Interview with a Master


With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fast approaching, you’ll never have a better time to boost your Tai Cheng sales. It’s the perfect gift for parents and grandparents alike. Want more vitality for your business? For the entire month of May, we’re reducing the price of our Tai Cheng Challenge Pack to $180— that’s over $90 of savings if your customer were to buy these products separately!

And for the month of May, we are also offering a free trial of Cordastra – an herbal supplement that boosts workout recoveries and energy levels. It’s a perfect compliment to a Tai Cheng workout.

We chatted with Dr. Cheng about who he sees as the perfect Tai Cheng™ customer, some can’t-miss selling points, and what he’s looking forward to at Summit 2013.

How did you first learn Tai Chi?

As a child, I saw my father doing it. But I thought the slow-motion stuff he was doing looked hilarious. It wasn’t until I actually felt him apply the moves with me that I realized there is more to Tai Chi. 

Why is Tai Cheng the perfect gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day? 

It’s a program that sons and daughters can do with their parents, regardless of age or ability. Even if your parents are across the country, giving the gift of an active lifestyle is a great Mother’s or Father’s Day present. For parents and grandparents Tai Cheng training can help increase mobility, flexibility and alleviate pain. Also I’ve heard it has drastically improved many program graduates’ golf games.

What motivated you to develop Tai Cheng?

I’ve been motivated by all the people who’ve emailed me with different problems, issues, and goals. I formulated the Tai Cheng System as a way of giving something of value to ALL—an elite athlete, a hyperactive kid, someone trying to get in shape, or a patient rehabbing from injury. Everyone can benefit from Tai Cheng.

What are the top 5 things to know about Tai Cheng? 

1.) Done properly, it’s zero-impact. You don’t have to worry about jarring your joints.

2.) It’s NOT a cakewalk. The slow motion is deceptive. When you execute the moves properly and maintain posture and joint alignment, you’re developing a lot of strength.

3.) Tai Cheng’s progressions are designed to get you moving better so that you get MORE out of other workouts.

4.) Bad movement patterns are the root of most non-trauma related pain. In many cases, you CAN retrain those movement patterns and get yourself moving and feeling better!

5.) There’s no guesswork. I’m personally demonstrating and talking you through the fine details of where and how to align your body at every step. And you don’t have to wait until next week for a refresher. Just push ‘play’ again. 

What is your top motivational tip for fitness and life in general?

Complacency = death. As soon as you’re satisfied with ‘good enough,’ your passion for life and improvement starts to die. If you’ve been through Tai Cheng once, take the time to do the program again, but go through it looking for details that you might’ve missed. This method of learning, training and living helps you appreciate the depth and worth of what’s in front of you.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever received?

Never assume you’re correct─in movement, in training, in any interaction. Detach your ego enough to strive to be the best, but always have an honest eye to check yourself against a higher standard. That’ll set you apart from the herd.

How can Coaches use Tai Cheng to expand their businesses?

Starting Tai Cheng Challenge Groups allows Coaches to tap into new customer demographics. Here are a few groups you can target: 

Tai Cheng is a great stepping-stone for customers who want to improve their fitness, but need to start slow. It guides them into training in the most careful, comprehensive, manner possible─making their body stronger in a gradual, safe fashion so they can get better, faster results.

Advanced Athletes:
If athletes want to get more out of their high intensity workouts, take a training cycle & throw in Tai Cheng, but follow EVERY detail. They’ll find out that Tai Cheng training develops strength in areas they may be lacking, and THAT is what will help them get more out of their workouts. We’ve even got Division 1 athletes using training methods taken directly from Tai Cheng as their secret weapon for better performance.

People with injuries or pain:
If customers are recovering from injury, cleared by their doctors, and want to get back into movement or training, Tai Cheng gives them scalable training methods that allow for modifications. A number of people with fibromyalgia posted on our Facebook page that they’ve experienced life-changing improvements from following the Tai Cheng program.

Ages 50+:
Tai Cheng is a perfect match for your 50+ prospects. It’s a safe workout that heightens mobility and enables an independent lifestyle for older adults. Tai Cheng gets customers moving again.

Do you suggest any supplements to complement Tai Cheng?

Yes, Cordastra. It was created based on two of the most highly prized herbs in Chinese medicine – Astragalus & Cordyceps. These powerful adaptogens are used to improve immune system function, aid in post-workout recovery, and boost energy levels. This supplement will help maximize your Tai Cheng workout, and it’s a perfect way for you to expand your business.

What’s your favorite part of Coach Summit and why should Coaches attend?

My favorite part of Summit is hearing from the Coaches and meeting them in person. Since Tai Cheng was such a new product last year, hearing all the success stories blew my mind. Now that the program has been out a bit longer, I’m looking forward to hearing more of those stories and meeting the people whose lives it has changed!