behave as if the present circumstances will dictate how our future develops. We operate out of fear versus vision and in so doing, create a future different than we had hoped. The ‘good ones’ instead rely on their long view of the future to guide how they deal with their present circumstances. They think more strategically, creatively and purposefully. The long view also gives you a more balanced perspective on the present. The most successful Coaches let their day-to-day tactics be shaped by the long view. That’s why you don’t see them caught up in the thick of thin things. They don’t allow the thin stuff to dictate their future.

  5. Successful leaders just ‘do’.
    They look at how and why they can versus why they can’t. And they figure out how to do it as they do it, and they keep doing. Don’t kid yourself. This isn’t shallow. This is the kick-butt stuff that requires effort, work, curiosity, loneliness, resilience and a long view.

Don’t leave your future to luck. Do leave it to your abilities. Don’t compromise your future by foggy short-term thinking and behavior. Do let your long view of the future dictate your present activities, which will ensure your future. Do.

As Carl said, “We don’t let the future happen to us. We shape it.”

Own December and 2017.


Staying Focused To Maximize Results

Staying Focused To Maximize Results

How can you balance your business during the commotion of a busy month? You learn from the expertise of someone like Superstar Diamond Coach, Julie Voris. Julie’s here with a specific action plan for maximizing the buzz and excitement surrounding CORE DE FORCE™, as well as sound advice on how to stay on track during a whirlwind of a month. Start reading—and start sharing the big news!

Q. How do you keep your Team engaged and motivated?
I believe in over-communicating and don’t want anyone to feel out of the loop. First, we always do weekly emails—one to Personally-Sponsored Coaches and one to the entire Team. Second, I set up a Facebook Events page as a central hub for communication. This is where Coaches can find out launch dates for new products. Third, I use Facebook Live. It’s a more personal, interactive experience and Coaches can go back and watch at any time. Finally, I share Beachbody content like posts from Carl Daikeler, Darin Olien, or TBB Coach 411. This keeps people engaged and promotes a connection.

Q. How will you teach new Coaches to leverage the CORE DE FORCE launch this month?
Start by generating excitement NOW. When we get the opportunity for new product sneak peeks, these should be non-negotiable.They are a must for yourself and for your customers. Then when the program launches, become a Challenger. No matter how long you have been a Coach, you should stay engaged in the programs, get back to the basics and be a product of the product. By committing to the program, your personal experience and results tell a story that can reach well into the future. Starting your own CORE DE FORCE Challenge Groups will create additional stories, results, and experiences that will build a solid customer and Coach base—not to mention a referral base.

Also, new and veteran Coaches need to be asking questions to potential customers such as: Do you want a 30-day, no excuses program? Do you like kickboxing? That’s what we do as Coaches; connect people with solutions that work in their lives. Lastly, post content from the Super Trainers, Joel and Jericho. Remember; we don’t have to be the experts—sharing content from the trainers helps take the pressure off.

Q. What do you do to create your own tailwind when the going gets tough?
When I lose momentum, I make sure I keep pressing play and even add extra workouts to my program. Motion creates emotion. Next, I proactively schedule time with my mentors and don’t wait for them to reach out to me. They help provide a helicopter view of the situation and remind me what’s worked in the past, or help tweak things if need be. I also talk to my success partner every day—she can be objective without any personal attachment.

Q. Why is it so important to start setting goals now for 2017?
It’s vital because you need to assess what worked in 2016 and what didn’t. I’m going to set aside time to reflect on this past year and ask some valuable questions: Did my actions align with my goals and priorities? What will wind up being a stretch goal for 2017 and cause me to grow? I will then ask my Team to do the same. I like to partner some Coaches up with a success partner or a small mastermind group. I’ve seen real success because often people work better when there is constant flow of ideas, support and empowerment. Small groups and success partners are powerful pieces to growing a business. Nobody has to do this on their own.

Q. What were your key takeaways from our Leadership Retreat last month?
I was reminded and inspired at Leadership to get back to creating tangible action steps for my Coaches rather than assuming that they know how to filter through all the information that is presented to them. We are CEO’s of our own businesses and we have to think that way, and we have to train our Coaches to think this way. Another important takeaway is that no matter how big our businesses get, we should always stay connected to the basics. Press play, drink a shake, read a book, and have lots of conversations about our amazing solutions. At the end of the day, no matter how much technology we have or how many programs we have, it will always come down to a Coach telling a new Coach, a new Challenger, or a potential customer that you CAN do this and I believe in you. No amount of technology will ever replace you!


Introducing The First 30: A Q&A with Cim Carver, Senior Director of Field Development

Introducing The First 30: A Q&A with Cim Carver, Senior Director of Field Development

It’s no secret that properly onboarding new Coaches is critical to the future success of their business. But with all the training tools out there, how can you set up your new Coaches without overwhelming them? Take a deeper dive into the brand-new First 30 training with our very own Cim Carver, Senior Director of Field Development.

Q: What is the First 30?
The First 30 gives you a simple framework and best practices for onboarding your new Coaches so they’re in the best position to be successful with their business. Simply put, what if you had a clear direction for what a Coach should do in the first 30 minutes, the first 30 hours, and the first 30 days in order to be successful? Wouldn’t that be cool? Well, that’s what the First 30 is.

Q: How does the First 30 work?
It’s simple. In the first 30 minutes after a Coach enrolls, we want them to watch the New Coach Welcome Video, which will be emailed to them immediately upon enrollment. It’s short, only about 8 minutes, and gives them all the instruction they need to get their business set up.

In their first 30 hours, we ask them to complete the First 30: Business Quickstart Guide and to contact their Sponsor Coach to set up a Getting Started Right Call. The cool thing is that the New Coach Welcome Video shows them how to do this, step-by-step.

In their first 30 days, the sponsoring Coach makes sure they’ve been welcomed to their team and have completed an effective Coach Basics Program, or similar new Coach training.

We’ve tried to keep this to the bare essentials, so focus is tight. Everything is doable.

Q: Why is Team Beachbody introducing the First 30?
With Team Beachbody’s strong growth, we’ve noticed a greater need to provide more transparency and guidance to sponsoring Coaches for effective onboarding, and of course, to create more simplicity.

The First 30 framework will help sponsoring Coaches onboard their new Coaches in a way that creates greater focus, confidence, and success.

Our hope is that when Coaches employ the First 30 framework, we will see continued improvement in the success of sponsoring Coaches helping others, create the highest probability of success along with greater retention of newly enrolled Coaches.

Q: So, what’s staying and what’s going away?
For most Coaches, the First 30 will feel very familiar. It really is a simplified and more streamlined framework that mirrors what many Coaches use today.

As far as any changes go, there are some new tools including the New Coach Welcome Video and the First 30 Leader Guide. We’ve simplified and updated the Business Quickstart Guide, the Coach Action Plan and the New Coach Welcome email to fall in line with the First 30 framework. We have also created a First 30 Leader Guide that helps sponsoring Coaches understand how the First 30 works, and provides additional best practices.

Q: How do I use the First 30 when I sponsor a new Coach?
It’s simple! Just follow the framework, then help the Coaches on your team do the same and you will see new Coaches launch their business successfully. It really is that simple.

For more information on the First 30, watch the Zoom Wall Call hosted by Cim HERE or visit FAQ 2128.


Getting Results While Keeping it Real

Getting Results While Keeping it Real

Q: How does self-accountability and being true to yourself play a part in driving your business success?
I truly believe in the 4 Vital Behaviors. If I am not actively living them every single day, I feel off. And when I feel off, so does everything else from the way I interact with people online, my posts, my content, how I carry myself. I know it’s annoying to hear this like a broken record, but doing the behaviors that got us here is as important as continuing to challenge ourselves daily. If you are ever in a rut on the journey to figuring out who you really are and finding yourself, you can find the answers there. Are you truly being proof the product works? Are you going through the motions with your fitness routine or are you challenging yourself? These are all things you should really consider when it comes to being true to yourself because if you don’t actively do these things daily, you’ll fall asleep on your goals and never become the best version of you.

Q: Coming out of Cup month, how do you engage new enrollees to hit their health and fitness goals?
Nothing really changes after Cup month from what I usually do. I support them in the Challenge Tracker App, I lead by example on my social media outlets, and if they are Coaches we start training right away! I work my butt off every month, not just Cup month. *wink*

Q: How do you plan to leverage the launch of Beachbody Health Bet on Sept 5th to drive results in your Challenge Groups? Drive results among your team?
I’m going to tell EVERYONE about it—Including my current Challengers and get them involved as well! I have great participation in my Challenge Groups as it is but this will definitely make them more excited and accountable, especially people who are usually quieter.

Q: What steps are you taking to evolve successful Challengers from customer to Coach?
I just ask them! I know it seems silly and simple, but really just being persistent with letting them know you believe in them is all they need to hear. I also invite them to check out my sneak peek groups and see what it’s all about, as well as join my community group after they are done. Usually when they make some friendships within the groups and see their buddies become Coaches they feel they can do it too!

Q: When a new program like Country Heat launches, what’s your plan of action to drive business results? How do you drive that behavior within your team?
Lately I’ve been going LIVE and just talking to them. Giving them advice, like telling them what I’d do if I were them. I’ve been told they like to hear what it was like when I was a new Coach, so I just help them see that it’s easier than they think it is. Doing the programs, sharing your videos, having fun, showing results, sharing others’ results, and being consistent in those actions is really what’s going to peak interest. You have to hype it up and not be worried what people are going to think about you! With all the fun tools we have coming out it’s important to be creative with your approach.

Q: What processes do you have in place to keep your Coaches and Challengers on track? And how do you motivate and encourage your Coaches who have hit a slump?
There’s no secret “process” or “recipe” to keeping people on track. People are going to do what they want to do and at some point you have to realize that and just be YOUR best. I’m always trying new things to help my team and Challengers and keep it fresh and fun nevertheless. I see way too often people get too focused on the business and let their own personal priorities fall to the wayside then they quit because they think they need to take “a step back and focus on themselves.” That’s NOT the case. In fact, that’s just another way of saying “I’m quitting on myself.” If you really want to focus on yourself, focus on helping others by doing the 4 vital behaviors and you’ll find you’ll not only be incredibly happy but successful! I plan to drive Core de Force all the way home into the New Year and do it with my team and Challengers. Excited!

Q: Describe a time where you weren’t hitting your business goals, and explain what types of activities you did to turn it around?
It’s been a few years but I do remember that time in my life and I know exactly why it happened. I try to impress upon my team all the time that when you get too focused on numbers, you lose the fun in it! Of course, numbers excite some people but most people thrive on FUN and want to be Coaches because they love it! It brings them joy. However, they start to do things that take away from that joy and their business suffers. You need rank and numbers goals to show you that you are going in the right direction but those things ONLY happen when you are focused on helping people! Change your goals to be focused around people vs. yourself and you’ll find your business will explode! For example: instead of saying “I will be 5 Star Diamond by January 1st” say “I will help 5 of my coaches reach their goal of achieving diamond by January 1st.” Now doesn’t that sound better already? Where focus goes energy flows, so focus on the right behaviors and you’ll get those results you’ve been looking for or lost.

Q: What are the activities in your business that have provided the greatest results?
Taking the time to build my social media platform. When I say that I mean, KNOWING it was going to take years to build my reach and learning as much as I could about how to do that. In the process I still was hitting Success Club 10+ and growing my team, but I knew I needed to help more people if I was ever going to be the best of the best. So, I tried and tried again until I found my sweet spot! You know you’ve found your sweet spot when you really feel like you’re adding value and actually helping people without receiving a paycheck from it. Your creative uniqueness will come through and you’ll stop trying to look like everyone else and just be yourself and do your own thing!

Q: What do you do with your new Coaches to understand their goals and help set them up for success?
You can put together a questionnaire super fast and easy to give your Coaches when they first sign up! Just make a list of 10 questions you’d like to know about them. How much they want to make, their fitness goals, how many kids they have, do they work full time ~ stuff like that! When you know their goals then you can help them understand the big picture for themselves. At the end of the day though, I can really see who is serious about this when they sign up and hit Success Starters. Self-starters tend to be more successful in this business, but slow starters will come around in the months or years to come. People will drop off and come back- it’s normal! So don’t freak out or think you’re a ‘bad leader’, just continue to do the work! I just let everyone work at their own pace but if you see someone come out the gate running, give them some extra TLC because they are showing you they are serious and matching your effort with theirs.

Q: What do you know now in the business that you wished you would have known when you first started?
I wish I would’ve known to spend less time with the Coaches I had, and to spend more time trying to find the next me. I invested months and years into people that I thought were going to be around forever who ended up just burning me and quitting on themselves. Some of them are even still signed up as Coaches on my team and I see them as constant reminders that if someone wants this, they are going to do it with or without me! I know that was my attitude when I signed up. I was doing this FOR ME with or without the support of my sponsor or team. You can feel good about the fact you do training groups for your teams, offer phone calls, do zoom calls, team calls, recognition and everything else that you start doing when you have a team. That is A LOT of work and if someone doesn’t feel like you are doing enough FOR THEM they are probably not a team player, and you may have to let them go in your heart and focus on finding someone who understands what it means to be part of a mission. I truly believe I am years behind where I should be financially and in rank because of a few bad eggs in the beginning. Do not make the same mistake I made and keep adding new Coaches to your teams that are excited, positive and WANT THIS! You can tell you’ve found those people when they are doing their 4 Vital Behaviors and making progress every day!


Growing Your Social Media Presence

Growing Your Social Media Presence

How can you rally your Team to help more people achieve results this month? Tap into the unique power of social media. We’ve got a bevy of best practices from some of the heavy hitters in the social media universe, including Beachbody Director of Social Media, Kelli Wallace. Want some rock-solid strategies you can put into action right now? Start reading—and start posting!

You’ve probably heard it a million times; ramping up your social media presence can help you grow your business exponentially.

It can help you foster relationships with your Team, not to mention target new, potential customers and Coaches.

Want to create Facebook posts that get people talking? No need to hire an expert; we’ve brought in our own social-media savvy pros like Beachbody Director of Social Media, Kelli Wallace. You’ll also get valuable tricks of the trade from 15 Star Diamond Coach, Meg Wiczynski and 5 Star Diamond Coach, Trevor Kucheran.

It’s far from rocket science. Here are six simple steps you can take to enhance your visibility and become a social media powerhouse:

1) Be original
It’s a proven fact; Facebook favors original and authentic content. Always remember to be yourself and show off your sense of humor as much as possible. “No one wants to hear from a Google search trending topic, they want to hear from you personally,” explains Beachbody Director of Social Media, Kelli Wallace. “That’s why they joined your community in the first place.” In other words, just be you and the rest will fall into place.

2) Ask engaging questions
Nothing gets people’s attention on social media quite like asking thought-provoking questions. “It’s so important to get your audience talking,” points out 5 Star Diamond Coach, Trevor Kucheran. “The more comments, shares and likes your posts receive, the higher they get ranked in the news feed and the longer they stay near the top.” So get people engaged even once and they’ll likely be seeing your posts again.

3) Emphasize LIVE video
The strategy currently getting the most traction on Facebook? LIVE video. “Do one video per week Inviting people to your Challenge Group or Team,” recommends 15 Star Diamond Coach, Meg Wiczynski. “You should also do a few videos per week on things like how to meal prep, or how to fit in a work out with young children.” The best part? Facebook rewards people who use the LIVE feature by getting your video in to more people’s news feeds.

4) Mix it up
It’s a good idea to think variety when it comes to your posts. “Never use a photo or video that you have posted before,” advises Trevor. “Things that used to work may not be as effective if you try them again.” How can you put this idea into action? Rotate your posts to include LIVE posts, video posts, photo posts and text posts.

5) Share your results
Use the awesomeness of social media to share the success you’ve had with Beachbody. What results have you had with the programs? How has being a Coach changed your life? “If someone comes to your page, you want them to know by a quick glance that you’re someone who is on their own positive journey,” says Meg. “That way they’ll know you can help others on their journey as well!”

6) Add value with your posts
Last but not least, whether you’re posting fitness tips, recipes, or nutritional advice, your content should always mean something. “Don’t just make noise or post something just to post,” warns Kelli. “Make sure your messages will be well-received and add real value to people’s lives.” And when finishing your post, don’t forget to include a short call to action so you don’t leave your followers guessing.