Five Reasons to Love My Challenge Tracker

My Challenge Tracker App

The convenient and easy-to-use My Challenge Tracker Coach Portal and App will help you track and motivate your Challenge Group participants and provide daily accountability to help them reach their goals.

How is it different from Facebook Groups, you ask? You'll gain more insight into your participants' daily activity and avoid the many distractions typically found on Facebook—keeping the focus on getting results.

We surveyed members of our beta test group, and here's what a few of them had to say about My Challenge Tracker:

"I love that you can see participants' posts and track their workouts and Shakeology."

-Taryn Dickey

"The app makes it easy for me and my Challengers to stay focused."

-Nikki Kuban Minton

"I like how simple it is to use and how it's far away from the distractions of social media."

-Micah Folsom

Here are five reasons to love My Challenge Tracker:

On the tech-challenged side? No problem. You can quickly set up your Challenge Group through the mobile-friendly Coach Portal website. From there, you can either invite people individually or by uploading lists. An email will be sent out with a link to download the app (iPhone or Android) and your participants can easily sign on with their existing Team Beachbody accounts, or create an account within the app.

One of the coolest benefits of the app is that it provides participants with an even greater level of accountability than the Facebook Challenge Group experience. Why? Group members will be asked to log their daily workouts and Shakeology® consumption, which they can choose to share to the Group Feed, and regularly update their weight and measurements. This level of accountability helps your Challengers stay motivated and engaged with their program to reach their goals.

Providing a steady dose of inspiration and support is the name of the game. You can write and schedule posts to the Group Feed that will keep everyone connected, motivated and engaged. Members will see your messages on the home screen and Group Feed, interact with other participants, and be inspired to keep going.

Want to know how each of your participants is progressing throughout the Challenge? You can easily view a snapshot of their daily and weekly activity. This is an invaluable feature since tracking is difficult within a large Facebook group. And if you don't delete your group once the Challenge ends, all the information will be saved for quick future reference.

Let's say one of your Challengers forgets to drink their Shakeology or hasn't worked out in a few days. Not to worry. You can message that Coach directly or post to the Group Feed to get them to re-engage. And if you want to send direct messages to a group of participants, you can do that, too. What's more, your Challengers can set their own daily reminder to track activity. This easy flow of communication will help things run smoothly from start to finish.

Ready to set up your first group? Take advantage of My Challenge Tracker and help more people than ever achieve amazing results!

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