Getting New Coaches to Summit

It’s time to rally the troops and get everyone fired up for Coach Summit 2017. Want a great way to start? Soak up words of wisdom from 15 Star Diamond Coach, Meg Wiczynski. Meg’s here with an action plan to get new Coaches excited about registering for the big event. What tactics does she use to create urgency for Summit? How does she prove it’s worth the time and expense? Get reading—and get your whole Team to Summit!

Q. Why is it important to get your Team to Summit?
Plain and simple, I genuinely believe Summit makes you a better leader and a better Coach. It made things real for me and showed what I could achieve. After attending Summit, I had specific, tangible tools to apply to my business. The minute I got there, I instantly felt like I was a part of something bigger. I was no longer just a person behind a computer screen; I was attached to a mission with an overwhelming sense of purpose. When you’re living with purpose, life is much more meaningful.

Q. What do you do to get your new Coaches to Summit?
My first focus is getting new Coaches zeroed in on making Success Starters. This is crucial because it shows new Coaches they can earn a free Summit ticket just by moving their businesses forward and helping other people right away. I also share how Summit is an invaluable investment. They receive in one place, in 3 days, from our most successful Coaches and business builders the most actionable, leveraged training and insights you can get. Additionally, the company always brings in the most current and influential outside speakers literally in the world to elevate our thinking. This year Brendan Burchard and Darren Hardy, worth the trip and price of admission alone. The benefits of this last long after the event is over.

Q. Why is it worth the effort to get to Summit?
Honestly you cannot replicate the lift you get from being there. The wave of momentum you experience immediately following Summit is second to none. I make it a point to share with my Team how this will not only impact their businesses, but their overall health and fitness journeys as well. They will soak up so much knowledge just from being around other Coaches who share top tips and stories. It’s enough to give them that ‘oomph’ they need to finish the year strong!

Q. How do you prove that Summit is worth the expense and time?
If Coaches apply what they learn at Summit, the results will far outweigh the costs to get there. I share with My Team how my success exponentially increased in the months following Summit. I also explain how it gives Coaches a chance to meet their Teammates (some for the first time ever) and brainstorm best practices. It’s a time for them to dream big without the distractions of everyday life. Summit shows others around you that you’re serious about building your business. It’s a worthwhile investment in every way. I teach them to look at this as an investment and not as a cost.

Q. What impact has attending Summit had on your business?
Every time I leave Summit, I have a new sense of purpose, focus and drive that I know I wouldn’t have had otherwise. The first year I attended, I was a 1 Star Diamond Coach and working full time. Post Summit, I got serious about what I wanted out of my business. 10 months later, I was able to quit my job and our Team finished #11 in the company. We have continued to grow ever since. At my fourth Summit, I set the goal that we would be a Superstar Diamond Team—and we did it!

Q. What difference do you see in your Coaches after they attend Summit?
A major shift in focus and momentum. After Coaches attend Summit, they’re locked in on what it is they want to accomplish. It’s a powerful wake-up call to get in gear and finish the year up strong. Our Coaches who go to Summit always come back with a strong, positive mindset. They dive in, start to consistently hit Success Club and grow their Teams like never before.