Challenge Group Guide

Get content you can customize and share with your CORE DE FORCE® Challenge Groups.

        Getting Started

  1. Create a Challenge Group in the My Challenge Tracker Coach Portal, and invite your participants to download the My Challenge Tracker App. Alternatively, you can set up a private Facebook® group.
  2. Review the Product Training Guide for everything you need to know about CORE DE FORCE.
  3. Share this message from Joel and Jericho with your challengers.
  4. Post Week 0 topics to your group's feed.

        Challenge Group Best Practices

  • Use My Challenge Tracker. My Challenge Tracker was designed to help you run your Challenge Groups and get your customers the best results possible. Using the app, your participants can track their workouts, Shakeology, weight, measurements and progress photos, while interacting with one another in a closed forum. Simultaneously, with the Coach Portal, you can gain insights into your participants’ daily activities to help keep everyone accountable.
  • Kick off with a group meeting and set expectations. Whether in person, via Zoom or over the phone, holding an initial group meeting is a great way to set clear expectations that can define a rewarding experience for your participants. It also creates a team culture where participants can feel a sense of belonging and gain encouragement from others. Walk them through the My Challenge Tracker app, showing them how to track their activity and engage within the group. Tell them what they need to do to be successful (i.e., check in daily, drink Shakeology, set realistic short-term and long-term goals, etc.). Share how you and others in the group will support them along the way.
  • Share the Team Beachbody meal prep guides. These guides are tailored to different calorie needs and make meal prep simple, providing grocery lists and step-by-step instructions for planning breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks — one week at a time.
  • Lead by example with our #1 Vital Behavior, be proof the products work. Track your activity and share your experiences daily, so your participants can replicate actions that will help them succeed.
  • Connect and check in with participants constantly. Hold a weekly zoom call for your challengers to ask questions and share successes and challenges to increase group engagement and morale. Additionally, if you notice someone hasn’t been logging their activity, reach out to them individually to make sure everything is okay and encourage them to get back on track. They’ll be more likely to stick with the challenge if they know someone is holding them accountable.
  • Surprise your participants; throw down a challenge. Whether it’s a day where everyone completes 10 push-ups, shares their favourite meal photo and recipe, or does the most squats in a minute, small prizes or contests can help keep your participants engaged and motivated.
  • Recognize, Recognize, Recognize! Another Coach vital behavior, it’s key to recognize the positive changes and healthier lifestyle choices people make, no matter how small. Recognition keeps challengers engaged and motivated. Consider designating a day of the week to highlight someone’s success, or, better yet, do it daily.
  • Encourage participants to submit their results to the Beachbody Challenge contest. Everyone loves free stuff. Make sure your participants enter the contest once they complete their challenge to get rewarded with a free completion prize, and a chance to win some cash.
  • Continue with the momentum even after your Challenge Group ends. Check out these tips for effectively wrapping up your Challenge Groups and getting your participants to join your next challenge – or transition to become a Coach.

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Week 0

(Week prior to challenge start date)
Day 1
Getting Started / Motivation

Welcome to our CORE DE FORCE Challenge Group! I hope you are as thrilled to be here as I am. This is your opportunity to make a positive lifestyle change to become a healthier, more confident YOU!

If you've ever struggled to reach your health and fitness goals let me assure you: YOU CAN and YOU WILL if you stick to CORE DE FORCE.

Together, we are going to work out hard and fuel our bodies the right way with healthy, filling food and Shakeology every single day. But the most important thing we're going to do is hold each other accountable!

I want you to treat this group as your support group. Ask questions, share your experiences, and connect with other members. Staying accountable to each other is the best thing you can do to ensure your success.

From now until the end of our challenge, I will provide nutrition and fitness tips, inspirational thoughts, recipes, and video updates from our trainers—Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews, creators of the CORE DE FORCE programme.

If you're ready to make the commitment, go on and introduce yourself! Copy and paste your answers to the following questions below:

  1. Why are you committing to this challenge?
  2. Where do you live?
  3. What's your occupation?
  4. Which Shakeology flavour(s) are you drinking? OR What Beachbody Performance supplements are you taking?
  5. Why did you choose CORE DE FORCE?
  6. What can we do to help you reach your goals?
Day 2
Getting Started / Trainer Tip

Have you checked out Beachbody On Demand yet? If you haven't, I highly recommend it! As a Beachbody On Demand member, you can stream all your CORE DE FORCE workouts—and tons more (including ones from Joel and Jericho)—and reference your programme materials. There's even a healthy eating cooking show called FIXATE you can binge on.

Log on now: BeachbodyOnDemand.com

Now switching gears a bit—here's a special message from some folks who want to welcome you to the challenge. Watch it: https://youtu.be/jpNVgIpU56A

Day 3
Getting Started / Shakeology / Trainer Tip

Wondering what comes with the Challenge Pack you just purchased? If you purchased the Annual All-Access Challenge Pack, you won't have physical copies of the workouts or programme materials they refer to, but you can stream the workouts or access downloadable PDFs for all the guides on Beachbody On Demand. If you purchased the Performance Pack, you will get Beachbody Performance Energize and Recover in place of Shakeology.

Now check these off your to-do list:

  • Read the Quick-Start Guide and CORE DE FORCE Eating Plan to get familiar with the programme and set yourself up for your best results. Use the Eating Plan as your guide to prepare your kitchen. Clear all the junk from your pantry; then go grocery shopping using the Food Lists on page 8, so you're ready to start strong on Day 1!
  • Start planning out your meals ahead of time. When you're tired and hungry, having ready-to-eat meals on deck is key to your success! Here are some ideas to help you get started: https://tbbcoa.ch/BuffetStyleMealPrep
  • (Once your Challenge Pack has arrived): Unwrap your portion-control containers. You'll be using these to portion out your food for the next 30 days. The colour-coded food groups in your Eating Plan correspond to these containers, and on page 2 you'll see a chart with how many times a day you'll be filling each container. For example, if you're following Plan A, you'll fill your green container three times a day with veggies. Make sense? If not, message me and I'll walk you through it!
Day 4
Getting Started

If you haven't already, today is a good day to set your goals for the next 30 days. What do you want to accomplish? See your abs? Jump-start a larger weight-loss goal? Whatever they may be, write them down and put your 30-day goals some place where you can see them every day.

And keep in mind that you want to track your progress. CORE DE FORCE includes the Transformation Tracker in your Quick-Start Guide, which allows you to record your "before" weight, photos, and measurements. Use it to measure your changes against where you began. No one likes to document things about themselves they want to change, but trust me, take these measurements now, and you'll be thankful later when you see how far you've come! Plus, tracking your "before" and "after" info is the only way you can submit for a free CORE DE FORCE T-shirt!

Day 5
Fitness / Getting Started

Only 2 days until the start of our challenge! Today, determine what time you want to work out at and block it off on your calendar so nothing else can get in your way. The longest workout is 47 minutes and most are shorter than that. Make yourself and your health a priority.

Also, decide where you want to work out. The Beachbody On Demand app lets you work out anywhere you want, so don't limit yourself! I'm planning on doing CORE DE FORCE in my [Insert workout space]. Where does everyone else plan on working out?

Day 6
Getting Started

Have you told your friends and family about your CORE DE FORCE Challenge Group? If not, do it! You'll want their support along the way. Plus, it will be easier to stay committed to your goals if everyone close to you knows what you're up to!

Day 7
Getting Started

Get excited! We start tomorrow. This is your last chance to check these items off your list:

  • Review your programme materials.
  • Remove the junk from your kitchen.
  • Grocery shop for CORE DE FORCE-approved foods and start meal prepping.
  • Take your measurements.
  • Schedule your workouts.
  • Tell close friends and family about your commitment.

To stay hydrated, I recommend you keep water close by and a towel because we're going to get sweaty! Make sure your space is wide enough to do your workouts. Once that's complete, get some rest and prepare to #FIGHTFORIT!


Week 1

Day 1: MMA Speed
Day 2: Dynamic Strength
Day 3: MMA Speed
Day 4: Power Sculpt
Day 5: MMA Shred
Day 6: Dynamic Strength
Day 7: Active Recovery
Day 1
Fitness / Trainer Tip

Welcome to your official first day of CORE DE FORCE! Are you pumped? Throughout the next 30 days you are going to punch, kick, sweat, and burn a ton of calories while fueling up with Shakeology.

I'm sure we'll all have days when we're tired, sore, or want to skip a workout, but I encourage everyone to KEEP GOING! Remember the commitment you made when you joined this challenge. Stick to the programme and you will get results! And don't worry—we're all here to keep each other accountable.

Now, there's some crucial information you need to be successful with CORE DE FORCE. Watch this video, and Joel and Jericho will give you the scoop: https://youtu.be/W24aTldkdt8

Day 2

One common question I get asked a lot is, "Do I need MMA experience to do CORE DE FORCE?" Quick answer: no!

One of the many things I love about CORE DE FORCE is you don't need to have ever done a boxing or kickboxing workout to successfully do this programme. Joel and Jericho break down every punch, every kick, and every combination, so you can feel invincible and get awesome 30-day results. Remember, you can follow Jessica the modifier as long as you need to!

Day 3
Check-In / Fitness

We're back to MMA Speed today!

Be sure to watch the Learn It & Work It video before each MMA workout. In it, Joel and Jericho break down the form for a lot of the combinations, which will help you feel more confident in the moves and get more out of the workouts.

So what's everyone's favourite move from MMA Speed? Mine is [Insert favourite move]. I'd love to see yours…take a picture of yourself doing your favourite move and tag it #COREDEFORCE!

Day 4
Check-In / Fitness

How are you feeling? Did you survive yesterday's workout? 😉

Today we've got a new total-body burn on deck: Power Sculpt. And I've got a tip that will help you maximise your calorie burn today and through the next 30 days!

Try doing the "boxer's bounce" during your break between rounds. After all, the more you move, the more you burn. Now go out and kill it!

Day 5

Let's talk smart snacking. I know we sometimes equate "snacking" with overeating or junk food, but the truth is there are awesome healthy snack options that can help you stay on track. One of those is Shakeology. It's formulated with nutrient-dense ingredients and can help build lean muscle mass, provide healthy energy†, support healthy digestion‡, and support normal immune system function•

† Vitamins C, B6, and B12 contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.
‡ Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes.
• Vitamins A, C, and Selenium contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Beachbody Performance

No matter what level of athlete you are, timing your pre-workout nutrition is important if you want to maximize the work you're about to do. If you need to eat before a workout, do so at least 2 hours before exercising to give your body time to digest. And be sure to take your Beachbody Performance Energize 30 minutes before sweating it out—that gives it plenty of time to kick in!

Day 6
Fitness / Motivation / Trainer Tip

Coach Tip: Take some time to recognize the efforts of someone in your group today. Doing this should help foster community and camaraderie and hopefully, encourage people to stay consistent. You can choose someone who's been crushing their workouts, using the modifier option, or someone who is staying consistent with their nutrition. Then, feel free to add the post below with it or later in the day. Here's an example: Shout out to [Name]! She has been on point with her workouts and her nutrition this week. Her determination is totally inspiring. If you have a chance, tell [Name] great job for her hard work this week!

Hey everyone, we're back to Dynamic Strength today. This one's got a few tough moves, so make sure you focus on form. Correct form is more important than speed. And remember, there's no shame in following the modifier!

Check out this video to learn how to modify the Sphinx Blaster, one of the moves featured in Dynamic Strength. Feel free to stick with this modification until you master the move. I promise, it will get easier as you become stronger: https://youtu.be/UmrEjRyLzeI

Day 7
Fitness / Nutrition

WOOHOO! We made it through the first week. Today is all about Active Recovery and helping our muscles repair to get ready for Week 2.

Active Recovery is a low-impact workout that gives you a great stretch to help with muscle soreness. It also includes some form training to help you fine-tune some of the movements in the workouts. If you're still feeling pretty sore after these workouts, try doing CORE DE FORCE Relief, the 5-minute stretch, before you go to bed to give your muscles a little extra TLC.

On a separate note, you get to eat an extra serving of fruit every day this coming week, so load up on extra apples and bananas when grocery shopping!


Week 2

Day 8: MMA Shred + Core Kinetics
Day 9: Power Sculpt
Day 10: MMA Shred + Core Kinetics
Day 11: Dynamic Strength
Day 12: MMA Power
Day 13: Power Sculpt
Day 14: Active Recovery
Day 8
Nutrition / Trainer Tip

Let's talk nutrition. As explained in the CORE DE FORCE Eating Plan, you add food strategically to your diet in Weeks 2 and 3 to fuel your workouts and ward off stress-related plateaus.

This week you start adding one PURPLE fruit portion every day. The reason? Fruit contains mostly healthy carbs—your body's most readily absorbed fuel—to help keep your energy levels up as the workouts get a little tougher. Another thing that can help is drinking your Shakeology daily.

Now on to meal prep…in the video below, Joel and Jericho share their favourite meal prep strategies to help you dial in your nutrition this week. Check it out: https://youtu.be/NoHi4OsB4-E

Day 9
Check-In / Fitness

Back to Power Sculpt today! How are you doing? Do you find yourself getting stronger and feeling more energized?

Today's Tip: Listen to Joel and Jericho's cues. They are there to make sure you get through the moves safely and effectively. Don't forget—there's a modification for almost everything. If you find yourself struggling to perfect your form on a move, follow Jessica, the modifier, and see if that helps. You can always crank up the speed and intensity once you're stronger!

Speaking of modification, here's a video of Joel and Jericho demonstrating a modification of Ground to Fighter stance, a move featured in Power Sculpt and other CORE DE FORCE workouts. Watch it and let me know if it's helpful: https://youtu.be/Up6XLIw9DOg

Day 10

Coach Tip: Take some time to recognize the efforts of someone in your group today. Then, feel free to add the post below with it or later in the day. Here's an example: [Name] is crushing the workouts this week! Tag [Name] in a post and congratulate her on her hard work!

Remember, every expert started their journey as a beginner. Don't be discouraged if things are tough right now—keep at it and you will see progress!

Day 11
Check-In / Fitness

Hey guys, we've got Dynamic Strength again. Did the modification video help last time? It definitely helped me. I actually feel like I'm getting better at Sphinx Blasters!

Is there a move you find you're getting better at as the days go by?

Day 12

We have a new workout today—MMA Power! Before you press play, remember to watch the Learn It & Work It video. That'll help you get a handle on the combinations before you begin.

And if you need extra help, check out the Modifier Track option for all of the CORE DE FORCE workouts on Beachbody On Demand. It's a supercool feature that lets you follow the modifier in split-screen view to help you nail these moves, so you can start kicking the intensity up a notch!

Day 13
Check-In / Fitness / Shakeology / Success Story

Back to Power Sculpt today. Talk about a fun workout that leaves you in a pool of sweat!

Since we're almost 2 weeks into the programme, I'd like you to check in with the Transformation Tracker. Snap a few pics and share if you'd like—we'd love to see your progress! Here's Tanya's incredible CORE DE FORCE results…doesn't she look amazing at 52? She's proof that we can all do it!

Results vary based on effort and following Beachbody’s healthy eating plan.

Day 14

Because CORE DE FORCE is only a 30-day programme, you must make every day count.

It's important to follow the calendar as best you can. Don't push your training schedule back a day (i.e., do the workout you missed), or cram two workouts (the one you missed plus the one you're supposed to do) into the same day.

It's common to fall off the wagon. Just remember that you can always get back on. Now, let's get pumped for Week 3!


Week 3

Day 15: MMA Power + Core Kinetics
Day 16: Dynamic Strength + 5 Min. Core on the Floor
Day 17: MMA Power + Core Kinetics
Day 18: Power Sculpt + 5 Min. Core on the Floor
Day 19: MMA Plyo
Day 20: Dynamic Strength + 5 Min. Core on the Floor
Day 21: Active Recovery
Day 15

Let's talk plateaus.

When you start a programme, you'll often see quick gains in strength or significant weight loss. But once your body gets used to working out every day, you might experience a brief pause in progress. We call this a plateau.

If you're experiencing this, don't sweat it! Stay the course, and you will see results. In the meantime, here are Joel and Jericho's tips that can help you bust through any plateau that stands in your way: https://youtu.be/jRdNym2sOA4

Day 16

Who else is psyched about adding an extra serving of healthy fats to your meal plan this week? Plus, you still get to keep your fruit! Feel free to grab a handful of almonds to snack on or sprinkle some extra mozzarella on that BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza—you deserve it!

So, why are we adding an extra serving of healthy fat? Fat is an excellent fuel source, which you need to power through this week's especially tough workouts. It also helps keep your overall macronutrients balanced.

Day 17

Now that you’ve made Shakeology part of your daily routine now for a bit, what is your absolute favourite "go-to" shake? When do you drink your shakes? What is your favourite flavour? I want to know your top Shakeology "must-haves" so I can try them out this week!

Beachbody Performance

Getting my sweat on before work in the morning is NOT easy. And since we had MMA Power AND Core Kinetics, I felt like I needed a little something extra. Thank goodness for Beachbody Performance Energize.

Have you tried it yet? I definitely recommend taking it 30 minutes before a work out, especially if you like to get your workout on in the AM.

Day 18
Fitness / Shakeology / Success Story

After you finish Power Sculpt, make sure you add on 5 Min. Core on the Floor. This 5-minute core blast will zone in on your midsection and help you get serious definition, just like Angelina below! She lost 5.5 inches off her waist after 2 rounds of CORE DE FORCE. Now that's impressive.

Results vary based on effort and following Beachbody’s healthy eating

Day 19
Fitness / Trainer Tip

New workout today! Who's excited for MMA Plyo?

There's a super-fun move in it—the Superman Punch. I feel invincible when I do this move, and think you will, too!

Check out this video of Joel and Jericho demonstrating the Superman Punch. I would love to see your videos and photos. Upload your best Superman Punch photo below and tag it #COREDEFORCE: https://youtu.be/dUAakPjrs_w

Day 20
Motivation / Nutrition

Coach Tip: Take some time to recognize the efforts of someone in your group today. Then, feel free to add the post below with it or later in the day. Here's an example: Did you see [Name]'s results? She already lost five pounds! Awesome work, [Name]!

Turn your CORE DE FORCE cooking into a culinary tour de force!

Looking for some new recipes to try? The Team Beachbody Blog has hundreds of great recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks: tbbcoa.ch/TBBRecipe

Day 21
Fitness / Nutrition

We are at the end of Week 3!

Do you feel like the extra fruits and healthy fats have helped you? Well, I hope you enjoyed the extra food because this week, you're going to drop back down to your baseline and eat the same portions you ate in Week 1!

Remember, we gave you more calories to help stave off plateaus and keep your metabolism going. But now that your body has begun to adjust to the harder CORE DE FORCE workouts, we'll return to our nutrition baseline. That should help fire up your metabolism even more and translate to killer results at the end of next week!

If you've forgotten what your Eating Plan looked like during Week 1, turn to page 2 of your Eating Plan. And if you still have questions, feel free to post them here and I'll do my best to answer them!


Week 4

Day 22: MMA Plyo + Core Kinetics
Day 23: Power Sculpt + 5 Min. Core on the Floor
Day 24: MMA Plyo + Core Kinetics
Day 25: Dynamic Strength + 5 Min. Core on the Floor
Day 26: MMA Speed + Core Kinetics
Day 27: MMA Shred + Core Kinetics
Day 28: Active Recovery
Day 22
Fitness / Trainer Tip

Guess what…it's the full final week of our Challenge Group!

By now, you're probably rocking your workouts, but you might be wondering, "What comes next?"

To answer your question, Joel and Jericho have some ideas on how to kick your moves up a notch and stay on course after our challenge: https://youtu.be/fmTZbNKpSe4

Day 23
Shakeology / Success Story

Need some #TransformationTuesday inspiration?

Check out Franquie who lost 48 pounds and 11.5 inches off his waist after 4 rounds of CORE DE FORCE and Shakeology. That's right. Your CORE DE FORCE journey doesn't have to end once our challenge ends. You can continue on and see even better results if you commit to another round!

Results vary based on effort and following Beachbody’s healthy eating

Day 24

Make sure your nutrition is dialed in this week. Your results are counting on it!

If you're stuck on what to meal prep, as I've said before, the Team Beachbody Blog is a great resource for recipes. Recently they interviewed a couple meal prep pros, who shared their secrets: tbbcoa.ch/MealPrepFromPros

What are your favourite foods to meal prep? Take a picture of your meals and tag #COREDEFORCE!

Day 25

Here's a tip you can put into practice long after our Challenge Group is over:

Eat a piece of fruit before you hit the supermarket. In a recent study at Cornell University, people who did bought 28% more produce than those who had a cookie. They also bought fewer unhealthier items overall. How's that for some food for thought?

Day 26
Check-In / Fitness / Motivation

Coach Tip: Take some time to recognize the efforts of someone in your group today. Then, feel free to add the post below with it or later in the day. Here's an example: [Name] is killing it with nutrition! Once an avid soda drinker, he now hydrates his body with ONLY water. Keep it up, [Name]!

We're going back to basics today! MMA Speed is on the calendar, along with Core Kinetics. Tell me, have you gotten better at the moves? Has your endurance improved? Tell me one thing you're proud of—you've all come so far!

In the meantime, here's something fun. Joel and Jericho answer some questions about each other in this "Get To Know Your Trainer" video. Trust me; you're not going to want to miss this one: https://youtu.be/_MNiXn7VE9M

Day 27

Sometimes it takes something extra to get you where you want to be. This morning, I was feeling tired and wanted to skip my morning workout. But I didn’t. Instead, I made myself Shakeology and nailed my workout. Sometimes starting off my day with a delicious guilt-free shake keeps me honest in my food choices later in the day. Anyone else feel the same?

Beachbody Performance

Throughout the past 30 days you've heard Joel and Jericho talk about Beachbody Performance a ton. For those of you who aren't familiar with it, Beachbody Performance is a line of supplements that were specifically designed to work with programmes like CORE DE FORCE. Recover, for example, is a delicious post-workout chocolate protein shake. It's perfect for Active Recovery days when we focus on repairing our muscles after a hard week of workouts.

If you're interested in Beachbody Performance, drop me a line. I'm happy to answer any questions or help you identify the right supplement for your needs!

Day 28

Remember, you can always do a 5-minute CORE DE FORCE Relief routine before bed to help relieve tight and tired muscles, and prepare for the next round!


Week 5

Day 29: MMA Power + Core Kinetics
Day 30: MMA Plyo + Core Kinetics
Day 29

I’m having a debate with myself: Which Shakeology flavour is the best? All of the flavours of Shakeology do the same thing: help you build lean muscle mass, provide healthy energy† and support healthy digestion‡, and support normal immune system function*. But what about FLAVOUR? It changes weekly for me. This week I am all about Vanilla, but last week it was nothing but Chocolate Vegan.

Day 30
Check-In / Motivation

Welcome to your LAST DAY of our CORE DE FORCE Challenge Group! I cannot be more proud of every single one of you. Here's what I want you to do after your workout:

  1. Take your "After" photos.
  2. Go to https://bit.ly/2otV2Po and submit your photos

Do that, and pretty soon you'll get your CORE DE FORCE T-shirt in the mail!

So what do you plan to do now that you've completed CORE DE FORCE? I'm starting a new CORE DE FORCE Challenge Group on [Insert date] and would love it if you joined! As amazing as your results may be now, imagine what they could be after another round. Message me if you are interested.

It's been a blast leading this Challenge Group for you guys—thanks for joining!