Coach Seay Stanford


Seay Stanford got a lot of funny looks when she decided to leave her 6-figure job in the pharmaceutical industry. Now a 5 Star Diamond Coach, Seay works to prevent disease rather than treat it. Her favorite product to help others? Nutrient-loaded Shakeology! Hear how Seay leverages the nutritional benefits of Shakeology to bolster her ever-growing business.

Seay’s crowning glory as a Coach is her die-hard dedication to teaching others about nutrition. This is in contrast to the more traditional focus of Coaches—the fitness programs and physical transformations. In fact, she built her business solely on Shakeology, not even selling a single fitness program for the first 6 months of her successful Beachbody career!

“My angle is about feeling better, not just looking better. It’s a harder niche because you can’t always capture the change in someone’s health with numbers or before/after photos. Granted, the physical transformation will happen when you feed your body the right stuff, but the benefits of being healthy have a lot more to do with just looking good in a bikini,” she says.

Everybody Needs Health
Seay notes that one of the greatest aspects of Shakeology is that it’s a flexible and adaptable product suitable for all ages, shapes, and weight brackets.

“Everybody needs health. Not everybody needs to lose weight,” she enlightens. “If you position Shakeology just as a weight loss product, where are you going to go from there?  You’re eliminating so much of your demographic!”

Seay doesn’t just sell to the mom or the dad in the family. Rather, she helps her clients understand the importance of getting the whole family invested in the awesome, nutritional benefits of Shakeology. She advises her Team to take into account the client whose elderly mother drinks Ensure every day or whose child is drinking PediSure and how this client can greatly improve the health of their family by replacing these chemical cocktails with Shakeology. 

Bait the Shake
Seay acknowledges that getting others excited about a product they’ve never heard of can be tricky—especially if you’re using foreign terms to describe the product.

“I used to focus on the ‘superfood’ aspect of Shakeology, and I think sometimes it can lose people,” she says. Instead, Seay encourages her Coaches to interact on a more personal level with their clients. She recommends asking about their family’s medical history and the health issues they’re treating with medication. This makes it easier to tailor her pitch.

“It’s easy to breakdown the benefits of Shakeology. Just go through the symptoms of not having good nutrition with your clients and explain that Shakeology will provide it,” she advises. “for example, if they have digestive issues, teach them the importance of probiotics. Shakeology has it all—we just have to make it relatable to that specific consumer.”

Sampling Strategies
Seay doesn’t sample Shakeology.  She sells packets.

Seay teaches that if people see the value in a product, they have no problem paying for it. “You won’t set the stage for value if you give your product away for free,” she says.

She continues, “Coaches should reward their clients for making more of a commitment to the product. If you sell your customer a packet for $5, you encourage them to sign up for HD because they get a discount for buying a volume of 30. After they sign up for HD, you encourage them to become a Coach so they get an even larger discount. It’s how you’ll grow your business!”  

Saving Lives
Following her calling through her career choice, Seay hopes to encourage more Coaches to embrace the nutritional benefits of Shakeology and become advocates of disease prevention and health. “Try focusing a little less on the physical transformation and a little more on the internal transformation,” she advises. “Encourage people to be healthy, not just thin.”

Health continues to be the focus of Seay’s mission, and as a result, she couldn’t be happier being a Beachbody Coach. “When I help someone drastically improve their health, I feel like I’m truly doing what I’ve been put on this earth to do. As Coaches, we save people’s lives by giving them their quality of life back,” she says.

“Besides, the movement to ‘End the Trend’ needs all the help it can get. We’ve got a big ugly ship to turn around.”

Coach’s Playbook:

  • Expand your demographic to include people of all weights, ages, and medical needs—not just people who want to lose weight.  Remember: Everybody needs health.  Not everybody needs to lose weight!
  • Tailor your Shakeology pitch to the individual consumer.  They’ll be more likely to buy if they feel the product applies to them on a personal level.
  • Encourage your customers to make a commitment to the product by selling sample packets.  Discounts are your leverage!