Growing Your Social Media Presence

Growing Your Social Media Presence

How can you rally your Team to help more people achieve results this month? Tap into the unique power of social media. We’ve got a bevy of best practices from some of the heavy hitters in the social media universe, including Beachbody Director of Social Media, Kelli Wallace. Want some rock-solid strategies you can put into action right now? Start reading—and start posting!

You’ve probably heard it a million times; ramping up your social media presence can help you grow your business exponentially.

It can help you foster relationships with your Team, not to mention target new, potential customers and Coaches.

Want to create Facebook posts that get people talking? No need to hire an expert; we’ve brought in our own social-media savvy pros like Beachbody Director of Social Media, Kelli Wallace. You’ll also get valuable tricks of the trade from 15 Star Diamond Coach, Meg Wiczynski and 5 Star Diamond Coach, Trevor Kucheran.

It’s far from rocket science. Here are six simple steps you can take to enhance your visibility and become a social media powerhouse:

1) Be original
It’s a proven fact; Facebook favors original and authentic content. Always remember to be yourself and show off your sense of humor as much as possible. “No one wants to hear from a Google search trending topic, they want to hear from you personally,” explains Beachbody Director of Social Media, Kelli Wallace. “That’s why they joined your community in the first place.” In other words, just be you and the rest will fall into place.

2) Ask engaging questions
Nothing gets people’s attention on social media quite like asking thought-provoking questions. “It’s so important to get your audience talking,” points out 5 Star Diamond Coach, Trevor Kucheran. “The more comments, shares and likes your posts receive, the higher they get ranked in the news feed and the longer they stay near the top.” So get people engaged even once and they’ll likely be seeing your posts again.

3) Emphasize LIVE video
The strategy currently getting the most traction on Facebook? LIVE video. “Do one video per week Inviting people to your Challenge Group or Team,” recommends 15 Star Diamond Coach, Meg Wiczynski. “You should also do a few videos per week on things like how to meal prep, or how to fit in a work out with young children.” The best part? Facebook rewards people who use the LIVE feature by getting your video in to more people’s news feeds.

4) Mix it up
It’s a good idea to think variety when it comes to your posts. “Never use a photo or video that you have posted before,” advises Trevor. “Things that used to work may not be as effective if you try them again.” How can you put this idea into action? Rotate your posts to include LIVE posts, video posts, photo posts and text posts.

5) Share your results
Use the awesomeness of social media to share the success you’ve had with Beachbody. What results have you had with the programs? How has being a Coach changed your life? “If someone comes to your page, you want them to know by a quick glance that you’re someone who is on their own positive journey,” says Meg. “That way they’ll know you can help others on their journey as well!”

6) Add value with your posts
Last but not least, whether you’re posting fitness tips, recipes, or nutritional advice, your content should always mean something. “Don’t just make noise or post something just to post,” warns Kelli. “Make sure your messages will be well-received and add real value to people’s lives.” And when finishing your post, don’t forget to include a short call to action so you don’t leave your followers guessing.