Crafty Conversation Starters

Crafty Conversation Starters

Before you can walk the walk as a Coach, you need to be able to talk the talk. After all, starting conversations is at the forefront of everything you do.

And to help you master the craft, we've brought in two people with an amazing gift of gab: 10 Star Diamond Coach, Anita Miron and Top 10 Elite Coach, Alyssa Schomaker.

Build relationships.

Alyssa knows the importance of creating a solid foundation. "Before I talk about Beachbody with a new prospect, I need to get to know them first," she reveals. "If you skip this part, people will feel like they're being sold."

Alyssa believes relationship building is key. "I make sure my Coaches are starting at least three new conversations a day. This means just chatting and getting to know people; nothing about Beachbody yet."

Go for "no".

When it comes to breaking the ice, Anita advises to turn off the fear button. "If you're afraid that people are going to tell you no, you'll be stuck right where you are," she says. "I used to make it a game to see how many people I could get to tell me "no" in one day. I still make it my personal mission to receive 25 no's a day because I know that the 26th invite is bound to be a yes! Remember; 'no' doesn't mean 'no' forever—it just means 'not right now'."

Ask good questions.

Alyssa's go-to technique for starting conversations? Asking questions. "The person asking the questions controls the conversation," she explains. "'Do you have kids?' 'What do you do for a living?' 'What do you do for fun?' These questions get the person talking about themselves and gives you a chance to learn about them."

Perhaps the best avenue for starting conversations? Social media. "I do traffic-driven posts that ask for opinions," Alyssa shares. "I love to use this approach on my Facebook business page and also on Instagram."

Anita asks targeted, relatable questions. "My social media following is mostly working or stay-at-home moms so I post things moms want to read about. I ask parenting questions to get the ball rolling. It takes very little effort and leads to great results!"

Show interest.

Whether it's in-person or online, showing interest is a must. "Every day, I go to my prospect list on Facebook and Instagram and engage with their pages," says Alyssa. "People like comments over 'likes' so I always post a positive and uplifting comment."

Anita echoes those sentiments. "Whenever I start chatting with a potential customer, I look at their Facebook profile so I can really dig in and learn all about them!"

She says the key is being genuine. "I aim to be as authentic as possible with my posts," Anita professes. "This builds trust and helps people relate with me."

Wear and share.

Another tactic to ramp up your success? Wearing Beachbody-branded apparel. "When I'm out in public, it's the easiest and most natural way to generate conversations," she says. "For example, my Shakeology shaker comes with me everywhere I go!"

Anita also makes it a point to wear Beachbody apparel when she's out and about. "I want to represent what I truly love," she says. "My family gets decked out in Beachbody gear, too—all day, every day!"

So whether you're inviting people to your Challenge Groups or posting on social media, starting conversations is a matter of finding the tactics and techniques that work best for you. Find your groove, get into your comfort zone, and share away!

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