End the Year on a High Note

End the Year on a High Note—JEFF HILL, EVP, Global Sales

Ready to help your Team rock December and get lined up for a legendary 2016? Heed the wise words of our EVP of Global Sales, Jeff Hill. If Jeff doesn’t inspire you, it simply can’t be done. Soak up his invaluable ideas on goal-setting, maximizing new opportunities, and keeping the momentum going all the way into the New Year. It’s your mission to read on—and finish strong!

Q. What’s the most important thing Coaches can do now to set themselves up for 2016?
January is the “wrong” time to get ready for January; leverage the ‘now’ to maximize the ‘future’. For example, the Master’s Hammer and Chisel is launching in December and forward-thinking Coaches will be positioning the program for January Challenge Groups now. Waiting for January to start is simply too late. January is when everyone wants a solution to look better and get healthier and they want to start fast.

Q. How should Leaders help their Coaches create specific and achievable goals?
Simplify. Think fewer goals and narrow your focus on the people you believe are dedicated to moving forward. Have each Team member submit one or two ‘no matter what’ goals and reverse engineer what it will take to get there. Overwhelming? Maybe, but that’s why you need to identify a select group you believe in. Love the others, but they won’t create the future.

Q. Sometimes, Coaches don’t align activities with goals – how can our Leaders help them?
Most misalignment is the result of not understanding what’s required to achieve goals. That’s where reverse engineering comes in. Elizabeth Harke did a great Super Saturday video on this topic in COO. It’s also critically important to measure activities. Many Coaches dislike measuring because it tells them what they aren’t doing. Frequent check-ins make course correction doable because the gap is close enough to fix. Get permission to hold your Coaches accountable—and then do so.

Q. Talk about the business opportunities that come with product launches.
Think about it for a second. The company spends millions in the development and marketing of new products like the Master’s Hammer and Chisel. Good leaders then align their efforts based off the momentum that’s created. Promoting this program now and inviting to Challenge Groups in December and January will leverage the investments of the company and others. Less work. More focus. Greater results.

Q. Any advice for Leaders to help keep their Coaches on track to finish the year strong?
Value them. Recognize them. Let them know you appreciate them. A few may need to be yelled at ☺, but most will respond to recognition. Finally, think about what engages you and then use the same approach with them.

Q. What has been your most valuable learning this year, Jeff?
Great things happen when the simple things are done well. I’ve come to believe the principle that grade ‘B’ strategy with ‘A’ execution” always beats grade ‘A’ strategy with ‘B’ execution”. That means you don’t have to get it perfect, but you do have to act and execute well. Do that and good stuff will follow in all aspects of your life. Life is good!