Diamond Coach Monica Ward


Monica Ward is someone who truly knows how to engage people. From inspiring children in her prior career as an elementary school teacher to motivating her Team every day as a 9 Star Diamond Coach, she points to the role of ‘Servant Leader’ as one of her most rewarding roles so far. We sat down with Monica to chat about how adding a personal touch can lead to lasting  relationships—and incredibly productive results.

Many Coaches hit flat spots in their business and need to re-strategize and re-focus. Have you ever experienced this—and how did you overcome it?

What I have experienced in my business are periods that were not necessarily ‘flat spots’, but rather periods where my activity was just that—activity—and not creating productive results. If you’re not committing to the vital behaviors first, above all activity, you’ll continue to feel like your business isn’t moving forward. As Diamonds, our goal isn’t just to be committed to Success Club, building personal challenge groups and sponsoring new coaches—it’s also about being committed to helping our team create the same results.

How did you re-engage in your business and push through the tough times? Any tips to share with other Leaders?

I re-engage by engaging others. I offer opportunities for Coaches to engage in small focus groups where they can connect with other Coaches who are committed to Success Club, particular income goals, and accountability. They’re like ‘Challenge Groups for Coaches’, and can be anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 weeks long. The three key features are productivity, accountability—and results.

How do you lead and motivate your team when the going gets tough? Any rally tips to share?

We highlight all the success stories within our group. We interview the new Diamonds on the team call when they rank advance, and acknowledge Coaches who make Success Club. We encourage people to share personal wins in our private Team page from week to week. We honor the top volume producers. The stories inspire other coaches to take action and produce their own results. Above all, we reach out and connect. Pick up the phone, or send a text, an email or a Facebook message. Don’t imagine what might be going on with a particular team member—take the initiative to find out!

When you need inspiration to help you re-focus, where or what do you turn to?

I reach out and get support. The easiest thing to motivate me is a great audio book. I quiet myself—and listen. There are so many great authors and influencers out there. Heck, all we have to do is visit the success tab in the Coach Online Office and dive in. I’m also a huge believer in attending an event—I always feel energized and focused after a local Beachbody event. The Coaches in my area know me well enough to know that if there isn’t one available, I’ll make one happen. I’ll invite a Coach for breakfast, lunch or dinner—or even just a workout. If I can’t get out, I reach out to my Coach friends and just connect over a phone call.

In your opinion, what should Coaches and Leaders be focusing on between now and Summit?  What goals have you set for yourself?

I think we should be leveraging the impending summer months to get people excited about stepping up their fitness, which for our Coaches means stepping up their invites. We too have a huge event coming up. Don’t miss the opportunity to get into the exclusive White Party by earning Success Club in April and May—or even show up to the event looking and feeling the best you’ve felt to date. My goal—I’m gearing up for T25. I’m hitting my fitness and nutrition like never before. I’m showing up in the healthiest I’ve been in years. Just the thought has me energized!

Why do you think it’s so important for Coaches at every level to attend Summit 2013?

I think as advocates of Beachbody fitness and Shakeology® there’s no better gift to give ourselves than a seat at Summit. It’s where you hear from the best Coaches in the business. You sweat live with the trainers who you spend hours working out to on your TV screen. You get to actually give your teammates hugs and high fives. It’s like trying to explain the effects the Ultimate Reset—you just have to do it and your experience puts you in this exclusive club who understand that commitment. Summit is so special, and you owe it to yourself to surround yourself with the thousands of other people who passionately believe in the mission you believe in. You see you’re not alone, and what you are doing is making such a difference.

The theme of Summit this year is ‘Dream Big’ – what’s your big dream?

My big dream is to own a home in the town where my husband and I grew up.

Best Coach advice you ever got?

The best advice I ever got was to spend my time helping people get what they want, to be a ‘Servant Leader’. There’s no greater satisfaction for me than to perform that role.