Coach Basics: New Updates

Back to Basics

"The Coach Basics program gives you a solid foundation to build the business of your dreams. Anyone can apply it to their business and succeed."

- Leslie Kortes

Summer is winding down. The kids are in school. It's the perfect time to re-evaluate your business and get things moving again.

What's the best way to do that? Get back to the basics. The newly enhanced Coach Basics, that is. We worked with over 50 successful Coaches to create key updates and the result is a fully refreshed, more engaging program.

Here are five reasons to love the new Coach Basics.

Accelerated success
Coach Basics has always been the ultimate way for new Coaches to get up to speed in a hurry. Now it's more like a flash. That's right; the enhanced program can be completed in less than a month! You'll also have the ability to dial in the pace of the training based on the needs of the group.

Coach takeaway: "This program gives new Coaches the tools and knowledge to lay a solid foundation-fast. It's also a great system to find the runners on your Team. They're not always Personally-Sponsored Coaches!"

- Jessica Vandeberghe, 10 Star Diamond Coach
More robust training
You'll be invited to a private Facebook page that provides fundamental training lessons through daily posts and action steps. And with the new, revamped program, you can expect more robust training that's focused and content rich. In other words, you'll be on your way to building a rock-solid foundation for your business.

Coach takeaway: "I always explain that Coach Basics training is the foundation for an amazing new house you're building. You'll meet new people and watch your house being built—brick by brick."

- Kim Lima, 8 Star Diamond Coach
The value of the 3 Vital Behaviors
The improved Coach Basics program focuses on creating aligned habits like the 3 Vital Behaviors. It helps you truly understand and implement the concept of Inviting, becoming a product of the product and Personal Development.

Coach takeaway: "Coach Basics taught me how the 3 Vital Behaviors have a compound effect over time. Like Darren Hardy says, don't look at the entire staircase all at once; small and repeated efforts create awesome changes."

- Kelly Hutcheson, 5 Star Diamond Coach
Easier to duplicate
Want to lead your own Coach Basics group? With an updated leader guide, the new program is easier than ever to duplicate. You can also expect detailed, step-by-step instructions in the topic guide.

Coach takeaway: "Anyone can take the Coach Basics template to plug-and-play and lead a group. You can be an Emerald running this group for your Team or a Superstar Diamond, but the lessons are the same."

- Leslie Kortes, 15 Star Diamond Coach
Proven results
Last, but certainly not least, Coach Basics has been proven to help new Coaches get started right. The program has a clear objective: to help every new Coach get to Emerald and teach them the skills to get to Diamond. And along the way, Coaches will develop friendships and working relationships as they train together, interact with others in the group and ask questions.

Coach takeaway: "The bonding aspect of Coach Basics is amazing. It allows you to work with other Coaches on common goals and builds your confidence."

- Kim Lima, 8 Star Diamond Coach

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