Keeping New Coaches Engaged

Keeping New Coaches Engaged - IVY MORALES, 5 Star Diamond Coach


It’s no secret that effectively motivating your new Coaches is paramount to your success. So to help you master the art, we turn to 5 Star Diamond Coach, Ivy Morales. What specific things does she do to keep her new Coaches engaged? How does she keep new Challengers dialed in coming out of Cup month? Read on and put Ivy’s best inspirational practices to work for you.

Q. What do you do to lead your Team coming out of Cup month?
Whether I’m getting ready for a Team Cup or coming out of Cup month, my work ethic doesn’t change. I make sure to stay consistent and follow the four Vital Behaviors. I also teach my Team to apply the Vital Behaviors and stay consistent—no matter what the outcome may be. I inspire them to work hard because results will come. If they develop this winning mindset, they will naturally accomplish all their goals coming out of Team Cup.

Q. How do you keep your new Challengers motivated coming out of Cup Month?
4 things: First, I make it a point to participate in my Challenge Group using My Challenge Tracker every day. Next, I do a weekly zoom call and individual phone calls with my Challengers to motivate and answer any questions. I also share fitness advice, as well as the value of Shakeology and the Beachbody performance line. Lastly, I share my story and why I became a Coach. My Challengers are not just Challengers—they’re my friends and extended family!

Q. How do you ensure new Coaches remain engaged during the onboarding process?
I treat my new Coaches like real clients and focus on what they want to accomplish. I like to see them fall in love with the Team Beachbody lifestyle, the community, my Team culture and the products. Once they start seeing results, I introduce the possibility of this truly becoming a ‘business’ for them. When they least expect it, people will begin asking questions about their success.

Q. How do you identify successful Challengers who would make great Coaches?
I look for consistent performers in my Challenge Groups. People who are consistent with their nutrition, drinking their Shakeology, doing their workouts, showing up daily and logging in to the Challenge Tracker. I also look for people who are taking it to the next level by helping other Challengers in the group to achieve their goals. It’s a great indicator that they will become a great Coach!

Q. Reserved, careful, bashful, confident, courageous… How would you describe yourself?
Ha! I am passionately confident. Be proud of who you are, what you do, who you represent, and what you offer. We have everything to be proud of. Be confident in what you do. It’s contagious!

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