Diamond Coach Melanie Mitro


Great Coaches share one common trait: the ability to light the spark in others. 10 Star Diamond Coach, Melanie Mitro, is no exception. In fact, she’s made it her daily mission. With a genuine love for her Team, she knows when to encourage her Coaches and when to hold them accountable. And as an Elite Coach with 23 consecutive months in Success Club, she must be doing something right!

Fresh off a thrilling Team Beachbody Cup, it’s the perfect time to inspire your new Coaches. Read how Melanie energizes her new recruits right from the start, how she keeps them on track, and how she handles their failures─and gets them back in the game.

Q. What initial goals do you set for your new Coaches?
A. When a Coach joins my Team, I chat with them to see what they want to achieve. Once I know their goals, I give them very specific benchmarks to shoot for. In month one, the goal at a minimum is to cover the cost of their Challenge Pack. In month two, I ask that they hit Success Club and become Emerald. In month three, I have them strive to hit Success Club again and sign at least one more new Coach.

Q. How do you create accountability?
A. With the Coach Apprentice Group Training (formerly known as Coach Basics Training). It’s a trial program that provides business fundamentals for great results. (More to come at the September Super Saturday). I also make sure I do the following things: First, I do daily check-ins. Next, I get each Coach on a weekly Google+ chat. I also do weekly calls where I hold them accountable, but give shout outs on rank advancements, Success Club points, and even their first Challenge Pack sale!

Q. What happens when they fall short – how do you get them back in the game?
A. I start by recognizing what they did right. I never specifically call them out. I ask what they would do differently next time and guide them to come up with the solution. I am their mentor and will do whatever it takes to keep them encouraged. Sometimes it’s just a random phone call or text to let them know I care and am there for them.

Q. Why is it so important for new Coaches to achieve Success Club?
A. It’s the simple, straightforward formula for their success. If they consistently focus on Success Club, everything else will fall into place. Beyond the fact that it creates income, it lets them experience the benefits like getting leads and amazing vacations. Each month, Success Club will help them generate additional income that builds and builds.

Q. What tools do you find most effective for new Coaches?
A. I use the Coach Training Academy, the BAT, the Coach Apprentice Group Training, Google+ calls, as well as weekly mentoring calls. I also find that just getting on the phone and talking works. We do most of our work behind a computer, so we all need that social interaction, too!

Q. What’s the best piece of advice you can offer a new Coach on Day 1?
A. Get started today! Don’t look at the big picture and all the things you COULD do. Get to work with your Sponsor on starting a Challenge Group. Invite a few of your close friends and share the responsibility. That’s the quickest way to be successful. Also, use the tools in the Coach Training Academy to speed up your success. And last but not least, remember to think about everything you do as SHARING – not SELLING!