Dear Jemima (Feb. 2013)

Is it February already?  While February brings us things like candy hearts, flowers and chocolate (Shakeology, that is) – it also means another chance for you to achieve Success Club and find yourself one step closer to setting sail with the S.S. Beachbody®!   As you make plans to soak up the sunshine, surf and rock-climb (is there anything you can’t do on this ship?) remember to use the amazing tools we have created to help you achieve your goals.  Track your progress along the way by using the Leader Communication System, the Cruise Goal Tracker and the Cruise Monthly Goal Scenarios, all available in the Coach Online Office.  You’ll see month-by-month how you can achieve Success Club goals that will help pave your way to success.

To avoid walking the plank – take a moment to review these specific points within our Team Beachbody Coach Policies & Procedures.  Being informed about these key policies will help ensure you avoid any pitfalls along the way:

Team Beachbody Message Boards (Section 3.2.9)
As you’re out and about announcing your plans for your next Challenge Group, how you’re doing with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset or how you’re achieving your other fitness goals, remember that our message boards are not a place for advertising your Beachbody business (or any other business), to recruit new customers or to sell Shakeology.  Every single member of the Team Beachbody community has a Coach of their own already in place.  Message boards are for support and encouragement of others, not a mini-classified site.

Online Auctions (Section 3.29)
Coaches are not permitted to sell any Beachbody products or programs through online marketplaces such as Craigslist®,® or eBay®.  One of the key values you bring as a Coach is YOU and the relationship you establish with your customers.  Showing them your passion, your enthusiasm and your support of their goals comes through that one-on-one interaction, not through a “buy now” button.

Product Pricing (Section 5.2)
Remember that as much as you might be tempted to offer a deal that sounds too good to be true – as a Coach you must offer Beachbody products to your customers at full retail price.  Offering coupons, free shipping and other means of discounting the product is not permitted.  Beachbody offers incredible values on a variety of fitness programs, nutritionals and the always popular and awesome Challenge Packs!

Remember that you have access 24/7 to the complete Team Beachbody Coach Policies & Procedures in the Coach Online Office and the Compliance hotline is available to you at (310) 295-5760 for any further policy questions you might have.

Bon Voyage!