Diamond Coach Scottie Hobbs


From struggling to share his story in front of 8 people at his first local event, to inspiring thousands from the Summit stage a year later, 5 Star Diamond and father of four Scottie Hobbs is a Coach who knows how to dream big, then hit the ground running. We sat down with him to chat about his personal Summit experience and why every single Coach needs to be there—and in this case, why it’s a good thing that what happens in Vegas most definitely doesn’t stay there.

Why should Coaches at all levels attend Summit?

I genuinely believe that Coaches will be paid back 10X what they invest in going to Summit. And then some. This event is an absolute must for Coaches, no matter what level they’re at. It’s the ultimate business building and learning event of the year, and a critical opportunity for Coaches to learn from our most successful Coaches and renowned personal development experts.

Newer Coaches may be asking themselves, “is Summit for me?”

It’s the perfect way for new Coaches to learn from others  Even if you have only been a Coach for 1 month, I would say ‘DO NOT miss Summit!’ Do whatever it takes to get there.  Attend the meetings, ask questions, learn, and then go home and APPLY what you have learned to your Coach business, every day. If you do that, one year from now, YOU will be the one teaching others.   The investment will be worth it.

Speaking of, how would you describe the event to someone who hasn’t experienced it yet?

Summit = awesome! It’s a combination of training, celebration, relationship- building, mixed together with some serious fun! Quite simply, it’s the most important and effective Coach business-building event of the year.

Why do you think Summit is such an inspiring experience?

I think it’s because you get back to the HEART of our core purpose.  I love hearing success stories, and celebrating people’s life changes there. It’s so inspiring to me because I envision what it would be like to have one of my friends on stage winning that award—knowing that I gave them that opportunity, and that I was courageous enough to invite them to live a healthier life. It was a feeling that I was a part of something so much bigger than myself.

Share your thoughts on why attending Summit is so beneficial for a Coach’s business—and why it’s such an important investment to make?

At Summit, everyone is so willing to share what they’ve done to achieve their success.  I have no doubt that every Coach will come back from Summit with an undeniable passion for Beachbody, and greater ability to truly help change lives.

Why is Summit the most important personal development opportunity of the year?

Summit is, without a doubt, the most beneficial personal development event of the year because all the meetings and trainings are specifically designed to help you grow and become better at what you do.  You have the opportunity to network and meet Coaches who have achieved what you are striving to achieve—it really helps you believe in yourself. When I attended Summit and saw all the Star Diamonds on stage, I said ‘why not me?’ I genuinely believed that if they could do it, so could I.

What was your biggest ‘Aha!’ moment at Summit?

My biggest “aha!” moment at Summit was when I saw the top 10 Coaches receive their awards.  I sat down in the audience and said ‘why not me?’  They are no different than me.  I CAN DO THIS!

How many Coaches in your own downline have registered for Summit this year?

Right now, we have around 150 coaches registered for Summit, and we plan to continue to encourage and find ways for more Coaches to attend because it’s so important they’re there. We’ll be there as a team and a family to celebrate success, to learn, and to strengthen and grow our relationships.

As a leader, how do you rally your downline to register for Summit?

Summit and achieving Success Club are two things we talk about in every single one of our weekly team calls. We have a different Coach run the team call each week, so our entire team hears every single coach mention Summit at some point.

Any rally tips to share with other Leaders?

Start with WHY. Share why YOU are going, and create that energy by sharing stories about your own Summit experiences and stories. Talk about it in a way that is motivational and inspirational.  For example, say something like “ We can’t wait to hang out with you all at Summit!” We let new Coaches know that they can split rooms, and that creating a memorable experience should be a part of their story.  Paint that vision for them!  For example, “Joe, it’s crazy how this year you’ll be sharing a room with 6 other people, sleeping on the floor—but how awesome will it be for you to share that as part of your story when they celebrate your success next year!”

What are you most excited about seeing this year at Summit 2013 in Las Vegas?

I can’t name just one thing! We’re pumped up for the whole atmosphere, and having the opportunity to surround ourselves with passionate like-minded people. The training will be better than ever, but it’s that feeling of just being there I’m most excited about.  After Summit, I’ll be taking that passion home with me so I can take my business to the next level. Can’t wait for June!