Heading to Coach Summit

Heading to Coach Summit - Lessons from Carl's "I'm here to help" group.

You may have heard about Carl’s I’m Here to Help group and the inspiration it has generated so far. So, for this month’s Diamond Insider, we’ve decided to pull back the curtain and give you a taste of some of the inspiring content that has come out of this remarkable group. The remainder of this article is a post from Carl that specifically applies to you as leaders as you’re heading to Coach Summit with your Teams.

I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to Broadway musicals, and the show Hamilton is definitely in my top three of all time. One of the themes of the show is “taking a stand” to accomplish something vs. being passive to avoid a position which is unpopular.

In one scene, after being admonished to “talk less, smile more,” Hamilton replies to Aaron Burr: “If you stand for nothing Burr, what will you fall for?”

His point being that it’s better to commit to your beliefs than to do nothing, or worse, to lurk in the shadows of life waiting for a position which is “safe”.

I’m making this point today because I want to acknowledge and applaud you for stepping up all the way for this movement of helping people get healthy and fit, and helping them achieve their goals.

You could do nothing. You could play it safe. But you’ve stepped up, and that means so much.

I’ve seen enough evidence in this group of how perilous it can be to expose yourself and be a leader. Yet you do it anyway. Regardless of how some people can be on your social feed, you stand for what you believe in and you fight for your goals and beliefs. And I want you to know it’s impressive, courageous, and vitally important.

Thank God for leaders. I’ve seen our Super Trainers treated like heretics when they post something profound to help inspire us or when they recognize someone for their hard work. I’ve seen them attacked if they admit to being human and having good days and bad days, and a cohort of people feel entitled to publicly invalidate them for it. But they’re not called Super Trainers for nothing. They use those experiences to learn, to teach, and to stoke their fire.

As leaders, I’ve watched you do the same. It’s something that any leader needs to be prepared for, or even welcome, because it’s the proof that you are making waves in a status quo that needs to be shaken up. That’s leadership!

It’s as likely that when you really put it out there, you are going to attract your share of people who love what you stand for and also people who attack what you stand for. I’ve had my share of being attacked the last couple months. But it’s not something I can hide from. In fact, I’ve realized that part of my personal development is to reconcile the pain of criticism with my intense desire to achieve our mission. I’ve got to choose whether my feelings and emotions are going to run the show or my aspirations are.

I choose my goals.

So I need to learn to coexist with things that trigger my insecurities without abandoning the mission. If I don’t, a post, a message, a conversation could derail me for the day. And I can’t afford a day off the rails.

I’m not talking just about an attack from competitors or a prospect who overreacts to your desire to help them. I’m talking about family members, close friends, coworkers. By working to achieve your dream, you could very easily trigger their personal issues. If they see you take initiative, the fact that they’re governed by fear or insecurity will want to shut you down. The result is instant resentment, discord, and emotional confusion.

So I want to assure you of something—The work you are doing is noble, both your intent to help people achieve their goals and lead healthy fulfilling lives, and your desire to achieve your dreams. You’re not being righteous or selfish. You are doing the greatest thing a person can do with their life—you are living it with profound purpose!

Just before the Success Club trip to Punta Cana, I made a decision that I was going to double my efforts. I was not going to settle for being “just another one of those network marketing companies.” I want to see this network, and the ecosystem of how our superior nutrition, Team Beachbody Coaches, plus Beachbody On Demand and its content (created by the greatest talent in the world) can conspire to radically change the direction of health and fitness in the world. But that means putting myself out there even further, taking a stand, and taking some arrows in the back. So here we are. We are doing this and going all the way.

I’m raising this because I want you to know I get it. We all get it. By sticking with this and fighting for health and a way of doing business with kindness and compassion, we are emotionally vulnerable. So we need to stick together. We invite even more. We support each other with best practices. We applaud those who achieve stunning progress, and take pride in staying with it even when the results aren’t meeting our expectations. And we help each other either way.

We stand for something with passionate commitment, a dedication most could never fully comprehend, and which many would criticize:

“you’re not making enough money for all the hours you work.”

“your life is out of balance.”

“why can’t you just relax and enjoy life?”

But we stand for something. We know the money will come. We aren’t striving for balance—we are striving for greatness. And we know that “just relaxing and enjoying life” is a trend that is undermining the health of our kids and society at large. And its life or death for some.

So we’re doing this, and I’ve got your back. Let’s work today with vigor and courage like no other day since we started this surge to Summit. Let’s reach out to people who want something more from life. Let’s not waste another second. Haters gonna hate. Heroes gonna thrive. You’re my heroes. I’M HERE TO HELP.