Double Your Super Saturday Numbers


Ready to unlock the secrets to hosting a colossal Super Saturday? Get twice the advice from two real-life sisters and Diamond Coaches, Becky Brossett and Kristina Delgado. With over 60 consecutive months in Success Club between them, these two resourceful ladies are producing memorable Super Saturdays that have people talking.

Learn how Becky and Kristina have kept their attendance numbers on the rise—and how they keep Coaches and guests completely engaged from the start of their Super Saturday event all the way to the finish!

When did you start hosting Super Saturday events? 

Becky:  Beachbody held their very first Super Saturday event in January, 2011! We saw back then that it was a powerful and organic way to share real-life Beachbody testimonials and important breaking company news. Our first event had 30 Coaches and guests in attendance. We’ve truly grown into a strong Beachbody community in South Florida and expect over 300 Coaches and guests in September!     

Describe your recent big Miami Super Saturday event.

Kristina: It was definitely our biggest event to date! Our theme was ‘WHITE HOT’—it incorporated the Miami Heat winning the NBA title and the White Party at Summit. We had a Shakeology bar, an iPod playing upbeat music as guests arrived, and sold raffle tickets for a copy of FOCUS T25. We also discovered that having a post-presentation workout is a great tool to attract guests to the event. Since January, we’ve hosted LIVE Turbo Kick and INSANITY workouts, which were a HIIT (pun intended!) 

Why is it so important to attend or host a Super Saturday event?

Becky: These events help you hit the reset button and get motivated to achieve more with your business. Hosting is just as important as attending. I struggled with public speaking, but I knew that hosting a Super Saturday event would help me overcome that fear, and turn me into a better leader. If you aren’t quite ready to do it alone, team up with another Coach and co-host an event. Just do it! 

What impact has Super Saturday events had on your business?

Kristina: Since we started on a mission to grow our Super Saturdays, our businesses have experienced a parallel growth. In fact, during our last event Becky announced her retirement from Corporate America! The event also helps us puts faces to names, creates solid in-person bonds, and allows us to share ideas. Camaraderie within our community allows us all to share the vision of Beachbody on a grander scale and create business success as a whole.   

What elements are critical to pull off a successful Super Saturday? 

Becky: There are a lot of moving parts! For us, the two most crucial elements are teamwork and organization.  As a group, we share the responsibility to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. We host planning calls and delegate responsibilities like the venue search, Shakeology Bar, music and decorations. We also use a private Facebook group so everyone stays connected.     

What are your top tips for hosting a Super Saturday event?


  1. Commit to hosting one! All great things begin with a decision to try. 
  2. Stay consistent in your efforts. We went from 30 to 230 guests and expect over 300 at our upcoming September event. 
  3. Get creative to attract new Coaches and guests. Have a theme, incorporate music, and schedule a post-presentation workout if possible. 
  4. Invite, invite, invite! Extend personal invitations and constantly remind people to get registered by a certain date. This includes inviting leaders in your area.   
  5. Be warm and inviting. This event may literally be someone’s first encounter with Beachbody and could also turn someone’s business around.
  6.  Ask for help. We ask for volunteers to greet attendees when they arrive, work the Shakeology Bar, and set up decorations.

How do you promote your events?

Becky: First, we use for coach and guest registrations AND register the event in the Coach Online Office. Then, we create a Facebook event page with all the pertinent information for the event. This becomes like our “home base” since it’s the central location to share announcements, new information, and get people excited. We also ask Team Beachbody leaders from around the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canada to invite their Coaches who live in South Florida. We treat our Super Saturdays as if we were inviting to our Challenge Groups!  

Sample Facebook post:
Have you heard? Carl Daikeler, Beachbody CEO, will be visiting us AGAIN in sunny South Florida on September 28th for Super Saturday!  Unbelievable!  Thinking back 2 years, all Kristina and I wanted was to put MIAMI on the MAP and bring Corporate to ONE of our events!  We must be doing something right because this will be their 4th visit this year!  If you have ever thought of attending one of our events, this is the one!  Will you be there?