Introducing Beachbody® On Demand


It’s time to get your entire Team amped up for Beachbody® On Demand. So who better to give you a behind-the-scenes look at this enormous opportunity than Beachbody’s very own Chief Digital Officer, Bill Bradford? Bill will dazzle you with his digital vision and explain what sets Beachbody On Demand apart from the competition.

Q. Introduce yourself and tell us about your professional background.
I’ve been in the intersection of technology and media content for over ten years and in the Internet and technology space for almost 20. My most recent position was SVP, Digital Media, at Fox Broadcasting, where I was responsible for the streaming of Fox content like American Idol, The Simpsons, and Glee, to name a few. Between us, we’ve assembled a world-class team to lead our digital efforts, with wide-ranging experience from Disney, Fox, Reuters, Razorfish, BBDO Worldwide, the U.S. Army, angel investing and entrepreneurial start-ups.

Q. Give us a quick overview of where you see the digital world going?
The digital world is ever changing and continues to innovate on technologies and consumer-facing experiences. It is literally changing the way we live our lives. These combined changes provide Beachbody® an incredible opportunity to provide value to our customers, delivering fitness content, nutrition tracking, and personal data on the most convenient devices. We’re intent on using these technologies to build products with the goal of helping our customers achieve and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Q. What Beachbody On Demand features are you most excited about?
The product already provides an incredible utility to take your workouts anywhere and removes any physical barriers to getting fit. I was most excited when I saw one of our top Coaches using Beachbody On Demand from a wind farm in the UK during the initial trial period! Although Team Beachbody is not open outside the US and Canada, it opens the imagination as to just how expansive this can be. And we’re just getting started on the platform. You’ll see the product advance over this next year to new platforms, new functions, and new content—all with the goal of driving results for our customers.

Q. Why is Beachbody On Demand so unique to the fitness space?
Many companies can take workouts and put them online. But nobody has provided so much value in the rich catalog that we have for the price of Beachbody Club. There will be thousands of dollars of product in the catalog by the summer—all for a low monthly fee. We will also have a very sophisticated approach to evolving the product over time with key features that are focused on helping the consumer on their fitness journey. This will differentiate Beachbody’s digital offering from the rest of the pack.

Q. Why is it so important for Beachbody to never stop innovating?
We continue to build products around the core premise of changing people’s lives. That’s a huge responsibility and one that we don’t take lightly. As consumer habits change and technology evolves, we need to be able to take advantage and serve our customers how, when, and where they need us to be.