Debbie Siebers: Empower Your Life


When Debbie Siebers first entered the fitness industry, she never imagined that one day her life’s work and passion would change hundreds of thousand of lives for the better. Debbie’s focus on self-improvement and holistic health has helped motivate others to achieve success by balancing mind, body and spirit.

Debbie created Slim in 6® to make fitness accessible to everyone. So in keeping with her philosophy, we’ve permanently lowered the price of Slim in 6 Challenge Packs from $160 to $140. That means you’ll have more opportunities to reach new customers and have a new tool to deal with price objections.

We sat down with Debbie to find out what inspires her and why she thinks Slim in 6 is the top program for 2013.

• What are your top motivational tips for fitness and life in general?

When it comes to fitness, having a goal is essential to keep you on track. Once you have a goal in mind, it’s important to be consistent. Consistency is what will drive your results. Stick to it and you’ll see the fat melt away.

Why should a Coach offer Slim in 6 to a customer looking to get in shape for the summer?

What’s great about Slim in 6 is that it’s designed to slim and tone your entire body in just 6 weeks. It not only tightens and firms, but it reduces and shrinks in just three easy steps.  You’ll go from a moderate-intensity workout to a more advanced workout, burning through calories every step of the way.

• What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received? 

When I started out as a trainer I wasn’t as toned as I am today. Not at all. At the time I was training Motown music legend, Berry Gordy’s wife. Berry told me that if I wanted to be successful in life I needed to “walk the talk.” How could I teach fitness if I wasn’t as fit as I could be? That advice changed my life. I’ve tried to “walk the talk” ever since.

• Who do you admire?

I think Kathy Smith and Jane Fonda are two women who’ve been “walking the talk” for decades—and look at them. They give new meaning to aging gracefully. Both Kathy and Jane have demonstrated the importance of maintaining cardio and a balanced diet as we age. Just look at them, they’re both in phenomenal shape at 61 and 75. What’s not to admire?

• Who inspires you?

That’s easy. Carl Daikeler. Carl’s passion and tenacity are awe-inspiring. Just look at what he’s done for hundreds of thousands of people who’ve been searching for healthier lifestyles. He jump-started the trend to end obesity in this country!

• How would you pitch Slim in 6 to a stranger in an elevator?

I do it all the time.  I tell people who ask that it’s a 6-week commitment that’s structured from a beginning level to an advanced level, a full-body workout that really builds your endurance. It’s designed to target every muscle group—shrinking, reducing, and tightening while burning away fat. 

• Speaking of goals, what’s your big goal for 2013?

I have two goals this year. The first is to get back to my roots. I’m teaching a class at a gym here in Los Angeles called Boulevard. I absolutely love leading a class and watching people personally transform their bodies. The second goal I have is becoming a mentor. I’ll be working with a 7th grade girl—and I’m really looking forward to showing her around Beachbody®. I think it’s essential to show young kids the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I’m looking forward to empowering others.

• What personal development book are you currently reading?

I’m reading Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I think it’s important to keep educating and motivating oneself. I try and surround myself with positive people who understand the importance of “staying in the moment.” I think it’s important to learn from our past, look forward to the future, but live in the present. It’s a key component to staying consistent, which as I mentioned, earlier drives results. 

• What is the ONE THING that sets Slim in 6 apart?

It can truly get you fit and toned in just 6 weeks. If you make that 6-week commitment, the program will target every muscle group and will bring you from a beginner level to an advanced-level workout, all while burning fat and building your endurance.

• Summit is coming up in June. What is your favorite part of the event and why should Coaches go?

One of the most amazing things about Summit, other than thousands of like-minded people coming together in one place, are the stories that people share. They’re powerful. You can’t imagine the struggles…and the transformations that people achieve. It’s thrilling to see people triumph—and change their lives for the better. The events are amazing, too. The cocktail parties are fun, and the award ceremonies are so exciting. It’s really a must-see and do event for every Coach.