Holiday Handbook


This holiday season, you’ll actually have the opportunity to earn more than you spend! Sounds crazy, right? We think so, too. But in the spirit of giving, we’re making it easier than ever to earn BIG money, achieve Success Club, rack up points toward Disney and finish 2012 at the top of your game.

So dust off your dream boards, use the handbook below, and make this a December to remember.

Lesson #1 – Reset Ready for 2013!

Earn bonus Success Club points all December with this Ultimate Reset promotion:

  • This December, you can earn one (1) extra Success Club Point for each sale of a Beachbody Ultimate Reset Deluxe HD Kit, Ultimate HD Kit, and Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack to the following:
  • Any new Personally Sponsored Coach who makes the purchase within thirty-one (31) days of his or her enrollment as a Coach
  • Any new or existing (non-coach) customer
  • Yourself (note: when you personally purchase an Ultimate Reset Deluxe HD Kit, Ultimate HD Kit, or Challenge Pack, you will receive a total of ONE point. Coaches do not earn Success Club points for self-purchases, but will earn ONE extra Success Club point as part of this promotion)
  • Read FAQ
  • View Official Rules
  • Are there any discounts being offered? Yes! Between December 3rd and December 16th: Coaches and customers will receive $30 off the price of every Ultimate Reset Base Kit, Deluxe HD Kit, and Ultimate HD Kit. Note: The $30 discount does NOT apply to any Challenge Packs.

Lesson #2: Start a COMBAT Challenge. The fight officially begins Tuesday, December 4th, when LES MILLS COMBAT hits shelves on (both A la carte and in Challenge Packs) and preorders begin shipping.

  • Carpe Diem, baby! This is our hottest new program. Take advantage, set up a Challenge Group for the New Year, and INVITE, INVITE, INVITE.
  • Tip: Every Challenge Pack = 2 Success Club points, commissions for holiday spending money, and PV toward bonuses

Lesson #3: Follow the Leads. We continue to make vast improvements to your Customer Lead Programs. This month, we’re rolling out a whole slew of goodness—including new marketing emails (that we’ll send your leads), follow-up eCards you can send your leads, more training for you, and more.

  • Mo’ Leads, Mo’ Money: has one of the largest email databases in the world. We’re starting to improve how we bring you those leads, so you’ll get more and ultimately, earn more!
  • Are you in the Club? You’ve got to be in Success Club to earn these leads. There, we said it!
  • Tip: On Wednesday, December 12th, we’re hosting a Webinar to introduce all the new tools and training. Click here to get registered     

Lesson #4: Party with a Purpose. This is the time of year you’ll be attending holiday parties, get-togethers with old friends, and winter activities with the kids and other loved ones. Whether you’re at the holiday buffet table, the ice-rink, or a holiday concert, think about how many people you’ll be around. Ask someone at your next social event what their New Year’s Resolution is and use that as your conversation starter. Who knows? Someone might need your help. Be social. Chat it up. Change lives.

Lesson #5: Succeed while you shop. Crowded malls equal new clients. Don’t forget that, especially during the holidays. You have things in common with the people around you. Whether you’re buying presents for your kids, parents, or loved ones, it’s easy to strike up a conversation when you have something in common with someone.

  • Talk ain’t cheap: Compliment them on an item they picked out. Ask them for their opinion on an item you’re thinking about purchasing. Comment on a football game. If you feel like there’s an opening to talk Beachbody, do it! Just don’t force it.

Lesson #6: Use the New Year to Your Advantage. You KNOW that New Year’s resolutions are coming quick! Think about what you can do right now—during the month of December—to plant those seeds (without sounding like a party pooper, of course). Put a deadline on your Challenge Group signups. Stress urgency. Make sure everyone knows they need to order their programs and product by December 20th if they want to be ready on January 1st.

Lesson #7: Dream of Disney. Let the thoughts of a trip to Walt Disney World light your fire! Do it for you. Do it for the kids. Whatever you do it for, this month is your last opportunity to qualify for the big trip in March 2013!

Lesson #8: Focus on Helping People. This is your bread and butter! It’s what separates you from the pack—and why people of all walks are attracted to you. Lead with this in mind and success will follow. And remember, since we’ve waived the Coach point requirement for Success Club ‘til December 31st, you only need to help three people with a Challenge Pack (or two if one’s an Ultimate Reset Challenge Pack) and in you’re in Success Club.